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    Kendall Campaign Guide by sumixam

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    1.  Introduction
    2.  General KUFTC Single Player Campaign tips
    3.  Kendall Mission Walkthroughs 1-15
    4.  Conclusion
    1.  Introduction
    This is a strategy guide I wrote for Kendall which is one of 2 Hard 
    campaigns in the Single player story mode of the great Phantagram 
    game, Kingdom Under Fire The Crusaders.  There seems to be a demand 
    for strategy guides for the hard campaigns and because of this and my 
    love of the game, I was inspired to write this walkthrough.  
    The reader must always bear in mind that this walkthrough is not the 
    only way to get through the campaign.  The variety in unit creation 
    and mix-ups is almost limitless.  I decided to play through a 
    campaign and write about units I think compliment each other well and 
    indeed I completed the campaign without losing a single unit the 
    entire way through so I guarantee it works and works well.  It is up 
    to you to learn what weapons and armour suit you better in between 
    missions as this is not explained here in any depth at all.  What you 
    should get from this is a guide on the types of enemies and 
    challenges you will be facing and some good strategies to defeat them 
    using the units I decided to create in this instance.  The game will 
    of course unfold differently depending what units you decide to use 
    and where you decide to place them.   I am not for one second saying 
    my way is the best way to get through but what I am saying is that it 
    is successful and effective.  
    Before we go into it I strongly recommend players do the Kendall 
    campaign before the Regnier one.  The first and last Regnier missions 
    are extremely tough and could frustrate some to the point of not 
    completing the game.  Having said that his campaign is also possible 
    to complete without losing a single unit at all.   I intend to show 
    how in my second ever FAQ in the near future.  Information at this 
    time is that a sequel is coming called Kingdom Under Fire : Heroes 
    and rewards will be given to those that have completed this game 
    2.  General KUFTC Single Player Campaign tips
    *If you can survive avoid killing the leader for as long as possible 
    for more EXP 
    *To lose a unit entirely before missions end is to lose valuable EXP.  
    If you have a choice to keep a unit alive then do so, even if they 
    have to flee to a safe position and not join the battle.  
    *The units you use are your own choice.  My choices were based on 
    knowledge of the enemy and what I had available.  There are multiple 
    ways to complete battles, my way may or may not have been the best 
    way but it has proven successful.
    *After Mission 4 you should be looking to change officer Duane with 
    Otho for healing powers within melee
    *Always be aware of what's happening around you through timely use of 
    the mini-map.  Correct troop placement is the easiest way to win.  
    Match your troops against those they can beat and avoid those they 
    *If your hero can get to the enemies range support, always take them 
    out asap, preferably first.   
    *Don't worry too much about increasing skill levels of support 
    officers to the hero unless it's for a worthwhile special move that 
    you will use regularly.
    *When upgrading units consider how you will use them.  For example 
    you will keep Longbow out of melee as much as possible so don't waste 
    EXP on their melee skills, just increase their range.  On the other 
    hand Spearmen will be needed to assist in melee from time to time so 
    sure build up their melee as well as their frontal.  
