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Secrets FAQ by jsean

Version: 1.11 | Updated: 05/21/03

RtCW Xbox: Complete Secrets 
5/21/03 v1.11 - Final proof
Justin Burns: jseanburns@adelphia.net 
This guide assumes you have played through each level, and are familiar with
the general layout and progression of objectives. This guide includes new
secrets not found in the PC version, so don't write in saying this guide is
bunk because you aren't using the Xbox version of RtCW. 
Section 1: Cursed Sands 
Section 2: Ominous Rumors 
Section 3: Dark Secret 
Section 4: Weapons of Vengeance 
Section 5: Deadly Designs 
Section 6: Deathshead's Playground 
Section 7: Return Engagement 
Section 8: Operation Resurrection 
Section 1: Cursed Sands 
1.1: Ras el-Hadid 
Location #1: After the battle with the lieutenant, who shoots from behind a
merchant's cart, there will be a flight of stairs. After climbing those, move
straight forward until you can't go any further. Now turn right and there
should be a wooden grate on the right hand side wall that can be broken. 
Location #2: After you bash up the radio, go back in that main courtyard and
find the other entrance to another set of stairs down. There will be a lone
officer in this room, find and bash the wooden poster on the far side. 
Location #3: Just before you enter the final hallway from the courtyard, climb
up the only ladder in this level. Turn left once you have made your way up;
there is a large crate in the corner that can be broken to reveal the final
secret on this level. 
100% secret bonus: Armored Helmet. 
1.2: Inner City 
Location #1: Just before the room with the radio, turn left and there should be
a ledge. Under the ledge is a wooden grate that can be broken. On the left side
should be a way to fit behind the crates behind the grate. 
Location #2: When you go in the lounge with the fireplace, stand between the
fireplace and the bar with the food on it. Notice a very small button on the
bar, now turn left and a secret door will be open on the wall. 
Location #3: After you deal with the very first MP40 wielding Nazi, there is a
storage room up a short flight of stairs and to the right. As you enter the
room, go all the way back to the wall and turn left, the lowest shelf can be
broken open and pilfered. 
Location #4: After you take a ladder down, you should come across two Nazis 
talking about Helga Von Beulow, there is a bookcase in a room on the right side
where one of them is taking cover. Find the protruding book and activate it.
The bookcase will slide open. 
100% secret bonus: Grenades. 
1.3: Headquarters 
Location #1: The first room on the right is a wine cellar, between the two wine
reservoirs is a cabinet that must be broken to gain the first secret on this
Location #2: When you reach the main courtyard with the two trucks in it look
for a well, now look for the raised side of the cover and break it off. 
Location #3: Further along past the same courtyard is an indoor stairway, at
the top turn right then follow the hallway and in the room that is directly
ahead. On the left as you enter is a wooden poster that slides open to reveal a
lever. Once you activate it, look in the corner and notice a trap door has
swung open from the floor. 
100% secret bonus: Tommy Gun with .45 caliber. 
1.4: Ruins 
Location #1: Proceed past the switchback ramp and take an immediate left, here
is a hallway that leads to a room with an orange barrel. Shoot the barrel to
make it blast a hole in the wall. 
Location #2: Enter the second building and move up the ramp on the left, notice
a destructible wall in the corner at the top of the ramp to obtain a second
100% secret bonus: Armored helmet. 
1.5: Ritual Chamber 
Location #1: As soon as you enter the level you can see a scaffolding straight
ahead, climb up and find the hidden in plain sight secret. 
Location #2: Once you reach the final room, turn right and go in the hallway.
In the middle of this hall is a destructible wall that has a lever in it.
Activate the lever and turn around. Watch out for pits in the secret room. 
Location #3: One of the side hallways in the last room leads to a ladder, go up
to where the sniper was shooting from and find the panel on the left side. Last
secret area for this level. 
100% secret bonus: Grenades. 
