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FAQ/Walkthrough by E. Watts

Version: 0.6 | Updated: 12/05/03

ToeJam and Earl III XBox FAQ/Walkthrough v. 0.6

By E. Watts (bannatum@netscape.net; don't email me with questions about the
game, don't spam me, so basically only email me with additional info about the


I. *Grassy Zone*
1. Funk Fu You
2. Presentville
3. A Spring Thing
4. Boogie Nights
5. Grassy Zone Gate Battle
6. Bunny something
7. Rhythm Valley
8, Mower Man Meadows
9. Rocket Race
10. Secret Grass Level

II. *Urban Zone*
1. Fly Baby Fly
2. Funkify the Situation
3. risky present maze
4. Building Bouncing
5. Urban Zone Gate battle
6. City of Women
7. Bad Food Mega City
8. Icarus Schmicarus
9. Good Night Teddy
10. Secret Urban Level

III. *Desert Zone*
1. Groovy Tunes Dunes
2. Rocky Rocket Mesa
3. The Little Girl Gang
4. Medusa Baby Lake
5. Desert Zone Gate Battle
6. Grand Canyon Shoppers
7. The Old West
8. Rabbit Lake Trailer Park
9. Desert Springs

IV. *Snowy Zone*
1. Beware the Bunny
2. Slip N Slide Elf Land
3. Just Abominable
4. Where the Damn Presents
5. Snowy Zone Gate Battle

V. *Water Zone*
1. Big Water
2. A Rough Night
3. You Got It or You Don't
4. Moles in Love

VI. *Downloadable Levels*

I. Characters
II. Levels

This FAQ was begun November 2003, more than a year after the game was
originally released. Please discuss the FAQ in the GameFAQs forum instead of
emailing me with general suggestions; specific additions after the FAQ has
reached 1.0 will be accepted at the email address above.

I. Choose your character
1. ToeJam:
Extra Shot Power, Speed and Jump Power, Mailbox Rebate, Good Money Luck
2. Earl:
Stronger Funk Fu, Can Eat Bad Food, , 2 for 1 Sushi, increased life
3. Latisha:
Double Rhythm Power, Double Treats, Risky Present Luck, Can Ride Tornados
4. (downloadable) Suteki
5. (downloadable) Earl Bot
6. (downloadable) Nerdy ToeJam

II. Play Tips
An important way to maintain your status is by taking advantage of Earl's
attribute of getting double sushi when buying from the sushi to go peddler.
When buying sushi with Earl, you get 2 orders of sushi for $3 instead of the
single order you receive when you order sushi using the other characters. You
can then sell the sushi to the shopkeeper; you get $2 for each piece of sushi.
In other words, you can buy as much sushi as you can, then sell it back, and
you get $4 back for every $3 you spend. Note that you can only have $99 at a
time tho, but you can keep increasing your sushi presents (I've only checked to
around 200; there might be an upper limit eventually, and there is an upper
limit on total number of presents you can have, and I think it's 500). So, if
your cash is maxed out, you can sushi 33 times, getting 66 sushi, and then can
sell 50 of them to max out your cash again, meaning you increase your sushi
stock by 16 every time you go through the process. You can also use some of
your cash to buy things like funkify notes (which I also haven't reached an
upper limit on) from the Gospel Choir, then use your remaining cash to go
through the process and max out your cash again. The best level to do the
process on is the Snowy Zone warp level, as there is both a sushi seller and a
shopkeeper on the level. You can do it between Grassy and Urban levels at an
earlier stage of the game, however.

You need to pay to get past bridges ($4 each time). But if you look around,
you'll often find you can get past without paying the toll, or that you need to
pay one toll, but can cross to all areas after paying only a single toll.

Get used to using the map by hitting the white button. The icons will tell you
where you've encountered various things (or the relevant items if you've used a
"show" present).

Use the black button to talk to earthlings with shining rays over disco balls;
you get bucks.

Converting all Earthlings on a level gets you extra points.