    3.  Kendall Mission Walkthroughs 1-15
    Mission 1 Greyhampton : You begin with Kendall Lvl 7, Archer Lvl 6 
    and Infantry Lvl 6
    Kendall has a supporting officer named Thomas, one of the game's best 
    and whose Fire attacks cause massive damage.  Use this to great 
    effect, particularly against Scorpions, of which are weak against 
    fire and also plentiful in the first stage.  Your Archers also have a 
    fire special attack that can be put to good use against Scorpions, 
    despite the rain which does admittedly however reduce its' 
    effectiveness.  When seen Scorpions should be rushed by Kendall who 
    you should use to attack their heads which are their weak spot.  The 
    Infantry can be used to assist in the front line while as Kendall you 
    should go beyond the frontline.  Your archers should alternate 
    between backing up Kendall and the Infantry, from a position of 
    safety.  The Infantry should be used to heal the other troops when 
    possible.  A good way to attack the stage is by starting from the 
    Eastern side and making your way across to the west, taking out all 
    enemies along the way.  This mainly prevents the enemy from 
    surrounding you on 2 sides.  When the Magic Infantry enemies appear 
    they should be tackled by Kendall as a priority, even above 
    Scorpions.  Use your Infantry to heal in support as curatio will also 
    kill the Magic Infantry, which in reality are ghouls, vulnerable to 
    holy/healing magic.  Kill as many enemies individually as possible 
    without risking defeat to get more EXP at the end.  The safe way is 
    to kill the leader straight away however your EXP bonus will 
    Mission  2 and 3 :  You have the choice of Colonock or The Holy 
    Ground, either way is tough as your levels are still low.  You will 
    not win Colonock without spearmen and you really should have archers 
    if you go to the Holy Ground.  For the purposes of this FAQ I will 
    start first with Colonock
    Colonock :  I used Kendall Lvl 11, Longbow Lvl 13 and Spearmen Lvl 10
    You will first face 2 x Scorpions and a Ghoul Unit.  The Ghoul Unit 
    is by far the most dangerous.  Try attacking either Scorpion Unit 
    with Kendall and firing at the Ghouls with Longbow.  Shortly after 
    beating the first Scorpion you will be attacked by Orc Riders.  Send 
    Kendall into the Ghouls and position the spearmen nearby in a 
    position where they will emerge from the melee between Kendall and 
    the Ghouls.  Hopefully you will have equipped your Longbow with 
    Curatio and with this heal Kendall.  The Orc Riders will make no 
    effort to run around the spearmen so once placed in the right area 
    outside of the melee they will make short work of the Orc Riders.  
    Dark Cavallry will follow and the same tactics need to be employed as 
    they too will charge the melee group of  Kendall and the Ghouls.  
    When they are defeated by the spearmen send them into the ghouls and 
    assist Kendall or if the other Scorpion is still alive send Kendall 
    to defeat it.  Longbow remain as support to both, healing and firing 
    from a safe location.  
    After these units are beaten you will again be attacked by Orc 
    Riders.  Position the spearmen well and they are mincemeat.  Just 
    behind the Orc Riders come Orc Axemen and then another 4 Scorpions 
    from all 4 compass points.  Send Kendall to fight a Scorpion and the 
    Spearmen into the Orc Axemen.  Longbow maintain healing and Range 
    support to both.  Thomas' Fire attack should be used to allow 
    Kendall's unit to make quick work of the Scorpions.  Once these units 
    are beaten the mission is over.  
    The Holy Ground :  I used Kendall Lvl 14, Longbowmen Lvl 20, Spearmen 
    Lvl 10, Sapper Lvl 11
    Use the Sappers to set a few traps in front of your troops starting 
    position.  Once they are attacked have them pull back and bring 
    Kendall and the Spearmen over one of the traps and wait for the 
    enemy.  The enemy will be hurt by the trap and outnumbered 2 to 1, 
    actually 3 to 1 with Longbow support.  The Longbow will then need to 
    take care of Wyvern who will fly above Kendall and the Spearmen.  
    Other NPC ally units will be fighting to the south.  When Kendall and 
    co have beaten the unit/s in melee with them head north-east where at 
    least 2 Dark Elf Archer units lie in wait with a Scorpion.  Send 
    Kendall to the Scorpion and the Spearmen to one of the Dark Archer 
    units.  Kendall should quickly beat the Scorpion thanks to Thomas and 
    head for the other Dark Archer Unit.  By now an Orc Axemen Unit 
    should emerge and use your Sappers to lure it through earlier laid 
    traps you should have had time to lay around the first melee battle, 
    then engage them with the Sappers.  The Longbow should provide Range 
    About the time you have beaten the Orc Axemen and one of the Dark 
    Archer Units Kendall and the Spearmen will be attacked by 2 more Orc 
    Infantry Units who will join their remaining Dark Archer unit against 
    you.  Provide Longbow range and heal support and have the Sappers set 
    traps to the south where a Scorpion lies in wait.  If the Scorpion 
    doesn't attack the Sappers waiting above their trap then send Kendall 
    and the Spearmen to beat it.  By now your troop will be a little east 
    of your original starting position.  If the mission isn't already 
    over you need to move South-East and make easy work of a remaining 
    Dark Elf Archer unit.  
