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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TrinityRacoon

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/31/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      |                        THE LORD OF THE RINGS:                     |                
      |                      The Fellowship Of The Ring                   |
                         The Greatest Epic Adventure...
        ____                   //        \\    __                      _____
       <    !             __   ~ ____     \\ /~__~\ <~!  <~\   <~!    /~~~~~>
    THE \   !   oOo  <~?/~__~)  >____\     \<~~  ~|> !!   !\\   !!   //
         !  !  OOOOO  \  !  | > !!   \\     \\   //  !!   !!\\  !!  //
         !  ! OOO OOO  ! !__//  !!    |\ OF  )|_//   !!   !! \\ !! ((        ^
         !  !(O(   )O) ! ==||   !!    | )THE /~~\    !!   !!  \\!!  \\      /|
         !  ! OO   OO  ! ! ((   !!    |/    //  \\   !!   !!   \\!   \\_____/|
         !  !  OOOOO   ! !  \\  !!___//    //    ))  !!   !!    \!    \~~~~~||
         !  !   OoO   <   >  \\ !____/    //     \\  !_>  !_>   |_>         ||
         !  !          ~~~    \\        _ ~       ~                         //
        /   !_____/|           \\______//                                   V
       <           <            ~~~~~~~~
                             -+ THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING +-
                              ,.andAHY[;?     ?;]HHHAb.,
                            ,.andAHP?            `?}HHHAb
                           CHHHHHH{               dATTTTTD
                            qTTTTTMb            ,.dMHHHHP
                             `';qHHMb          dAHHV:"'`
    A FAQ/Walkthrough of        `':qHMb.,   ,.dMp;'`
      The Lord of the Rings:        `'^YUHHHUP^'`
        The Fellowship of the Ring
          Written by: The TrinityRaccoon
            Version 1.0: Released January 21, 2003
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    creator of this FAQ/Walkthrough, TrinityRaccoon, then email me at:               
    You MUST make the subject read "FAQ", or the name of this game or I will 
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    |                              VERSION HISTORY                              |
    Version 1.3(FINAL):  My sadly final installation.  The only reason that it 
    was not finaled before was because of the fact that the few beginning levels 
    did not have their monster and item counts completed like the latter levels.
    I am now finalizing it because I realize that those things are not very 
    important to the FAQ since the number of monsters and such does not matter in 
    game.(BTW, I never bought .Hack.  I bought Zelda: The Wind Waker, Golden Sun,
    and Final Fantasy X[im a little late on that one.])
    -Got off my lazy butt and finalized this FAQ.
    Version 1.2:  My second installment of this FAQ. I cleaned up the art and 
    added to the non-existant FAQs section. Also, I'm saving up the dough to buy
    .hack: Infection. I can't wait.
    -Art slightly altered
    -Added to FAQs section
    -Completed the monster and item documentation
    Version 1.0:  The start. I made up my first ever ASII text pic (mine are 
    kinda bad. The "s" is gone!) There won't be many versions after this; I'm 
    trying to get it all in one go. So, most things should be added to this 
    -I created the format for the whole thing
    -Finished the introduction
    -Finished the dedication
    -Finished the walkthrough
    -Added some glitches
                              |   Table of Contents   |
    [Hey, for easier browsing of my page, use Ctrl+f (find). You may then type 
    the name of the section (or the number) and it will find it for you]
                    I. Introduction
                        > Story
                         > Controls
                          > Characters
                           > Non-player Characters
                            > Weapons
                             > Items
                    II. Walkthrough
                         A. The Shire
                          1. Find the Bag End Deed & Key
                           2. The Mill & the Weathervane
                            3. Bywater & Green Hill Country
                             4. The One Ring or "Wolves-a-plenty"
                         B. The Old Forest
                          5. The Old Forest
                           6. The Barrow Downs
                         C. Bree
                          7. The Prancing Pony
                           8. A Lesson In Hobbit Building
                         D. Weathertop
                          9. The Path To Weathertop
                           10. The Nazgul
                            11. Flight To The Ford
                         E. Rivendell
                         F. Moria
                          12. The Path To Moria
                           13. The Scary Octopus Thing
                            14. The Deep Labyrinths of Khazaad-Dum
                         G. Lothlorien
                         H. Anduin
                          15. The Orc Dam
                           16. The Winged Nazgul
                    III. FAQs
                    IV. Extra Stuff
                         > Secrets & Glitches
                          > Dedication
    |                             I. Introduction                               |
        Hello, and welcome to my first FAQ/Walkthrough. I am the Trinity Racoon 
    (yes Racoon is spelled wrong) The Lord of the Rings has always been my 
    favorite book along with its affiliates (such as The Silmarillion). So, I 
    decided that it would be a good start. For those of you that don?t know, the 
    Lord of the Rings is an amazing book written by John Ronald Reuel (JRR) 
    Tolkien based in his world of Middle-Earth and beyond. Well, I hope that 
    this will be useful and overall pleasing to you. And don't forget, 
    "Be awesome to each other", Abraham Lincoln 
    (Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure) 
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-+ Story +-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                  (*From the game booklet of the game by Black Label)
        "In ancient days, the elves created the magical rings of power. They 
    gave these rings to the rulers of the Elves, Dwarves, and men that they might 
    heal the hurts of the world. But the Dark Lord Sauron forged the one ring to 
    enslave the other rings.
        In a great battle, the free peoples of middle earth overthrew Lord Sauron, 
    and he lost his ring. But now the Lord of the Rings has returned to his dark 
    tower in Mordor. And he needs only one thing to cover all the lands in a 
    second darkness. He needs the One Ring."
