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Arena FAQ by Phunk King

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/16/2002

FAQ Author: Phunk King (Dave Frasier, email to phunk_king@hotmail.com)
This document can be found on gamefaqs.com and my page at
www.stormpages.com/phunkking/buffy/btvs.html.  Any place else wishing
to use this document should contact me first.

Monday September 16, 2002
Version 1.1 
        Made a couple of changes, added a move to the Dark Buffy section.

        If you have a question that is not answered here please check
out my website, I have a lot more information on other aspects of the
game there.  If you have double checked and still do not see an answer
please email me your question.

Arena Mode
        This is a secret section of the game unlockable by code.  It
was not meant to be part of the main game, meaning they were not going
to use it as a sales point.  It was referred to as a debug mode by a
member of the development team, it works well in that respect. A
debugging mode allows the programmers to test the fighting controls
and the level layouts.  This code will open up 4 arenas for you to
fight in, two of them are based on actual levels (although modified
some to make it an enclosed area), the other two are all new levels.

        To unlock this mode, from the main menu enter into the extras
menu and enter the following code.  The code is YYW-BBY-YYY-YWB.  The
'Y' is obviously the 'Y' button, 'B' and 'W' are the black and white
buttons.  The code was found by a member of the gamefaqs community and
posted in the Buffy message board.  He found it in a recent
Entertainment Weekly article.  I have one small nitpick here, once you
complete an arena you find yourself back in the extras menu with the
arena options gone!  You will have to reenter the code every time you
want to play a level.  This is understandable though as it is not a
'real' portion of the game.

General Rules
        Each arena level has 4 colored rings, Blue, Green, Red and
Yellow (hey, that is the color of the X, A, B and Y buttons
respectively).  You just walk near to one of them and hit Y (or
whatever your stake button is) to activate the ring and release the
enemies.  No particular order required, just enjoy.  Once you have
activated and destroyed all four rings a 'boss' comes out to pummel
you down.

        If you hook up another controller a person can control the
demons on screen.  On the second controller hit 'start' and the demon
will glow for a moment to indicate you have taken control of it.  Now
you and your friends can fight each other.  Up to four people can play
together, one controlling Buffy and the other three can take the
demons.  Hitting start again seems to select between the demons on
screen, it seems random, not just moving to the closest demon.
Hitting select releases your hold on the demon.

        All the special attacks I have listed below are names of my
creation, unless otherwise noted.

Arena 1
        This first arena is one of two levels that are out of the main
game.  This is a level that was part of the Dreamers' Realm, called
the Arena, where you fought Skuld and Verdandi.  You start out in the
middle of the room, this is where one of the Dreamers (I think it was
Verdandi) will hang out and cause the floor to rise into steps.  You
can make them rise, while standing in the center hit Y, it will go
back down on its own.  In one corner of the room is an axe, in another
is the Dreamers' Staff.  Also there is a hellfire vial in the other
corners.  Along the edges of the you will find stakes.  All four of
the circles are in a ring around the area Buffy starts in.

Blue Circle
        When you activate this circle you will be attacked by the
Demon Zombies (the demons with the fireballs in their stomachs).
There are three of them.  They die just like they do in the game
proper, enough of a beating and the explode in a ball of flamey

High Jump Spin (Hold Right Trigger, Down, Down, A) - If close enough
to Buffy it will do some damage on the way up and coming back down,
does a fair amount but if you are to far away she can be prepared to
attack while you land.

Flaming Low Sweeping Kick (Up, UP, A) - Usually knocks Buffy off of
her feet, the fire doesn't seem to do much.  It may add power to the
attack but Buffy will not catch on fire, looks cool regardless.

