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Here's why you shouldn't lie, kids... 08/29/05 MSuskie
The greatest game of all time is just a fable 09/02/08 brutusmuktuk
This Game Does Not Justify Four Years of Delays. 10/02/04 Carnival Nights
Depth of a Choice 09/13/06 Destination
Not what many had envisioned but still a quality title 11/04/05 DrMario2k
Fable is a great idea gone bad with numerous flaws. 12/19/05 Enders Shadow86
Good or evil? The choice is yours 02/08/05 Galactus21
Finally a AWESOME rpg for xbox 01/03/05 Jakmania
Peter Molyneux is a silver-tongued liar. 12/04/06 jimfish
Fable is an excellent role-playing game, and is one of the best reasons to own an Xbox. 11/15/07 KnightsoftheRound
Fable - An RPG with Life 09/28/04 Lampolo
The first game I wish I didn't play 09/21/04 Lord of Hate
Should have been called "Hacking and Slashing" 07/07/08 mashpotatoking
False advertisement, though still good. 12/20/12 MathewManson
Greatest RPG of all time? Nah. But a great game? Certainly. 09/22/04 McGray
Not bad, but short and gimpy 10/01/04 Midgard
Fable The Lie, Fable The Adventure 12/13/04 midwinter
Not a standard RPG....unfortunately not standard fun (No Spoilers) 08/12/05 Mooytheman
One of the biggest letdowns is also one of the most special and unique games ever. 08/20/08 neonreaper
... And the Villagers Rejoiced! 09/30/04 NeoTS
It breaks like this, Love it or Hate it 09/24/04 NeoWingsX
Fable is a fun, innovative adventure from start to finish 03/02/10 nintendosega
A highly enjoyable, very addictive action RPG 05/14/07 Osafune2
Project Ego >>>>>>>>> Fable 12/03/04 Seele
RPG? What RPG, Fable? 04/25/05 sgstvoy
Just another mediocre RPG 09/21/04 smitelf
Fable: The Video Game or the Video Game Fable 07/30/07 ThunderCavalier
We waited 4 years for THIS? Oh, come on! 01/03/05 tommy h 2450
Overhyped and FAR too easy. 02/12/14 Unbridled9
Ahh, the game of many choices. Do I buy, or do I rent? 06/21/05 Xixor_Kasra
Had Potential, but a Letdown 07/05/07 Yoh_of_Izumo
One step forward.. 09/24/04 ZokeThe2nd
Good game, but many flaws 06/01/06 zyxomma100

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Not as Good as Advertised 09/16/04 Algus
Too Short -- Too confined 09/20/04 bonkey
DAMN! A RPG that isn't ****ing boring... 09/15/04 CAHowell
How often do they ever live up to the hype? 09/15/04 cslayer
Never the same game twice... 09/16/04 dalbluesfan
Thoughts on Fable 09/17/04 Dalvardar
Open-ended? Not really. Good game? Hell yes. 09/18/04 Demon Slayer
simply not what i was expecting 04/24/08 ElderOblivion4
Have a free afternoon? Good, you have all the time you need to beat Fable! 09/21/04 ElDudorino
Addicting... 09/19/04 Herugrim
One of the best titles on Xbox (to some). 06/20/08 insaneguy75
<<<The Right Stuff>>> 09/18/04 King of Queens
Not your daddy's Aesop 09/20/04 Layaholic Martyr
Hype aside, Fable is a great title for the XBOX. 09/20/04 liquidsolidsnake
Fable falls short? 09/18/04 MeccaRacing
Well, what to say about Fable. It is finally out, and is a RPG with good and bad elements. 09/17/04 Mosedeke
The fools who gave into the hype are the ones who will hate it. 09/21/04 Oldskoolplayr76
Fable... A real roleplaying game 09/22/04 Payne 03
Not the BEST Game Ever, But It's Still a Good Time 09/14/04 SamboSimpson
It's not groundbreaking, but still a very enjoyable game. 09/15/04 SantaIsTheOne
All the ambition of Morrowind with the mechanics of Harvest Moon (times 10) 09/15/04 sonuckles
Fun, but not great. 04/14/08 therater13
If you liked KOTOR and Morrowind, you'll love this. 09/20/04 Thespian102
Albion....the world of dreams 09/15/04 tropicpollution
Fable. Short and kinda sweet. 09/23/04 umaroff6
Who you are is not always... Who you will become... 09/20/04 Xenogears Id
FABLE: Short, but sweet. 09/20/04 Zydicore

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