1.6: Tombs 
Location #1: Find two panels in the room after the first spike trap, the secret
door is in front of you as you enter this room. The two panels are on the left
and right walls. 
Location #2: As you climb the second flight of stairs after the previous secret
(up one flight, turn left then left again to reach these stairs), the left wall
is cracked and can be bashed open. 
Location #3: Keep going until you pass the door with a broken switch and
feasting zombie, in the next room turn right. There is a camouflaged panel that
can be activated to open the last secret. 
100% secret bonus: Health and .45 caliber. 
1.7: Lower Tombs 
Location #1: In the first room with the big gate, you need to turn right. Go to
the end of this hall and there is a panel that opens a secret alcove. 
Location #2: Return to the same area with the big gate and continue down a
hallway on the right. Once you reach the room that has the lower area, look for
a camouflaged panel on the upper balcony on the left, triggering this will
slide open the coffin in the lower level. 
Location #3: When you get to the Nazi who says "Let's get out of here, this 
place is a madhouse!",  bash the wall straight ahead to find the last secret. 
100% secret bonus: None 
Section 2: Ominous Rumors 
2.1: Escape 
Location #1: Once you reach the spiral staircase, go all the way to the bottom
and find the wooden wall that has to be broken. 
Location #2: Go back up the spiral staircase and into the door with the red
light, once you reach this control room turn left and break the poster board. 
Location #3: Make your way back down the spiral staircase to the lower most
door which leads to the central courtyard. Now go across to the barracks, the
only other unlocked door in the courtyard at this time. Once you're inside look
between the bunks on the floor, there should be some loose bricks to break away
from a stash. 
Location #4: Go back into the courtyard and back up to the control room, now
climb down and walk across the wall. The next door leads to a room with gunners
shooting out the floor, jump into the hole they created and kick out the wall
in the immediate area. 
Location #5: After you enter the hallway with suits of armor, take the first
right, then another right into a room with a fireplace. Find the candleholder
that is tilted and activate it. The fireplace will slide back. 
Location #6: After you leave the previous room, go into the door opposite the
hallway and find the painting of Hitler on the left. Destroy the portrait. 
Location #7: As the next hallway turns right, look on the right side for a
panel facing the big windows. This panel will open the very similar looking
panel next to it. 
100% secret bonus: Armored helmet. 
2.2: Castle Keep 
Location #1: Beginning this level, turn right and proceed to the room with food
and the fireplace. As you enter, turn left and slide open the portrait. Flip
the switch and look for the now protruding bricks on the same wall as the
fireplace. Now destroy the flag above the fireplace. 
Location #2: Once you get to the area where there are two guards guarding the
wine cellar, look for a panel in between two big wine reservoirs and activate
it. Now one of the shelves is moved back. 
Location #3: Keep moving until you find the room which is down the steps from
the room with armored suits. Now break the wooden poster on the back wall in a
room here to see a secret. 
Location #4: In this same area look for a door that has a red light above it,
now move in this small room and blast the gas tank on the left side for the
final secret. 
100% secret bonus: Tommy Gun with .45 caliber. 
2.3: Tram Ride 
Location #1:  Before you turn the power generator on, stand next to the tram
and look up at the control room (with all the glass windows). You can see a
metal grate. Get up in the control room and break the windowpane nearest the
outside wall, crawl out slowly on to the ledge. Now turn around and jump onto
the roof of the control room and break the metal grate. 
Location #2: After the tram ride is over, go down into the maintenance bay that
is surrounded by fencing. In the far right nook is a control panel with a
lever, activate it. Now climb up both ladders so you are above the tram on the
deck surrounding the room where the sniper was. Now wait for the door
connecting the deck and sniper room to close and jump onto the small ledge in
the corner. Then follow it around to the opposite side of the tram and scale a
pipe to open the small door in this alcove. 
100% secret bonus: Silenced Luger. 