    Mission 4 Nymphbarren :  I used Kendall Lvl 16, Longbow Lvl 20, Heavy 
    Cavalry Lvl 27  (I changed my spearmen into Heavy Cavalry)
    First you will face 3 x infantry units, 2 orcs at the front with 
    elves behind.  You have NPC unit support for the Orcs.  Set Kendall 
    to one Orc unit and the Longbow to the other.  Have the Heavy Cavalry 
    alternate charging through each one on the way back from rushing 
    through the elves.  
    3 more Infantry Units will attack this time accompanied by Wyvern.  
    Send Kendall to the closest Infantry with Longbow taking out the 
    Wyvern above Kendall.  The Heavy Cavalry will charge through and not 
    only attack the infantry in melee with Kendall but those units 
    further back also.  
    Continue the advance East and now amongst more infantry is the first 
    of many Ghoul units and there is a support enemy Dark Elf Archer 
    unit.  Back up Kendall in melee with Longbow by healing and using 
    Direct Arrow.  Have the Heavy Cavalry trample all in their path.  As 
    you advance further into the enemy the Longbow will be able to fire 
    over the melee units to attack the Dark Elf Archers.  
    As the Dark Archers are killed you will be able to slowly make your 
    way North to search for the Lich, a wraith that is generating Ghoul 
    units in droves.  Don't be in a great rush to find the Lich because 
    the more you kill means the more EXP you will gather to strengthen 
    your army for tougher battles ahead.  Try to find a balance between 
    killing as many enemies as you can and remaining alive.  The Cavalry 
    are a great SP gatherer here and with the Longbow healing you should 
    be able to hold out for a while.  
    You will eventually spot which ghoul unit is Lich.  Be aware of 
    Lightning attacks and hit Lich with everything when you feel you have 
    killed enough Ghouls and need to move on.  About half a dozen ghoul 
    units should be enough for Kendall.  Your EXP earned maxes out at 
    7000 per unit, something else to consider.  
    Now return to the South, clean up any remaining Ghoul units and Orc 
    Infantry you come across.  Make your way to the green areas as 
    indicated.  You will gradually head South East to a higher area.  Be 
    wary of the odd Orc Axemen unit with regards to your Heavy Cavalry.  
    Lightning and possibly other spells will be cast on you by Ghouls.  
    When this area is taken head back to your remaining NPC ally units 
    before the final 2 points lay before you.  By the time you reach them 
    they will be attacked by Dark Elf Fighters and Wyvern so you can join 
    into the fray.  Dark Archers are also present and your Heavy Cavalry 
    can hunt them down.  
    At the final point Orc Axemen lurk so don't charge with the cavalry 
    before Kendall engages them.  
    Mission 5 Woodenshade :  I took Kendall Lvl 25, Longbowmen Lvl 28, 
    Pyrotechs Lvl  17
    There are 3 clearing just north of your starting point.  Using the 
    Pyrotechs only you need to be removing traps from that region, 
    including a couple just prior in the forest first up.  When this is 
    done you can safely advance to a larger clearing north of the 3.  
    You will now be attacked by Ghouls.  There is no real need to involve 
    the Pyrotechs at all but Longbow should be used to support Kendall 
    and their healing will of course damage the ghouls as a bonus to 
    healing Kendall and co.  Pyrotechs can be used to gain some kills 
    however as long as they are protected they will help build EXP.