Spinning Top (Hold Right Trigger + any direction) - This causes the
demon to begin spinning, as long as you hold the trigger the demon
will keep spinning.  You can move all around like this but it does no
damage.  It is useful though because you can kick your way out of the
spin and the person playing Buffy cannot see the animation of your
attack starting while in the spin, you may surprise her and knock her

Unnatural Leaper (Hold Right Trigger, Double Tap Jump (B)) - Will
cause your demon to float in the air while spinning.  Generates a
flame aura and then dives at the target.  When Buffy is out of health
this can be used to start off a death blow.  While executing this move
add a kick to kill her.  [Posted on Gamefaqs.com by DJAMES]

Elbow of Death (Double Tap in the direction of Buffy, X) - Lifts up
his elbow and stabs the Slayer through the top of her head.  This can
have serious side effects including the death of Buffy (when she is
out of health).  [Referred to as the Soul Impaler by DJAMES]

Punch Launcer Soul Impaler Kill Combo - Punch, Punch, Punch (this
launches) & then 2in1 late (just after the hit) double tap fwd + jump
to do the unnatural leaper and press kick on the way up. If Buffy
is critical she will be drilled to death before she can getup!!!
[Posted on Gamefaqs.com by ComboKid]

        Something that caught my attention because it didn't seem like
it was supposed to happen, I was spinning around the room and managed
to do an Unnatural Leaper at the same time (maybe this is what DJAMES
was referring to with the reference to a move called the Unnatural
Spinner on Gamefaqs.com?).  To do this hold R and a direction to start
the spin then double tap jump to leap.  Funny thing is you don't
really leap, you just curl up and spin right there.  It still will do
the kill move if you add a kick to it at the end (assuming that Buffy
is almost dead at that point).  Otherwise it seems to be just like a
regular Unnatural Leaper.

Green Circle

        Only one enemy here, Malik in his 'human' form.  In the main
game he would run away after you did enough damage to him, here you
get to dust him.  Just whittle his health to nothing and stake him for
the kill.  Fire does not kill him but does do damage.

        He is strong and pretty fast for his size.  His speed can be a
problem if he gets the drop on you.  While controlling him, if you
slow down your button mashing on the punch button he will just keep
doing a simple jabbing punch without knocking over Buffy.
Surprisingly this simple punch can decimate Buffy very quickly.  He
can pick up and use the Dreamers Staff, and the Axe.  He can pick up
but not throw the Hellfire Vial and cannot pick up stakes.

Yellow Hops (Hold Right Trigger + B, any direction) - A glowing yellow
aura will form around Malik.  While in this state he cannot be hit.
You can keep doing it back to back but there is a brief moment between
each action that he is vulnerable to attacks.  Don't think you will be
totally invulnerable like this.

Death Palm (Double Tap in the direction of the Slayer, X) - He will
shoot a beam of red light from his hand and it throws the Buffster
across the room causing quite a bit of damage.  When Buffy is out of
health you can kill her with this.

Kiss of Death (X+A) - When near the slayer you can grab her and bite
her neck like any vampire should.  If low on health this will kill

Red Circle
        Only one enemy here too, Dark Buffy.  If you are carrying an
item, after a moment she will automatically have it in her hands too,
with the exception of the Reaper Wing.  Although there are two Reaper
Wings available in the level (one to the right and left of the ring
she came from) so she can get one.  If you think you can keep the
Reaper think again, once she dies it vanishes.  Also, anything that
the Dark Buffy is holding will break if you knock her over.  I suppose
that is probably to avoid cluttering the ground with a bunch of
duplicate weapons, there are already enough scattered around anyway.
She does all the Slayer moves.  Dark Buffy can use all items and she
can kill you the same ways you can kill her.  Hellfire Vials, exploding
barrels, fires in barrels are all ways to kill either Buffy, the other
two are listed below.

Slayer Neck Snap (X+A) - When normal Buffy is low on health if you try
to throw her it will instead cause Dark Buffy to twist normal Buffy's
neck.  Obviously, even being a slayer, she cannot continue to live
after that.  This move also works on the Dark Buffy, only instead of
snapping Dark Buffy's neck she will head but her to death.