Section 3: Dark Secret 
3.1: Village 
Location #1: The first secret area is after you pass the operative who gives
you the  Silenced Sten gun. Find the low clearance tunnel and as soon as you
exit it, turn right, go through the gate and go all the way down this street.
This room has a table that has two Lugers on it. Find the bookshelf opposite
the table and activate the single protruding book. A stairwell will form. 
Location #2: After you pass the barricaded side of the bridge, you will find
yourself in a courtyard full of trees. If you go straight forward you will see
an elevated porch next to some railing. Jump on the railing and then jump to
the porch. 
100% secret bonus: Armored helmet. 
3.2: Catacombs 
Location #1: This secret area is after you get the journal, climb up the pile
of dirt and go down 1 set of stairs then up another set and then turn right.
This room has 1 zombie some items and a burnt out torch (important for secret
#2). Find the hidden panel that's on the wall straight ahead as you enter, now
you have to run back down the closest flight of stairs and make a right. This
will place you in the room where the floor collapsed from under you. Now turn
left and the wall will be open, but not for long (you can do this more than
Location #2&3: You have to find and activate a total of three burnt out wall
torches throughout this level to access these secret areas. The first is near
the starting point. The second is after you exit the spike trap room. And the
third is mentioned above, in the same room as the secret panel. Activating all
three unlit torches will open two tombs on either side of the last room with
the flaming zombie. 
100% secret bonus: 1938 Latour. 
3.3: Crypt 
Location #1: After you flip the switch on the second level, notice a cross
statue. Kick it twice and watch out, it falls and cracks a hole in the floor. 
Location #2: Once you get to the room that has the three switches protected by
death traps, you must activate them in this order: Spiked trap door, sideways
crushing walls, and buzz saws. Now take the elevator up and look in the nooks
on either side of the switch area where the zombies came from. Both hallways
lead to the same secret area. 
100% secret bonus: Holy cross, Medium health, and an Armored helmet. 
3.4: The Defiled Church 
Location #1: Past the area in which the cinematic takes place, climb up the
ladder and proceed to the balcony opposite the altar. Jump to the ledge on the
right if you're facing the altar, then go to a door towards the back for the
only secret area in this level. 
100% secret bonus: Holy cross, Dynamite, .45 caliber. 
3.5: Dagger of Warding 
Section 4: Weapons of Vengeance 
4.1: Forest Compound 
Location #1: In the first cottage, you need to climb to the upper level then
jump on the roof through a hole. Then drop down through a hole on the opposite
side to receive credit for the secret. 
Location #2: Find the stone bridge over the pond and go under it, there is a
small alcove there for the second secret. 
Location #3: Enter the fortress from the side through the window. See the power
cable that connects this building and the closest one to it? You need to hop up
on the boxes, on to the cable then perform a balancing act across to the roof
of the taller building. There is a skylight that you can drop into. But, before
you try this feat, make sure you destroy the alarm panel next to the last
100% secret bonus: Shotgun, 1938 latour, and Armored helmet. 
4.2: Rocket Base 
Location #1: The first lift that you take into the train room has a hidden
grate underneath. Once you ride the lift down, flip the three way switch to
make it go up and immediately jump off. Break the grate on the floor to show
the ladder down. 
Location #2: Further along, just past the collapsed bridge, is a room. Find the
wooden map on the wall that you are facing as you enter the room and smash it.
Now turn around and find the button on the underside of the nearest workbench. 
Location #3: After you exit the exploded V2 room, there is a flight of stairs
that wraps around to the left and down. Examine the wall under the stairs then
bash it and proceed down the tunnel. 
100% secret bonus: Panzerfaust, Flak jacket, Health. 
4.3: Radar Installation 
Location #1: Just past the second machine gun post and the barracks in which
you crawl through the window of, turn this corner and enter this warehouse type
building. On the left side are some boxes, what you need to do is climb on top
of them and then get in the corner and drop down. 
