How do I Find the Dwemer puzzle box?

  1. Where is the Dwemer puzzle box? the guy said its in Arkthand. where is Arkethand?

    User Info: archerman153

    archerman153 - 9 years ago

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  1. Exit Balmora, follow the path and you'll get to a fork in the road, take the left path, and then go up hill, you should beable to see the top of an Imperial Fort if you did this right. Cross the Dwemer Bridge and fight the guy on the other end. To the right, after the bridge and clearly visible is Arkngthand. Some people have a hard time finding the box, so allow me to help there, too.

    Enter, and follow the circular path. The path leads to an open area with a structure guarded by 2 bandits and a little hole to a darkened room and the depths of the ruins. In the open area, there is a makeshift staircase you need to go up that leads to the second floor of the strcuture. When you get up there, there is a door to Cell of Hollow Hand, enter, there is one bandit and the Puzzle Box is on a shelf.

    User Info: Magician99

    Magician99 (Expert) - 9 years ago 2 0


  1. Go to arkngthand(its around moonmoth somewhere) and go all the way down to the bottom and go to the part directly above the doors and go inside the door and it should be on the shelf on the bottom.

    User Info: liebig666

    liebig666 - 9 years ago 0 0

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