Decapitation Due to Garden Impliment (Hold Right Trigger, Rotate Stick
Full Circle, X) - This will do a clearing move, if you are empty handed
it will just be a spinning punch, but if you have a shovel, rake, axe,
etc... you will do a powered swing that will take off your enemies head
if they are low on health.  (Buffy can do this anytime, to any one, may
not cause decapitation to some enemies)

Yellow Circle

        Multiple enemies here again.  You have to fight Matereani and
some zombies.  When Matereani gets knocked down he will teleport from
where he fell next to Buffy automatically.  If you focus your efforts
on Matereani and kill him the zombies will crumble too, they are
dependant on him.

Necronomican Zombie Raise (Double Tap Up, Y) - This will cause him to
raise some more zombies.  He can raise two at a time.  He can keep
raising them until he is dead so if he just stays away from Buffy and
replenishes the zombie minions once in a while he may be able to kill

Dark Palm Press (Double Tap in the Slayers direction, X) - He will do
a forward lunge with his palm out, throws Buffy across the room.
[Posted on Gamefaqs.com by DJAMES]

Soul-Crusher Launch Combo (Tap Forward + X, A, A, Double Tap Forward +
X) - This will cause Buffy to be launched into the air (the second
kick launches her) and then ends it with a Dark Palm Press.  [Posted
on Gamefaqs.com by DJAMES]

'The Munchies' Neck Bite (Hold Right Trigger, X) - When close to Buffy
this will cause the zombie to grab her and nibble on her neck.  If she
is low on health she will die.  [Posted on Gamefaqs.com by DJAMES]

Shambling Neck Bite (Hold Right Trigger, X) - When further away from
Buffy this will cause the zombie to attempt to charge (but of course
lacking proper musculature he really just stumbles) and enter into a
Neck Bite.  Again, low on health this will kill Buffy. [Posted on
Gamefaqs.com by DJAMES]

Fly-Bones (A) - Ozy (male skeleton) only, only kills if Buffy is on
her feet.  [Posted on Gamefaqs.com by DJAMES]

Crawling Fly-Bones (A) - This one only works if the zombie is crippled
and crawling.  He will throw himself through the air and latch himself
onto Buffy's neck.  Fatal if she is weak enough.  [Posted on
Gamefaqs.com by DJAMES]

Head Butt Neck Bite (Double Tap Towards Slayer, X) - The zombie will
head butt Buffy two or three times and if she is near death it will
take a bite and kill her.

Boss Fight
        Time to fight Scylla in her snake form.  Fire kills her,
decapitation (using the axe) will do as well.

Forward Flip Tail Whip (Hold Right Trigger, Up, A) - The name says it
all, she will do a forward flip and bring her tail down on Buffy's

Break Dance (Down, A) - She will slash with a claw then lift herself
off the ground with her other hand and whip her tail around beneath
her, looks cool.  Have to be close to Buffy to do any damage.

Life Drainer (Up, X) - This one steals Buffy's life.  It shoots out a
bunch of purple and yellow things that drain Buffy.  Each individual
orb does little damage but if enough hit her it can take Buffy down
fast.  Whatever is stolen adds to Scylla's life.  Not fatal to Buffy.

Head Crunch (Down, X> - Scylla bites down onto Buffy's skull, if she
is near death she will die, if not she just gets thrown across the room.

Arena 2
        This is the second half of the Bronze area called Back Alleys.
There are quite a few toys to be had here.  There is a rake in the
corner where you start, then from there working around the room to the
left there is the green circle.  Next to it are two crates, one will
get you a stake.  Kick your way through the fence and down the stairs.
To the right of the stairs are two more boxes, one more stake to be
found there.  Head towards the yellow circle in the corner.  There are
two more boxes, one has a holy water vial and the other has an elixir.
Elixirs can only be picked up if you are hurt (and give you full
health).  Next to the boxes is a pile of junk with a shovel in it.
Continue to the left, there is a hellfire vial just sitting there.
Head back up the stairs and to the right, there is a push broom in the
corner next to the orange circle.  Leave the fenced area and hop onto
the platform.  Break the boxes here for another stake and a hellfire
vial, there is also a baseball bat in the corner here.  Hop off the
platform and break the boxes next to the blue circle to find a stake
and an elixir.  Along the wall between the blue circle and the burning
barrel is another hellfire vial.  I told you there was a lot of stuff
around this level.