        So, basically the fate of the world is left in your hands. You must 
    protect the ring, not die, and trudge on no matter what! Just Peachy!
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-+ Controls +-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
       If these are confusing, or you have further question, 
                                        follow the e-mailing info above.
                  R1 Button: - Enter target lock mode.
                  R2 Button: - (hold) look in inventory.
                  L1 Button: - Block.
                  L2 Button: - Enter First person targeting mode.
                  X  Button: - Various Uses:
                Frodo: Jump; Aragorn: Kick (not very useful); Menu: Confirm
                  [] Button: - Attack with hand weapon (sword)+ finishing attack.
                  /\ Button: - Talk to a person; Menu: Go back to previous screen
                  O  Button: - Attack with projectile:
          Frodo: Throw stones; Aragorn: Shoot Arrows; Gandalf: Use selected spell.
                  Control Pad: - Used to scroll through item inventory.
                  Start Button: - Pauses game while entering pause menu.
                  Select Button: - Pauses game while entering Quest Checklist.
                  Left Analog Stick: - Controls movement:
    Push slightly to sneak as Frodo (pretty much useless) or to walk as Aragorn 
    or Gandalf. Push all the way to run.
                  Right Analog Stick: - moves and zooms camera
                        First Person Mode: Strafes left and right.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-+ Characters +-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                   These are the three playable characters in the game.
    Frodo Baggins:
          Son of Drogo Baggins. Adopted as the heir of Bilbo Baggins, he owns 
    Bag End Underhill since Bilbo went away. Smart and agile (for hobbits), He is 
    the keeper of the ring. His blue bar indicates his purity. When he uses the 
    ring, the bar will decrease. When all the bar is spent, Frodo will become 
    overwhelmed by the ring and will fall (you die).
    The ring isn't too useful, as of the fact that the purity meter decreases 
    pretty darn fast. It is more fun to just have at enemies anyway.
    Aragorn of the lineage of kings:
          Aragorn, son of Arathorn. He lives in exile rather than becoming 
    crowned king of Gondor. He is the descendant of Isildur who slayed the Dark 
    Lord Sauron but then refused to destroy the ring thus evil lived on. Aragorn 
    is probably the best and most fun to use fighter of the game.
    Gandalf Stormcrow:
          Or Gandalf the Grey. A wise and strong wizard. The head of his order 
    is Saruman the White. He has a spirit bar that shows amount of magic left 
    in him.  When it's used up, no more magic for you!! No, it can be 
    replenished with Miruvor which is nearly infinite. Gandalf is very important 
    to the story and attacks with a variety of spells. Along with his sword. 
         Spells: Fiery Blast: Gandalf shoots a blast of fire (har) from his 
    staff at the enemy. It's probably the spell that you will most use.
                 Chain Lightning: Gandalf shoots a lighting bolt from his staff 
    at an enemy. It goes from enemy to enemy electrocuting all. Pretty useful
                 Staff Strike: Gandalf strikes the ground with his staff 
    emitting a wave of energy that spreads out and harms foes. Useful when 
    you're in a fix (surrounded by wolves...). Its range is less than you might 
    think though.
                 Heal: Gandalf starts floating in the air while a blue haze comes
     over him. Usually heals all health. The bad part is that you can be hurt 
    while healing. I would suggest using healing items when near enemies!!!
                 Attract: Gandalf tricks all foes to attack one of their allies! 
    Not to useful since it only defeats one enemy but it does give time for 
    escape. It's fun to watch more than anything. 
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-+ Non-Player Characters +-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    These are the other six members of the fellowship. Skip this part if you 
    don't want to hear about the characters themselves for this section doesn't 
    help you in the game.
    Samwise Gamgee (aka: Sam):
          Son of Hamfast Gamgee. Sam has always wanted to meet the elves. Frodo's 
    loyal partner, he is a very good friend. 
    Meriadoc Brandybuck (aka: Merry):
          Son of Saradoc, son of Rorimac Brandybuck.  Good friends with Pippin 
    Took. Quite a smart and understanding hobbit. 
    Peregrim Took (aka: Pippin):
          Son of Paladin Took. He can be stupid and of much folly at times but is 
    kind, brave, and well natured at heart.
          Son of Gloin. A stout dwarf he is. With a powerful axe he can mean 
    great danger to foes. He is not the wisest but is great in battle and is kind
     at heart even though his appearance and words may be tough.
    Legolas prince of Northern Mirkwood:
          Son of Thranduil, king of Northern Mirkwood. He is a great shot with 
    the bow and is good with knives also. Swift he is, as most elves are.
          Son of Denethor, leader (not king) of Gondor. He is a great warrior of 
    men. Has a great horn which he blows when in danger.
     Normally this would be much further on but there aren't many so it's here.
    Frodo's Weapons:
          Walking Stick: "A stout, finely carved wooden stick, perfect for walks
     in the countryside." Frodo starts with this weapon. Not too strong but it 
          Westernesse Dagger: "A keen short blade crafted by the Men of 
    Westernesse in ancient times." Frodo earns this blade in the home of the 
    barrow. It's obviously, stronger than the stick.
          Sting: "Forged by the smiths of Gondolin in the First Age, Sting glows 
    blue in the presence of Orcs." Frodo receives this as a gift from Bilbo.    
    It's quite a powerful sword
          Rocks: "Smooth round stones, perfect for throwing and for distracting 
    the enemy." These are useless as weapons, but may have various other uses...
    Aragorn's Weapons: 
          Long Sword: "A sturdy blade common throughout Middle-Earth." Aragorn 
    starts with this sword, it is quite powerful. 
