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Guide and Walkthrough by aliabuaziz

Version: 1.08 | Updated: 12/04/2003


Brute Force FAQ
By: aliabuaziz 
Version: 1.08
Copyright 2003

              ____________________ ____ _________________________
              \______   \______   \    |   \__    ___/\_   _____/
               |    |  _/|       _/    |   / |    |    |    __)_ 
               |    |   \|    |   \    |  /  |    |    |        \
               |______  /|____|_  /______/   |____|   /_______  /
                      \/        \/                            \/ 
              ___________________ ___________________ ___________
              \_   _____/\_____  \\______   \_   ___ \\_   _____/
               |    __)   /   |   \|       _/    \  \/ |    __)_ 
               |     \   /    |    \    |   \     \____|        \
               \___  /   \_______  /____|_  /\______  /_______  /
                   \/            \/       \/        \/        \/ 


Table of Contents: 
   I. Version History
  II. Introduction (READ IT)
 III. Questions asked way too often
  IV. Basics and General Strategies
   V. Character Database (check this for Multiplayer Strategies)
  VI. Weapon Database
 VII. Walkthrough
VIII. DNA Canister Shortcut
  IX. Playing Online
   X. Secret Stuff
  XI. Legal Stuff
 XII. Special Thanks


                        +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
                        |V|e|r|s|i|o|n| |H|i|s|t|o|r|y|
                        +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

I. Version History: 

12/04/03: Version 1.08.  Added things and corrections.

07/11/03: Version 1.07.  Added Codes in the secret stuff section.

06/15/03: Version 1.06.  Made the entire walkthrough more readable.

06/14/03: Version 1.05.  Correction on Abaddon Level.

06/10/03: Version 1.04.  Made changes in the FAQ.

06/08/03: Version 1.03.  Added the locations of Tex's Hat for most levels.

06/07/03: Version 1.02.  Made a Secret Stuff section for Secrets in the game.

06/06/03: Version 1.01.  Added some tidbits.  

06/05/03: Version 1.00.  Finished the walkthrough, thus my first full
version is complete.  

06/05/03: Version 0.90.  Added 2 more levels to walkthrough.  1 to go. 
There were a few minor errors in the FAQ that I fixed.  Changed my contact
policy, by adding an email you can contact me at.

06/04/03: Version 0.75.  Added the ASCII "art" at the beginning of each
section.  Also added a few more walkthroughs.  Only 3 to go!  

06/03/03: Version 0.50.  Due to popular demand, I made the Weapon Database 
like the Character Database, which I also pretty much finished.  Now, all my 
attention goes to making the last few walkthroughs.

06/03/03: Version 0.30.  I added more to the Character Database and 
Walkthrough.  I redesigned the Walkthrough & Character Database so it 
is more readable.  Made some minor changes, corrections, and a little 
reorganization.  Changed the lettering with some art. 

06/02/03: Version 0.25.  Begun the FAQ.  I've completed the Introduction, 
Weapon Database, DNA Canister Shortcut, Playing Online, and Legal Stuff.  
I've begun the Walkthrough and Character Database.  When I complete those, 
my first complete version will be sent in.  I am undecided on whether to add 
a Multiplayer Map section with strategies specifically for those maps.  
I am undecided on whether to expand the weapons database.  



II. Introduction
I have created an email that I will use for online contact.  Feel free to 
send suggestions, comments, and CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms.  I will not respond
to questions covered in the FAQ.  

Please try to limit emails to the following.
    Using this FAQ on your site.
    Using parts of this FAQ on your FAQ.
    IMPORTANT mistakes in the FAQ
    General strategies contribution.
    Strategies about unlockable characters.

A NOTE to the FAQ reader:
Before asking me a question I probably answered, please use your ctrl+f (find) 
on your internet browser to find what your looking for.  It's probably found 
in this FAQ, and could be in the questions section below.

Brute Force is a third person squad based action game for the Microsoft 
Xbox. I think it is a great game that does not get the respect it deserves 
because people do not play the game the way it is supposed to be played (see 
Basics below).  So far it is my third favorite game on the Xbox.  I wrote 
the FAQ because of the numerous questions going on in the GAMEFAQS board, 
and because I just wanted to write an FAQ that people would read.  I am 
currently accepting contributions.  Please post them on the Brute Force 
board or AIM them to me.

A message about people who don't like or bash Brute Force: 
These are the people that decide they want to use Tex and Brutus exclusively 
and find Hawk useless.  Although sometimes it is necessary to leave the 
females behind, playing the game like this in full is a shame and you really 
will not like the game enough.  Certainly NOT THE WAY TO APPROACH THE GAME!  
The best way is to learn your characters, use their special abilities, and 
not die in levels.  You should not have to reclone your comrades at all if 
you use strategy, carefully go by each level thinking things out, and will 
enjoy the game more so this way.  DO NOT EMAIL ME GIVING ME YOUR OPINIONS ON 
BRUTE FORCE.  First of all, I don't care about your opinion.  Second of all, 
there are boards to bother the masses instead of just me.


          +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+
          |Q|u|e|s|t|i|o|n|s| |A|s|k|e|d| |W|a|y| |T|o|o| |O|f|t|e|n|
          +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+

III. Questions asked way too often

1. What is the point of money?
This question is asked way too much.  The money is only a score.  You can 
get 100% in a level by completing every objective, killing every enemy, and 
not losing a squad member on ALL difficulties (or at the very least, 
brutal).   Money has NO EFFECT on whether you can clone your squad or not.  
Losing members and recloning them costs you money (hence your score goes 
lower) but you can always just reclone them and end with negative money (a 
very bad score).

2. How do I get 100% on a mission?  I did everything.
Did you complete every objective, kill every enemy, and not lose any squad 
members on every difficulty (or at the very least, brutal)?  If not, do 
that.  If you DID that, then you didn't kill every possible enemy.  Explore 
the map more.  Look at General Strategies #14 on how to kill every enemy.

3. Where is *so and so* DNA Canister?
See the DNA Canister Section.

4. What does this level's DNA Canister unlock? 
See the DNA Canister Section.

5. I already had the Confed Marine DNA Canister but got it again? 
There are 2 repeats in the DNA Canisters.  There are 16 to unlock, but 18 
levels.  Therefore you will find two copies of the Confed Marine and 

6. On Return to Osiris, how do I destroy the beam?
There are three computers you must activate around the beam.  One is on a 
top level, the other on "sea" level, and another below sea level.  Then 
destroy the three sections of the base of the beam.  One or two grenades 
should do the trick.  Read the walkthrough for more details.

7. Can you upgrade or level up your characters by defeating the game 100%?
I am 99% sure that you cannot.  I am yet to get to 100% and no one I trust
has either so take that as you will.  Check the Special Stuff Section for 
more info.  Unfortunately, for every real secret there is about 100 lies.  
So bear with me.

8. Does kneeling cause your stamina to grow back faster?

9. How do I use Brutus to run into someone and kill him instantly? 
Turn on his Spirit of Vengar special ability.  He must need near full 
stamina to perform this.  Then simply run into the enemy.  However, if your 
stamina is not 3/4ths full, it will do nothing to the enemy.  This special 
attack also drains your stamina, so I never use it.

10. What do I get for getting every award on a level and beating the game 
I'm pretty sure you do not get anything, but I am yet to do it, nor do 
I know anyone who has, so check the Special Stuff section of the FAQ
as others and I conquer the game more thoroughly and figure stuff out.
Unfortunately, for every real secret there is about 100 lies.  So bear with 

11. Is the Master Chief in this game? 
No.  Where do you get this stuff?

12. Can only Brute Force Squad carry 2 weapons at once? 
No.  The Feral Warriors can carry two.  The Seer Coven has telepathic 
attacks.  The Ferguson Platoon and Shrike Raiders can carry only one.

13. Which squad is the best?
I think Brute Force.  You have the most experience, wide variety of 
specials, and can carry 2 weapons.  It's all balanced though.

14. When do I get *so and so* character?
Brutus - Level 2; Hawk - Level 4; Flint - Level 6.

15. On Hunting for Shadoon, the spy keeps dying.  How do I stop that?
It's not easy.  Read the walkthrough, but the key is to keep Tex near him.  
Luckily you just have to restart the chapter, which is not too long ago.

16. To get a DNA Canister, do I have to complete the level after getting it 
or can I just quit after getting it? 
You have to complete the level.

17. How do I unlock characters? 
Get DNA canisters.  And READ THE MANUAL!

18. How many characters / squads can I unlock? 
Look at the Character Database.  But it's 5 total squads, and 20 players.

19. What is a memory chip?
When you lose a squad mate in battle you lose 3000 dollars (points).  If you 
pick up the comrade's memory chip, you get 2000 dollars back, so your net
loss is only 1000 points.  These numbers are on the standard difficulty.  On 
Hard and Brutal, the dollar (point) values are higher.

20. Can you duck and roll ala Max Payne?  I see the AI do it.
Unfortunately, no, it's not possible :(

21. What do the awards mean on each level?
1 DNA Canister.  3 for defeating each level on each difficulty.  The award 
is gold if you beat it without dying, killing all enemies, and completing
all objectives.


          +-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
          |B|a|s|i|c|s| |a|n|d| |G|e|n|e|r|a|l| |S|t|r|a|t|e|g|i|e|s|
          +-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

IV. Basics and General Strategies (Send me more strategies)

Here are some basic strategies for approaching and playing Brute Force.  Run 
and gun is NOT a strategy!  I am currently accepting strategies if you AIM 
them to me or say you want me to post it.  I will not post it if it is very 
similar to another already-posted one or I deem it is not a good strategy.  
If you find you're not using a character enough check out the Character 
Database below for more tips.  The controls of this game are in the manual, 
which is also posted online by Microsoft.  I strongly recommend that you 
read the manual, as it tells you how to issue commands, what they do, and 
gives you basic hints as to how to approach the game.  For example, fight as 
a team not as individuals.  Learn how to play the game, issue commands, 
switch guns, aim, etc before continuing with the FAQ.

For more character-specific strategies, read the Character Database.

Here are some strategies I and other contributors have written: 

      Use the MOVE and HOLD POSITION commands exclusively.
      Only use COVER ME with Tex & Brutus together.
      Kneel down to recover stamina a lot faster.
      When scouting, use Hawk/Flint/Brutus, then MOVE the squad.
      When fighting, have Tex and Brutus fire at will.  You use Flint.
      Hawk should not fight at all in large battles.
      When fighting always turn on Tex and Flint's specials.
      Use Brutus' special to heal him after battles. 

2. Control Hawk and Flint yourself
I work the women on my own most of the time.  They are just too weak to let 
the computer control them.  However, exceptions are made for Flint if I find 
a safe location for her to snipe from, I then use the males to get fired at 
or use her in conjunction with a cloaked Hawk and kill of enemies without 
them shooting at us once.  

3. My own personal favorite strategy
My personal favorite strategy after getting an updated yellow beacon (for 
the next location to go) is to have everyone hold position or move them to a 
safe place.  I then send in Hawk equipped with the power blade.  Once I see 
enemies, I cloak her and take out as many guys as possible with the 
powerblade.  Then I find a safe place to hide and kneel to get my stamina 
back faster, or if that is not possible, I run back (still cloaked 
hopefully) to the safety of my squad.  I then try to find a nice sniping 
location, use Flint's special and take out any dangerous members that I can.  
If this still does not kill everyone or if Flint just cannot snipe, it's 
time for the boys to go to work.  Command them to cover who you plan on 
controlling or fire at will.  Remember to leave the women back and hold 
position in a safe place when going into large battles as they may use up 
medkits or die from really simple / small things! 

4. The Triangle Formation
Okay, this is part of my strategy that has Hawk get the enemies to run to 
their deaths.  Arrange Tex and Brutus to the front, and have Flint in 
the back.  It should look like this: 
T   B

Cloak Hawk, find the enemies, drop some sentry mines (if possible), shoot at 
the enemies, and run behind Flint.  Your team that is holding their position 
should tear through them (remember to turn on their specials, especially 
Flint and Tex).  

5. Take down the leader, and the rest will fall
When cloaking Hawk and using her powerblade, target tougher enemies (i.e.: 
Seer Priests, Outcast Shamans, Heavy Shrikes) before targeting the weaker 
ones.  Just a note: it's kind of hard to take out hounds because she's 
invisible and the angle at getting them is kind of weird.