Location #2: When you reach the next flight of stairs further down the road,
take the door on the right side instead of the hallway to the left. Find the
grate on the floor in this shop and climb down, this tunnel leads to a secret. 
100% secret bonus: Flak Jacket and Snooper Rifle rounds. 
4.4: Air Base Assault 
Location #1: When you enter this level, the first secret will be located in 
between the two hangars on the left in a low building. Find the side that is
facing the mountains then search this side for a door. 
Location #2: The next secret is just before the end of this level, if you are
facing the Kobra rocket in the last room, you will see a vertical grate high up
on the wall behind you. Get up on this elevated area and hop onto control
panels (the ones with diagonal face). Face the direction of the grate and jump
on the stack of electronics then follow your way down the small tunnel. 
100% secret bonus: 7.92mm rounds,.45 caliber rounds, Grenades. 
Section 5: Deadly Designs 
5.1: Kugelstadt 
Location #1: In the building with the panzerfaust that you need to take out,
before you go upstairs, look for the destroyed room in this small courtyard
with the flames. On the right side of this hole you can jump in. Now crouch
under the diagonally sunken in floor and then stand up and jump onto it once
you are on the other side. 
Location #2: As you enter the last room with all the destroyed support beams,
climb up the first one you see which is right across from the door you came
through. Now once at the top jump once and you will be on a tiny ledge. Now
turn left and jump across to the re-bar ledge (hard to see the black net
looking thing, but you'll know what I mean). 
100% secret bonus: Armored helmet. 
5.2: The Bombed Factory 
Location #1: As soon as you climb up the first ladder, turn left and hit the
switch  to open the garage door. 
Location #2: Further along where the two Nazis blow out the entire floor of
this room, drop down. Now look for the gas can along the back wall. Shoot it to
reveal a secret. This is not the exploding barrel that allows you to exit the
room, there are two, and they are located on perpendicular walls here. 
100% secret bonus: Flak jacket. 
5.3: The Trainyards 
Location #1: Towards the middle of the level, after you get inside and go up
some stairs, there will be a door on your right that leads to where a sniper
was earlier. Jump in the broken window frame and then carefully jump to the
roof of the boxcar below. 
Location #2: Just before you exit the level, go upstairs to the balcony and
walk all the way around to where the thing that looks like a lift is, jump from
the corner of the railing across to a platform which is just a little bit left
of the lift. Now you should jump from here to where the Nazi was shooting at
you when you were in the stairwell. 
100% secret bonus: Panzerfaust rockets. 
5.4: Secret Weapons Facility 
Location #1: Shoot up the tanks in front of you when the lift ride ends. 
Location #2: Once you are near the button that slides open the big iron wall,
find the x-creature that is still trapped in its holding cell near here. Kill
it and destroy the back wall of the cell. 
Location #3: Jump in the small pool just before the Underseeboot pen. Swim into
the small tunnel behind some pipes and follow it to a secret area, you have to
crouch to get through the small doorway. When you get out of the water you will
find a ladder and a button. 
Location #4: Push the button in secret #3 and climb the ladder. When you are in
the red lighted crawlspace, go to the end of the tunnel to the left and climb a
second ladder, there will be a valve that has to be turned behind a small door.
Go to the room that is immediately below the catwalk you are on right now. Jump
over the railing into the place that is now filled with water and find the
underwater tunnel, in the tunnel will be an opening on the ceiling that was
inaccessible before. 
100% secret bonus: Snooper Rifle rounds. 
Section 6: Deathshead's Playground 
6.1: Ice Station Norway 
Location #1: This secret is located under the barracks to the right as you
enter the first gate. Look on the wall that is facing the garage and there is a
crouch height entrance to the first secret. 
Location #2: As soon as you exit the garage, go up to the watchtower closest to
you, now look for the ridge that is behind the tower. Walk all the way up the
ridge and onto this platform above the garage. There is a trap door on the
farthest side here, when opened, shows a ladder going down. 