          Anduril: "Originally called Narsil, this blade was shattered during 
    battle against Sauron; reforged by Elven Smiths, it is renamed Anduril , 
    Flame of the West." This is by far the strongest weapon in the entire game!!!
          Wooden Arrow: "Common hunting arrows found throughout Middle-Earth." 
    These are pretty useful, but to get good aim on distant enemies, you must go 
    into first person mode and believe me, the Orcs are a better shot than you 
    when you're like this. Also, put your bow away well before an enemy gets to 
    you, unless of course... you would like to be slayed...
    Gandalf's Weapons:
          Glamdring: "Known as Foe Hammer, this sharp Elven long sword glows with 
    pale light when enemies are near." This blade is good but overall just average. 
    Because of Gandalf's height, it's hard to hit wolves.
    Note:  I have received information that the rocks of Frodo can be used as 
    weapons.  The specific place where they were used was in Moria with Frodo 
    and Gimli where you can throw rocks from a distance at the enemies.   
                                      Thanks to A_Lubben for this tidbit!
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-+ Items +-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Healing Items:
         Cram: Restores 30 Health. "A bland but nourishing waybread baked by the 
    men of the north for journeys in the Wild."
         Lembas: Restores all lost Health. "Delicious golden meal cakes wrapped 
    in mallorn leaves used as waybread by the Elves of Lorien." 
         Miruvor: Restores all lost Spirit. "The Cordial of Imladris a powerful 
    restorative drink made by the Elves of Rivendell." 
         Mushroom: Restores 10 Health. "Tasty fungi found throughout Middle-Earth. 
    An especially favored food in the Shire."
    Key Items:
         Bag End Deed: "The Deed to Bag End, a Hobbit Hole of some fame"
         Bag End Key: "A worn, sturdy metal key. Opens the door to Bag End."
         Hay Bolster: "A pile of freshly cut hay."
         Healing Herbs: "Kingsfoil, a pungent weed believed to have medicinal 
         Melons: "Ripe, plump fruit."
         Metal Pin: "A small metal pin."
         Old Clothing: "Worn work clothes."
         Small Logs: "A pile of Kindling."
         Water Lilies: "Goldberry's favorite flower." 
    Other Items:
         Mithril Mail: "A fine mail shirt made of Mithril, the strongest and most 
    precious metal in Middle-earth."
    The One Ring: "The Ruling Ring of Power, forged in the Second Age by the Dark 
    Lord Sauron in the fires of Mount Doom."
    |                             II. Walkthrough                               |
    This will get you through the game (with luck). And is the biggest reason for 
    writing this FAQ/Walkthrough. If you find an error, have something to add, 
    want a map for somewhere, or just need some general help with something or 
    want a question answered, use the e-mailing info from above. Because anyway, 
    I need SOMETHING to put in the FAQs section...   Enjoy!
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-+ The Shire +-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                               The Home Of The Hobbits.
    1. Find The Bag End Deed & Key
        This is quite, quite simple. After the neat intro movie, thing, you start 
    in Frodo's drawing room. Head out of the room and forward into a hallway 
    through another opening. There are three doors here. The one on the right is 
    the door that you want. There's a chest here that contains the Bag End Deed. 
    The other two doors contain a kitchen, fireplace, and dining table. Head back 
    out of the hallway again. The door on your right has a chest that contains 
    the one ring but you can't have it yet. Left from the hallway is the Foyer 
    and a sparkling key to bag end. Oh, and by the way, anything that sparkles is 
    something you can grab. Now you can leave Bag End into the world beyond where
    there are perilous evils and... HRM! Oh, right... Out into the Shire....
    2. The Mill and the Weathervane                       |Mushrooms: 9    |
        Yes, yes this isn't on the quest list but it will be.  
    One being on the tree house, thing. Mushrooms can be 
    found next to trees and rocks for the most part. First you must talk to Ted 
    Sandyman. He is milling around next to his mill (har!) which is next to the 
    lake and the bridge. Talking to him finds out that he has lost his poor mill 
    pin. He acts proud but truly does need help. Next, hop the little rock fence 
    near to the bridge. In the field is Farmer Hal whose weathervane is stuck. To 
    fix it you must climb the ladder behind one of the tall structures. Next you 
    may jump on the house but it's optional. Then, using the first person mode, 
    chuck rocks at the weathervane until it spins. Go back and talk to farmer Hal 
    he is grateful and you get the pin. Take this back to Ted at his mill and he 
    (semi) thanks you.
    3. Bywater & Green Hill Country                       |Mushrooms: 26   |
                                                          |Kingsfoil: 04   |
        Leave this part of the Shire across the bridge. In Bywater & Green Hill 
    Country there are 26 mushrooms. Don't bother with Lobelia and the title deed 
    just yet. Go past this area through an arch just like the one at the entrance.
    In this wide place there is an old man sitting on a bench. Talk to him to gain 
    a new quest; to find his lost herbs. There are none of those here for you're 
    not in Green Hill Country yet. Continue on to an area with small bridges. Here
    is where you may find the herbs; there is one on a pond's bank next to the 
    entrance to the area and the other is in a hollow dead log at the bottom of 
    the hill. Talk to the guy here to find that it is Ted Sandyman's helper. At 
    the hill's bottom, there is Farmer Maggot's farm. The rest of the herbs are 
    here along with some Mushrooms. There isn't much strategy involved. Just hide 
    behind hay bales while sending Fang in all directions with your rocks and hide 
    behind the pile of boxes and get Wolf near to sniff them out using your rocks 
    so that you can run past his dog house and grab the Herb. Now gather the last 
    few mushrooms and head back to that bench to receive a reward of three 
    mushrooms. Return to Lobelia and ring the warning bell for her using a rock 
    after she tells you to. Give her the deed and talk to Pippin & Merry at the 
    Green Dragon...