    You will soon realise Lich is creating Ghoul units again.  As per the 
    Nymphbarren mission you can casually destroy a few units, get some 
    kills in for the Pyrotechs and when you feel you are building EXP 
    nicely finish off Lich.  A good strategy is to lure the Ghouls into 
    far Northernmost clearing allowing the Longbow to assist unimpeded by 
    the forest.  You have the option of burning the ghouls with Pyrotechs 
    or Longbow but I am not certain you gain EXP with kills this way so 
    perhaps just use Pyros in melee with Kendall and use the Direct Arrow 
    special move and normal range attacks with the Longbow, just to be 
    As the first groups of ghouls are killed it is time to move West, 
    cautiously.  This is a good time to use a scout for if the Pyrotechs 
    go out alone they may be stuck alone in melee and are much weaker 
    than Kendall.  The scout can spot traps as well as home in on the 
    enemy position.
    You should come across Lich who is dangerous with magical powers.  If 
    you engage him you will still be attacked by other ghoul units from 
    different directions.  You must avoid direct contact with them by 
    Pyros or Longbow if possible.  If unavoidable send Kendall in and the 
    other units out, even if you need to leave Lich alive for a short 
    time.  If you position the troops well then the Ghoul will flock to 
    support Lich and attack Kendall.  Keep healing Kendall, send in the 
    Pyros as backup and kill Lich asap.  If Lich dies, the other 
    remaining ghoul units die with him.  The melee here is tough so 
    killing leaders is excuseable, rather than going all out for more 
    You should be scouting the North West areas of Woodenshade now and 
    eventually will be attacked by Orc Infantry, backed up by Dark Elf 
    Archers.  A good way to keep your forces alive is to attack the Dark 
    Archers with Kendall, attack the Orcs with the Pyros and back them up 
    with Longbow.  If you are lucky you will get 2 Dark Archers together 
    by the time Kendall gets to them.  Better having them in melee than 
    they raining arrows on you, boosted with their elementals.  Another 
    consideration here is drawing Elves into the clearings so they can't 
    self heal.  It might pay to take out the Dark Archer leaders if 
    possible so you can assist the Pyros sooner, who are weak in melee 
    against the Orcs.  By this time Orc Axemen and another Orc Infantry 
    may join the fray also, remember to move the Longbow to a safe 
    position and avoid direct contact.   Even more ground units including 
    Orc Sappers will attack soon thereafter and so too will Wyverns.  Put 
    your Longbow on them immediately but keep close to your allies to 
    continue healing.  Don't be afraid to take out leaders directly with 
    Kendall as this section is tougher.  Your longbow may be attacked 
    directly by Wyvern, if you move to the forest you will be protected.  
    On this particular occasion after defeating the above enemies the 
    mission was over.  I recall playing this mission previously and there 
    was a large field of traps to the South West, highlighted by a 
    yellow/orange rectangle.  Be aware of this if you drift that way.
    Mission 6 and 7 :  Again you are faced with a choice.  Raven Meadow 
    allows you your first support unit.  You will need to take down air 
    support and Spearmen are a must.  Osmond involves a wall siege with 
    wall-archers firing down upon you.  
    For the purposes of this FAQ I went to Raven Meadow first.  I changed 
    my Heavy Cavalry back into Spearmen.  I Changed my Pyrotechnicians 
    into Bomber Wings which have the added bonus of firing above the 
    forests in this mission.  
    I used Kendall Lvl 26, Spearmen Lvl 30, Longbowmen Lvl 31, Bombver 
    Wings Lvl 34
    You start near the centre and although surrounded by enemies, you 
    have NPC units assisting.  There are plenty of flying enemy units, be 
    A good start is to take on the first Orc Infantry with their 
    supporting Wyverns to the West and use Bomber Wings as backup with of 
    course Longbow also supporting.  Always be aware that Wyverns can 
    damage Bomber Wings but not the other way around.  This is 
    compensated by Wyverns not being able to attack forests whilst Bomber 
    Wings can.  You will notice 2 Dark Elf Archers to the West and as 
    soon as the Wyverns are done you can send in the spearmen to attack 
    the Orcs with a NPC unit and leave behind Bomber wings.  You can now 
    attack one of the Dark Archers with Longbow supporting.  Direct Arrow 
    is very effective against the Dark Archers.  
