Xbox Pro Action Replay Save (North America)

Save Game File09/21/04Elite49960K
*Game beat* (Dark, Light)
Save Game File10/17/04peestain831913K
100% completed, all clothing and armor owned, all weapons owned, 42 buildings owned
Save Game File05/07/05Pelnied651K
100% Good with no hacks beaten game and with sword of aeons
Save Game File09/30/05camtheman5581K
All items (some hacked)
Save Game File09/20/04Jay FNG Philbrook72K
Begin 1st Quest Away From Guild With Insane Stats, Mana, Health, Cash, Abilities, Exp, & More.
Save Game File06/09/07NeverXpected187K
Finished WQ quest, before meeting Maze @ Bowerstone and has Skorm Bow legitimately. This save are for players that have problem getting SB. And don't like Maxed Gold/EXP, all items at the start of the game.
Save Game File08/28/05Real_Archaic1055K
Game Beat on file 1 and 2, All Skills Maxed, Own All Items, Own 42 Buildings, Age 20, Slot #1 Good Guy, Slot #2 Evil Guy, Slot #4 Arena, Slot #5 is at Beginning of game (Hero Guild) start with all items and no quest started.
Save Game File07/27/05game_beater_223165K
Have everything in the game even Sword of Aeons, but start a little after exiting the guild
Save Game File10/10/04Real_Archaic1078K
I Own 34 Buildings Have Maxed Stats, All Legendary Weapons, 118 pcs of clothing, And More. From Archaic
Save Game File04/03/05ShaddowRunner74K
Start from 1st guest with 6 million gold to spend, all weps, all items, all clothing.
Save Game File09/20/04Jay FNG Philbrook39K
Start with Max Cash (No Good / Bad deeds)

Xbox Pro Action Replay Save (Europe)

Save Game File12/30/04jimfish552K
Evil Jimfish: Game Completed with Evil Ending, 23/23 Outfits Collected.
Save Game File06/07/05nice day3981K
Game complete, Sword of Aeons, Skorm's bow, strength maxed, powerful magic maxed, own all of Oak Vale, lots of money
Save Game File04/03/05ShaddowRunner81K
Start off the 1st quest with ALL items, ALL weapons, ALL clothing, 9999999 Gold and LOTS OF EXP!

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