100% secret bonus: Fuel. 
6.2: X-labs 
Location #1: When you jump in the water tunnel, don't go towards the ladder
which leads to the super soldier fighting the x-creature. Instead, stay in the
water and go through a couple underwater doors which follow the only other path
to a different way out of the water and in to a secret room.
Location #2: In the supply room just before you end up in a bridge surrounded
by fence, there will be a cracked yellow caution sign on the doorway. If you
were looking from inside this room towards the ladder and pool outside, it
would be on the left. Break the sign and the wall away and smack the panel
beneath. This opens a door on the right side symmetrical door beam, which
contains a ladder down. 
100% secret bonus: Venom rounds. 
6.3: Super Soldier 
Section 7: Return Engagement 
7.1: Bramburg Dam 
Location #1: At the diagonal lift inside the dam, flip the switch but don't get
on. Break the grate underneath and follow the tunnel to a secret area. 
Location #2: Before you end the level, check out the elevated area to the
right. Climb on the boxes then on the broken concrete and follow this to a
grate and secret area. 
100% secret bonus: Snooper Rifle rounds. 
7.2: Paderborn Village 
Location #1: After you deal with the first official, go into the adjacent 
bedroom and bust up the chest at the foot of the bed. 
Location #2: Once you start down the next hallway, look for a small knee height
door on the right side just before some short steps down, it has a very small
lock that needs to be broken before you can open it. 
Location #3: As soon as you exit the door from the previous secret area, there
will be a sniper up on the second floor directly in front of you. Once you deal
with him, get into that same room by climbing the rain gutter. 
Location #4: Once you sneak your way past the guy who is looking for the wine
in the cellar, find the big wine reservoir (the far left one) and activate the
cork to open a secret area. 
Location #5: After you off the fifth official, there is a portrait of Hitler
behind him... You know the drill. 
100% Secret bonus: Health and Armored Helmet. 
7.3: Chateau Schufstaffel 
Location #1: Once you cross the foyer at the beginning of the level, make your
way into the parlor with the portrait of Hitler above a large fire place. Shoot
his ugly mug, and now the bared swastika. The door under the large staircase
will be unlocked. 
Location #2: In the large room adjacent to the library in which you drop into
from the rooftop, there is another fireplace. Activate the hidden lever in the
fireplace tool stand to move the fireplace aside. 
100% secret bonus: Snooper Rifle rounds. 
7.4: Unhallowed Ground 
Location #1: Once you find the small cottage on the hill above the chateau, go
inside and kick in the loose floor boards, then make your way to a ladder and
across the ceiling. 
Location #2: More floorboard demolishing. Find the bombed out cottage on the
next elevated area in which one of Hitler's hench-women is hiding, then stomp
out the floor to gain a secret cache. Watch out for the ambush as you exit. 
100% secret bonus: Panzerfaust rockets. 
Section 8: Operation Resurrection 
8.1: The Dig Site 
Location #1: Walk up the right diagonal support beam for the first bridge and
you can see a small alcove that needs to be explored. 
Location #2: Just before the exit, there is a combustible tank. Before you drop
down, shoot it to show another secret. 
100% secret bonus: Fuel. 
8.2: Castle Wolfenstein 
Location #1: Right before you start up a flight of stairs in the beginning,
there will be some iron bars with a skeleton on the other side. Break the bars
and enter. 
Location #2: In the last courtyard in the upper level near the hole in the
floor there is a diagonal support beam. Climb up and break the wall then drop
into the room where the Nazi sniper was. 
100% secret bonus: Fuel, Dynamite. 
8.3: Heinrich 
None, except you are now able to play the full version of Wolf 3d. Talk about a
headache for secret hunters. 
There is one advantage that Wolfenstein 3d has. That is if you obtained more
treasure/kills/secrets, you would actually benefit from them. It was a good
move by Nerve to include this game, it's part of the reason I bought it. 

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