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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Tranceman

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                         —+ The Fellowship of the Ring +—
    BY Tranceman
    Direct questions to n64tranceman@yahoo.com and include LOtr walkthrough in the
    Version 1.00
    Note: This walkthrough contains major spoilers! If you haven't read the book
    and/or seen the movie (although, chances are, you probably have), do not read
    this unless you want to spoil the plot.
    My thoughts: An awesome game! It has good graphics and a nice story (well, it's
    Lord of the Rings). It is a little short, though, but that doesn't mean it's
    easy. Now for the walkthrough:
    Controls: "E" to talk, "I" to go to the inventory, arrow keys to move, move the
    mouse to turn, left click for a melee attack, right click for a ranged attack,
    press F to go into first-person view. Stand over a fallen enemy and left click
    to deliver a finishing blow.
    Character Controls:
    Melee attack: Walking stick, Westernesse Dagger, or Sting.
    Range attack: Throw rocks to slightly damage or distract enemies.
    Space: Jump
    Melee attack:Long sword or Anduril
    Range attack: Arrows
    Space: Kick
    Melee Attack: Glamdring
    Range attack: None. Instead, select a spell from the inventory and right click
    to use it.
    Space: None
    	<The Shire>
    Character: Frodo
    Difficulty: Easy. You might have trouble with the Dark Riders though.
    //Bag End\\
    You have to find the deed here. It's in a chest in a bedroom full of books. It
    won't be too hard to find. The key is lying around somewhere. You shouldn't
    have much trouble with that either.
    Note: If you see a mushroom anywhere, get it (It will be sparkling)
    When you exit bag end, you'll see Samwise "Sam" Gamgee standing there. Talk to
    him and he'll tell you to go to the Green Dragon in Bywater to meet Meriadoc
    "Merry" Brandybuck and Perigrine "Pippin" Took. Go there by following the path
    down. On your way you'll need to complete a couple of tasks. When you get to
    the bridge, talk to the Hobbit who is stooped over. (Ted Sandyman) He will tell
    you about a metal pin. After that, turn away from the bridge and walk back on
    the path until you see an arc in the fence to your left. Turn left and go
    through the arc until you get to a farm. Talk to the old man there and go
    behind the house. From there, climb up the ladder and turn around. Go into
    first-person view by pressing F and use the mouse to put the crosshairs in the
    center of the weathervane. Then, throw a rock (right click), jump down, and
    talk to the old man again. He'll give you the metal pin. Return the pin to Ted
    Sandyman and go across the bridge into Bywater.
    Go through the arch and go past the maypole. Look at the buildings. the one
    with the barrel with the green dragon on it is the Green Dragon. Go inside and
    talk to Merry and Pippin. Then, exit the green dragon and go to the building
    beyond the farmers market with the old lady in front of it. (Lobelia
    Sackville-Baggins) Talk to Lobelia. She'll ask you to ring the warning bell
    (the bell in the center of Bywater). Ring it by going into first person and
    throwing a rock at it. Then return to Lobelia and talk to her again. Once you
    talk to her, do not return to Bag-End, but instead look for a nearby arch. It
    should lead to Green Hill country (if you end up in Hobbiton, you're going the
    wrong way). Go along the path until you  get to a bench with an old man sitting
    on it. Talk to the man, and he'll ask you to find 4 kingsfoil (called "healing
    herbs" in your inventory).From there, make a u-turn and take the other road
    into Green Hill.
    //Green Hill Country\\
    Follow the path until you get to a pair of bridges. Go across the first one and
    wade into the pond. You'll find a kingsfoil and a mushroom on the other side of
    the pond. Go back on dry land, cross the other bridge (the one with the guy on
    it) and head up the hill until you see a hollow log to the right of the path.
    Collect the mushrooms behind the log and the kingsfoil inside the log. Then,
    keep going down the path until you get to a farm. There are two gardens there.
    Each garden has a kingsfoil and 2 mushrooms, but both are guarded by dogs, so
    you'll have to sneak around. If you get caught, no big deal. You'll just be
    driven out of the garden. Go into an open gate to get into the garden on the
    right. Use the hay as a hiding place, and throw a rock (make sure the dog is
    between you and where the rock lands) you can even throw a rock at the dog if
    you want. Sneak (shift+w) between the hay and collect the kingsfoil and the
    mushrooms. Then, go into the other garden by jumping over a broken section of
    the fence (Frodo will say "I wonder what broke this fence" when you're there)
    and go through the corn and behind the boxes. Remember that the corn is NOT a
    hiding place. Jump on top of the shortest box and onto the tallest one. Then,
    turn around and throw a rock (it should land in the corn) and fall off of the
    box on the side that has the dog house (when the dog gets to the corn. Collect
    the kingsfoil and the mushroom and return to old Noakes. Give him the kingsfoil
    and he'll give you 3 mushrooms. After that, return to Bag End, get the ring
    from the chest, and exit bag end.