    4. The One Ring or "Wolves-a-Plenty"
        Now return back home and retrieve the One Ring. I'd save here, especially 
    if you haven't yet, for great dangers await. One of the new quests is to take 
    the ring to Rivendell. That task is rather too widespread, for it will take 
    quite a while. Now you must exit and provide the key to Sam's father after a 
    short creepy scene of course. You must avoid the Nazgul at all costs. If you 
    are caught you will get to see one of the games few 3-D movies (FMV sequence).
    Just use your stealth and avoid the paths mostly. If your little circular 
    enemy meter goes yellow, take shelter and don't move immediately. Make your 
    way to Hal's field (you know, the one with the weathervane) and go to the 
    river's bank. Don't cross the bridge!! There's a Nazgul waiting for you there. 
    First, chuck some rocks up the path that leads away from the bridge until he 
    leaves his post and then make a break for the bridge and run towards Bywater. 
    The sheriff's in trouble! (why can't he save himself...). There really are 
    wolves in the shire! Slay the wolf with your walking stick? Well, just have at 
    him and he should go down fairly easy. You may talk to the wimpy cop for some 
    gratitude. In the next area you will no longer find the old man but a pack of 
    wolves. You can fight them... ummm... if you do truly wish to die. But if you 
    want to live, just head towards the Green Hill Country. They won't follow. 
    Head around and down the river. There is another rider here. Go back into the 
    water and hide behind the rock. Throw your trusty rocks up the hill to send 
    him on a wild goose chase up the hill. Then go down the stream the rest of the 
    way. Now make a break for farmer Maggot's farm. You will have a merry meting.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-+ The Old Forest +-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                          Trees, Spiders, Barrows, OH MY!
    5. The Old Forest                                     |Mushrooms:   49 |
                                                          |Spiders:        |
                                                          |Waterlilies: 20 |
        After all that happiness, you are left alone... Poor solemn you... But your 
    friends are worse off. They've gotten themselves lost in this dreadful forest. 
    Now be at your wits and at the ready to use your now large stock pile of shrooms
     (no not the drug) for there are spiders... If you head forward you will most 
    likely run into a tree. Don't get all huffy now. Head back to the gate where you 
    started and go forward yet again to see that the tree has gone. This may happen 
    a few times while you are here, so be prepared for it. I have drawn up a map so 
    that you can more easily find your lost friends so if you would much rather 
    explore the forest on your own, DON'T LOOK AT IT... Oh yes and there are 32 
    mushrooms here. The map is a bit rough but it should still hold its purpose.
                              ______/          S
                                   _\___    ____\
                                  /     \  /
                                 |       |/ 
                                  \  /  /
                         \    P    \/__/     __
                          \__  \   /        /  \
                          /  \__\_/_____ __/  __|
                          \__/          |  \    |
                                        |   \__/
                                       /| \
                                      / |  \
                                      \ M  /
                                       \  /
                                        \/            Key: M = Merry
                                        /                  P = Pippin
                                       |                   S = Sam
    If you want to get all 32 mushrooms, you'll have to try to some how wait to 
    save Merry and or Pippin and save Sam first. If you aren't able to do this, 
    you can still get 30 out of the 32 if you explore before saving Sam. After the
    campfire, you are placed next to a stream. I would save here too for this is 
    one of Frodo's two boss battles You will have to face old man willow, who has 
    swallowed up your friends. To defeat this seemingly impossible foe you must 
    first strike his trunk. This will give you some useful information. He will 
    start trying to pound you with his fist. Dodge it and then hit it to make him 
    mad do this to buy time until help shows up in the form of... none other than 
    Tom Bombadil. He saves your friends and tells you to find Walter Lilies. These 
    are scattered everywhere along with mushrooms, and spiders. After you have 12 
    of them, or all of them (there are 20), Find Tom prancing about and speak with 
    him. Oh and there are 17 mushrooms here.
    6. The Barrow Downs                                    |Mushrooms:      |
                                                           |Wights:         |
        After your stay at Tom's pad, you end up outside his house 
    (who would've thunk?). Tom teaches you a song that will summon him and 
    Goldberry will do a little corny dance. And no to all my fellow RPG fans out 
    there the summon isn't an actual summon... If you want all the mushrooms, there 
    are some up and down the stream next to Tom's house along with some under a 
    tree atop the hill behind it. In all there are 12 of them. Make your way up to 
    the Barrow Downs (hmmm) slaying wolves on your way. When you get there you set 
    up camp. But you wake up to be again.....alone.... 
    Were you scared? Well, continue into the Barrow Downs to fight some ghouls 
    (barrow wights) and collect some shrooms; there are ## of them. This would 
    be a good time to use your blocking technique (L1) for these barrows are a 
    plenty and are tough. Keep going overall upwards and be sure not to fall into 
    any pits. The many piles of rocks that you will see are barrow homes, but not 
    the one that you want. The one that you need to find is at the top of the 
    highest hill in this area. If you follow the basic trail then you will end 
    up there regardless. The Barrow Wight is quite formidable and seemingly 
    impossible to beat without the Westernesse Dagger. Get this by climbing up 
    to the chest that is on the wall nearly in front of you. Then you can 
    challenge this Barrow Wight. All you must do is dodge his funky green breath 
    at all costs for it is troublesome, and wait for him to slash at you. Don't 
    let him! Dodge this too dang it then strike with your newly found sword. 
