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Reviewed: 06/30/10

Payne to the Max

Story 10/10: The thing I love MOST about this story is it's uniqueness and fresh alluring dialogue. The writing for this is simply nothing short of fantastic. The story is told through comic book sections. Once a mission is concluded the gamer is entertained and taken for a ride with Max Payne's voice as he describes what he is feeling, what mess he is in, and what he will do next. It is a wonderful alternative to the traditional cut scene of a video game. The story consists of 3 parts with multiple missions in each part. The whole game is a flashback from the initial cut scene (one of the few in the game). The gamer is taken on a journey through Max Payne's life and the horrific events that make up the game itself. He battles mobsters, infiltrators, corporations, etc. It is a game with several different dimensions and surprises.

Sound 7/10: Since Max Payne is an older game it doesn't have the sophistication of the sound games have today. Payne sounds like blocks being banged together every time he takes a step, his breathing is a constant strong inhale and exhale, and the gunfire sounds like annoying whistling. That aside, the eerie music and voices the gamer will experience level the playing field for sound. It is not a detriment to the game but it is not one of it's strong points for sure.

Difficulty 8/10: The first time someone plays Max Payne they only have one option for difficulty. Detective, or easy. Once that difficulty is beaten the player has the option to play on Hard Boiled which makes the game even more difficult. New York Minute is also an option which puts the player on a timer for each mission to be completed. It is a fun twist should you decide to challenge yourself to beat the game again. On an easy level the game can be beaten in a week on harder levels especially ones like NYM it all depends on the skill of the gamer. The harder difficulties add new challenges.

Characters 10/10: Characters in this game are wide ranged and well coordinated. Payne is a solemn, strong but broken man who forces the player to live the game with him. There are a few missions in this game where you have to play inside Payne's dreams. Where his past evils are still with him. Vinnie Gognitti, a Italian mobster who Payne goes after is a cataclysmic combination of a chauvinist and a coward. Horn, the orchestrator of all that goes wrong for Max Payne is a tough heartless, ruthless person who believes that the ends always justify the means. The characters all connect to one singular event: V. The drug that takes everything from Payne. The drug that causes Payne to attempt to take back some of what he lost. With each character he meets he gets closer and closer to retribution.

Overall 9/10: For those picky about graphics and sound this game will be annoying at times but for those people who love a great 3rd person shooter this game is for you. The slow motion feature of Payne in his arsenal of attacks is especially inviting. It gives the game an attractive Hollywood type feature and is just a fun way to kill the bad guys. The action is intense, the dialogue is masterful, and the payne is real. Definitely a buy only game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Max Payne (Platinum Hits) (US, 12/31/03)

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