    //The Dark Riders\\
    Note: Do not go out of your way to collect mushrooms!!!!! Also, save often in
    this part.
    Once you exit Bag End, go to your right. You'll see master Gamgee talking to a
    Black Rider. Once the Black Rider goes away, Frodo will walk over to Gamgee and
    talk to him. After this, immediately turn right and run until you get to the
    hills. Then sneak across the hills until you fall in front of a Hobbit-hole
    with a boulder in front of it. Go behind the boulder, face to the right of the
    house, go into first person, and throw a rock over the hill. A Black Rider will
    notice the rock, and you'll see darkness come near you. Once that darkness is
    out of sight, RUN straight down the path (ignore the arcs) until the bridge is
    in sight. A Black Rider is behind the bridge. You can go 1 of 2 ways. One way
    is to sneak to the stone fence on your right, jump over it and go all the way
    back to the river. From there, turn around and throw a rock AS FAR DOWN THE
    PATH (away from the bridge) AS POSSIBLE. When the Black Rider goes to the rock,
    SNEAK down the grass until you get to the bridge. From there, jump over the
    fence and sneak across the bridge. It's safe to run once you get to the other
    side of the bridge. The other way is to sneak further down the path until you
    get to a house on your left. SNEAK up the ramp to the porch and throw a rock as
    far down the path as possible. Once the Rider  gets to the rock, leave the back
    porch and SNEAK across the bridge. It's safe to run once you get to the other
    side of the bridge
    //Bywater and the wolves\\
    Save once you get to bywater. Then, go until you see Shirrif Robin being eaten
    by a wolf. Go behind the wolf and hit it with several melee attacks. He will
    damage you, but if your health is low, go to the inventory and use mushrooms.
    After several hits, the wolf will die. Talk to the Shirrif and go into green
    hill country. At the crossroads, you will encounter several wolves. DO NOT
    FIGHT THEM!!!!!!! Instead, RUN until you get to Green Hill.
    //Green Hill and the Dark Rider\\
    Note: Don't let the rocks richiochet!
    Go through the path at green hill until you see another dark rider. From there,
    sneak behind the log and get the mushrooms. Go to the side of the log facing
    the dark rider and throw a rock straight ahead. Immediately, go behind the log.
    When the dark rider gets to the rock, go to the other side of the log and throw
    a rock as far down the path as possible, but don't let it richiochet off of the
    rock or the log. Then, go to the other side of the log and SNEAK over to the
    bridge. Then, go into farmer maggot's farm and talk to Merry, Pippin and Sam.
    	<The old Forest>
    difficulty: pretty easy. The boss can be a bit of a pain, though.
    Character: Frodo
    //Finding Merry Pippin and Sam\\
    Note:The trees move around here, so don't get discouraged if the path is
    blocked. Just go back several paces and then try the path again.
    You'll notice that Merry, Pippin and Sam are missing. Explore the forest to
    find them. When you hear someone yell, search around the area where you heard
    the yelling. You'll find one of them that way. You will run into spiders along
    the way. They don't take too many hits, and when you're low on health, use
    mushrooms. Rescued party members will help you fight. It's best to avoid the
    //Withywindle Path\\
    Not much to say here. Just follow the river until you get to a cinema scene.
    //Boss: Old Man Willow\\
    note: Do not try to go outside the barren ring. Those are the boundaries of the
    fight. You will get hurt if you do.
    Old Man Willow has Merry and Pippin in its "mouth" and you have to get them
    out. Sam won't help you. He's sleeping outside the battle. Important: DO NOT
    HIT HIS TRUNK!!! If you hit his trunk 3 times, Merry and Pippin will die. He
    will crash his fist down on you, so dodge it. Then, use a melee attack on his
    fist. After 10 hits, Tom Bombadil will come and bail you out.
    //Finding Lilies\\
    This is pretty straightforward. you need to collect 12 water lilies. Each lily
    is guarded by a spider, though. Once you have 12, find Tom Bombadil (he'll be
    dancing around somewhere) and you'll be taken to his house in withywindle.