    Keep this up and you will get sick of it and sing for Tom Bombadil. He saves 
    you and takes you to Bree.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-+ Bree +-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                              A Town of Cultural Mixing.
    7. The Prancing Pony
        You will start in the Prancing Pony. You must get yourself a room here. 
    First you should find the room where people are sitting at tables or you may 
    want to just explore this inn even though there isn't much to explore. Well, 
    to get to your destination, just go out of the foyer (lobby) and make a left. 
    The room should be in sight from there. Here are your friends, some dudes, a 
    dwarf and a man in dark clothes. This dark man is obviously none other than 
    Aragorn. Speak to him and he warns you that you should get a room before they 
    are all taken up. Go back to the lobby to talk to the owner, Barliman Butterbur.
    He gives you a room. Now head back to the bar room where you were and you see 
    Pippin about to give your secrets away. You do your own song and dance to stop 
    him and you fall and put on your ring. Aragorn takes you to someplace "quiet" 
    and finds that Merry is still out on his walk.
    8. A Lesson In Hobbit Building                         |Evil Men:     04|
                                                           |Cram:         03|
                                                           |Lembas:       01|
                                                           |Wolves:         |
                                                           |Small Logs:   01|
                                                           |Old Clothing: 01|
                                                           |HayBolster:   01|
                                                           |Melons:       01|
        Now you get to be Aragorn, the games best character. Get used to his arrows 
    and his sword because you'll have various "mini-bosses" to fight. One bit of 
    advice is to only use Aragorn's thrust technique when the enemy is a good deal 
    away. Otherwise you will just barely miss and will be open for a counter 
    technique from the enemy. First you must find Merry. To do this, head forward 
    from the Prancing Pony. You will be challenged by Bill Ferny with his axe. This 
    battle's pretty easy. Just strike him and dodge or keep your guard up as much 
    as possible and he should go down. Now if you're really mean then you can shoot 
    him with arrows while he's down or dead (he, he, he). Keep forward and Merry is 
    on your left. On your right is a piece of cram. I'll display these as I did 
    mushrooms. Continue forward slaying wolves on your way and fight a new foe, the 
    Gate Guard. He is a bit tougher than Bill and his pike is double-ended. Take him 
    out to get a piece of Lembas waybread and enter his little shelter to get the 
    Small Logs. Head back to the Prancing Pony area (beware of the wolves) and make 
    a right on your way there will be another gate shelter with some more cram. 
    Again make your way back to the Prancing Pony and pick up the Old Clothing. To 
    your right of the inn, there are stables there with a battle that is as hard as
     the other two combined. Save the Hobbit, Bob, from these two cruel men and pick
     up the Hay Bolster from inside. Next to get the final piece of the decoys, the
    melons, along with a piece of Cram from the market to the left of the Prancing 
    Pony. So, there are three pieces of Cram and one Lembas here. Now that you have 
    your decoys, return to the prancing pony for a startling movie. 
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-+ Weathertop +-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                                  Aka: Amon Sul 
    9. The path to Weathertop                              |Wargs:   13     | 
                                                           |Goblins: 11     |
                                                           |Troll:   01     |
                                                           |Cram:    07     |
                                                           |Lembas:  01     |
        Now you must take Frodo & Sam to the Summit of Amon Sul. Grab the Lembas 
    by the fire and go up the path (you know you've got the right path when wolves
     are coming at you). But, these are no ordinary wolves. These are Wargs. Beware
     for they might not be dead if they fall, so use your finishing death stab to 
    make sure. On the way up there are two pieces of Cram each by one of Gandalf's 
    half put out fires (one is hidden on the way up to the bridge). At the bridge, 
    you get to fight your first Goblins (Orcs). They can block as you can, unlike 
    the Wargs so be wary. A good tip is to take out the Archers first for they can 
    shoot flaming arrows at you while you are trying to fight. And these creatures 
    can get back up also. Make your way up, killing Goblins and taking cram from 
    them (when possible). When you reach the gate to the summit of Amon Sul, SAVE 
    THE FRICKIN GAME. You will obtain the wonderful opportunity to fight your first 
    troll. OH YEA! no... Well, just avoid his massive stone club and when he swings 
    it in a circle BEWARE because he makes two rotations. Putting your guard up 
    doesn’t always help here so dodging is the key. Keep this up and don’t let your 
    health get too low, and you should EVENTUALLY beat this massive beast. Now for 
    another startling movie but this time in 3-D! 
    10. The Nazgul
        This fight is pretty darn easy. It's just like fighting a whole bunch of 
    tall, slow moving orcs. Well, just keep the Nazgul at bay but make sure you 
    fight all of them and you don't just concentrate your attacks in one area. One 
    thing that is cool about this area is Aragorn's thrust technique. He throws the 
    flaming torch in the air and catches it on the correct end. It just looks cool. 
    If you keep on attacking them all they all will eventually flee. Oh and don't 
    forget to pick up the Lembas by the fire.
    11. Flight To The Ford                                |Wargs:   12     |
                                                          |Goblins: 05     |
                                                          |Trolls:  04     |
                                                          |Cram:    03     |
                                                          |Lembas:  02     |
        Here you must scout ahead and take out the enemies. This place can prove 
    some rough going for there are Orcs, Wargs, and Trolls (yes more than one). Just 
    keep going slaying all and eventually you will defeat all of your foes.  Don't 
    forget that some of the Orcs may drop some Cram along with the Trolls.  The many 
    Trolls will come at you together with Wargs, though they are not allies to each 
    other, take out the Wargs first... if you can. The strategy is basically the same 
    as with the troll from before. If you can get slightly distant enough from their 
    onslaught you may even want to waste a few arrows on their massive bodies but I 
    wouldn't recommend it unless you know what you're doing. When all are defeated, 
    you will meet up with Glorfindel, an elf who is ready to get Frodo to Rivendell. 