Green Circle
        When you activate the green circle two large 'hillbilly' vamps
will come out.  Even though they are large they are pretty easy.

Spinning Backhand (While holding Right Trigger, Up+X) - This isn't
really a special move per say.  It is a simple backhand but does knock
over the slayer.

Bull Charge (Hold Right Trigger, Double Tap Down, Y) - He will bend
over and charge Buffy.  Hits her with his shoulder and then stands up
and does a sort of hand clap attack.

Head Butt (Y) - When close to Buffy this will cause him to head butt
the slayer.

Shoulder Toss/Head Squeeze (X+A)  If Buffy has enough health he will
pick her up by the shoulders and toss her across the room.  If she is
low on health he picks up Buffy by the head and squeezes it to a pulp
for the kill.

Skull Stomp (A) - This one works once Buffy has taken critical damage
and is laying on the ground.  Walk up to her and kick, he will do a
stomp that squishes her head and breaks her neck [Posted on
Gamefaqs.com by DJAMES].

Yellow Circle
        This will activate two female vamps that jump from above where
you started.

Cartwheel (Run In Any Direction, A) - She will do a cartwheel that
works as a pretty good kick against Buffy.

Spinning Kick (Hold Right Trigger, Double Tap Up, A) - She will do a
spin on one foot while the other kicks you.  Not very strong but
sweeps Buff off of her feet.

Vampire Nibble (X+A) - When close to Buffy she will do a standard neck
bite.  If low on health it will kill Buffy.

Red Circle
        This activates Buffy, she does the same moves that she
did in Arena 1.

Blue Circle
        This one activates three vamps, two will have chest plates on
and the other is wearing a leather jacket.  They all have the same
move set (as far as I know anyhow).

Butt Drop Kick (Hold Right Trigger, Double Tap Up, A) - This kick is
pretty funny, he will do a big wind up with his leg and follow through
a bit too much causing his other foot to fall out from under him.
He lands flat on his back.  Assuming you hit Buffy she will be down too
so you can get up mostly safely.  If you missed her and she is still
standing be prepared to have a stake through your heart.

Back Flip Kick (Run in any direction (or double tap in any direction),
A) - He will do about the same kick as in the Butt Drop but this time
instead of falling over he will do a backflip and land square on his

Charging Leap (Double Tap Toward Slayer, A) - He will leap forward a
bit and ram into Buffy.

Windmill (Run In Any Direction, X) - Run at Buffy with your arms
swinging wild.  Keep tapping X seems to make it last a bit longer.

Vampire Nibble (X+A) - Just another standard vamp bite, fatal if low
on health.

Boss Fight
        Once you have defeated all four circles worth of demons out
comes Spike and Angel to beat up on you.  It seems that fire and holy
water does not kill either guy, a stake or possible decapitation with
the shovel should work.

Gut Kick(Double Tap in Buffy's Direction, A) - Very strong kick that
will send Buffy flying across the room.

Standing Back Flip (Hold Right Trigger, Up+A) - He will do a simple
back flip while standing.

Running Cyclone Kick (Run Forward, A) - Just a pretty standard kick,
while he is running he will do a nice jump turn kick.

Life Syphon (Double Tap Down, X) - Picks Buffy up with some spell,
hurts a lot.  Low enough on health it is fatal.  [Update, DJAMES
has stated this is called the Super Mesmerize]

Vampire Nibble (X+A) - Standard bite again, fatal if low on

Spining Back Elbow (Hold Right Trigger, Hold Away From Slayer + X) -
Spike will twist at the waist and deliver a hard elbow to Buffys' face.

Vampire Nibble (X+A) - Just the standard blood sucker move, fatal if
low on health.