6. Flint brings the enemies (contributed by TheGreatOne023)
I will go over a hill with Flint and take some sniper shots at enemies not 
too far away and then turn and run back over the hill again knowing they 
are following me. Once the enemies get close, I unleash Tex and Brutus on 
them with a Fire at Will command.  Remember to stop the Fire at Will after 
the enemies are dead or they will keep going.

7. Shoot them in the back like a girl (contributed by GunValkyrie4Life)
Hawk can carry some useful/awesome/powerful weapons. I have her go in 
cloaked and continue running until she is at the rear of the enemies 
defenses. As soon as I am at the far rear I will issue a command to bring up 
Tex and Brutus, while they draw some fire I can then uncloaked and shoot the 
enemy from behind.

8. Brutus doesn't shoot, but the girls do (contributed by bulldogsweeper09)
This may be a strategy. I snipe the first two or three guys with Flint or 
Hawk, then I use Brutus's Rage (where the guys turn orange). I DO NOT touch 
anyone though because it wastes his special. I just run around and shotgun 
them point blank. This works awesome because you rarely get hit plus you get 
some life back. It lasts for a minute or longer. I don't know if Brutus runs 
faster but it feels like he does, and it's easy to see where to run next. 
This works best for me in intense battles when it's four against twenty.

9. Destroying turrets
If you can use a grenade or have a rocket launcher (sweeper v) use that.  If 
not, cloak Hawk, send her behind the turret, and grenade it.  It would be 
best if you can find the computers that deactivate them, if possible.

10. Hawk as Sniper (contributed by milkbaby) 
Depending on your style of play, consider making Hawk your backup sniper. 
Get her a sniper rifle, and then the combo of cloaking with the sniper's 
telescopic sight makes her the most powerful scout. Combo that with 
Brutus' special, and you can clear a lot of areas out without danger to your 

11. Hawk IS deadly even uncloaked (contributed by milkbaby) 
Being that Hawk is my favorite, I often will load her up with a rifle 
(whichever one that is laying around that she can pick up -- the Bio rifle 
is a lot of fun). Even uncloaked and with the least health, she is still 
deadly.  You can play her a lot like Master Chief from Halo. She has the 
only melee attack other than Brutus' special.  While they are both usually 
one hit kills, Hawk's is unlimited whereas Brutus has to use up his special 
to do his. I also think she is be the fastest member of the team, so speed 
and cloaking + one-hit-kill makes her much more powerful than most people 
would think.

12. Brutus & Flint combo to take out units far away
Another strategy to use is turn on Brutus' special to see enemies that are 
far away.  Then take control of Flint, turn on her special, and take out the 
enemies are too far away to see with plain sight.  The enemies should show 
up on radar because of Brutus' special.  

13. Hawk planting mines (contributed by RE Billy Coen)
This is a favorite strategy of mine that should be incorporated in every 
aspect of the game.  Have Hawk set up some sentry mines (about five) near 
a group of enemies and cloak her.  Make sure not to get too close because 
they'll see you (?feel your presence?).  Once your cloaked, shoot an enemy 
once.  He and the rest of the group will run blindly in the direction of 
the shot.  Run away from them and they will step on the sentry mines, 
hopefully destroying all of them.  If there are survivors, keep running and 
get back to Tex and Brutus to take care of them. 

14. Killing every enemy in a chapter to get 100% for a level
After each chapter's next extraction point have Tex and Brutus FIRE AT WILL 
to seek and destroy any enemies you may have missed along the way.  This is 
not a full-proof plan, but has helped me get 100% in a couple missions, so 
I suggest you try it if you are going for 100% in a level.

15. Flint's Special: On then off
I find it helpful to use Flint's auto targeting (and organic sensor) to spot
enemies that are far away.  Then, once the target is acquired, I turn off the
special, so I can aim directly at the head for a one shot kill.

16. Bio-Dominoes (contributed by Marauder)
The Bio-class Weapons, in addition to doing splash damage on per-shot hits,
also do "explosive death" damage upon sufficient "Toxic Accumulation".  That
is, the effects of Bio weapon hits appear to be cumulative for living
targets, such that after hitting a certain point of toxicity, the target
explodes in a Bio-cloud, which has the effect of detonating like the one
grenade type they didn't include, a Bio-Grenade.  This in turn does explosive
damage AND contributes to the toxic level of the targets around the initial
target, who may in turn explode in a bio-cloud, which affect the guys around
him, who in turn explode in bio-clouds... etc.
Using this technique, an entire formation of enemy can be taken out by only
killing the lead guy, as the death of one in the pack "dominoes" its way
through the rest of the pack, particularly if that first kill was the
tougher "leader" variant of whatever enemy you're facing on that level, who
takes more hits to kill and explodes with more toxicity & force.  This is
specially useful in the narrow confines of the tunnels on the asteroid
levels, where the enemy has little choice but to be all bunched up.  With
Tex or Brutus on the A50 BioCannon and Hawk on the MNR-7 "miniature
bio-shotgun", spraying the group, the toxicity of such a pack can be
elevated to death levels quite quickly, resulting in a very large, pretty
green death-cloud.

17. Roller-ball (contributed by Marauder)
In the tunnels on the asteroid levels, explosive weapons are your best
friend, as the enemy has no choice but to bunch up in a tight group.
Therefore, drop a roller and run behind it about 10 steps, keeping pace as
best you can.  When you hear a Shrike squeal or see their teleporters
activate or a door open, stop running and let the roller go on its way, and
take up an ambush formation - the enemy will come to you almost every time.
Meanwhile, the roller heads right into the pack that just teleported in or
is coming in the door, etc.  With the roller already on "final approach",
your first kills are likely to happen before the enemy even has a chance to
fire a single shot at you.  Do not stay too close to the roller, though,
even one can take out Tex, let alone the other team members.

18. Regain your full squad in coop (contributed by Kling)
If you play coop with 1 person, and 2 of you guys die, in the next 
chapter, just kill one of your guys, then pick on of the previously 
dead guys.  Do the same with the other, and restart the chapter.  
Now, with the chapter restarted (after you selected the 2 that were
dead going in to the chapter) you should have all 4 guys back.

19. Tex's Hat and 100%
Below, in the Secret Stuff section, I have Tex's Hat.  I recommend you go 
through the game once on any difficulty.  Then play the last mission on
Brutal to unlock Tex's hat (your score does not matter).  Then in each 
mission get Tex's hat, which will make getting 100% on every map much
easier.  If you have Flint auto aim with Tex's Hat its usually a one
shot kill, making her ultra powerful.

20. Tex the Sniper?
Yes.  Equip Tex with a weapon with a big crosshair (like Minigun) and a 
sniper rifle.  Then when you go berserk, he will shoot both, but with 
the minigun's crosshair.  So the sniper bullets (which are very powerful)
will hit easily, enemies go down much faster.


                     +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
                     |C|h|a|r|a|c|t|e|r| |D|a|t|a|b|a|s|e|
                     +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

V. Character Database

 A. Brute Force
  1. Tex
  2. Brutus
  3. Hawk
  4. Flint
 B. Ferguson Platoon
  1. Confed Marine
  2. Militia
  3. Gunthar Ghent
  4. McTavish
 C. Feral Hunting Pack
  1. Feral Colonist
  2. Feral Shaman
  3. Feral Outcast
  4. Outcast Shaman
 D. Seer Coven
  1. Seer Follower
  2. Seer Priest
  3. Fire Hound
  4. Shadoon
 E. Shrike Raiders
  1. Shrike Soldier
  2. Shrike Heavy
  3. Shrike Hound
  4. Hunter Lord
 F. Other (no squad)
  1. Mutant
  2. Supermutant
  3. Commander Bratton

He's your tank of the squad.  In single player, use him and Brutus in 
fights when the enemies are too far apart for Hawk to be effective and there 
is no safe sniping location.  This usually happens when there is absolutely 
no high ground to be found and there is just a huge open space.  This is 
rare, but happens, as in level 15, Hostile Reception.  His special, BERSERK, 
allows him to attack with his 2 large weapons at once.  Always activate this 
when fighting because his stamina is so large and recovers relatively 
quickly.  He can take a LOT of damage, so use medkits freely with him.  
Also, if you are using the women to go ahead and there are just too many 
enemies and Hawk lost her cloak, run back to Tex and Brutus where they 
should be holding their position.  Tex can take out 4 enemies quite easily.  
Tex is also the only member of the squad that can disarm sentry bombs (land 
mines).  So when you see one, instead of just shooting at it to destroy it, 
carefully go up with him and pick it up.  You will often find sentry bombs 
by activation locations and doors.

Brutus is a nice mix of speed, strength, and special abilities.  You 
can arm him with one large weapons and one rifle.  Use him to attack in 
conjunction with Tex.  I like to use Brutus and have the AI control Tex, 
because of Brutus' special, weaker body (I will manage it more carefully), 
and faster speed.  Brutus also serves as a good scout because his special 
can see enemies that would otherwise be invisible with his infrared-like 
view.  His special also regenerates health.  So after a battle, turn on his 
special, kneel down, and you do not have to waste a medkit.  With his 
special nearly fully charged, Brutus can run into an enemy, instantly 
killing him (except for bosses).  However, this drains the stamina to nearly 
empty so use it wisely.  In multiplayer, remember to use his special to 
detect cloaked enemies. 

Underused by newbies, but a very effective and essential member of 
Brute Force.  She is the perfect scout.  Her special, which cloaks her will 
last a long time provided that you do not shoot a gun.  When using her to 
scout, equip her ultra-powerful Powerblade, find the enemy, cloak, and tear 
apart enemies quickly.  You can take out 4-5 enemies and run back all in one 
cloak.  If you're fast enough, you can also take them out with the Powerblade 
even when not cloaked.  When using her to attack with the rifle, move around 
constantly and try to dodge as many shots as possible.  She dies very 
quickly however, and using her in or even having her near firefights is 
strongly discouraged.

She's the sniper and her special auto-targets for you.  Obviously, you 
want to put her in camouflaged places like tall grass, or behind rocks and 
move when you want to shoot.  Her auto-target as a special is useful to take 
out numerous enemies at a distance because you do not have to zoom in to 
take each one out.  She can hold her own with the special on in closer 
battles with enemies, but like Hawk is physically weak.  You should avoid 
firefights, and hold her behind Brutus and Tex so that missiles and mines do 
not hit her.

Ferguson Platoon***
                                    Confed Marine
Single Player: A generally weak enemy / ally in single player.  He is dressed 
in bronze.  There are terrorists, mercenaries, and the like that are a lot 
like these guys in the single player as enemies.
Multi Player: His special is a laser strike from the skies.  It can be 
pretty devastating if the other group is really close to each other.  Use it 
in conjunction with the Militia special.

Single Player: Stronger and harder to defeat than a marine.  He is dressed in 
silver with a mask. There are terrorists, mercenaries, and the like that are 
a lot like these guys in the single player as enemies.
Multi Player: His special is an air strike.  It can be pretty devastating 
if the other group is really close to each other.  Use it in conjunction 
with the Confed Marine special.  

                                    Gunther Ghent
Single Player: Boss.
Multi Player: He can cloak like Hawk for his special, but he does not have 
a powerblade.  Use similar strategies that you would use with Hawk, but 
Gunther is more durable than her.  One nice strategy is to use the Marine 
and Militia to call for strikes from the skies, while you use Gunther to 
flank the enemy.  Then just shoot him in the back (NOTE: shooting someone in 
the back is one of the dirtiest, least honorable things to do).

Single Player: Boss.  
Multi Player: He is a sniper.  See Flint for strategies.  He is also more 
durable than Flint.

Feral Hunting Pack***
                                    Feral Colonist
Single Player: An ally in single player.  They look like Brutus. 
Multi Player: Exactly same as Brutus.  See Brutus for strategies.

                                    Feral Shaman
Single Player: Faded yellow lizard with black stripes on him.  An ally in 
single player.
Multi Player: Same physique as Brutus: 1 rifle, 1 cannon, fast and strong.
His special, Breath of Vengar, almost instantaneously heals him and those 
around him.

                                    Feral Outcast
Single Player: Orange feral warrior that is of average difficulty to kill.
They are your typical feral enemy.
Multi Player: Same physique as Brutus: 1 rifle, 1 cannon, fast and strong.   
Even though his special is called Spirit of Garner, he can kill someone with 
one hit and has vision like Brutus' Spirit of Vengar, but can not heal 

                                    Outcast Shaman
Single Player: A very strong enemy in single player.  Distinguished by his 
bright yellow skin.  Use Hawk to cloak and take them out first, before 
attacking any others because they can do a fair amount of damage.  They take 
a lot of hits to take down and do a bit more damage than the others.  They 
also usually carry heavier weapons.  
Multi Player: Same physique as Brutus: 1 rifle, 1 cannon, fast and strong.
His special, Wrath of Garner, causes an area of destruction to where he 
aims.  It is very powerful.