    You will be born away by his steed and get to see yet another movie (one of the 
    coolest).If you've seen the movie, this horseback ride is how the Flight to the 
    Ford truly happens.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-+ Rivendell +-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                              The Hidden Valley Of The Elves
        Here you are healed by Elrond and wake to a friendly face, Gandalf. If you 
    haven't noticed before, the chapter titles from the books are used often in the 
    game. Here he says, "Many Meetings". Well you have the meeting and you get to 
    meet and chat with all of the Fellowship members. You get to see a scene with 
    Aragorn and Arwen, too. I would save here. No particular reason except that is 
    very safe there. Head to the center door and you get to talk to Bilbo, who gives 
    you Sting, and the Mithril Mail (yea Mithril!).
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-+ Moria +-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                             "Khazaad-Dum", the Dwarf Kingdom
    12. The Path To Moria                                 |Wargs:   09     |
                                                          |Goblins: 18     |
                                                          |Trolls:  01     |
                                                          |Miruvor: 10     |
        You start by the campfire now as Gandalf, the amazing wizard. Pick up the 
    two Miruvor next to the fire and head forward to be attacked by some Wargs. 
    At times they can be extremely annoying to Gandalf because they are to short 
    for his blade to harm them (he is too tall). When this happens, your best bet 
    is to use Fiery Blast and then use your finishing technique when they are down 
    (press [] next to a downed enemy). Forward is another bottle of Miruvor. Go 
    around the rocks on the path and fight another set of Wargs. After they are 
    slayed, continue on to fight a Troll and some Goblins. I would suggest not using 
    magic on the Troll for I believe that your sword makes less of him. Keep on till 
    you see two upward paths and a campfire. The second of the two paths contains a 
    dead end and some wolves. Only come here if you feel like venting some steam or 
    enjoy not leaving anyone alive. But first, go to the campfire for some Miruvor 
    go up the other path to fight five Orcs at the first bend. This can be quite, 
    quite, a pain in the keister so don't hesitate to use your staff strike to send 
    them all at bay (momentarily). Fight some more Goblins and save at the lakes 
    edge. Why? Because there is a giant octopus thing inside! That's why! Well, save 
    and head toward Moria?s gate.
    13. The Scary Octopus Thing
        Fight this weird creature by shooting its tentacles with arrows. Don't leave 
    your spot though because then Gandalf will be slain and you will...die. Attack 
    the tentacles separately and save the middle one for last and you should be fine. 
    Another tip that helped me was to take out the two tentacles closest to the main 
    one first. 
    14. The Deep Labyrinths of Khazaad-Dum               |Goblins: 121!   |
                                                         |Trolls:  03     |
                                                         |Cram:    11     |
                                                         |Lembas:  01     |
                                                         |Miruvor: 08     |
        In the first room you begin as Gandalf with Gimli as your ally along with 
    some Miruvor. This place may seem deep and vast and you may think that you will 
    become lost... But truly there isn't usually more than one path to go on and when
     there is more, they are used to make that path accessible or they end in a dead 
    end. Now that you know that, ascend the staircase slaying Orcs in your path. 
    Gimli would love it if you left a few Orcs for him to slay while you go after 
    the archers. Well, that would make it easier of course. Pull the lever to open 
    the door at the top and enter another room with some Miruvor. Pull another lever 
    to enter a hall with many pillars and many Orcs. Slaughter these and notice the 
    tortured Dwarf skeletons on the walls? Creepy! From here there is a fork in the 
    road. The right takes you to some Miruvor. Continue on the other fighting more 
    and yet more Orcs and don’t miss the backtracking path with the Lembas Bread for 
    it is useful. Cross the bridge and into the cross-road room. There is only one 
    path however, because the two turns have been destroyed. The left contains some 
    Miruvor though. Go into the next room past the circular hot spring, and into 
    another cross room, though this one is different. The left is blocked but gives 
    you Miruvor. The right contains an automatic door. If the ancient Dwarves had 
    that kind of technology, why don't they just whip up a Nuke and an X-Wing fighter 
    for gosh sakes, and blow Sauron to smithereens!? Sheesh! Well, anyway, go in this 
    door and kick some major Orc butt and don't miss the HUMONGOUS GAPING HOLES in 
    the floor, yeah them... Truly this room was pointless but I have to have a little 
    fun with you right? I mean I am providing you with this FAQ... Go back to the 
    cross room and into the last door, in here, step on the floor with no hole to go 
    down on their elevator... nuke... You are greeted by your Friendly Neighborhood 
    Spider... ORC. Sorry, I just watched Spiderman again. Leave this room to be in 
    yet another cross room. Left lets you kick some more Candy Orc A**. Forward gets 
    you nowhere and right is right! You will wind along a path, eventually running 
    into some large Orcs on Steroids. Make meat of them and then go into a room with 
    a hanging bucket. Carefully tread around the crevice and go through the left door 
    to find a Miruvor. Hey! It rhymes! Take a nap here in the next room and pull the 
    lever to continue and go forward out into the open. Pull the lever to unlock the 
    right bridge. Head for that bridge back through the room of which you came and 
    you get to fight a cave troll and guess what, more orcs! In the next room you can 
    go forward, if you enjoy walking into walls, or you could go left to unlock the 
    final bridge and right to eat cheese, no wait, Cram (darn). Now go all the way 
    back to the first of the two levers by crossing the bridge and taking a right. 