Arena 3
        This is one of the two new levels that are only found in the
arena.  Here you will be in what seems to be a professional wrestling
inspired cage.  It is clearly in the school (due to the large
Sunnydale Razorbacks logo in the middle of the ring).  You can bust
out of the ring through the bars stretching between the fenced
corners.  From the start, to your left is a sledgehammer, to your
right is a shovel.  On the far right and left walls are hellfire
vials.  There are some large crates scattered around but nothing in
any of them.

Blue Circle
        This activates a couple of female vampires that jump from the
rafters.  They are the leather clad (red and black) woman, pretty
strong and fast.

Low Grab Toss (Hold Right Trigger, Forward, X) - When done close to
Buffy she will bend over and sweep Buffy's legs out from under her,
lift her up some and knock her backwards.

Back Flip Kick (Hold Right Trigger, Back + A) - Strong kick that sends
Buffy flying.  This creates a lot of distance between you as you
kicked her away and you flipped back.

Overhand Swipe (While Moving Any Direction Tap X) - This will cause
the vamp to turn in mid stride, no matter which direction she is
going, and attack Buffy.  Isn't that strong.

Vampire Nibble (X+A) - When in close to Buffy this does the standard
vampire bite.  Fatal if critically wounded already.

Hell Yank (Double Tap Toward Buffy, X) - This will create a magical
yellow cone.  It hurts Buffy a bit and leaves her somewhat vulnerable
after being yanked forward.  Not fatal.

Red Circle

        This activates the Dark Buffy regular methods apply.

Yellow Circle
        This will activate three Screaming Hanoch demons.

Spinning Claw Swipe (Any Direction + X) - The demon will continue in
the direction he was heading while attacking Buffy with a simple claw

Crawl (Down) - This one only seems to work when it feels like it.
While away from Buffy and standing still hold down.  He will crouch
and from there you can crawl around.  Eventually he will get up on his
own, otherwise when you return the stick to neutral he will stand up

Forward Flip Shoulder Ride (While Moving Any Direction, Tap A) - The
demon will do a small forward flip.  If close to Buffy he will land on
her back and take a bite.  If she is near death this will kill her.

Forward Lunge/Shoulder Ride (X+A) When near Buffy this will cause the
demon to charge forward and swipe at her.  If she is near death he
will instead flip up to her shoulders and kill her.

Green Circle
        This circle will bring out Scylla in 'human' form.  She is
very fast and quite strong.

Strangle Shake (Double Tap Toward Buffy, X) - This will do damage if
close to Buffy.  It is a type of grab.  She will grab Buffy by the
shoulders strangle her then throw her away.  If near death she will
break Buffys neck.

Super Shove (Hold Right Trigger, Double Tap Up, X) - When in close to
Buffy this will shove her clear across the room.

Boss Fight
        The Master comes out to play.  He can be killed only with a
stake (shovel or sledgehammer work well).

Energy Pull (Double Tap Any Direction, X) - Beam of energy shoots out
of the Masters and hand pulls the Slayer to him.  He holds her for a
moment the tosses her forward.

Arm Sweep (Double Tap Toward Slayer, A) - This will make the Master do
a sweep with his arms knocking Buffy to the floor.  Must be in close
to her.

Teleport (Double Tap Toward Slayer, Y) - This works well when you are
far away from Buffy.  You will teleport directly in front of her.

Ghost Transformation (Hold Right Trigger, Double Tap Up, Y) - It seems
he has his own energy bar for special moves.  This will turn him into
a ghost and will eventually wear off and take physical form again.
Buffy cannot hurt him like this but he can hurt her.  He is able to do
the Energy Pull in this state.