    About the time the Spearmen have won their melee and Kendall has 
    beaten the Dark Archers an Orc Rider Unit will attack him.  Place the 
    Spearmen correctly and the Riders will be quickly destroyed.  The 
    Bomber Wings also will harass the Orc Riders, remember this always.  
    After the first Orc Riders are killed more will emerge from the 
    south.  They will be supported by more Dark Archers from the South 
    West.  Set your Longbow against the Dark Archers and place the 
    Spearmen in wait for the Orc Riders.  Kendall by now is attacked by 
    more Orc Infantry.  If the units are placed correctly once more the 
    Orc Riders are quickly beaten.  Then, send the Spearmen into the 
    Infantry and attack the Dark Archers with Kendall who will then go 
    down quickly, especially with a couple of Direct Arrows from your own 
    Longbow.  It is also safe to attack them with Bomber Wings as soon as 
    they are engaged in melee.  Time all this right and there is no need 
    to control Kendall at all.
    Now there are enemies to the North and South East that need taking 
    care of.  They are tangled in melee with NPC units but there may be 
    Dark Archers in the north East unattended and supporting their own.  
    Attack them with Kendall and attack Wyverns to the South East with 
    When the above groups are destroyed there may possibly be a Scorpion 
    to the North West.  As always they hate fire, Thomas will quickly do 
    the job.  
    After Raven Meadow OR Osmond is completed the Essex Forest mission 
    will become available.  I advise completing the other of the first 2 
    prior to tackling the Essex Forest.
    Osmond: Knowing how handy Balilstas will later become I converted 
    Duane into one now.  I used Kendall Lvl 28, Ballista Lvl 22 and 
    Longbowmen Lvl 34
    Start by attacking a Dark Archer Unit to the South East and have the 
    Longbow fire upon Orc Infantry to the South East of the Dark Archers, 
    which is in melee with a NPC unit.  Set the Ballistas on Dark Archers 
    North of the front lines.  The Ballistas range will be very handy 
    here.  As soon as Kendall beats the Dark Archers, head South East 
    again and finish off the Orc Infantry.
    Now head due North and attack more Orc Infantry with Kendall and 
    Longbow in support.  The Ballistas should still be firing upon their 
    first Dark Archers, who also self heal a little in the forests making 
    them slower to kill.  At this stage Ghouls may attack both your 
    supporting units and it's time for a little damage control.  By 
    quickly finishing off the Orc Infantry you can head south to your 
    Longbow and rescue them who can in turn then heal you upon pulling 
    out of melee, killing Ghouls in the process.
    You should send your Ballistas out of melee, possibly further behind 
    south, to the rear of an NPC Archer unit or to the East, closer to 
    Kendall and the Longbow if an NPC unit is already engaging the Ghouls 
    that attacked you.  Once free, commence your long range attacks once 
    more, preferably at Dark Archers behind the frontlines to the North.  
    The 3 units you control may be continually attacked but with the 
    assistance of NPCs the range units at least can withdraw to the South 
    East and continue their support.  As you gradually start to get on 
    top again you can progress Northward.  Kendall should try to melee 
    Dark Archers and Ballistas  with Longbow should fire upon them from 
    On beating the first of the Dark Archers you will be advised to 
    support your NPC Mortars who are attacking the wall.   At the same 
    time Wall Archers appear on the wall and fire down upon all allied 
    human forces within range.  First, finish the other Dark Archer unit 
    on the ground.
    Kendall should continue to attack enemy units South of the wall with 
    Longbow support.  Your Ballistas should ignore the Wall Archers, some 
    4 or so units of them as they don't seem to cause a dent.  Instead 
    have them support Kendall and the NPC Mortars.  