    Again, avoid the spiders.
    	<The Barrow Downs>
    Character: Frodo
    Difficulty: Easy
    //Finding Merry, Pippin and Sam (again)\\
    Note: Remember where your campsite is. If you encounter ghosts, lead them back
    to your campsite because they cannot enter it. Fight them inside the boundary.
    Once again, Merry, Pippin and Sam are missing. Explore the Barrows. The one
    near the rock with the crow on top is the one that you are looking for. You'll
    then have a boss battle. Run away from the ghosts late in the level.
    //Boss: The Barrow Wight\\
    You'll see a mushroom and a chest on a ledge. Get them. Inside the chest is the
    Westernesse Dagger, which you need to beat the Barrow Wight. Hit it 5 or 6
    times with the dagger, and Tom will bail you out.
    Character: Frodo, then Aragorn.
    Difficulty: Medium. You'll face some tough enemies as Aragorn.
    //Checking in to the Prancing Pony\\
    Once you're in the Prancing Pony Inn, find a room with a lot of men talking
    inside. Look for a man with long black hair on the far side of the room and
    talk to him. That's Aragorn. He'll tell you to check in. From there, go to the
    front desk and then return to Aragorn. Aragorn will then go looking for Merry
    //Finding Merry\\
    Note: You are now Aragorn
    Explore Bree. Merry is in one of the nooks and crannies near the gate. You'll
    have to fight wolves and an axe wielding man on the way. Once you've found
    Merry, explore more to get the items you need. Return to the stable and defeat
    the men who are assaulting the stable hobbit. Then get the hay inside. Once you
    find everything, a cinema scene will come up and you will be in weathertop.
    Character: Aragorn
    Difficulty: Medium. The boss will give you some trouble.
    Note: be very careful not to fall of the ledges! Some paths are very narrow
    Climb up the path to the top of weathertop hill. Along the way, you will meet
    Wargs and Orcs. The orcs give you cram when they are defeated, so beat as many
    as you can. When you get to the top, a cinema scene will come up.
    //Boss: The Troll\\
    Note: Your party will not help you in this.
    This boss is pretty hard. Do not try to hit him from the front! He will block
    your blows and you will be vulnerable to attack. Instead, Keep moving! Get
    right in front of him to make him attack, then hit him from behind. After
    several hits, he'll die
    //"A Knife in the Dark"\\
    Don't try to kill the wringwraiths! (Dark Riders) They will not die. Instead,
    stand guard over Frodo and hit any Black Rider that comes nearby. Then, run
    around the campfire, occaisionally making sure no riders went back to kill
    Frodo, and get the lembas. You'll need it. Hit the Riders occaisionally.
    Eventually, they will give up and go away
    //Troll Shaws\\
    note: You will use this a lot in the game. Whenever a team of trolls and wargs
    attacks, run around the trolls to make them attack. Force them to kill the
    wargs and then attack the trolls.
    Follow the path and make sure your party is right behind you! You will fight
    several orcs, wargs, and trolls here, and you have to kill them all. The trolls
    are the same as the boss earlier, except this time, you'll have your party to
    help you so they'll be much easier. Don't let Frodo get hit too much, though
    and don't be afraid to let your party take care of the wargs. When you're
    fighting trolls, let your party distract them while you kill them.
    Character: Frodo
    This is a bit of a break. Talk to everyone if you wish, and then go into
    another room and talk to... Bilbo Baggins! He'll give you sting and mithril
    mail. Return to the main room and set off with the fellowship.
    Character: Gandalf, Aragorn, then Gandalf again, then Frodo, then Gandalf.
    difficulty: Sorta hard
    //Searching for Moria\\
    You'll start off as Gandalf without the rest of the fellowship. Learn to use
    spells, because you'll be facing a lot of Orcs and Wargs here. Collect the
    items at your campsite and then go to your right. Turn left and follow the
    river until you get to the lake. Make your way to the other side of the lake,
    and a cinema scene will come up.
    //Boss: Lake Beast\\
    Note: You are Aragorn for this part.
    Start off by backing up as far as you can, then go to first person view and
    shoot arrows at its side tentacles. The tentacles will submerge after 4 or 5
    hits. Submerge 4 tentacles to beat the boss.
    //The Labyrinth\\
    Note: You are Gandalf again. Gimli will help you fight. Also, the camera has a
    tendency to go nuts when you are in a room with a low ceiling (ie you can't see
    anything but the ceiling) be prepared for this. Kill all orcs you see here.
