Fast travelling?

  1. cCan i fast-travel like i can in oblivion

    User Info: Familyguychris

    Familyguychris - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Not exactly like Oblivion. You can't fast travel whenever and wherever you like, but there are ways to fast travel. Boats in most costal towns, Stilt Strider in many towns all over Vvardenfell, the Propylon Chambers scattered throughout Vvardenfell, the Mages Guild Guide, Gondolas, Intervention spells, and the Recall effect.

    Boats, Gondolas, and Stilt Striders work very similarly. They both have a small number of predetermined locations they will take you, for a price. Stilt Striders and Boats are pretty much the same, the only differences being the transport itself and the locations they can take you to, while Gondolas only work within Vivec and take you from canton to canton.

    The Guild Guide is available to everyone, though being a member of the Mages Guild will help reduce the price. The Guild Guide uses a spell to transport you to any of the other four Mages Guild Halls in Vvardenfell. Unlike the Boats, Gondolas, and Stilt Strider, use of the Guild Guide does not use time.

    Recall and Intervention effects are almost identicle in opperation. Recall effects, however, can only take you to where you cast a Mark effect. There are two kinds of Intervention effect: Divine and Almsivi. Almsivi takes you to the nearest Tribunal Temple, while Divine takes you to the nearest Imperial Cult shrine.

    The last, the Propylon Chambers, are a little trickier. There are ten ancient Dunmer Strongholds across Vvardenfell, and each of them has a Propylon Chamber (there's actually 11, but Kogoruhn was taken out of the ring and its Chamber doesn't work anymore anyway). The Chambers allow for instant travel to the nearest two Strongholds, and the Propylon Network effectively makes a ring around Vvardenfell. The down side is you need the Index for each Stronghold to be able to travel to that Stronghold. The Indexes are scattered throughout Vvardenfell, and weigh 2 units each, meaning it encumbers you 20 units to carry all of them.

    There are four other, special transport items, but they're related directly to certain quests, so I won't bother talking about hose.

    User Info: Magician99

    Magician99 - 10 years ago 1   0

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