    From this turn, stay in the same direction and into the next room, which the 
    second bridge you just unlocked is connected to. Cross the bridge, killing the 
    archer, and out of Moria. Congratulations, you still aren't through! Head across 
    yet another bridge, to go on a new orc slaying spree. Follow through the paths 
    till you get to a round room with some Miruvor and large door and a switch. Now 
    go sit in the corner and think about what you've done! You have killed so many 
    poor little defenseless Goblins I don't know what to do with you. I think I'll 
    say "Good Job!". In the next room you rest (again) and Pippin knocks something 
    into the well, sending many Orcs after you. There are three doors. Behind door 
    number one is some Miruvor! ...and orcs... Behind door number two is a shiny new 
    Corvette! Nope, just some Lembas. Behind door number three there are Orcs and a 
    path to another lever-door. Enter this door to be in a vast chamber with a pair 
    of Trolls. You, Gandalf must figure a way out. To do this go to the statue in the 
    room's center and you will see four statues of hands holding orbs along with 4 
    respective buttons. All you do is push the hand-orb thingys onto their buttons 
    and lasers will reflect to their proper destinations opening a door out. They had 
    lasers...nuke... Go through this door and into the tomb of Balin. After the scary 
    orc scene, you become Frodo yet again, along with the help of Gimli again. To 
    open the door, dodge the holes and you will be shot at by a sentinel from above 
    you need to get up here. Jump the two crevices to your left and climb up the long 
    rock thing. Kill the Archer and push the big blue stone off the edge. If you 
    don't get what to do next, then you should be shot. But for those people, go to 
    where the thing fell to and push it onto the button in front of it as you did 
    with Gandalf previously (the rock is bigger than you but somehow you can still 
    move it?). Now go back to where the room began and cross the bridge (there's a 
    lever next to it). You can fight the orcs but don't let them hit you off the 
    edge; it's easier to let Gimli do it. Follow the path and climb the opposite side 
    of the ladder. Fight through some orcs, all by your poor little self, and flip 
    the switch down the next ladder. Flip it right away so Gimli can aid you (the 
    orcs will overwhelm you). Save after that's over for you have a boss battle ahead. 
    To fight this fiery foe, don't use Fiery Blast!!! This will heal him or at least 
    not hurt him. The fireballs are easily dodged by moving from side to side on the 
    path. Get close, but not too close because he breathes a worse breath if you do, 
    and use your Chain Lightning spell. This will stun him so that you can get closer 
    and hew him with a few swipes of your sword. You better leave quick though because 
    when he gets back up, he will hit you with his Flaming Scimitar which will kill 
    you regardless of anything. After a while you will finish and Moria will be behind 
    you. Yea! Congratulations! You are dubbed Master Orc Slayer!n Sorry about the 
    longevity of this. I would have split it up but I wanted to number the large 
    amount of Orcs here.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-+ Lothlorien +-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                          The Home Of Elves and Their Queen
        There isn't much more to do here than in Rivendell. Pippin has his usual 
    thing to say about food. Just leave by way of ladder in the back.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-+ Anduin +-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                                  The Great River
    15. The Orc Dam                                      |Goblins: 18     |
                                                         |Trolls:  02     |
                                                         |Cram:    02     |
        This level shouldn't even need any explaining. You have Gimli, Legolas, 
    and Boromir by your side. You just head forward slaying orcs and trolls in 
    your path. Once they are all cleared out, as in the Flight to the Ford, Then 
    you're done.
    16. The Winged Nazgul                                |Wargs:   10     |
                                                         |Goblins: 43     |
                                                         |Trolls:  04     |
                                                         |Cram:    10     |
                                                         |Lembas:  01     |
        Here, there is no food at the campfire (how sad) so you will have to use 
    your personal stock along with the stock of the Orcs. Slay some Wargs then 
    some orcs. After that, slay some more orcs. Eventually, you'll see 4 Wargs 
    coming at you. Don't attack them yet. Instead, run through their rank and 
    turn around. Now you have to fight 4 Wargs AND 2 Trolls. I would suggest 
    allowing the Wargs to be killed by the Trolls and you can pitch in a bit with 
    your arrows.  Then, after those evil wolves are dead, have at the Trolls. Just
     don't forget that while you attack one of them, the other can still hurt you. 
    After them, head down to the campfire for some Cram and then back up the hill. 
    OH NO! The path is blocked by giant rocks what ever are we to do?? It's Super 
    Troll come to the rescue! Too bad he has split personalities and now wants to 
    kill us. Kick his big greasy butt and keep wary for the two Orcish Archers. 
    Continue up the steps and up more steps and up more steps to pick up some 
    Lembas. You will get to a bridge where Frodo must get to the top. You get to 
    be Frodo one last time and Aragorn covers your back. I would suggest letting 
    Aragorn clean up your mess so don't bother fighting the Orcs. At the campfire 
    there is some cram. Don't take this because Aragorn needs it much more than 
    you do. Just run past them and run to the top. Now you get to do Aragorn's 
    part. I added the Orcs from Frodo's run separately from Aragorn's for their 
    numbers are different so they must be different Orcs. Slay your way (rhyme) 
    through the Orc onslaught grab the Cram by the fire and get to the top. At 
    the top you must fight the winged Nazgul. The first part of this fight can 
    be treated with the same strategy as the Balrog, just, you don't have any 
    frickin' magic!! Dodge the green "death balls" and move in fast for a strike 
    so that he doesn't have time to use the poison breath crap. After a short 
    while he will take to the skies, ohhhhh, crap. This part can be tough because 
    you need to use your first person shooting and this creature is a moving 
    target. Well I would recommend hiding behind the big rock structure that is 
    to your left as you enter this top area. Strafe when he shoots his death 
    balls and shoot at him as often as you can. If you don't die in the process, 
    he will eventually go down. Congrats! You've beaten the game! Too bad there 
    is no movie to show for it though, for you have only beaten one third of it. 