Seer Coven***
                                    Seer Follower
Single Player: Fairly weak enemy with psionic attacks.  
Multi Player: They have the same psionic attacks of single player and their 
special is phase (teleport).  It has unlimited ammo.

                                    Seer Priest
Single Player: Average enemy with telepathic attacks.  Looks like a follower 
but they have a silver crown on their head.  
Multi Player: They have the same psionic attacks of single player and 
their special is phase (teleport).  It has unlimited ammo.  His special 
recovers faster and is stronger than the follower.  

                                    Fire Hound
Single Player: Looks like a dog.  Kind of like a piece of artillery, because 
it is small and sends missiles at you.  
Multi Player: It has no special but launches those ultra powerful missiles 
from its mouth.  It also has unlimited ammo.  Use it to take out weak 
members of opposing squads.  It's very fast and can hide in lava.

Single Player: Boss.
Multi Player: It has the same strong psionic attacks of the single player 
and his special is phase (teleport).  It also has unlimited ammo.  His 
special recovers faster and is stronger than the priest.  

Shrike Raiders***
                                    Shrike Soldier
Single Player: Tougher than most of the enemies your facing, partially 
because they carry bigger guns.  Dressed in gold.
Multi Player: Has no special, but extra armor.  Stamina must drain before 
real damage is inflicted.  

                                    Shrike Heavy
Single Player: Looks like a fatter, redder Shrike Soldier.  Tough enemy 
that takes quite a few shots to take down.  
Multi Player: Has no special, but extra armor.  Stamina must drain before 
real damage is inflicted.  Has more armor than Shrike Soldier and recovers 
stamina armor faster.

                                    Shrike Hound

Single Player: Basically, a stronger version of fire hound but cannot go in 
lava and launches gas instead of fire.
Multi Player: See Firehound.

                                    Hunter Lord
Single Player: Final Boss of game.
Multi Player: Has no special, but extra armor.  Stamina must drain before 
real damage is inflicted.  Has more armor than Shrike Heavy and recovers 
stamina armor faster.

Usually carries a medium sized gun, like the Bower 20 shotgun.  Some 
also have Molotov cocktails that can be dangerous and kill Hawk/Flint in 
one blast.


                                    Commander Bratton
The commander that issues you your orders.  He's does not appear in the 
game outside of mission briefings and stuff like that.


                        +-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
                        |W|e|a|p|o|n| |D|a|t|a|b|a|s|e|
                        +-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

VI. Weapon Database (thanks to LiMpBiZkitFaN)

 A. Pistols
  1. Confed LZR-10 (Laser Pistol)
  2. Foley 356 Tactical (11mm Pistol with scope)
  3. K-Man Auto (Full Auto Pistol)
  4. Jax-iP (Sonic Pistol)
  5. Saryl-23 (Particle Beam Pistol)
  6. MNR-7 Bioreactive (Bioreactive Pistol) 
 B. Rifles
  1. Confed LZR-23 (Laser Rifle)
  2. L-Shot 50 (Sniper Rifle)
  3. L-Shot 75 (Sniper Rifle)
  4. MK-ASLT (Assault Rifle)
  5. Jax-iR (Sonic Rifle)
  6. Saryl-45 (Particle Beam Rifle)
  7. A10 Bioreactive (Bioreactive Rifle)
  8. Rail RVR (Rail Gun)
  9.  Feral Cutter (Shoots White Glowing Discs)
  10. Ion Beamer (Ion Rifle)
  11. Bower 20 (Shotgun)
  12. iKhan-GPL (Grenade Launcher)
 C. Cannons
  1. LZR-50 (Laser Cannon)
  2. RVG50 Minigun (Minigun)
  3. Jax-iC (Sonic Cannon)
  4. Saryl-99 (Particle Beam Cannon)
  5. A50 Bioreactive (Bioreactive Cannon)
  6. Rail CLVR (Rail Cannon)
  7. Plutonium Cutter (more powerful Feral Cutter)
  8. Sweeper V (Rocket Launcher)
  9. Therm Sweeper V (Rocket Launcher with Thermite Rockets)
 D. Grenades:
  1. Frag Grenades
  2. Gas Grenades
  3. Energy Grenades
  4. Sonic Grenades
  5. Light Grenades
  6. Sentry Bomb
  7. Roller Bomb
 E. Other:
  1. Hawk's Powerblade 


                                    Confed LZR-10
A weak laser pistol that regenerates its own ammo.  

                                    Foley 356 Tact
A pistol similar to the HALO pistol.  It even can zoom in.  It is pretty 

                                    Kman Auto
An automatic pistol (like an automatic glock).  But like an automatic glock, 
the gun is relatively weak and inaccurate.

A close ranged sonic pistol.  I do not really like it.

One of the best pistols.  It shoots slowly but is accurate, shoots far away, 
and is pretty powerful.

                                    MNR-7 Bio
A bioreactive pistol that is powerful and shoots 3 beams at once.  It does 
splash damage, but is only of average strength.


A weak laser rifle that has its ammo regenerate.  Drop this rifle ASAP unless 
ammo becomes a concern.

                                    L-Shot 50
The first sniper rifle.  Weaker, slower, and holds less clips than the 75.

                                    L-Shot 75
The best sniper rifle.  Flint should always carry this.

Many enemies carry this assault rifle. It uses the same ammo as a minigun.  
Although it has a scope, the minigun is superior to it if your character 
can pick it up.  

Unavailable until the Hostile Reception, this gun is fantastic.  It tears 
through Shrikes and armored foes with its sonic beams.  It is very powerful 
at medium and close range, but fairly inaccurate at long range.  

This gun is nice if you are Hawk.  It fits her well with the fast rate of 
fire, accuracy, and relative power.  

                                    A10 Bioreactive
A relatively weak rifle that does splash damage.  I favor the Saryl-45 and 
Rail RVR over this.  Beware of damage that may splash back at you.

                                    Rail RVR
The perfect gun for Hawk.  It is fast, fairly accurate, and strong.  It 
holds less clips than the Saryl-45, but using it over the Saryl-45 depends 
on your preference.

                                    Feral Cutter
Ugh...Brutus starts a lot of missions with this gun.  On these missions I 
almost always used the shotgun that also came with him.  The gun is accurate 
and fast.  The shots bounce in enclosed areas.  But the ammo is fairly weak, 
especially considering it is in the hands of Brutus.

                                    Ion Beamer
A powerful rifle, that tears through armored foes like shrikes.  It has a 
decent rate of fire, but can hold 100 rounds and its has some power.

                                    Bower 20
A shotgun.  Like in every other game and the real world, devastating at short 
range and worthless at long range.

This grenade launcher is powerful.  As a rifle, Hawk can carry it.  This can 
make for an interesting combo.  


Like its LZR brothers, it shoots laser beams, is relatively weak, and 
regenerates its own ammo.  It is solid at long range though, which makes
it could for cover fire on brutal difficulty.

                                    RVG50 Minigun
The minigun.  Incredible at close range.  Although it holds 80 rounds, its 
incredibly high rate of fire can empty a clip in seconds.  I like to have at 
least one bullet gun with Tex on most levels.  This is a nice weapon 
for him to carry.

Like its Jax-iR rifle, it is very very powerful at close and medium range 
and inaccurate at long range.  I love this gun.

A powerful cannon with a nice rate of fire.  It has solid long range, 
making it a great gun for Tex.

                                    A50 Bioreactive
Like the other Bioreactive weapons, it is weaker than other guns of its 
class and does splash damage.  Like the other Bioreactive weapons, I am 
not a fan.

                                    Rail CLVR
It is fast, accurate, effective at long range, and fairly powerful.

                                    PU Cutter
Like the feral cutter in its accuracy, range, and high rate of fire.  
However, unlike the feral cutter, the PU Cutter is UNBELIEVABLY strong, 
making it one of the best weapon of the game IMO.

                                    Sweeper V
A rocket launcher.  Fairly self-explanatory.  

                                    Therm Sweeper
Like the Sweeper V, but the rocket sends fired blasts that home in on the 


                                    Fragmentation Grenade
A grenade that blows up and sends shrapnel at the enemy.

                                    Gas Grenade
A grenade that blows up and sends toxic gas at the enemy.

                                    Energy Grenade
A grenade that is much more powerful than the previous two.  It blows up 
and sends a very large and powerful blast of energy.  

                                    Sonic Grenade
A grenade that blows up on impact, unlike the others that bounce.  It's 
very powerful and has a large blast radius.

                                    Light Grenade
Does no damage, but does light up the region in which it detonates.  I 
never use it.

                                    Sentry Bomb
A mine you can plant.  Only Tex can disarm them.

A rolling grenade that follows the first targeted enemy around corners and 
travels long distances.  Try to outrun it and make frequent turns to avoid 
getting hit.


Hawk's powerblade.  It can kill almost every enemies with 1 hit and is best 
used when she is cloaked.  However, it drains her stamina when used.



VII. Walkthrough
Before reading the Walkthrough, I recommend you read the BASICS and General 
Strategies above.  Especially the ones that I wrote myself because you will 
understand how to do many of the attacks I use.  You will also be signaled 
to almost always use MOVE and HOLD POSITION COMMANDS and NOT COVER ME 
Commands.  You should also familiarize yourself with the weapons, as I have 
given my opinions on what the best ones are in the Weapon Database.

If you are struggling while using the walkthrough it probably is 
because you are not controlling the characters correctly, and putting them 
under fire when they should not be.  As the walkthrough continues, I will 
give less and less details because you should naturally be getting the hang 
of which commands to issue, weapons to pick up, and the use of each 
character's special abilities.

A. Level 1, Welcome to the 23rd***

The first mission, a tutorial mission in many ways.  Commander Bratton walks 
you through the mission so it should not be hard or confusing at all.  Go 
around left or jump down the rock he tells you not to jump down because you 
will take little damage.  Or you can go around...either way, it does not 
matter.  There are a couple of enemies in front of you.  Just shoot them.  
Bratton tells you of a guy up on a hill.  Hide behind the rock you see and 
hold the left trigger and toss a grenade as far as possible to get him.  
Continue down the path and you will fight a few more enemies.  I recommend 
picking up the enemy rifle because it uses a different ammo as you so you 
won't run out of ammo.  You will come across some sentry mines.  
Pick them up.  Continue down the path and Bratton tells you to use 
Berserker.  First toss a grenade on the enemies because you cannot when 
in berserker mode.  Then go into berserker and wipe them out.  Use medkits 
as necessary.  

Go into the huts and up the platforms to pick up supplies.  Continue down 
the path and you get a couple soldiers to help out.  They're pretty useless.  
Just have them cover you.  Bratton will tell you of a guy ahead and a sniper 
rifle right next to you.  You can put 2 and 2 together.  Continue to his dead 
body, and you should spot another guy.  Snipe him.  Then go towards his 
body and you should see another guy on a bridge.  Snipe him.  Snipe as many 
guys as you can until your ammo runs out, then pick up a different gun the 
enemy dropped.  You approach a gate.  Have your soldiers fire at will and 
you go into berserker.  Be careful for grenades and use medkits.  Use the 
walls and huts for cover, but be fast and accurate.   

A door of a building should open once you kill everyone.  Kill the guy in 
there and pick up the DNA canister.  Go into every remaining building and up 
platforms etc. to kill off all the enemies.  Then go to the extraction point.

 B. Level 2, Rescue Brutus***

                                 Chapter 1
You can get lost in this mission so be careful.  Go the ship and go down the 
ramps to the bridge below.  Kill the outcasts you spot.  Go across the 
bridge and go left.  Go left again and go to the next bridge.  You should 
see some colonists that you have to save fighting with some outcasts.  The 
green ones are the colonists so don't kill them.  Kill the orange outcasts.  
Go backwards to return with the colonists to the ship.  The closed doors 
have opened and outcasts attack you.  Kill them.  Go into the room these 
guys come from and eat some garo fruits so as not to waste medkits.  Go to 
where you found the colonists and up the stairs.  You see some alien "doo-
dad".  Pick it up.  Kill the outcasts you see and go across the bridge to 
your right. There should be an explosion in front of you.  Enable berserk if 
you like and kill the outcasts.  You should see a minigun.  Pick it up 
because it is better than an MK assault even though it uses ammo faster.  Go 
into the room and down the stairs.  I recommend using grenades or go into 
berserk mode. This part is intense because the outcasts are hard to spot and 
you have to make your way to the ground level.  Brutus is in the box.