    This part is straightforward, if a little difficult. Go through the doorway in
    front of you and climb the stairs. Kill every enemy in Moria. when you leave,
    only the ones you encountered as Frodo should be alive (Frodo can't fight
    Orcs-but he can take down the archers.) Here, there is a lot of rooms and a lot
    of orc killing.Once you kill everything on top of the stairs, open the door by
    using the switch (walk up to it and press E, or whatever button you use to
    talk.). More orcs will attack. Kill 'em. Next you will encounter two paths. The
    one closest to the door leads to Miruvor and the other one leads to the rest of
    the mine. Run to a bridge and kill all orcs you see. Cross the bridge, once
    again, killing orcs, and enter the room across the bridge. Kill the orcs and
    take the path straight across. The door will open by itself and you will go
    into a room with more orcs. Go to the door straight across from the entrance
    and turn right once you get through. Go onto the grey square to go to the lower
    level. Go up the stairs to the right and You'll come to a room with four paths.
    Take the one to the right and go up. At the top of the path, you'll come to a
    well. Go around it and leave the room through the door that you didn't come
    through. Do not fall down the chasm in the middle of this room. You'll die if
    you do. Go around the left of the chasm, and enter the first door you see. That
    will have some Miruvor in it. Then, go aroung the chasm again, kill the archer,
    and go through the next door. Your party will take a break and camp. Open the
    door across from you and you will come into a room. There will be a door that
    you can open with a switch next to it. Don't open it yet, but remember where it
    is. Go through another door and go to the door across from you in this next
    room. Pull the lever on the end of the ledge, and a bridge will be made. Don't
    touch anything while the bridge is extended, because you can still control
    Gandalf and might end up falling off. Go through the door and turn left. Here,
    a cut scene appears and Legolas says that you are being followed. It will show
    Gollum (my precioussssss). This has nothing to do with gameplay. Cross the
    bridge and fight the orcs and the cave troll. Once you kill them, turn left and
    pull the lever by the dead end. Another bridge will extend. Retrace your steps
    and go to the closed door you saw earlier but didn't open (If you did, you
    would have gotten to a dead end). Open the door, cross the bridge, kill the
    archer (the last two not necessarily in that order) and go to the closed door.
    //Three Passages\\
    Note: You are Gandalf. Kill all enemies here.
    Cross the huge bridge, killing orcs as you go. Enter the hallway and run to the
    wall, killing all orcs (there are a lot of them) you see. Turn right, then
    right again, then left and go into a small room with the big door. Pull the
    lever and enter. The fellowship will rest and Pippin will throw a rock down a
    well ("Fool of a Took! Throw yourself in next time and we'll be done with you "
    -Gandalf). After the cut scene, there will be three doors in front of you. Go
    to the right. You'll climb a narrow path with orcs on it. Kill all the orcs and
    be careful not to fall. Open the door at the top.
    //The 21st Hall\\
    Note: Do not fight the trolls. Instead, concentrate on finding your way out.
    A cut scene will come up. After that go to the center of the hall while the
    rest of the fellowship fights the trolls. Push all of the small pillars (Hold
    enter and forward) onto the switches in front of them. The trolls will die and
    a new door will open. Find it and go through it (there will be funny music
    playing in the doorway) and go through the hall and turn right into Balin's
    tomb. Enjoy the cut scene. Then a bunch of orcs will run through the hall...
    //The 2nd Hall\\
    Note: You are Frodo here. Do not fight any orcs except for the archer at the
    top where the pillar is. It's too dangerous.
    Go into the room and Gimli will point out the door. Go around the right of the
    pit until you get to a small gap between you an a platform. Jump over it and
    over another one just like it until you get to a fallen pillar leading to a
    platform. Climb the pillar, kill the archer, and push the small, broken pillar
    over the edge. If you have almost full health, fall over after the pillar. If
    your health is low, either heal or retrace your steps and go to the pillar.
    Push it onto the switch and the door will open. From there, go around the pit
    until you get to a broken bridge. Press the switch to extend it and cross. Keep
    going until you get to a ladder. Go up and avoid the orcs, occasionally
    zig-zagging so that the archers can't hit you. It's a good idea to save at the
    next to the ladder going down, because it's pretty easy to fall down by
    accident. Go down the ladder and immediately press the switch. If you are too
    slow and the orcs get to you, you may have to use the ring (r). Go back to
    retrieve Gimli and then go through the door. A cut scene will open. Be prepared
    to fight.