    When able, use your Longbow to assist the NPC Mortars against the 
    Wall Archers as this seems more effective.  Continue supporting 
    Kendall taking out the remaining Western enemies from a distance with 
    the Ballistas.
    As soon as all enemies South of the wall are destroyed you will be 
    prompted to support the NPC Mortars who are continuing their siege 
    upon it and the wall Archers.
    More enemy ground troops will rush you from beyond the walls as soon 
    as the Wall Archers are defeated.  Sweep through them East to West, 
    so as to preserve your Longbow who may be isolated after the enemy 
    Mission 8 Essex Forest :  I changed my Spearmen into Storm Riders as 
    2 support units are allowed.  I used Kendall Lvl 30, Ballista Lvl 32, 
    Longbow Lvl 35, Bomber Wing Lvl 34 and Storm Riders Lvl 40
    First send Kendall toward the Dark Archers to the immediate North.  
    Once engaged send in both Storm Riders and Bomber Wings.  The Longbow 
    can attack an Orc Infantry unit in melee with an NPC ally just to 
    Kendall's East whilst the Ballistas can attack a Dark Archer unit to 
    the North West.
    Once Kendall makes quick work of the Dark Archers he will be set upon 
    by Ghoul units.  Keep supporting him and don't forget healing from 
    the longbow.  Assist in crushing the Orc Infantry next to you as soon 
    as the Ghouls go back to hell (or at the same time).  
    You may discover that an Elf Fighter unit has broken free from the 
    North and might attack your Ballista.  Assist with Kendall and aerial 
    support and pull the Ballistas back before continuing, as ever 
    Longbow in support also.
    Around this time  hordes of enemy units attack from the North.  Hit 
    the closest enemy with Ballistas and this unit should about 
    simultaneously be greeted by friendly NPC units.  Send Kendall and 
    Longbow East to confront 2 Orc Infantry units.  
    As the Orc Infantry are beaten enemy units will attack from the 
    South, effectively causing all of your units to be surrounded on 2 
    fronts, North and South.  Remember, these scenarios can unfold 
    differently, depending on your own positioning.  If you sent your 
    army to the East beforehand for example you may find you are not as 
    surrounded.  The enemy AI isn't too bad on this mission so prepare to 
    make adjustments as required, based on unit placement and using what 
    you have to their strengths.
    A great way to always shake off unwanted attackers of your range 
    units is to run them through Kendall where they will remain and you 
    can continue supporting when you come out the other side.
    At this point you may find yourself defending yourselves using the 
    above strategies about the central Eastern area.  You will be 
    attacked by Ghouls, Dark/Orc Infantries and Dark Archers.  Be wary of 
    lightning attacks on Kendall who should be a Knights unit and 
    therefore weak resistance against Lightning compensated by toughness 
    in melee.
    If you repel the enemy long enough you can advance Northward where 
    more enemies lie in wait.  By now all of your NPC ally units are 
    gone.  Once these enemies, similar to those of before are destroyed, 
    the mission is over.
    Mission 9 Brimstone Forest :  Here you can have 2 supports and must 
    have a Spearmen unit in order to survive.  You could consider hiring 
    a Mercenary here so as to create a new Spearmen unit, adjustable 
    later if required and allowing all attack slots to be filled.  
    I used  Kendall Lvl 32, Ballista Lvl 36, Longbow Lvl 36, Spearmen Lvl 
    20, Bomberwing Lvl 34, Storm Riders Lvl 40
    Kendall should engage a couple of Orc Infantries attacking from the 
    North.  Spearmen can assist but need to pull out quickly if Ballista 
    or Longbow get caught in melee and assist them.  Bomberwing and 
    Stormriders can assist Kendall directly and the Longbow and Ballista 
    can attack nearby Wyvern also.  
    You will have a tough time keeping all units alive over the next 
    section, perhaps none more so than Kendall himself if whom you 
    neglect for a little too long will be trampled by enemy cavalries.  