                                 Chapter 2
Go out the door, go across the bridge, and then make a right.  I'd recommend 
taking control of Brutus so you can learn his functions.  Go into the room 
and watch your back as enemies will start attacking you.  You should find a 
door with a crack in it.  Toss a grenade to open it.  Kill the enemies and 
pick up the DNA canister.  Go backwards and take the road to your left 
upwards.  There are some garo fruit lying around.  Use Brutus' spirit of 
vengar to heal himself and give the fruit to Tex until he is full of health.  
Cross the bridge and kill off the enemies that appear.  Go along the ramp 
until you see a barricade.  Blow it up, go in, and pick up supplies.  
Continue along the ramps and you should see an outcast hiding behind some 
wood.  Kill him.  Go across the long bridge, and have Tex use his berserk.  
Use Brutus to toss some grenades.  Before entering the room, check around 
and kill off any enemies you see.  Recover Brutus' health and reload Tex's 
weapons.  Toss in a couple grenades, have Tex go into berserk again, fire at 
will, and enter the door.  Try to kill the Outcast Shaman first, and then 
take out the rest.  Go to the extraction point.

 C. Level 3, Cemetery Gates***

I'm cutting down on the details in this mission because it is very straight 
forward and with only Brutus and Tex, the strategies you can use is severely 
limited.  A few things to remember is to use Brutus to heal himself with his 
special, do not fight on the metal walkways, do not fall in to the poison, 
avoid Molotov cocktails, and kill mutants with Molotov cocktails first so 
they may take out their ally.  Use shotguns at close range and rifles at 
long range.  

Go straight, kill enemies, go across the metal bridge (don't fall), and kill 
all the enemies around here.  Use Tex's berserk and have who you're not 
controlling to fire at will.  Let your stamina recover, reload, open the 
gate, and throw a grenade or two, and repeat the berserk process.  Continue 
passed the destroyed helicopter, kill mutants, use the high ground to your 
advantage, and check the huts for supplies.  Before you get to the next gate, 
watch out for enemies shooting at you from above.  Take them out before 
opening the gate. Kill the mutants in this area and destroy the gas tanks 
first to take them out faster.  Around the oil rig structures, inside 
the huts, there is a DNA Canister.  This is right before the foggy hill.  

Now you have two options. Run through the high ground and take out the 
enemies on top and ignore the fire from below OR take Brutus low, send Tex 
to the top.  Use Brutus' special to take out the ones in the fog and have 
Tex kill them up top.  This way is LESS EFFICIENT but REQUIRED to get the 
highest score possible.  After this area there is another mutant base.  It's 
the last one so stop saving on medkits and grenades: USE THEM!  Enter the 
building, pick up the briefcase, and fight your way to the extraction point.  

 D. Level 4, Hunting for Shadoon***

                                 Chapter 1 
You are going to fight Seers who do not drop weapons and medkits will be in 
short supply in the following long mission.  Good luck!  I hate fighting 
Seers by the way.  Alright you finally got Hawk.  Some good strategies can 
be employed, including effectively using a sniper rifle.  Keep Brutus and 
Tex back.  Let's play with Hawk for a little bit.  

Go ahead with her, and when you see some bad guys, equip the powerblade, 
cloak, and take them out.  Most enemies will die from only 1 hit with the 
powerblade.  She is so fast that you may be able to take out some guys 
while uncloaked and not get shot.  After your stamina runs dry, run back 
to Tex and Brutus.  Go into the round tent ahead for supplies.  Always enter 
these tents because there are always supplies in them.  Go ahead to the 
teleportation towers that the enemies use.  You must destroy these so that 
enemies stop teleporting to you.  Secondly, you must destroy them from a 
distance so the explosion does not hurt you.  I like to use Brutus and Tex 
for this.  Have Hawk follow whomever you control.  Continue and you should 
see more teleportation towers.  Use the sniper rifle to zoom in if you can
not see them, but the sniper rifle can not damage them for some reason.  
There usually are a few seers around them, so Brutus' spirit of vengar may 
help finding the general location.  

Continue towards the yellow beacons with Brutus at lead.  There should 
be another round tent with more supplies in them.  Go ahead, and to the 
left there will be another teleportation tower (You get the point?  Just 
destroy them before you get near them!)  Then there is a religious ceremony, 
where I like to keep Hawk back and snipe.  I send the boys up front to fire 
at will.  Snipe the priests first, because they can do the most damage.  
Headshots are one-shot kills.  Go up the hill and there is a teleporter.  
Step in it.  Ahead there are more teleportation towers to destroy and 
seers. You know what to do.  Go across the bridge, into a tent to collect 
supplies, and kill some more seers.  Up a small hill next to a statue there 
is a DNA Canister.  Pick it up and kill the 2 priests that show up.  You
should have Hawk with full stamina before picking up the DNA.

Go back and go through the second teleporter.  Explore around and you 
should see a glowing circle to shoot.  Do so.  Have Hawk under full 
stamina.  As enemies appear, slay and go back through the teleportation.
It is just not possible to survive on brutal any other way.  If on 
another difficulty, you can just bring Tex and Brutus up.  Ahead there is 
a bridge.  Destroy the teleportation machines, and go to the teleporter.  
I recommend keeping Hawk in the back for this fight as well.  The reason 
I tell you to keep her back is if you go to take out Seer Priests, new guys 
will just transport in, so it is best to take the teleportation machines out 
and let Brutus and Tex do the brunt of the work.  

                                 Chapter 2
If you struggle with my following directions, perhaps you want to bring Hawk 
along and have her fire at will when you destroy the teleportation towers, 
but I did not have to do that.  Shortly after the chapter starts, use Tex 
and Brutus to destroy the teleportation towers.  Have Tex berserk and have 
them both fire at will.  Keep Hawk in the back and snipe with her.  After 
the initial enemies are removed, go down to the beacon carefully and kill 
any thing you encounter.  Again, I recommend having Brutus and Tex covering 
each other, and then once the coast is clear to use the move command to move 
Hawk.  If you continue straight you will find a teleportation circle.  Take 
it with Tex and Brutus to the top and activate the console, which also 
activates the next teleportation beam you must take.  

Get back on the ground, have Hawk hold the position at where you just were, 
move left a little, and snipe.  You should also find a round tent on the 
way to the yellow beacon.  Before walking toward the next teleportation 
beam, leave Hawk back because you will face a lot of fire.  With Brutus and 
Tex go ahead and turn on the FIRE AT WILL and their special abilities.  Take 
out the numerous enemies at first.  Bring up Hawk and snipe what you can.  
Then cloak Hawk, send her forward to kill some more, and then send her back to 
the boys.  The guys should take out any enemies chasing her.  Have her hold 
position, and move ahead with the guys.  Kill every enemy here.

                                 Chapter 3
This is hectic and it's hard to detail what to do.  The only advice I can 
give is protect the seer by keep Brutus and Tex around him.  Again, follow 
the same strategies as before.  Have Hawk in the back and snipe.  Have Tex 
and Brutus turn on their specials and shoot anything in their way, but make 
sure they stay by the spy.  Along your way, take a side road (or hill) to 
another round tent for more supplies...you may need the medkits and ammo. 

The toughest part is the fire hounds ahead.  You have two choices.  Stay 
back and snipe with Hawk.  I kept Hawk very far back, and had Tex take them 
out because I was worried about protecting the spy.  After eliminating the 
hounds, there are a few more seers.  After killing those, the spy is 
farcasted by Bratton.  Congratulations, you passed the most difficult part 
of the mission. 

Nearby there is a round hut with a rocket launcher (iKhan GPL).  Go up the 
hill and you will find even more enemies (it seems endless in this level).  
Sigh, it's the same old process but even more towers and enemies to destroy. 
Repeat the steps you have been doing.  Use your character specials, target 
the teleportation towers, and kill the enemies. There are two bases here, 
one with Shadoon, but you do not fight him.  You will finally get to a tower 
you have to go into.  Do so, and then kill the priest in there, and then 
approach the extraction point.  

***Alternate strategy to protecting spy (contributed by skullgon)***
On "Hunting for Shadoon", to keep the spy from dying, when he goes 
behind a rock, block his path, and he won't move unless he can get by.

 E. Level 5, Terrorist Ghetto***

This mission is short and fun (the opposite of the last one).  Brutus says 
he senses something.  Have him and Tex hold their position, cloak Hawk, and 
send her to powerblade the enemies up this hill.  Then uncloak.  Bring up 
Tex and Brutus, and use Tex to pick up the sentry mines.  Then cloak Hawk, 
and have her powerblade a few more people.  Then bring Brutus to use his 
spirit of vengar to spot some of the enemies that are shooting at you and 
have Hawk snipe them.  Go back to where you started and continue the path 
you cleared.  Destroy the helicopter with a grenade and toss some grenades 
at enemies attacking you from above.  Have Brutus and Tex kill the enemies 
at close range and leave Hawk back (this should be second nature by now).  
Use Brutus for the next bit with his shotgun, while having Hawk and Tex 
stay back.  Move fast, use Brutus' special, and continue to the cement 
walled yard.  Avoid the powerful turret.  Go into the yard and kill the 
enemies in there.  Send down Hawk and Tex into here.  

(You may want to control Hawk to ensure she does not take damage).  Use Hawk 
to use the computer that deactivates the turret.  Go into the building with 
your squad and go up the stairs to where the turret was.  You can use any 
character you want: Brutus with Spirit of Vengar or Hawk with cloak, and 
have Tex do with Berserk.  It is your choice.  Kill all the enemies 
and destroy the antenna with a grenade.  Go down one level and destroy the 
control room (a computer).  These things you have to destroy cause your 
crosshair to turn yellow, just so you know your aiming at the right thing.
Pick up the DNA canister in front of the computer and go to the extraction 
point.  If you did not kill all the terrorists, having Tex and Brutus go 
into FIRE AT WILL and they will seek and destroy the enemy.

 F. Level 6, Lonesome Death of Edward Kingman*** 

This mission is the first or second really good one in Brute Force.  I bet 
the reviewers just did this run and gun.  It's so much fun if you do the 
Flint and Hawk combo throughout!

                                 Chapter 1
You start on a hill and just got Flint.  There are mutants below you.  Once 
again, put 2 and 2 together.  On this mission there are lots of hills.  
Before going down a hill, always use Flint in this mission.  Test out her 
cool auto aim.  You do not even have to zoom in with it enabled!   Go down 
and kill anything remaining with Hawk (do I need to say cloak + 
powerblade?).  Then check out the huts for supplies.  Using Flint to snipe, 
have Tex pick up the sentry bombs.  Continue with your whole squad, and you 
will approach a nearly identical situation.  Snipe with Flint, then slay 
with Hawk, then clean up and pick up sentries with Tex.  Beware, there are 
lots of sentry mines in this level.  Go up a big hill and that should 
complete the first chapter.

                                 Chapter 2
Okay, get Hawk and let her do her thing while the rest stays back.  Remember 
to find the enemies, cloak, kill, hide, uncloak, kneel down, and REPEAT.   
WARNING: Be careful around Mutants with Molotov cocktails.  Killing them 
with Hawk is not a good idea.  When Hawk has finished, send in Flint to 
complete the job.  You should be blocked by a few pipes.  Use Flint to climb 
the hill and snipe.  Then send in Hawk again (see, I told you she was 
valuable).  Ahead there are more sentry mines.  You might as well shoot 
them.  I could not find a good place to put them in this level.  Remember to 
be checking huts for supplies.  In this area there should be some weird 
looking walls.  Toss a grenade at them (if you can find it) for a lot of 
supplies. Get up the bridge and do this again: snipe mutants and sentry 
mines.  Send in hawk, pass the burning Cadillac, powerblade enemies, hide or 
return.  You probably will have to do this more than once.  Then have Flint 
cross the bridge and snipe or just send in Brutus and Tex.  When checking 
the huts for supplies, BEWARE of sentry mines.  Behind another weird-looking 
wall is a bio rifle.  Have Hawk pick it up.  