    //Boss: Durin's Bane (Balrog)\\
    Note: You are Gandalf again.
    If you are low on health, immediately heal using either Lembas or the spell.
    Don't worry about your spirit. Aragorn will give you Miruvor when you're low.
    While your healing, switch the spell to lightning. Dodge the fire blasts by
    moving left and right, and move forward between blasts. Once you're close to
    the Balrog, use your lightning to stun it and attack it with your sword. Once
    it starts to get up, immediately back up. If you get too close, it will attack
    with its sword, and that kills you instantly. You can't fall over, so don't
    worry about that. Repeat this until a cut scene comes up. Gandalf will break
    the bridge and send the Balrog to its death. The Balrog will suddenly take
    Gandalf with it (*sniff*).
    A cut scene will come up. Once you have control, talk to everybody and then go
    to the ladder. Another cut scene will come up, and you'll end up in another cut
    	<Orc Dam>
    Character: Aragorn
    Difficulty: Easy, if you know Aragorn's techniques.
    This is very straightforward. Just go forward and kill every Uruk-Hai and Troll
    you see. Legolas, Gimli, and Boromir will help you here. At the end, you can't
    climb the hill, so try to get the Uruk-Hai on top to come down so that you get
    the cram when they die. Once all are dead, it will go into a cut scene and Sam
    will get captured by a Nazgul.
    10 (and Final)
    	<Amon Hen>
    Character: Aragorn, then Frodo, then Aragorn.
    Difficulty: Hard, unless you get the Xiphiidae (more on that later)
    If you want the Xiphiidae, skip to the next section before following this.
    Frodo will follow you around here, so he'll help a little with the wargs. Go
    straight and kill every Uruk-Hai and warg you see. Keep going until you spot
    two trolls and a motley company of wargs.Stand back and let the trolls kill the
    wargs first, and then (gulp) kill the trolls. Once you kill them, go to a bunch
    of rocks. A troll will crash through. Kill it, and then kill all the wargs and
    go up the steps. Turn left and kill the archers with your arrows. Go down and
    kill the troll. Once the troll is dead, Legolas will yell out "Elbereth
    Gilthoniel!" and you can keep going. Go to the bridge and a cut scene will
    come. Aragorn spots Uruk-Hai on the hill and tells Frodo to keep going while he
    fights. You are now Frodo. Go away from Aragorn and you'll end up in a clearing
    with two Uruks. Hide until they pass and run the rest of the way up. Be careful
    not to fall and DO NOT FIGHT!!! You'll probably kill yourself. Once you get up,
    control will switch to Aragorn again. Follow the same path you took with Frodo.
    Fight if you want, but I don't recommend it. Once you get to the top, a cut
    scene will start and...
    //Boss: Nazgul (final boss)\\
    note: I've had a problem with this game. Sometimes it won't open a save file
    that is up to the boss. Save on another file at the beginning of Amon Hen just
    in case.
    ...you'll start fighting the Nazgul. It's not that hard as far as final bosses
    go. Once the battle starts, dodge the green flames and walk up to it and slash
    it to ribbons with your sword. Keep slashing until a cut scene comes up and it
    goes airborne. Once it does, find and collect a lembas around you somewhere and
    climb the stairs in the middle of the arena. Once you do that, go up to the
    throne and back up from the back of the throne a little so that it shields you
    from the green fire. Go to first person mode and shoot the Nazgul a few times.
    It's a little difficult to hit, but it's easy when it swoops right overhead.
    Once you hit it a few times, a cut scene will come up and Legolas will shoot
    the Nazgul's fell beast right in the head and it will fall.
    Congratulations! You just beat the Fellowship of the Ring.
    //The Xiphiidae\\
    It may be a fish, but it's the strongest weapon in the game. It kills all
    enemies in a few hits. To get it, at the beginning of the Amon Hen level, turn
    around and follow the shore until you get to a warg. kill it and climb up  a
    piece of the hill. You'll see a figure walking away and mumbling. Turn around
    and follow the mountains until you get to a path leading inside. Turn to the
    left at the end of the path and you'll see the figure again. Follow the shore
    again until you get to a cliff thats half in and half out of the water. Go into
    the water between the two sections of the cliff and look at the bushes. You'll
    hear a scream. Go back to the bushes and up the same cliff. Cross the log, and
    a cut scene will happen. The figure is Gollum, and Gollum will talk to Aragorn
    about "presentssessss for rangerssesss". After the cut scene, a fish will hit
    Aragorn's face. Once you get control again, draw your sword. It will be the
    fish. It kills archers in one hit, wargs in two, Uruks in three, trolls in
    four, and makes the boss a little easier.