    Keep the Spearmen close and position them to halt and destroy the 
    enemy cavalries.  At the same time your aerial supports will be 
    attacked by both Dark Archer on the ground and several Wyvern units 
    airborne.  You may find your army around the Central Western area 
    with Ballistas remaining to the South who seem safest, firing from 
    afar.  Even some Cavalry Archers attacking them seem to be having 
    little effect.  
    As you mop up the enemy, gradually moving back to the centre, more 
    Wyvern may arrive and placement of Longbow is most crucial with 
    regards to healing Kendall who may be weakened by now along with 
    attacking the Wyvern who may be are attacking your damaged aerial 
    supports.  Keeping the Ballistas to the central South seems very safe 
    as the Cavalry Archers continuously fail to damage them.  
    If all goes to plan the Cavalry Archers may be the last remaining 
    enemy and will continuously run away as you hunt them down.  
    Mission 10 Bronzewood : A Swamp Mammoth Opposes you here and Dark Elf 
    Archers will hammer you with Blizzard.  Ensure troops have been 
    issued with as much Ice resistance as possible.  
    I used Kendall Lvl  34, Ballista Lvl 40, Longbow Lvl 38, BomberWing 
    and Storm Rider Supports both at Lvl 40
    First thing to do is take out a few Orc Infantry units to the South, 
    supported by Wyvern.  The alternative is similar in the North but 
    there may be Dark Elf Fighters (Elf Infantry).  All your troops can 
    attack these North or South together (to heal and assist) except and 
    this is very important, the Ballistas, which should immediately 
    target a Swamp Mammoth around the centre.  Be careful of attacking 
    any enemies within range of the Swamp Mammoth before it goes down.
    Things get more difficult from here.  There are various enemy units, 
    the most dangerous being Dark Elf Archers, which continuously cast 
    blizzard upon you.  Hopefully you have some Ice resistance.  Other 
    than that, attack these enemies as a priority when you can and don't 
    forget to engage them in melee before attacking with aerial support.  
    Your Ballistas are a handy range support also.  
    A good approach is to attack 2 lots of Dark Elf Archers at a time, 
    basically Kendall on 1 with rest on the other.  The Longbow should 
    position so as to be able to heal Kendall and the range units as 
    necessary.  Any time the Ballistas are attacked send Kendall to their 
    rescue and reposition them.  
    It may take a couple of goes but use these strategies and you will 
    get through losing nil units yourself.  
    Mission 11 Bronzewood (Again/Optional).  The Orc Axemen are all over 
    the place so Cavalry not recommended.  Also the enemy has aerial 
    support once more.
    I used Kendall Lvl 35, Ballistas Lvl 46, Longbow Lvl 40, Spearmen Lvl 
    28, Bomber Wings Lvl 42, Storm Riders Lvl 42
    As you are prompted at the beginning, use the forests to your 
    advantage.  Send Kendall north to the edge of the forest, just 
    inside.  He will be attacked by Orc Axemen.  Numerous enemy units 
    will approach, your Spearmen should stand in the forest in front of 
    the Ballistas to save them being attacked.  Your Bomberwing can 
    provide aerial support to the Spearmen.  If the Longbow is tangled in 
    melee, retreat to the rear of the forest in the clearing, allowing 
    your Storm Riders to support them from the air.  Hopefully Kendall 
    has a support officer Paladin as he will need it if the Longbow get 
    caught in melee.
    If you can keep Kendall on the frontline at the edge of the forest 
    with Spearmen and Aerial units to support and at the same time the 2 
    range units safe at the rear then you will win the mission 
    comfortably and relatively unscathed.  As Dark Elf Archers approach 
    from the North of Kendall, attack them with Longbow and Ballista as 
    priority.  When they are weakened the aerial support can be put 
    against them also.  