                                 Chapter 3
Arrange your group in the typical triangle formation (see General Strategies  
4 above).  Move ahead with Hawk, cloak her, spot the enemies, and drop some 
sentry mines in front of them.  Before leaving, shoot at them, and bring 
them to your squad who should tear them apart.  To the top right there is a 
sniper. You can use Spirit of Vengar to find him and have Flint snipe him, 
but he is a very dangerous sniper.  I suggest sending Hawk cloaked to slay 
him.  Then bring Flint there to snipe off members from that vantage point.  
When done, bring Flint and Hawk back to the squad, and approach to where the 
militia was.  Beware of sentry mines!  In a building to the left there 
should be a DNA canister.  As you advance, try to snipe first or use Hawk 
first.  It's much more efficient than using up medkits as Brutus and Tex try 
to advance.  There are a lot of militia where Kingman is and also lots of 
sentry mines.  So be careful.  When the militia is mostly clear (use Hawk to 
check), go ahead and throw some powerblade on him while she's cloaked.  Run 
away before cloak runs out.  You can repeat this process, or just send in 
Brutus and Tex to finish the job.  You should have some medkits left since 
you barely used them this mission!

 G. Level 7, Ship Graveyard***

                                 Chapter 1
Another Flint + Hawk mission.  You should know what to do throughout this 
mission.  Cloak Hawk, slay, send back.  Then use Flint to snipe.  Then use 
Hawk again! So do this immediately.  

After you defeat a group, enter every hut and ramp, room, building to get 
garo fruits and complete every mission objective.  If Hawk loses her cloak, 
do not worry.  There are plenty of rooms to hide in and get cloak back, and 
by now you should be fast enough with her to take 2-3 enemies out while 
uncloaked without getting shot once. Even if you do get shot, there are garo 
fruits everywhere.  After the first region is complete, there is a 
second region.  Do the same thing and use trees for cover while have Flint 
snipe.  If the enemy charges, simply run behind Tex and Brutus.  Go across 
the upcoming bridge, and either send Hawk ahead or you can let Tex and Brutus 
fight the enemies.  As you continue watch out.  As you go through doors and 
gates, there are enemies to your sides.  This is why using Hawk is 
essential: find out where they are and if you can take them out.   
Ahead you will see many types of ambushes: Outcasts hiding in water, up on 
high ground shooting with Sweeper V's, and shooting from inside houses. 

Leave your team safely in the back, go forward with Hawk, and draw the 
enemies out of the water.  Then slice them with your powerblade.  Take a 
note of your surroundings then hurry back.  Bring up Flint and snipe the 
enemies that shoot with Sweeper V's.  DODGE THE MISSILES THEY SEND AT YOU!  
It's better to miss and avoid getting hit, than exchanging hits.  Remember to 
use your special!  (Always use your specials when fighting).  After doing 
this, bring your squad up to the wooden fence.  Snipe those shamans with 
Sweeper V's and kill the enemies around to cause the gates to open and 
outcasts to charge.  Run behind Brutus and Tex who should dispatch them 
easily.  Go inside the gate with Hawk and cloak her.  Get a good view of 
the surroundings.  At this base, I used Brutus and Tex, but I think a safer 
strategy would have Hawk get her stamina back, take out the shamans with 
the rockets.  Once they are gone then send in Tex and Brutus or Flint to 
remove the rest.   

                                 Chapter 2
Basically you have to kill every feral enemy in the area.  It's simple 
search and destroy.  Use the typical squad strategy you have been doing 
throughout the level.  Cloak Hawk and send her to scout.  Take out the 
shamans with the Sweeper Vs.  Then send in Flint to snipe a few more 
outcasts.  Then send in Brutus and Tex to finish off the enemies.  It really 
is not confusing.  Watch out for sentry mines near the building you walk by.  
After you are at the end, and for some reason you have not killed everyone, 
have Tex and Brutus do Open Fire where they will search and destroy the 
remaining enemies.  Before the extraction point appears check every nearby 
hut for the DNA Canister.

 H. Level 8, Return to Osiris***

                                 Chapter 1
Move out with your squad and take out the few enemies on your way.  Before 
leaving the cave, run with Hawk into the circular tent with all the 
supplies. Then bring out Flint and you see the seers praying.  Take out the 
teleportation machine, then the priests, and work your way down.  Then send 
in Hawk cloaked or Tex and Brutus to take car of the rest.  Inside the image 
of Shadoon they were worshipping is the DNA Canister.  Go to the yellow 
beacon, and Bratton will say something about the spire.  Cloak Hawk, take 
out the priests, take the transportation to the top of the spire and take 
out the priest and follower here.  Use Flint to go forward and snipe the 
priests, followers, and slaves.  Set the squad up outside of the circular 
lava and surrounding statues in the triangular formation.  Then cloak Hawk 
and let her walk past the circular lava thing.  The path will close and 
hounds will come.  Flint should automatically take care of them.  Destroy 
the statues with Tex, more hounds come, more hounds die.  

                                 Chapter 2
Go straight with Flint and snipe the enemies below you.  Then go back to the 
starting point and make a right.  Lead with Hawk, keep the 3 back 
(Triangular Formation), and slay some while Flint and the others take out 
the rest.  Continue down the path and to the left is the next place to go.  
But first, send Hawk straight to go pick up some supplies in a tent then 
return to the squad.  Have the squad take that left turn and approach the 
yellow beacon killing anything in their way.  Have Flint auto target when 
the hounds show up.  Continue down the path to the left, and you should 
fight some seers on the high ground.  They shouldn't be too much of a 
problem.  Continue to the tent and pick up supplies.  Have the guys fight 
off the enemies.  Just go to the next yellow beacons.  Cloak Hawk, slay, 
return, have Tex and Brutus fire at will, while you control Flint and snipe 
the ones at top.  You are finally at the spire.  Keep killing enemies as you 
have been doing.  Clear all the enemies.  There are 3 computers to reach. To 
the southeast of the spire is one.  Take the teleport up and hit that 
switch.  Go up by the spire and directly west is another.  Go up by the 
spire and directly east is the final one.  Kill the hounds that appear and 
toss an energy grenade at the spire.  Go to the extraction point.

 I. Level 9, Seers on the Bayou***

                                 Chapter 1
First take control of Hawk, cloak, slay, hide, kneel, and repeat.  Then 
take Flint and use special and take out more guys as you move forward.  
Dodge the Sweeper V shots.  Eat the garo fruits and avoid using medkits.  
It would alsobe a good time to turn on Brutus' special with Flint to see 
the enemies in the myst.  Before entering the gate, cloak Hawk, equip 
powerblade, and kill who you can.  You may have to repeat this until you 
clear out a fair amount.  Then use Flint to snipe the remaining lizards 
with her auto-aim.  Before the next wooden gate position the Triangle 
Formation just outside and send Hawk in.  Then send in the 3 others and 
you have to save the colonists.  Send Hawk behind enemy lines while Brutus 
and Tex fire at will.  Then hide Hawk, switch to Flint and take out more. 
Have Tex or Brutus pick up a Sweeper V.  Eat Garo fruits and pick up 
supplies.  Go to the next beacon.

                                 Chapter 2
There are a few enemies at first, but as you approach the gate, they all 
attack.  Use Flint to Snipe or Hawk to move fast and powerblade.  Your 
cloak will not last forever, so it's risky no matter what you do.  Just 
make sure Brutus and Tex are in the right position when fighting.  Another 
idea is to keep the Triangle Formation in the back, and have Hawk cause 
some enemies to follow her to the rest of the squad.  Next you want to 
continue to the next beacon.  Set up your triangle formation as soon as 
you see the first enemy.  Send Hawk over the hills and the enemies should 
try to attack your squad.  By the time your cloak ends they should be in 
front of you and you can take out 4 or 5 by powerblading them in the back. 
You will go through some valleys and hills to get to the next beacon.  
Again as soon as you spot the first enemy on radar, stop back up, let your 
team recover.  This time before entering the fence, have Flint snipe the 
green guys in huts.  They have Sweeper V's.  Remember to turn off special 
and dodge them.  Continue to the yellow beacon.

                                 Chapter 3
Go up the stairs and use Flint to take out some of the enemies.  Use Brutus 
and Tex to do clean up and have Flint snipe across the bridge.  Shoot down 
the door for supplies (look for doors like these throughout the map).  There 
are enemies in them but not to worry.  Go up the slope with Tex and remove 
the enemies.  Use grenades around the logs.  Use Hawk to go into the 
building and slay the guys in there.  Use Tex and Brutus again to fight his 
way through.  Tex should note the smell around a door.  Break and find a 
bunch of dead colonists.  The map should update but cloak Hawk and bring her 
up.  There is a guy that keeps tossing rollers.  With Hawk you should kill 
him.  Bring in Tex and Brutus so as not to waste time with getting stamina 
back to take out the guys inside the door next to him.  Go through it and 
kill the last enemy and pick up the DNA Canister.  Go back down the ramp 
and take a right at the bridge.  Position the triangle formation, bring in 
Hawk, take out who you can, leave and Flint should snipe those following 
you.  Tex and Brutus clean the rest up and go down the stairs.

                                 Chapter 4
Have Hawk go down close.  She can take 6 out with blade and grenade 
another!  Then run back and have Tex and Brutus finish the last few.  Don't 
make a right at the bridge just yet.  Further down in a room is 4 medkits.  
Now go down the bridge.  Position Flint on the bridge.  Bring up a squad 
mate if you do not want Hawk to get her stamina back.  Open the door, toss 
in 2 frag grenades, run to the left and hide.  Flint will snipe the rest. 
Go into the next house, cross the next bridge.  Before going into this 
house, position the Triangle Formation right of the door.  Send Hawk in, 
slay, and run out causing the enemies to follow you.  If you did not kill 
the Outcast Shamans (yellow guys with black stripes) wait for Hawk to get 
stamina back and then go in there and kill those guys.  Then send the squad 
down the stairs.  The Feral Shaman is rescued.  Have Hawk enter the next 
building and take the elevator.

                                 Chapter 5
Advance to the next wooded fence as you did in the beginning of the level.  
Have Hawk cloak and slay, while Flint snipes, and Tex and Brutus advance.  
Have Hawk go in, get a look at the surroundings.  Then have Flint snipe the 
enemies on the ground from behind the gate.  Enter and snipe those on the 
hills.  Climb a hill to the left and snipe any one coming toward you.  I 
had Flint take the lead ahead and just auto-aim and fire at everyone with 
the squad covering me.  But if your low on ammo, use Hawk.  Or if you want 
use Tex and Brutus.  The upcoming battle as you approach the ship should be 
easy if you have medkits left over.  If Flint has ammo have her snipe from 
a hill.  If not, lead with Hawk, then have the guys fight.  Be fast and 
accurate.  USE GRENADES.  Watch out for grenades.  Have the guys cover you 
or fire at will, while you control Hawk and her fairly powerful bio rifle.  
This part is hard.  Go to the right of the ship and over the rocks to the 
yellow beacon.  Finish off the enemies and to the extraction point.

                                 Chapter 6.   
Haha...you thought it was over.  No.  You're low on ammo, grenades, and 
medkits and one chapter remains!  The best advice I can give you is to 
take your time, and it may take a lot of time.  I used Hawk like a scalpel.
Go forward.  Cloak and slay.  When it runs out, bring the few back to the 
rest of your squad.  Move everyone forward repeat the process.  It's a lot 
like the first few chapters, just a lot more bad guys and a lot bigger area 
to cover.  You have to eliminate every enemy and as you move forward you 
will get to the gate.  Luckily the chapter just started so if you lose a 
squad mate or the whole squad, you can just restart.  There's not much more 
I can say.  Snipe the guys on the hills, check every hut for medkits and 
grenades and ammo.  Do not conserve on grenades or ammo, there will be 
plenty to pick up.  It gets very hectic, so take your time again.  The next 
part has you passing the gates.  It is not nearly as hard as the last two 
areas you fought.  Use Flint to snipe the green enemies with Sweeper Vs.  
Use Tex and Brutus to use their sweeper Vs.  Use Hawk to cloak and kill 
Outcast Shamans.  Enter the huts for supplies.  When the priests show up, 
use Hawk to cloak and kill the Outcast Shamans.  Then use your whole squad 
to fire at will at the priests.  If you have any grenades (energy 
preferably) left use them.  After everything is dead go to the extraction 

 J. Level 10, Squirm***

You start on a hill.  Get Flint, auto aim, and shoot the enemies.  You 
may want to use the organic sensor.  Stay on high ground for as long as 
possible and snipe enemies.  Get Hawk, cloak, and use the powerblade to 
slay enemies below.  Open the gate, recharge your cloak, scout ahead, and 
then use Flint to snipe more enemies.  Shoot the fuel tank you see because 
it will give you points and take out enemies.  Use Tex / Brutus to finish 
them off once you take snipe the sniper on the bridge overhead.  Go into 
the building and get some supplies.  Climb over the next hill with Hawk, 
then cloak and slay the enemies.  Go into the huts and pick up supplies.  
Now you can go left or right.  Recharge Hawk's stamina, slay the enemies 
in there, pick up supplies.  