    Just hope that Black Label doesn't go under and to get The Two Towers and the 
    Return of the King games.
    |                                  III. FAQs                                |
          Hey, whew. Finally finished. Now this will be quite empty until I get 
    questions from you guys ever. Send them using the e-mail information near the 
    beginning of this page. I doubt I will think of any , for I found this game 
    extremely easy. Thanks...
    The Golden FAQ!!!!: Many people have e-mailed me not having a clue what to do.
    This is because they were playing the game on the XBOX console not the PS2 
    console. This FAQ/Walkthrough is for the PS2 version of The Fellowship of the 
    ring. Though, if you still are couragious enough to e-mail me, then do so. The 
    two games have many similarities in which cases I may still be able to help.
    FAQ No.1: Where is the Westernesse dagger in the cavern of the barrow?
    Answer: Right after you enter, go forward past the barrow and jump onto the 
    small ledge there and jump onto another small ledge from there to reach a 
    chest. Open it (of course) to get the dadgger to defeat the barrow!!
    FAQ No.2: How do I cross the cut bridges in Moria?
    Answer: In the XBOX version, in Moria with the bridges that you have to 
    unlock, you must shoot across the chasm at the (hard to see) switch with 
    your fire. 
    FAQ No.3: How do I open the door in the room with the two cave trolls?
    Answer: Push the four statues of hands holding orbs onto their buttons to 
    open the door.
    |                               IV. Extra Stuff                             |
    This section contains all of the final stuff, a dedication, 
    & a Glitches/Secrets section.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-+ Secrets & Glitches +-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    1. But I thought the Sword was broken?
        This is more of a flub up than a glitch. You know the Flight to the Ford 
    movie? Well, afterward, you notice that Frodo still has his sword around his 
    belt in its sheath. It even tells you that you have only a Walking Stick and 
    that is all you can use when you attack. Hmmmm....
    2. Fricked up wolf.
        This probably won't happen to anyone else but on the path up to Weathertop, 
    I was fighting a pack of wolves when suddenly one just froze sitting amongst 
    its brothers' dead bodies. No matter what I did, it wouldn't be harmed. It 
    could harm me though. I found this happen in other places too though the wolf 
    (or Warg) could be hurt and got up. I guess sometimes even enemies need breaks.
    3. Gimli the Wizard?
        This also, most likely wont happen to anyone else but, in Moria, on one of 
    the paths, Gimli slayed an Orc and after it died, it lay in mid air! Very 
    strange trick, Gimli.  
    Note:On the Gimli the wizard glitch, there has been a few more people who have
    mailed me saying they had the same thing happen to them. Just for clarification.
    4. The fish sword!
        Could someone e-mail me on how they did this because I'm getting mixed ideas
    from different places on how it's done. Thanks to all.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-+ Dedication +-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        I dedicate this FAQ/Walkthrough to John Ronald Reuel Tolkien and his son 
    for with out their writings and revisions, there wouldn't be a Lord of the 
    Rings and all the affiliate books. I also dedicate this site to Moi, the 
    author, for being very skilled in the art of video games. 
                                    Salut! Mes Amis! 
                           And expect a new walkthrough soon!!!
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-+ Extra Unlisted Crap +-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    	I am now Trinity Raccoon, not Trinity Racoon.  I got sick of looking 
    at the rebellious bad spelling with my damn perfectionalized mind.  So, if 
    did not already figure it out, I will not be able to work on this site even 
    if I wanted to after today.  I will also lose all of my (few) many Karma 
    points and my rank.  Good Bye all, and on these hot summer nights, I will be 
    many a time working on FAQs, making the moulah for games, and solving those 
     countless tough spots in those games for all of you. This has been a Trinity 
    Raccoon Production.  And always...
    888888  888888   8888888888    88888888    88888888   888888      888888
     8888    8888   8888    8888   8888   88   8888   88   8888        8888
     8888    8888   8888    8888   8888    888 8888    888  8888      8888
     8888    8888   8888    8888   8888    888 8888    888   8888    8888
     8888    8888   8888    8888   8888   88   8888   88      8888888888
     888888888888   888888888888   88888888    88888888         888888
     8888    8888   8888    8888   8888        8888              8888 
     8888    8888   8888    8888   8888        8888              8888
     8888    8888   8888    8888   8888        8888              8888
     8888    8888   8888    8888   8888        8888              8888
    888888  888888 888888  888888 888888      888888            888888
    88888888888888  8888888888  888888       888888 8888 888       888   8888
    88888888888888 8888    8888 8888888     8888888 8888 88888     888  8888
    8888           8888    8888 8888 888   888 8888 8888 888 88    888 8888
    8888           8888    8888 8888  888 888  8888 8888 888 88    888
    8888           8888    8888 8888   88888   8888 8888 888  88   888
    8888  88888888 888888888888 8888    888    8888 8888 888  88   888
    8888  88888888 8888    8888 8888           8888 8888 888   88  888
    8888      8888 8888    8888 8888           8888 8888 888   88  888
    8888      8888 8888    8888 8888           8888 8888 888    88 888
    8888      8888 8888    8888 8888           8888 8888 888    88 888
    88888888888888 8888    8888 8888           8888 8888 888     88888
    88888888888888 8888    8888 8888           8888 8888 888       888

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