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Reviewed: 03/06/03 | Updated: 03/06/03

Fun off road racing.

Test Drive off Road Wide Open is a great off road racing game with hours and hours of fun. The game may be short but it is definitely challenging at some parts. Test Drive Off Road, if played by a person who can enjoy this sort of racing, can keep a player busy for hours upon hours, taking away more precious time from that life you used to have.

Game play
Let me start off by saying that this game is just fun. It is one of the FEW racing games that I can stay interested in. The A.I is very competitive, which may frustrate you at times, like when your on the final stretch in first place when all of a sudden the guy in second nails your rear wheel causing you to spin out of control, but it’s also a good thing.
I mean, would you still like the game if you could beat it an hour? The game definitely
provides a ton o' fun, for as long as you can last. I give it a 9 in game play.

Not much to say here because, well, there is really no story! The game is based on
having fun while racing around on a variety of off-road locations. There is no story plot
or objectives to complete, that is, besides coming in first place. That is the only real
goal, to win all the races. Other than that, there is nothing else to say about the story.

The sound is decent, but some trucks sound too similiar. There are the things that most off road games have, like the sound of smashing into another car or rolling down a mountain, tires screech when you brake, etc., but the repetetive sounds of the trucks really pull down the sound quality. The graphics are great, for this type of game anyway. It's no Final Fantasy X or Metal Gear Solid 2, but it definitely gets by. I don't pay too much attention to the graphics, though, because I feel the play makes the game great, not how great it looks.

But the trucks are shiny, the environments look real, and there are lots of little things, like cracks in the rocks and terrain. The bushes and trees are just blobs of green, but that’s ok because you won’t be spending much time looking and admiring the beautiful trees. As I said before, the play makes the game great, not the looks. In audio I give it an 8. In graphics I give it another 8.

Replay Value
A decent replay value. After beating the career mode, single race, and getting all the secret vehicles, there’s not much to do. All that’s left really is to drive around in free roam either by yourself or with a friend. It gets boring only after all that. Still, you will eventually want to take this off the shelf again, for a good race with your buddy, or to start all over and enjoy the great game again. It lasts as long as you can make it last.

Since I do not know you, and don't know how you feel about certain types of games, I can't really tell you whether to buy it or rent it. I can however, give a suggestion. If you are a big fan of all racing games and must have every racer to complete your collection, definitely go out and buy it. If you are a casual racing gamer, and are looking for a week or longer of some great off-road racing fun, shell out the five bucks and rent it. And hey, if you like it after renting it and want more, then go buy it!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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