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Reviewed: 02/24/03 | Updated: 02/24/03

I ran out of gas on the Moon again.. Yes the Moon!!

Test Drive Off Road: Wide Open, in my opinion is the best 'Unrealistic' racing game ever. Where else can you jump a Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado, Hummer, Dodge Ram, Ford Bronco, Chevy Blazer etc, off a 300 ft. mountain and roll it ten times, and come out still in contention to win the race? No where else but here.

Graphics 7
The trucks are well done. They are shiny, a little too shiny for off road 4x4? But it's a game right. The draw distance is not the great, as there is pop ups which you can see when the level is loading. This does not hamper game play in anyway.

Sound 7
The same engine roar heard in the 100+ racing games before it. Etc, etc, etc...

Game play 10
This is what makes this game great. It is non-stop fun. First you have 5 modes of game play to choose from. Stadium, Season, Career, Free Roam, and Multi Player. Free Roam is what it is. You have the whole landscape at your disposal. Utah, Hawaii, Yosemite, and the Moon when you unlock it.

You have an ample amount of trucks to choose from, all makes and models. With a slew of trucks left to be unlocked. This can be done by beating season mode, career mode, stadium mode etc. Stadium mode is mad hard. You have to hit every line perfect as you race indoor stadiums with suped up trucks. With nothing but mud, water, holes, moguls, and jumps as your only opstacles. Oh and a very unforgiving, brutal computer AI. Be prepared to cuss and yell because it's very difficult.

In the xbox version of Test Drive Off Road: Wide Open you can unlock the Moon Buggy and the Moon level. The Moon Buggy is the best truck(buggy) you can use in this game. The only draw back of using the Moon Buggy is it is very difficult to see the road and the surrounding obstacles when you're racing. But this can be fixed by switching to the in dash view. The Moon level is mad fun to just drive. Driving on a Moon is well different.

Rent or Buy
Well this all depends on what racing games you prefer. If you prefer simulation then this probably isn't the game for you. If you prefer arcade no hold's barred racing, use any means necessary to win then this is your game. But give it at least a rent to see for yourself.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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