    	<Items and Weapons>
    I'm not including items used for quests here.
    Mushroom- Plentiful in the shire and the forest labyrinth. Heals 10 life.
    Cram-Found during and after bree. Heals 30 life.
    Lembas-Found during and after Bree. Heals all life.
    Miruvor-Found when you play as Gandalf in Hollin and Moria. Heals 100 spirit.
    Walking stick-You have this in the beginning of the game. It's very weak, but
    better than nothing.
    Westernesse Dagger-Second weapon Frodo gets. It's found during the Barrow Wight
    boss fight (you need it for here) and is better than the walking stick, but you
    only use it for the Barrow Wight.
    Sting-Last Frodo weapon. Bilbo gives it to you in Rivendell. Better than the
    Westernesse Dagger.
    Rocks-Frodo's range attack. Very weak, but effective for distraction.
    Long Sword-First weapon Aragorn has. It's weak, but it's useful.
    Anduril-Second weapon Aragorn gets. You get it in Rivendell. It's a lot better
    than the long sword.
    Xiphiidae-Strongest weapon in the game. you can get it in Amon Hen as a bonus
    (see "Xiphiidae" section above.).
    Arrows-Aragorn's range attack. Great for distance fighting. Useful for fighting
    wargs in Weathertop Hill.
    Glamdring-A decent sword. The only one Gandalf gets.
    //Gandalf Spells\\
    Fiery Blast-Shoots a ball of fire at an enemy, knocking them down.
    Lightning-Goes from enemy to enemy in a chain. Stuns the Balrog boss.
    Staff Strike-Very powerful-Gandalf pounds his staff on the ground to send out a
    wave of force at the enemy(ies) and knocks them down.
    Heal-Gandalf regains all of his health.
    Attract-Hit an enemy with it when you are overwhelmed. All enemies in the area
    will attack the enemy that you hit.
    Note: Bosses not included.
    Black Riders-Hard. Found in the Shire. Sneak by them so that they don't spot
    you and take the ring.
    Wolves-Easy. Found in the Shire, the Barrow Downs, and Bree. Not very hard to
    kill unless they attack in packs. Keep attacking them.
    Spiders-Hard and cheap! Found in the old forest. Cheap fighters and very hard
    to kill. It's best to avoid them altogether.
    Ghosts-Easy, Found in the Barrow Downs. Early in the Barrow downs, run back to
    your campsite, where they can't enter, and fight them there. Later, just avoid
    them. Always attack in numbers.
    Men-Medium-hard. Found in Bree. They take a lot to kill, but there aren't very
    many of them. Just keep attacking them.
    Wargs-Medium, but annoying. Found in Weathertop, Troll Shaws, They look like
    giant rats. They attack in packs and knock you to the ground without letting
    you get up. Keep attacking them until they die. It's easiest to knock them down
    and then finish them. You should only attack them if you are on level ground
    with them or below. They're too short for your sword if you are even slightly
    higher than them.
    Orcs-Medium. Found in Weathertop, Troll Shaws, Hollin Gate, and Moria.
    Similar to men, just easier to kill. Attack in numbers, usually.
    Archers-Easy-Medium, but annoying. Found in Weathertop and all areas
    afterwards, except for Rivendell and Lothlorien. They are easy to kill. They
    take three hits with Anduril, Glamdring, and Sting and one hit with Xiphiidae.
    Approach them by zig-zagging.
    Trolls-Hard. Found in Weathertop (boss), Troll Shaws, Orc Dam, and Amon Hen.
    They look like greenish fat blobs carrying clubs. Attack them and run when they
    warm up for an attack. All of their attacks are murderous.
    RingWraiths-Hard. Found in A Knife in the Dark. See walkthrough for this level.
    Cave Trolls-Hard. Found in Hollin and Moria. They look like trolls, just darker
    colored. Same as Trolls, just harder.
    Uruk Hai-Medium. Found in Orc Dam and Amon Hen. They look like really ugly men
    with long black hair. Think Aragorn, just uglier. Same as orcs, but tougher.
    Credits- I used DestructoBoy's walkthrough as a basis for the Moria section.
    (Hey, do you expect me to memorize all of that?) Also, that same walkthrough
    helped me discover the Xiphiidae, but I didn't use that walkthrough as a basis
    for that section.
    The End.

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