Entering a zone gives you info on what's available through the opened doors on
the level. Searchlights will show up if you have available objectives to
complete on a level (I think), but not if you simply have some items available
that were not needed for an objective. Namely, keys.

Tag Santa Funk's elves to get presents.

Fake mailboxes count as earthlings in terms of clearing all the earthers. But
spooks don't.

You can't jump out of the water; you push against an edge and you exit.

Lay down a flurry of funkify notes to take down ducking enemies.

Pause and notes you've sent out will return to you

Smack the moles with funk fu when they surface, not funkify notes

III. Present Combos
Open funkify notes present while using Icarus wings, and you can fire notes
while flying.
Opening an extra points present during a timed present gives you double points
(further restriction?).
Open a money present when any timer is going on and the timer will last longer

IV. Cinema, Earl taping TJ (when choosing TJ at least). Very long and boring.
Go to Earth to retrieve Lamont, the Funkopotamus,'s vinyl collection.  And
convert some humans. You can watch this on the OXM demo.
You start on a different level than in the demo tho. It's a warp level.
You get cinemas when entering levels of the Gospel Choir. When you leave you
also get a short loading cinema. Changing Zones gets you long video cinemas
which, once the level loads, you can skip.

The game's site (along with being the site for the other TJ and E games, which
were on the Genesis) is http://www.tjande.com/

Each zone's name in this guide is followed by the number of keys needed to open
the door. Note that the keys stay with you and are not consumed by opening a
door with them.
The play notes vary with each level, and are mostly pretty minimal beyond the
goals for the level. If there's a good strategy for a hard level that I've come
across, I've included it.

I. *Grassy Zone*
If this is your first time playing, use this level to figure out the basic
commands; there are no enemies here, other than falling over the edge, and I'm
not sure that that hurts you in the warp levels. So run along the path, get a
couple of keys, fool around with movement and the camera to see that behind the
hills to the right are some pieces of cake.  Get a third key, move on, find all
7 keys on the level, notice that you get 100 puffy stars when you get all the
keys, etc.
You need 5 keys to enter the first level. Once you have 5 keys, a spotlight
will light up to tell you where the level is.
You can also change characters on this level on a rise on the hill.
You can also get a promotion or ID presents using, uh, a guy in a carrot suit.

1. Funk Fu You 5 keys
Short gospel cinema.
1) Convert All Earthlings 2) Find Exit Elevator
Smack up the girls who ultimately say "redrum, redrum", eat some food if you
need to, get all 10 keys, find the elevator, and exit.

2. Presentville 13 keys
"Praise be to Santa Funk"
1) Collect All Presents
2) Find the Exit Elevator
10 keys on the level.

3. A Spring Thing 20 keys
1 locked present, 15 keys, 1 mic
1) Complete the mission (find the Funkatronian agent in the human suit to get
the mission) 2) Unlock the spring shoes 3) find the exit elevators
Convert a cheerleader, give her pom poms you get from the agent, and you'll get
a karaoke mic from her.
It might take you a few tries to get the hang of the spring shoes. Hit A to
jump, land, jump and go forward to move around.

4. Boogie Nights 30 keys
3 locked presents, 10 keys, 1 mic
1) complete the mission 2) unlock Xray glasses 3) unlock identify 4) unlock
extra bucks 5) find the exit elevator
Mission: get the present from the agent for the little girl; it's a teddy bear.
Hidden bridges are under stick arches.

5. Grassy Zone Gate Battle: 2 mics
20 bucks, Urban Zone, 1000 points

6. Bunny (Bash?)(36?)
You need something to get over the gap, spring shoes or icarus wings.
Something about a Jewish Hawaiian greeting in he opening cinema.
1:30:00 $20
1:00:00 1000 points
0:35:00 Super Springs

7. Rhythm Valley 237
20 keys, 1 mic
(big cut scene entering here)
1) Complete the mission; 2) find the exit elevator
Go right for the mission; get the wiener schnitzel to the right mower man, and
get the Mic and Secret grass key.
Shopkeeper: laugh blaster 9, double time wings 12, orgasmic food 13, warp to
pedestals 15, show vendors 10, show elevator 11