Arena 4
        This is the second of the two new levels.  You will be in the
Sunnydale High pool room.  To your right is the orange circle and a
hellfire vial.  To your left is the green circle and a broom (this is
a regular straight straw broom, to my knowledge this does not exist in
the story mode of the game).  Along the left edge of the room in the
back corner are some boxes.  You will see something glowing, further
inspection shows it is a baseball bat.  You can get the bat if you
break the box against the wall and leave the other two alone.
Otherwise I if you break any of the other boxes there it vanishes.
You will find it now in the middle of the pool.  Along the right wall
in the back of the room is a small room with glass doors.  Break in
there to get a mop (again, this is just a plain kitchen mop, with a
sponge on the end.  Not found anywhere in the main game).

Red Circle

        Dark Buffy again, same moves as always, listed in arena 1.

Yellow Circle
        Two 'shrimp' demons (otherwise known as Sirens) attack from
the middle of the pool.  Hellfire is useful on them.

Antennae Spin (While Moving Any Direction, A) - Hit A while you are
walking, this will cause the demon to spin in place, using his
antennae as weapons.

Antennae Whip (Double Tap Toward Buffy, X/A) - Done with an X he will
attack with his right anntena, the A attacks with the left.

Shoulder Crunch Scream (Hold Right trigger, Down, X) - Will cause the
demon do chop downward into Buffy's neck with both hands.  Then picks
her up, screams at her and throws her across the room.  Fatal if hurt

Elbow Spike (While Moving Away From Buffy, X) - While moving any
direction away from Buffy tap X.  He will bring his elbow across and
above Buffy, spikes downward.

Green Circle
        Three vamps drop in through the ceiling and land in the pool.

Vampire Nibble (X+A) - Standard vamp bite, be in close to use it.
Seems to be the only special move these guys have.  If playing them
you may want to get the hellfire and have it ready.  If you can weaken
her enough the hellfire should finish her off.

Blue Circle
        Two large vamps, one in camoflage and the other in leather
(looks like a biker).

Fist Slam (Double Tap Toward Slayer, X) - He will do a jumping fist
pound into Buffys head.

Buffy Punt (Double Tap Left, A) - The vamp will take a step and make a
large kick, as if he was punting a ball.

Head Butt (Y) - When in close to Buffy this will do a strong head

Skull Stomp (A) - When Buffy is near death and laying on the ground
kick to stomp on her head and break her neck.

Dead Lift Throw/Back Break (X+A) - When close to the slayer, this will
pick her up.  If she has enough health left he will just throw her
across the room, if she is near death he will break her back over his

Boss Fight
        Now you get to fight Malik in his Tiger form.  He is really
quite tough.  He has an automatic attack reflex.  If you do enough
damage he will attack you back with an upward swipe attack.  He
naturally walks on all fours, hold the right trigger to make him walk
upright.  Fire does not kill him, but it does give him a nice burned
look.  To kill him you have to stake him.  He needs to be standing
upright on two legs for the staking to be effective.  Even if he is
standing still (meaning you have used another controller to take over
him then just make him sit there) he can still be hard to beat.  I
find that if you do a three punch or three kick combo (maybe even
holding that last button for some extra power) will knock him back and
stun him long enough for you to throw a stake to dust him.

Forward Sweep Throw (Hold the Right Trigger, X+A). - When up close to
Buffy this will make him sweep his arms up and forwards throwing her
across the room.

Teleport (Double Tap Direction of Slayer, X) - This will teleport you
from wherever you are and put you in Buffy's face.

Leap Into Teleport (Double Tap Direction of Slayer, A) - He will leap
toward the slayer, effective when near to her.  After the lunge he
will then do a Teleport.  I have seen him not do the final teleport a
couple of times though.

Jugular Puncture (X) - While Buffy is on the ground tap X to pick her
up and chew on her neck.  If she is near death it will kill her.

        This document is a work of my own creation; I have quoted some
posts from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer message board on gamefaqs.com
giving credit to the authors.  Future versions may have more
information listed that was contributed by readers that wished to
help, with credit given to them as well.  This document is designed
for use on gamefaqs.com and
stormpages.com/phunkking/phunkking/buffy/btvsarena.html.  If you wish
to use it please ask permission first.  Copyright 2002 David Frasier

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