Xbox Pro Action Replay Save (North America)

Save Game File05/24/03NOVOICE98K
Load "Save Game 4" and then quickly hold R to fire for having the good ending. "Dead On Arrival" and "New York Minute" modes plus "Get All Weapons (Cheat Menu)" are unlocked.

Xbox Pro Action Replay Save (Europe)

Save Game File04/17/04jimfish49K
A Bit Closer To Heaven
Save Game File04/17/04jimfish38K
A Cold Day In Hell
Save Game File04/17/04jimfish64K
An Offer You Can't Refuse
Save Game File04/17/04jimfish77K
Angel of Death
Save Game File04/17/04jimfish82K
Backstabbing Bastard
Save Game File04/17/04jimfish58K
Byzantine Power Game
Save Game File04/17/04jimfish72K
Fear That Gives Men Wings
Save Game File04/17/04jimfish86K
Hidden Truths
Save Game File04/17/04jimfish94K
In The Land Of The Blind
Save Game File04/17/04jimfish73K
Let The Gun Do The Talking
Save Game File04/17/04jimfish58K
Live From The Crime Scene
Save Game File04/17/04jimfish77K
Nothing To Lose
Save Game File04/17/04jimfish81K
Pain And Suffering
Save Game File04/17/04jimfish68K
Playing It Bogart
Save Game File04/17/04jimfish72K
Police Brutality
Save Game File04/17/04jimfish51K
Put Out My Flames With Gasoline
Save Game File04/17/04jimfish76K
Ragna Rock
Save Game File02/15/04jimfish86K
Roscoe Street Station
Save Game File04/17/04jimfish71K
Take Me To Cold Steel
Save Game File04/17/04jimfish70K
The Baseball Bat
Save Game File04/17/04jimfish69K
The Blood Veins Of New York
Save Game File04/17/04jimfish92K
The Deep Six
Save Game File04/17/04jimfish60K
With Rats And Oily Water

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