8. Mower Man Meadows 243
1 vinyl, 1 locked present, 25 keys
1) find the vinyl 2) unlock warp to vinyl 3) find the exit elevator
Shopkeeper (middle left of map screen): mega funk fu blast 10, show elevator
11, warp to elevator 15, warp to pedestals 13, warp to vinyl 14
Elevator: upper middle left of map screen
Mail order lower right: decoy 6, megaphone 6, timed teleport 7, evil skates 8,
old food 6, tornado 5
Mail order upper left: high tops 5, inner tube 8
A plateau above upper left has a wahini and a fake mailbox
Sushi guy and extra icarus wings on an upper right plateau

9. Rocket Race 250
Rocket skates to get through gates, use A button to go faster.
You can get trapped in this level. After 13 (not sure if I missed one), I got
stuck behind a tree; the rocket skates force you forward; you can't drop them;
I got stuck between a rock and a wall.
3:00:00 20 bucks
1:30:00 1000 points
1:00:00 Super Skates Present

10. Secret Grass Level

II. *Urban Zone*
It's another warp zone
Mailbox: spring shoes 5, xray glasses 6, instant points 5, identify 7, food 6,
decoy 8

1. Fly Baby Fly 60 Keys:
3 locked presents 15 keys 1 Mic
1) complete the mission 2) unlock icarus wings 3) unlock show elevator 4)
unlock bubble shield 5) find the exit elevator
Mission: convert the cheerleader and give her a punching bag.

2. Funkify the Situation 40 Keys:
2 Locked presents, 15 keys
1) Convert All Earthlings 2) unlock high tops 3) unlock funkify notes 4) find
exit elevator
Elevator is in the lower left of the map.

3. Risky Present Maze 70 keys
1 vinyl 3 locked presents 20 keys
1) Find the vinyl 2) unlock show map 3) unlock funk fu blast 4) unlock timed
teleport 5) find the exit elevator
Exit's in the most centralized block.
Remember that you need to take out the fake mailboxes to clear all the

4. Building Bouncing 75 (76?)
Hit 20 targets, using spring shoes
$20 1:50:00
1:30:00 100 pts
1:20:00 Black Belt Present

5. Urban Zone Gate battle
Requires 3 mics
Get 25 enemies using a laugh tank.
3:00:00 $20
2:30:00 The Desert Zone gets unlocked
1:20:00 1000 points
(The last two might be flipped)
Hardest thing to get is the little blue girls.  Play a few times and you'll get
the hang of it.

6. City of Women 249 keys
1 locked presents 20 keys 1 mic
1) Complete the Mission (Convert tourist, get the tazer to her) 2) Unlock
triple time wings 3) Find exit elevator
Mail order: identify 8, change presents 7, boom box 6, funk fu blast 5, inner
tube 6
Mail order middle upper: funk rhythm 8, evil skates 5, mini randomizer 6, high
tops 8, icarus wings 5
Drop mystery or identify present next to a snowman and see what happens...

7. Bad Food Mega City 272
1 vinyl, 25 keys
1) Find the vinyl 2) find the exit elevator
Mail box: icarus wings 5, burnin up 7, old food 8, mini randomizer 8
Shopkeeper: show presents 10, laugh blaster 9, show vinyl 13
Shopkeeper 2: warp to elevator 14, show vendors 13, laugh blaster 11, show
elevator 13

8. Icarus Schmicarus 280 keys
Use wings to collect balloon presents in allotted time
50 balloon presents
2:30:00 20 bucks
2:00:00 2000 points
1:30:00 Super Wings present

9. Good Night Teddy 290 keys
1 locked present 10 keys 1 mic
1) complete the mission (sniper scope to a little girl in a yellow dress; lower
left of main continent, near where you get the mission) 2) unlock bad opera 3)
find the exit elevator
Lots of enemies, always night. Hope you're pretty high level.