You cannot open the gate.  Where you made a left, take control of Flint to 
go up ahead to the right and take out the guys there.  You can use Tex and 
Brutus just as easily.  Go inside the small building and activate the 
console.  Go to where Hawk was, and use Flint to snipe the guy with the 
Sweeper V in the tunnel overhead.  Send Hawk into the following room to 
kill everyone else.  Bring in the rest of the squad.  Snipe the sniper on 
bridge in front of the platform.  Here you can go straight or left.  Take 
Hawk to the left and take out the guys there.  All right, so you have two 
platforms and consoles from where you entered: 1 straight, 1 left.  Go 
straight and pick up the sentry bombs.  Have everyone go straight from where 
you entered and activate that console (ignore the one to the left for now).  
Now go left and you have to kill Gunther Ghent.  Watch out for sentries.  
Have your guys fire at will, while you also try to chase him down with Hawk 
or Flint.  

You have completed the mission, but do not go to the extraction point.  
Have the squad go back to the console you did not activate.  Open that and 
destroy the final gas tank and destroy ever missile you see.  There are some 
enemies but they should not pose a problem.  Then go inside a building to 
your left.  There is a mine there, so shoot at it before entering.  Pick 
up the DNA Canister.  Now you have to fight your way to the extraction 
point.  I just got near it, cloaked Hawk and ran to it.  You will have to 
kill every enemy to get 100% though.  Remember to destroy the final 
missile right by it.

 K. Level 11, Supermutant***

In this level there are a lot of roller grenades and sentry bombs.  You 
must be careful.  One roller can take out Flint or Hawk and sentry bombs 
are no joke.  Watch your step.  The best way to get rid of rollers is to 
run back and then start running in a rectangle and then run away again 
until it blows up.  There are goodies everywhere in this map and medkits, 
so enter huts and tunnels to pick them up.

Start with Flint.  Go up the hill, auto target take some enemies out.  
Go down and keep taking enemies out.  You can take a lot out with her 
alone and having the others cover you.  Once the enemy is clear go ahead 
with Hawk and clear out the rest in cloak mode.  Once you have killed 
them, the small building to the top left will open as will two rollers 
coming at you with 2 mutants.  Just run away from the rollers immediately 
until you hear the explosion.  Go back and kill these two mutants.  Go 
inside that room and activate the console.  4 mutants come out from the 
gate.  Any squad member can kill them.  Once you enter the gate clear 
the mutants with any squad member.  The doors will open and 2 rollers 
will come at you.  Just run around to avoid them and activate the next 
console which will open up the gates to the Supermutant.  There are 
mines below the gates so just shoot at them.  Send Hawk in to get a good 
look at the area.  Have Flint snipe EVERY enemy in there.  

Then go in there with everyone (Hawk cloaked) and take out the Supermutant.  
Destroy the missile tanks and missiles along the way.  Enter the rooms and 
go up the ramps in this area to activate the next console, supplies, and 
destroying a missile.  WARNING: the missile in the room does a lot of 
damage.  Be far away when destroying it.  Enter the next room, kill the 
mutants in there - they have Molotovs but it is easy.  Destroy the final 
missile rack.  Go into the metal tunnels to kill the last mutants and 
pick up the DNA canister.  Go to the extraction point.   

 L. Level 12, Kill Shadoon***

                                 Chapter 1
The mission starts like any other.  Go ahead a little, use your squad to 
dispatch the enemies like you have been.  Take the hill to the right where
there are a couple seers.  Have Hawk cloak and slay them.  Once the 
enemies are clear you should see an electric field of sorts.  Call Flint 
to go to the top of the hill on the right.  Have her snipe a yellow 
battery.  Back on ground level, if you continue forward there are a lot 
of followers and priests.  Take your time with Hawk and take a few out 
and repeat this over and over for the safest way, but longest.  Or you 
can take control of Flint, have Tex and Brutus fire at will, and hopefully 
kill them all.  Like in the other seer levels, you should try to target 
the teleportation towers.  After (or during if you need it) go to the 
round tents for supplies.  Once at the entrance of the spire, cloak Hawk, 
send her up, and slay the enemies in there.  Pick up the supplies.  Go up 
the narrow road with Hawk, when you see enemies, cloak and kill them.  
Move the rest of the squad and kill any leftover enemies.  Ahead there is 
a bridge.  Use Flint to snipe any enemies in this area.  Go left and pick 
up supplies from the round tent.  Send Hawk by the lava, and slay the fire 
hounds or use Flint to flank them.  Becareful.  The skill of going by 
lava, flushing out hounds, and using Flint & Hawk to safely take them out 
is essential in this level.  Use Flint to snipe as many enemies as 
possible, before sending Tex and Brutus in for clean up.  As you approach 
the yellow beacon, more enemies come.  If you are after 100% hang around 
and make sure to kill them.  If not, cloak Hawk and run to the next 

                                 Chapter 2
Ahead there are lots of seers and teleportation towers.  Snipe whatever 
you can with Flint.  Destroy the teleportation towers as fast as possible, 
and have Tex and Brutus fire at will to kill off the enemies.  Once the 
enemies are dead, approach the next yellow beacon.  Use Flint to go ahead 
and snipe the enemies on the high cliffs while Brutus and Tex cover you.  
Watch out for fire hounds in the narrow stone bridge you are on.  Take 
the teleporter, pick up supplies in the round tent, and use Hawk to scout 
and kill enemies ahead.  Have your squad fight ahead until you reach a 
fork.  Send Flint to the right and the others to stay at place.  Use Flint 
to snipe whomever you can.  Send in Hawk to take out a few more before Brutus 
and Tex kill the rest.  Quickly save the marines, focusing fire as you 
normally do on these situations (remember to aim at priests and work your 
way down to followers and slaves).  After they're all dead and you save 
the marines, go to the yellow beacon and end the chapter.

                                 Chapter 3
There is a small skirmish ahead, but nothing you cannot handle using the 
basic strategies you have been using.  You should see a rock structure in 
the top center of the room.  You have to use Flint to snipe each yellow 
battery by encircling the room.  If you are not sloppy in the battles 
ahead, you should not lose any squad members but you have to micromanage 
them carefully.  Firehounds can come out and kill Hawk and Flint in an 
instant.  Basically have Brutus and Tex lead the way, while Flint hangs 
back.  Once one part of enemies are dead, snipe a battery and continue.  
Take the teleportation.  You fight Shadoon in a small room.  He will 
disappear and drop a DNA Canister.  Pick it up.  Have your whole team 
turn on specials, watch out for fire hounds, and just keep attack Shadoon 
until he dies.

 M. Level 13, Abaddon***

You start the mission with some fire hounds coming in front and behind you.  
Along the way you see some terrorists.  I suggest cloaking Hawk, slaying, 
running back, and using Flint to snipe them throughout the entire mission.  
It's a fairly linear path, so this is what to do.  Along your way pick up 
medkits from fallen comrades and the terrorists you take out.  Remember a 
headshot is an instant kill.  After doing this strategy a couple times and 
clearing some fire hounds take a left bend around some rocks and again repeat 
the Hawk stealth and Flint snipe combo.  Use grenades when you see 3 
terrorists making advances or when Flint's special is drained.  Shortly 
after advancing through the level (and stocking up on medkits I hope), 
Bratton tells you the satellite is near. Go ahead, now leading with Brutus 
and Tex.  Create the triangle formation and leave Hawk back.  A seemingly 
endless number of terrorists attack.  

You have two choices.  If you do want to get 100%, have Tex, Brutus, and 
Flint battle the guys coming from the mountain.  If your lucky, you will
notice that one enemy will ignore your fire (as long as you don't hit him).
Then take Hawk to the satellite, which he is guarding but looking away.
Then have Hawk access the console.  Or you can have her access the console
during the battle.  You will NOT get 100% if you kill all the enemies 
before Hawk accesses the satellite.  You will NOT get 100% if you use Hawk 
to access the computer, but did not kill all the enemies.  

After this is completed go up straight to the very edge.  Here is the DNA 
Canister.  Now go to the extraction point.

 N. Level 14, SETI 2049***

                                 Chapter 1
Bratton tells you to look for supplies.  Do so and pick up guns that you 
Like to use.  Inside a building near the gate is 1 briefcase.  Go passed 
the gates and use Hawk to cloak and slay the enemies.  Then use Flint to 
snipe the rest.  There are snipers on the bridges overhead, so watch out 
for them.  Have Hawk cloak and slay any more (or continue using Flint) on 
your way to the next gate.  There are buildings with windows in this next 
sector.  You can shoot out the windows with guns and toss in grenades.  1
energy or 2 frag grenades should do the trick per window.  You can use Hawk
to clear out the majority of guys in this area as well.  They are pretty 
close together.  Control Brutus, equip the Bower 20, have Tex Cover you and 
search every building in this area.  The first one is relatively small with 
a couple bad guys in it and some supplies inside.  The next building has a 
few more enemies.  Go inside, explore inside, and you should find a 
briefcase 2 and lots of ammo.  The last building is the largest, and has a 
truck in it, a lot of enemies with grenades, 2 levels, and lots of cubicle-
like walls.  Go downstairs, but be careful of enemies waiting to ambush 
you.  Explore the basement carefully and somewhere in the back behind some 
walls, there will be briefcase 3.  

Go back to Hawk who should be waiting near where you entered the area.  
Have her go cloak, go inside the nearby complex, slay the enemies, and 
turn on the computer in this building.  Enter the next set of gates and kill 
the enemies covering behind the hummers.  Use grenades to kill them.  Go up 
the hill, use Hawk to kill the first set of enemies, and then use Flint to 
kill some more.  Have Tex and Brutus finish them off.  Then enter the small 
building and use the computer.  Go to the next gate.

                                 Chapter 2
This area has turrets, a load of sentry bombs, and some bad guys.  You have 
a few options.  Cloak Hawk, bring her by the sentries, toss an energy 
grenade at the turrets, shoot the bad guys, and run so they hit the 
sentries.  Or have Flint snipe the enemies and sentry bombs, and then use 
Tex to fight off some turret hits and use grenades against the turret.  
Even after you think you have cleared them be careful, because a sentry 
blast may kill Flint / Hawk.  As you come to the upcoming area, there are 
mines around.  Inside a building there is one too, so have Tex pick them up 
if you are safe.   Use Hawk to go to the base below you and simply scout the 
area.  Get a good look before deciding to kill some people and return with 
your squad.  Have Flint take the hill to the right, killing the enemies 
along the way, then sniping the enemy force below.  Hawk's cloak should be 
back, so let her go into the base, and finish off any guys you missed.  
Have Hawk go into the base's building and pick up supplies and briefcase 
number 4.  Turn on the computer and the gates should open up.  Remove the 
towers and sentry bombs like you did before.  Use Brutus to take out some 
enemies with his shotgun and have Tex cover.  Pick up supplies in the 
nearby building.  Have Hawk go towards the base's center and slay whomever 
she can in 1 cloak period.  Run back or hide.  Then have Flint take out 
the rest or have Hawk repeat the process.  

There is a large platform ahead and on it are some enemies and McTavish.  
Take your time, heal your squad, bring back stamina, and reload.  First 
send Hawk up the ramp quickly to dispatch enemies.  You probably should 
repeat this process and get some hits in on McTavish.  You can keep repeating 
this until McTavish is dead, or once every enemy is dead just send your 
whole squad except Flint to kill him.  Keep Flint on the top of the ramp 
to snipe enemies coming from behind.   After killing McTavish, look for the 
DNA canister on the middle level behind some crates.  There is a building 
right by here on the ground level.  Go in there kill a few enemies and pick 
up supplies.  Turn around and go to the final enemy base with the satellite. 
After killing the enemies, go into the house, and pick up briefcase 5.  Then 
go up the large ramp, use the computer, and go to the extraction point.