10. Secret Urban Level
No keys. mics or vinyls.
It's a big swap zone. With a path that goes nowhere.

III. *Desert Zone*
Another warp zone.
The shopkeeper here who will buy and sell presents: show map 13, show elevator
There is a gospel choir to provide funkify notes
Mail Box: decoy 6, high tops 6, ? 8, Here I Am 6, Burnin Up 5,

1. Groovy Tunes Dunes 81 keys
3 locked presents 20 keys 1 Mic
1) Complete the mission 2) unlock Funk Rhythm 3) unlock Warp to Keys 4) unlock
orgasmic food 5) find the exit elevator
First rhythm level (that I encountered at least)
Mission: get the polka sheet music to the cherub.

2. Rocky Rocket Mesa 100 keys
1 vinyl 3 locked presents 20 keys (1 I don't have yet)
1) Find the vinyl 2) unlock rocket skates 3) unlock boombox 4) unlock warp to
pedestals 5) find the exit elevator
Mailbox: create earthling 8, Food 6.
Has a well.

3. The Little Girl Gang 115 keys
00:45:00 $20
00:30:00 1000 points
00:20:00 Protect Presents Present

4. Medusa Baby Lake 120 keys
3 locked presents, 20 keys, 1 mic
1) complete the mission 2) unlock present freeze 3) unlock show hidden paths 4)
unlock jackpots 5) find the exit elevator
Shopkeeper: orgasmic food, warp to pedestal. 14 each.
Toll road in the north to nowhere.
There's a key in the water.
Mic from dentist. Fly out to island in urban zone to use it. (enough for desert
zone gate battle)
Mail order on island: Funk rhythm 6, decoy 8, funk fu blast 7, spring shoes 7,
show hidden paths 8
Old food, create earthlings out on the mailbox plateau

5. Desert Zone Gate Battle
Convert earthlings then use super funkifying notes to attack the antifunk.
Unlocks Snowy Zone
Defeat the girls, the workers and the cowboys, and then run around, get the
pink notes, and blast the funk out of the Antifunk with funkifying notes.

6. Grand Canyon Shoppers 303 keys
1 vinyl 20 keys
1) find the vinyl 2) find the exit elevator

7. The Old West 310 keys
1 locked presents 20 keys 1 mic

8. Rabbit Lake Trailer Park 315 keys
15 keys 1 mic

9. Desert Springs 325 keys

IV. *Snowy Zone*
9 keys
Shopkeeper: show elevator 13, orgasmic food 12, show map 16
Sushi man on the level.
Mail Box: high tops 8, create earthling 5, burnin up 5, spring shoes 8, old
food 5, timed teleport 8

1. Beware the Bunny 137 keys
3 locked presents 15 keys 1 mic
1) complete the mission (get the night vision goggles to the medusa baby) 2)
unlock laugh blaster 3) unlock show presents 4) unlock change present 5) find
the exit elevator
Mail order lower right: icarus wings 5, warp to keys 7, food 8, timed teleport
7, high tops 6, present freeze 8
Shop Keeper plateau: show presents 13, Orgasmic food 12, laugh blaster 10, warp
to pedestals 14, show map 13, show elevators 11

2. Slip N Slide Elf Land 145 keys
3 locked presents 25 keys 1 mic
1) Complete the mission 2) unlock stupid hiding 3) unlock duplicate presents 4)
unlock show hidden stuff 5) find the exit elevators
Construction worker: meow kitty lunch box.
Careful, there's a medusa baby near the initial position
Water zone secret level key and mic for the mission.
Fall off the lower left (well, jump) to get to an area without needing an item.
(you need springs or wings to get to the center isolation level.)

3. Just Abominable 149 keys
1 record 2 locked keys 20 keys
1) find the vinyl 2) unlock megaphone 3) unlock show vendors 4) find the exit
There're several invisible bridges. Including one to where the elevator is,
lower left of the main continent.