 O. Level 15, Hostile Reception***
A few quick notes on this level.  It is long and hard.  You fight these new 
powerful enemies called Shrikes.  However, you get new powerful weapons and 
lots of medkits.  I approached this level basically IGNORING Hawk and Flint 
for the first time since I got them.  The massive outdoor environments, 
dangerous enemies, and Shrike hounds made it just too hard to safely use 
Hawk or Flint.  So I controlled Brutus throughout and had Tex cover him 
and fire at will when necessary.  Remember to conquer an area, heal your 
squad (Brutus's special), then use the MOVE command to have the women come, 
then advance with the men.  There also are flying aircraft that drop bombs 
on you.  Therefore, you want people to hold their position indoors or 
under cover and avoid them when you are controlling a squad member.  The 
ships "scream" when dropping bombs, which should give you a heads up on 
where the bombs are coming.  
                                 Chapter 1
Follow the terrain slowly so you do not fall and damage yourself.  When you
go down the steep hill, slowly inch forward with Flint and her organic 
sensor on.  Snipe the shrike hounds you see.  Then let Brutus and Tex lead 
the way.  Use Brutus' Jax-iR to tear through the Shrikes soldiers that come 
from everywhere and pick up the medkits they drop.  Have Tex pick up a 
Jax-iR as well until he picks up the Plutonium Cutter.  To your right there 
is a dead end but some shrikes to kill.  To your left there are shrikes but 
the path continues.  Remember you need to kill EVERYONE on a level for 
100%.  Kill the shrikes ahead, and kill the sniper up ahead with either 
Flint or one of the men.  When you continue down the hill, use Flint to pick 
off some more shrike snipers.  You are at another Y intersection.  Take 
either one, but if you want 100%, remember to take both and kill everyone.  
Again lead with Brutus or Tex and leave the women back.  Fight off the 
Shrikes ahead, and climb the steep hill.  Pick up the supplies and fight 
to the yellow beacon at the door and the chapter ends.

                                 Chapter 2
Go ahead with Brutus and Tex, leaving Hawk and Flint back.  Fight up the 
hill.  Make a right and kill the enemies there.  Watch out for rollers.  
You ought to have made a full circle back at the start.  If you can find 
a shrike console here, it will destroy a turret ahead, but it is not that 
big of a deal.  Now just go straight.  It will lead you to a steep drop 
that will hurt your squad mates.  Take it slowly.  You enter a region
where you can go straight or left.  On the left there are some supplies 
so go there first, then come back, and then go straight.  Kill the enemies 
as they appear.  If you try to run away, they will all get you at once and 
kill you.  As you go straight you can make another left turn.  There's a 
lot of fighting to this dead end, but I think its worth it for the 

Now your goal is the yellow beacon.  I cannot give you exact directions 
because the fighting gets so hectic that I always get lost.  But what I can 
tell you is the following: there are sentry mines here that have energy 
blasts so beware.  There are consoles that let you take control of turrets 
or destroy them.  Simply put, you want to run around like a crazy man here, 
until you get to the yellow beacon, which is a tunnel.  In the tunnel, toss 
a couple grenades (sonic and energy) to help take a few guys out.  One has 
a sweeper v, so be careful, and have the guy you like to control (Tex or 
Brutus) to pick it up.  Go left.  There is a guy with a roller in here, so 
you have to be wary of that.  You can take Flint and try to snipe him, 
cloak Hawk to scout and kill, or just use Brutus as normal and try to run 
away or just use a medkit and accept the blast (what I did).  Anyways, clear 
the Shrike here to the end of the tunnel.

                                 Chapter 3
Have Tex Fire at Will, while you take Brutus to shoot the 2 small round,
green batteries and then the 1 large green battery in the center.  Once 
they are dead and the Shrike eliminated, the doors open.  Kill the upcoming 
Shrikes and continue.  You will come to a console after fighting more 
Shrikes, and destroy the turret it controls.  Fight straight a long and go 
to the next console to destroy another turret.  Clear the room, get 
supplies, and then at the end of this room take the jagged ramps on the 
right up outside.  Now the aircraft start dropping bombs.  You have to 
throw grenades into the "airport" they fly in and out of.  There are 
Shrikeseverywhere.  Go right after destroying the enemy base and now you 
have to save some marines.  Simply clear the enemies in front of you using 
grenades as needed.  Then quickly move up the hill and take some more out.  

Pick up the supplies and now go back to where the marines were and pick up 
supplies you may have missed.  Go further down and you see Shrikes spawning 
out of a purple node.  These nodes are going to be common so destroy them 
first from now on when you see them.  Advance through the other small 
tunnel.  You are on the right path if a turret is shooting at you.  Have 
Brutus or Tex take it out.  Do the same as before and destroy the purple 
node and continue ahead.  Now you have to take out an AA gun.  Of course, 
there are a huge number of Shrikes fighting you again.  Just toss a light 
grenade in or next to the gun.  Continue along the way and destroy the 
node.  Now you have to go into a tunnel and kill off a couple more 

                                 Chapter 4
There are nodes in these tunnels.  As you cross through them, toss a grenade 
at the enemies to take them out and the node at once.  Target nodes first.  
Take the only possible turn, left and continue until you come to a split 
that can go right or straight.  Leave the women here.  Go straight, fight 
your way through, and at the end there is a bonus of a LOT of medkits and 
supplies.  Now go to where the women are with Brutus and Tex.  Now take the 
next path, and it will lead you to a room with a lot of bad guys.  Eliminate 
them and pick up the PLUTONIUM CUTTER!  Bring the women in here and keep 
them here for the rest of the game.  This way when your cutter ammo runs 
low, you can switch to them and have them pick it up! <GENIUS>  

Go through the upcoming tunnels and destroy the mini-nodes and enemies.  
There are gas hounds here but you're not carrying your women so who cares.  
Fight your through the tunnel system and explore every area here for 
supplies.   Once you are sure you have found the last area of supplies (if 
you need it) head on outside for what would be a tough battle, but you should 
have a ton of medkits so it is not.  Put Tex or Brutus at Fire at Will and 
control the other.  This is probably the largest scale battle of the game so 
far.   Have fun! 

Bratton tells you that there is a ship leaving you must destroy.  This, as 
far as I know is possible, but NOT required to get 100% on the mission.  So,
focus on just finishing off all the enemies.  Remember to go to the girls 
to get more PU Cutter ammo.  You should have plenty of medkits left too. 
Note where the ship launched from.  Inside that tunnel there are smaller 
tunnels.  Check the first few you come across and pick up the DNA
canister.  Go to the extraction point.

 P. Level 16, Ripe for Plunder***

Take Hawk to the right and slay the hound there.  Then go ahead and slay a 
few more and return.  Use Flint to finish some more off.  A lot will come.
Then use Hawk to go ahead, kill a little and locate crate 1.  Hide her
behind the rock right there.  Use Flint to snipe the guy on the bridge 
overhead.  Then have Hawk clean out the rest after her cloak comes back.
Kill off the beginning of the next region, and have Hawk go to the valley
on the left.  Go forward with Hawk or Tex and Brutus and clear out the 
enemies ahead.  

Crate 2 is pretty obvious.  Remove the sentries at the gate and proceed.  
Watch out for rollers.  Ahead is a main Shrike base.  Eliminate the first 
few shrikes here.  Have Hawk explore the valley on the left thoroughly.  
There are some Shrike along the way but they pose no problem. Search 
throughout this valley for some medkits.  You will be able to see the rest 
of the enemy from here.  Now you can use Hawk to clear out the entire enemy 
base here or have Tex and Brutus clear them out with the powerful JAX guns.  
Remember to destroy the missiles in this base as well.

At this base there is a door.  If you come near it the enemy will throw 
a roller.  If this does not happen, just beware that a roller is coming as
soon as you open it.  Kill the 2 shrikes in this area and destroy Crate 3.
Pick up the sentry bombs (or destroy them) and send someone to the platform
to activate the gate.  Have Flint snipe from afar while Tex and Brutus kill 
the enemies that come at you.  Watch out for rollers, but send Hawk in to 
scout and kill a few there.  Send in Tex and Brutus to kill all the enemies 
here.  On top the large platform is Crate 4.  

Go behind the building and destroy the last 2 missiles.  Enter the building 
and toss some grenades in there to clear out the enemies.  In this building 
is Crate 5 and the DNA Canister.  Once all enemies are clear take your whole 
team and send themto the FAKE extraction point.  Have Flint snipe from above 
while Tex and Brutus kill the rest that immediately show up.  Pick up supplies 
and clear the first enemies at the next base.  There are 2 enemies with
Thermal Sweeper V's, which are extremely powerful.  Have Hawk slice them.
Then let Hawk rest and go to the extraction point.  You should see another
large Shrike force.  If you think she can take them out, do so.  If not, 
bring the rest of the squad.  Either way, use sonic grenades.  Finally, 
have Tex and Brutus to Fire at Will to finish off the last shrikes (to get 
100%) and go to the extraction point.  

 Q. Level 17, Shrike Rogues***

Use Hawk to go ahead a bit and 3 Shrike will attack you.  Dead marines 
have medkits all around their bodies.  Pick them up.  Send Hawk up the 
hill to the right and take care of all the Shrike in your way.  Once this 
hill is clear, send Flint to start sniping all sorts of people.  Once you 
clear out the base in front of you Bratton explains that the Shrike are 
respawning from 4 beacons.  Hint, if you do not kill ALL the Shrike, they 
do not respawn, so try to leave 1 alive.  Have Flint snipe the Shrike on 
top of the building as well.  They do not respawn.  Also have Flint snipe
the machine in the middle of the courtyard.  From here it can easily be
seen.  Have her finish off all Shrike in the area because they do not 
respawn once that machine is taken out.  Go back to the rest of 
the squad and inch towards the courtyard before they see you.  Up on a huge 
mountain you cannot climb to the top right is a sniper.  You must kill him.

So you have 1 machine down, 3 to go.  On all of them you can use the same
strategy.  Go to the far right and cloak Hawk.  Have her take out the red
guys and 1 orange.  1 should remain.  Go and take out the machine with her 
blade or grenade.  The 1 remaining enemy should be no problem.  Now go 
inside the building.  Use Hawk, and then fight your way to the top using 
Brutus and Tex.  Search the building thoroughly and you will find alien 
technology on the second floor guarded by 2 Shrike Heavies.  Make your way 
to the top, which should be enemy free since Flint sniped them.  Pick up the 
DNA canister here.  Go back down.  Have Flint snipe some of the enemies 
because some of these are non-respawners.  Go straight and to the left.  
Again do what you did with Hawk at the other machine.  Destroy the device 
her.  Do the same with the device on the right.  All enemies should be dead.  
If not use Fire at Will for Tex and Brutus to search and destroy enemies 
still living.

 R. Level 18, The Anvil***

                                 Chapter 1
Go down the hill with Hawk.  3 Shrikes should come and you slay them.   
Go to the tunnel on your right with Brutus.  Have him clear the 2 Shrikes
waiting to ambush you on your top right by turning round immediately.  
Go further down the room and kill the final Shrike here and pick up medkits.
If you want you can pick up the IKhan Grenade Launcher as well.  You can 
open the door right here with a grenade to fight an enemy and turret and 
get more grenades (plus you need it for 100%).  Go up to the cliff on your 
left and pick up another medkit and sentry bomb.  Use Flint to snipe the 
Shrikes across the poison water below.  Then get Brutus to go around, but 
instead, take a path that breaks right and destroy the turrets and Shrike 
there.  There are a couple turrets.  Let him restock on ammo for the team 
and finally bring in the team to the other side to finish off any Shrikes 

Next fight of the 5 Shrikes until you see the foggy area.  Have Flint snipe 
the guy with the Sweeper V on the structure passed the fog.   Use an organic 
sensor to see him better.  There's a sniper to the right as well.  Then bring 
in Hawk and clear any people you can.  If you move Tex towards where the 
original guy with the Sweeper V was, reinforcements will arrive.  Use Flint 
to snipe the snipers that came the first time and have Tex fight off the 
ground men.  There are lots of sentry bombs in around the entrance so go 
back there and pick them up.  By now, you may have noticed 8 turrets 
shooting at you.  As you approach them, on your left is a round hunt with 3 

First use Hawk cloaked to take a couple out with grenades.  After a few are 
out, then use Brutus to take them out with his Jax-iR methodically and 
recover with your special.  Some Shrike reinforcements will arrive but they 
will just stand around waiting for you to kill them.  After they are out go 
and activate the console.  Before you end the chapter, fire at will to get
any remaining enemies.

                                 Chapter 2
Immediately hide your people to the right by the medkits.  Next, get Hawk
to scout ahead, kill a couple, and come back.  Repeat this process or just 
use Brutus to kill everyone here.  To the top right there is a sniper that
Flint should take care of though.  Go to the next beacon and activate 
the console.  A rocket guy will attack you so snipe him.  Position the
Triangle Formation outside the door at the next beacon and send Hawk to
Scout and slay.  This area is more difficult because of more snipers at 
cliffs, but basically the same thing you just did.  Use Hawk to clear them
if you are patient, but if your daring a Tex and Brutus combo works okay. 
Reach the next console, activate it with Brutus and Tex, and fight off the 
enemies that show up.  Search around with Hawk to kill off enemies you 
missed and pick up the medkits on your way to the next yellow beacon.  To 
your left is some fog and Shrikes.  Have Hawk take care of them.  Go 
forward with Hawk and hide in the structure for her stamina to recharge.
Then bring up Tex, Brutus, and Flint to clear out some more enemies.  Next
is the turrets.  Once you use Brutus or grenades to eliminate them go 
into the tunnel.  Lead with Brutus and Tex and keep going until the doors 
close and they ambush you.  Just kill everything you see with Brutus and 
Tex.  Leave Hawk safe in the other room.  Bringing Flint is optional.

                                 Chapter 3
Take out the shrike in the fog.  Then get Flint, use the organic sensor,
and snipe the shrikes on the hills to the right.  Use Brutus to go forward
and destroy the turret with the JAX-iR.  Continue down and take out the
Shrike on the way.  Behind the rock and explosives are ammo and medkits.
Switch back to Flint, and on your path to the top left is a Sweeper V
enemy.  Snipe him.  Use Tex and Brutus to clear out the remaining enemies
as you approach the big purple beam.  Destroy the turrets, pick up the 
medkits.  Then destroy the generator's projectors (crosshair turns 
yellow).  Pull out your team.  Use Tex to pick up the sentry, activate 
the console, and run away!  

Going towards the next yellow beacon, use Hawk to lead the tunnel and 
slay the 3 Shrikes here.  Continue forward with Tex and Brutus.  Pick up 
the Thermal Sweeper and destroy the turrets and enemies.  Destroy this 
generator like the last one.  Go ahead to third and final generator.   
It's basically the same thing as before.  Destroy the enemies and turrets,
then the projectors, and then the generator.  Check for ammo and medkits
by the final generator and proceed to the next beacon and chapter 4.

                                 Chapter 4
We're finally here.  Good luck!  You're going to need it!  There will be
rockets launched at you by the hunter lord.  Your only choice is to avoid 

There are enemies all around the high ground to the right.  This is where 
you have to go.  The enemy ships throw rollers like crazy.  One strategy
is to leave your whole squad behind.  Have Hawk go forward cloaked, take 
out a few enemies, and hopefully all the rollers will come at her.  Next 
fall down to the bottom and keep running.  Now the rollers are gone.  Put
her safely with the rest of your team.  

Use Brutus and Tex to fight again up the hill to the right.  Have Flint snipe 
the enemies from a far.  Once this area is clear, bring Hawk up.  You will 
see some gray mist to your right.  Have Hawk go in first.  Then the rest go 
there and fight the enemies and turrets along the way.  Bring Tex and Brutus 
to the right, destroying the turrets, and you will see the projector.  
Destroy it and go pick up the  DNA canister.  From here you should see the 
projector across.  Shoot it.  

Leave the way you came in and go right again (further along the path you 
Were first on).  Hopefully you cleared the enemies in this region, but there
may be more snipers.  Find the area with the red mist and toss a couple
sonic grenades or rollers (if you have them of course) to destroy the last
couple Shrikes and turret.  Hawk works well here too.  Pick up the medkits,
activate the console.  Again, leave and go right (further along the path). 
Exit through the door that just opened.  Use Hawk to cloak and go across 
to the console.  Have your squad fire at the Hunter Lord up there.  After
a cutscene he should regenerate at the tower.  Activate the console.   
Congratulations.  You beat Brute Force!


                 +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
                 |D|N|A| |C|a|n|i|s|t|e|r|s| |S|h|o|r|t|c|u|t|
                 +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

VIII. DNA Canisters Shortcut (thanks to Cyberz for his help)

Level 1, Welcome to the 23rd 
Character Unlocked: Confed Marine 
How to get it: Near the end of the level, check the buildings in the rear of 
the complex.  

Level 2, Rescue Brutus
Character Unlocked: Feral Colonist 
How to get it: Blow up the door with the crack in it and it's in there.

Level 3, Cemetery Gates
Character Unlocked: Feral Outcast 
How to get it: Before the foggy hill, inside one of the huts.  If Brutus 
recommends something about staying high to see the enemies, you've passed 

Level 4, Hunting for Shadoon
Character Unlocked: Seer Follower 
How to get it: After the first teleporter, take the path on the way to the 
second that Tex says "the road less traveled". 

Level 5, Terrorist Ghetto
Character Unlocked: Militia 
How to get it: In front of the control panel you have to destroy.

Level 6, Lonesome Death of Edward Kingman
Character Unlocked: Confed Marine (repeat) 
How to get it: Tricky one to find.  If you follow the walkthrough you should 
easily find it.  After you kill Kingman, do not go to the extraction point.  
Go backwards and it should be inside a building near some storage for gas.

Level 7, Ship Graveyard
Character Unlocked: Outcast Shaman 
How to get it: In Chapter 2, before ending the level, check the huts where 
the outcasts were living in.

Level 8, Return to Osiris
Character Unlocked: Seer Priest 
How to get it: Earlier in Chapter, there should be an image of shadoon on 
top of circle with claw-like structures growing.  It should be inside this 

Level 9, Seers on the Bayou
Character Unlocked: Feral Shaman 
How to get it: In Chapter 3, there is a fork.  You can go straight or left 
onto a bridge when on a ramp.  If you go straight there are enemies throwing 
rollers at you.  Destroy a nearby door, kill the enemies, pick up the 

Level 10, Squirm
Character Unlocked: Gunther Ghent 
How to get it: Kill Gunther Ghent first.  Go back and inside a building 
there should be the DNA Canister.  Since you may lose your sense of 
direction when getting Ghent, check both entrances that would have led you 
to Ghent.

Level 11, Supermutant
Character Unlocked: Militia (repeat) 
How to get it: After killing the supermutant, continue down the path.  It's 
inside the tunnel.

Level 12, Kill Shadoon
Character Unlocked: Shadoon 
How to get it: When you first fight Shadoon, he will drop it before he 
leaves the room.

Level 13, Abaddon
Character Unlocked: Fire Hound 
How to get it: After going to the satellite, instead of leaving, continue 
straight.  It should be at really close to some lava.  

Level 14, SETI 2049
Character Unlocked: McTavish 
How to get it: After you kill McTavish, there are three levels: the ground, 
the mid level, and the high level.  It should be near some boxes in the 
mid level.  

Level 15, Hostile Reception
Character Unlocked: Shrike Soldier 
How to get it: Chapter 4.  The launch pad that the ship you were supposed to 
destroy was escaping from.  Check the tunnels inside that structure.  It is 
one of the first tunnels in there.

Level 16, Ripe for Plunder
Character Unlocked: Shrike Heavy 
How to get it: In the last building you enter.  It is at the back of the 
building.  There is also a crate in this building.  

Level 17, Shrike Rogues
Character Unlocked: Shrike Hound 
How to get it: Use the ramp to get to the top of the building.

Level 18, The Anvil
Character Unlocked: Hunter Lord  
How to get it: Near the end of Chapter 4.  Right next to the first
projector you destroyed.

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                         |P|l|a|y|i|n|g| |O|n|l|i|n|e|
                         +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+

IX. Playing Online

Unfortunately, Brute Force is not Xbox Live play enabled.  However, you can 
play if you are connected to your computer through a router using Xbox 
Connect.  It tricks your Xbox into thinking you are playing a System-Link 
game.  I will not tell you how to hook things up or work it.  Everything is 
explained on their websites.  I highly recommend you use this if you cannot 
get system link with friends.  


                          +-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+
                          |S|e|c|r|e|t| |S|t|u|f|f|
                          +-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+

X. Secret Stuff

Here I will provide information about hidden things in the game.  I will
list them as I find stuff in the game.  Unfortunately, for every real 
secret there is about 100 lies.  So bear with me.


These are confirmed codes that work.  There are others out there but neither I 
nor anyone I trust have confirmed them.  If you have more email me.  You just 
put these codes when creating a new profile and put in this as the name.  You 
have to beat the game first before they work apparently.

BRUTAL - Brutal Difficulty 
DBLDAY - Die fast 
DEADAIM - Aim better 
ERINROBERTS - Better Defense 
HVYMTL - Get Cartoon Mode 
MATTSOELL - Tougher Characters 
RAPIDFIRE - Rapid Fire Weapons 
SPRAGNT - Stupid AI 

Tex's Hat***

Beat the last level, The Anvil, on brutal.  I do not know why they call it
Tex's Hat, but they do.  Every character but Brutus (or marines you control
in coop) can wear it.  It will increase the strength and accuracy of the 
character by a ton!  Equip it by pressing b, use it, and then toggle
to other things.  This will make getting 100% a lot easier!  They are often 
found in crates, but not necessarily.  The descriptions should be fairly 
clear considering you have already beaten the game and read the 
Hazardsyd found this first and many others, so big props to him.  
Robcram, Masterchief14 and, Gruntman helped on finding many of the hats.

Level 1 - In some crates early in the level.
Level 2 - In a crate in the first "tree house" you enter.  
Level 3 - On top of a mutant hut after crossing the first bridge.
Level 4 - Chapter 3.  After getting the spy, after you clear an area of 
enemies, check the huts.
Level 5 - Near where Hawk uses the computer terminal.  Blow up a waste 
Level 6 - Chapter 1.  Right before the chapter ends and you have to jump off
the cliff, a wall starts.  At the start of the wall on your right, in a hut.
Level 7 - On top of the highest guard tower in the middle of Chapter 1. 
It is right before several enemies jump out of the water.
Level 8 - Chapter 2.  After your first large battle in a hut further 
ahead.  The hut is near where one of the energy pipes crosses your path. 
Follow this pipe from where it is severred (you cross through the gap 
anyway) where it leads up to the hut.
Level 9 - The hat is located on the top of the first guard gates (early on 
in the Chapter 1).
Level 10 - On top of the second white pipe at the very beginning of the 
Level 11 - The hat is on roof of a shed. Walk up on a the first large pipe 
and jump onto the roof. This is at the very beginning of the mission before 
going through first set of gates.
Level 12 - The hat is located in a weapons depot on the last chapter (where 
you have to destroy those 8 yellow markers on the ceiling right before 
facing Shadoon).
Level 13 - ???
Level 14 - Head through the second of the gateways and enter the second 
building on your left. There is a humvee parked inside and a ramp that leads 
to the basement. The hat lies at the bottom of the ramp.
Level 15 - Immediately after rescuing the marines, go to the top of the 
hill where there will be a cave filled with supplies. The hat is located 
with those supplies.
Level 16 - As you start the mission head along the left hand side. Soon you 
will come to an alcove which is blocked at the end by big rocks. Behind the 
smaller rock lies the hat.
Level 17 - Opposite the wall of the DNA Canister on the roof of the building.
Level 18 - Chapter 2.  Where you start there are medkits to the right.  You
cannot miss it.

Ferguson's Base***

In The Lonesome Death of Edward Kingman mission, Chapter 2 there is a bridge
mined with sentry bombs.  From here you can go to the next chapter or take 
a wrong direction towards Ferguson base.  Bratton advises against it.   
Flint is scared.  And Brutus finds these guys to be good warriors.  Anyways,
once you get there are 2 super soldiers and 2 unique turrets.  To kill
the super soldiers, use Hawk's blade.  To destroy the turrets you have to
put a sentry bomb right on it.  It's not that interesting in my opinion.


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                            |L|e|g|a|l| |S|t|u|f|f|
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XI. Legal Stuff

This document is copyrighted material of mine and may not be 
used without expressed written consent of me. No part of this 
guide can be used without proper quoting and/or recognition. Any person(s) 
found violating this copyright are punishable by law and will be to the 
fullest extent. Please contact me if you wish to host this.
This FAQ is exclusive to the following websites:

Copyright 2003


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                         |S|p|e|c|i|a|l| |T|h|a|n|k|s|
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XII. Special Thanks

Thanks to Digital Anvil for making such a great game.  Thanks to Microsoft 
for publishing it.  Thanks to Bungie for helping them.  Thanks to GameFAQS 
for the best gaming site on the internet.  
I thank the following for helping me make this FAQ: 
Cyberz finding the DNA Canisters.
LiMpBiZkitFaN providing the weapons database.
Deimos187 for helping with the Character Database.
Hazardsyd for discovering Tex's Hat first.
Robcram and Gruntman for finding locations of Tex's Hat.  
Everyone who contributed to the FAQ with their strategies.
Everyone who actually says things of substance on the message boards.


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