4. Where the Damn Presents At 160 keys
Use x button to funk fu the sparkles and uncover hidden things as fast as you
can (25 of them). Make sure you get 4 on the first platform, not including the
gates. if you go left: you'll have 8 items by the end of the second; 13 by the
end of the third; 19 by the end of the fourth; and 25 by the end of the last.
3:00:00 $20
2:30:00 1000 points
2:00:00 (wasn't paying attention; super xray vision?)

5. Snowy Zone Gate Battle 7 mics
Catch elves, get their presents, funkify the Yetis with them.
3:00:00 $20
2:00:00 Unlocked the Water Zone
1:30:00 1000 points
(the last two may be flipped)

V. *Water Zone*
Gospel choir
Mail box: root beer 5, present freeze 6, evil skates 6, funk rhythm 5, rocket
skates 7, here I am 6
10 keys on the level

1. Big Water 174
1 vinyl 3 presents 20 keys
1) Find the vinyl 2) unlock inner tube 3) unlock mega funk fu blast 4) unlock
fix risky present 5) find exit elevator
Gospel choir
Shop Keeper: Show vendors 11, mega funk fu blast 9, show map 15, show elevator
13, orgasmic food 13
You can snipe the dentists near the vinyl from a distance pretty easily at
Remember, you can't jump out of the water; you push against an edge and you
Swirly balls on the ground give you the tank.
Lay down a flurry of funkify notes to take down ducking enemies.

2. A Rough Night 195
2 locked presents 20 keys 1 mic
1) Complete the mission 2) unlock double time wings 3) unlock warp to elevator
4) find the exit elevator
Get item to geek brothers (check your presents; it's a blow up doll)

3. You Got It or You Don't 200
Use funk rhythm to convert the earthlings.
2 sets; uses A and B too, so keep that in mind.
1:20:00 $20
):52:00 1000 pts
0:38:00 Super rhythm

4. Moles in Love 210
1 vinyl 2 locked presents 20 keys
1) find the vinyl 2) unlock show vinyl 3) unlock extra life 4) find the exit
Mail Order: boom box 5, fix risky present 6, present freeze 5, old food 7
A mess of medusa babies at the vinyl; snipe them.

VI. *Downloadable Levels*

Dufus: Orange Belt in Funk Fu, Punk Rhythms hit up to 2 earthlings. sixth sense
for hidden objects
Poindexter (10000): maximum life increased, double strength funkify notes,
extra life awarded
Peanut (20000): Purple Belt in Funk Fu, Funk rhythms hit up to 4 earthlings,
extra height on icarus wings
Dude (35000): maximum life increased, funk rhythms hit up to 5 earthlings,
laugh blaster is drivable
Bro (50000): Blue belt in funk fu, funk rhythms hit up to 6 earthlings, extra
life awarded
Homey (70000):  Brown belt in funk fu, double strength funk blasts, shoot
funkify notes while flying
Rapmaster (90000): Maximum life increased, funk rhythms up to 8 earthlings,
double strength  food
Funklord (125000):

I. Characters
1. Suteki
2. Earl Bot
3. Nerdy ToeJam
II. Levels
1. Hades Maze
2. Funkadelic

Found on the first Exhibition Demo Disc for Xbox and on the XBox Game Disc 13
from the December 2002 issue of the Official Xbox Magazine, the demo is too
hard to be a demo.
Laugh Blaster is called Funkmobile in the demo.
The level is similar to Bad Food Mega City in the Urban Zone, but isn't


Copyright 2003 E. Watts. You must get explicit approval from me
to put this FAQ on a website or distribute it in any other manner. Approval is
granted for this FAQ to be used on the GameFAQs website. Permission is
explicitly denied to www.cheatcc.com and its affiliates. This is because of
their use without my explicit permission of another FAQ I wrote. If you see
this FAQ on www.cheatcc.com please email me so that I can take action against
them as quickly as possible. www.cheatcc.com may only use this FAQ if they
agree to pay me $76,000, agree to Michigan as the venue for any legal
proceedings, and agree to pay any legal fees associated with collecting or
otherwise enforcing these conditions. www.cheatcc.com will signal agreement to
this by their use of this FAQ.
Thanks to Sega for making great games.

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