    Misson 12 Norwart:  You need to protect the Patriarch and after 
    fighting hordes of Dark Legion enemies, take out Walter who appears 
    to have betrayed the Ecclesians.   One of the best, if not the best 
    missions for gaining EXP.   
    I used Kendall Lvl 36,  Heavy Cavalry Lvl 52, Longbow Lvl 41, Bomber 
    Wing Lvl 50 (I converted Storm Riders back to Heavy Cavalry)
    This is an escort mission and although NPC allies are with you as 
    usual, you will still be required to do the majority of fighting and 
    escort the Patriarch to the North West from the South East.  There 
    are multiple enemies, including Orc and Elf infantries, Dark Archers 
    and Wyverns, even Patriarchal Guard traitors who have sided with 
    Walter.  There are no Orc Axemen or Spearmen to contend with and this 
    seems like an invitation to use Heavy Cavalry.  Since there are no 
    units that can quickly destroy them they can be used to charge 
    through the masses with minimal waypointing and at the same time 
    building up valuable SP.  
    This is one of the games most intense missions.  You need to back 
    each other up more than ever.  The Heavy Cavalry can quickly rack up 
    SP but need to be watched carefully.  After sending them deep into 
    enemy territory always bring them back near the Longbow for healing 
    before heading off again.  The Longbow need to lurk between Kendall 
    and the Patriarch, healing as necessary.  The Bomberwing should 
    provide aerial support to the main group.  The Heavy Cavalry will be 
    chased back by Wyvern and the Longbow should immediately attack them 
    upon arrival.  As always take out enemy Archers as a priority and 
    getting back to Longbow, use their Direct Arrow special attacks 
    whenever possible.  As you use these tactics the main group will 
    gradually clear a path towards the Northwest and you will find more 
    friendly NPC units survive as a result and assist.  Occasionally you 
    can go backward and support these NPC units and to do so is fine as 
    they will back you up in return.
    Eventually you will make it to Walter, just be aware he is 
    invincible.  Ensure your units survive long enough to see Encablossa 
    awakened.  Then you need to retreat back to the South East starting 
    point.  Your Heavy Cavalry and Bomber Wings will be fine.  Use them 
    to support both Kendall and the Longbow who need to be continuously 
    ordered into retreat.  Once all units get to the marked area the 
    mission is over.  
    Mission 13 Defensive Wall Ecclesia : You must hold off the Encablossa 
    until sunrise and in the meantime protect the Castle walls from being 
    I used Kendall Lvl 39, Longbow Lvl  44, Heavy Cavalry Lvl 54
    Your Longbow need to destroy as many Enca Flyers as possible as these 
    cause great damage to the wall you are protecting.  The Heavy Cavalry 
    build SP and late in the mission can charge back and forth in front 
    of the wall both assisting NPC units and defending the wall.  
    Kendall should charge into the North alone.  The advantage of 
    charging North alone is that Kendall can spot and attack Enca 
    Spitters sooner as these enemies are more dangerous than the regular 
    Encablossa infantries.  He will also stop a concerted rush by 
    Encablossa units at the wall by luring enemies to him.  
    Kendall will need his support officer Paladin a lot this time and any 
    time an enemy leader Encablossa is spotted it should be killed 
    immediately, forget the EXP, you will get enough should you survive.  
    The Longbow should retreat to the East or West of the wall after the 
    first wave of Enca Flyers and await a 2nd wave from a safe position 
    behind ally NPC units.  The Heavy Cavalry can lure enemies in the 
    North and rack up SP for a while.  
    Keep the Longbow out of melee and Direct Arrow is very useful against 
    Encablossa units.  
    As soon as Kendall defeats his first Encablossa unit Enca Spitters 
    will arrive. These should be targeted by Kendall whilst the Heavy 
    Cavalry and Longbow should continue defending the wall.
    You will find that despite your best efforts the Encablossa will soon 
    be attacking your NPC allies in front of the wall.  Now you need to 
    charge the Heavy Cavalry through the 3 melee groups in front of the 
    wall continuously.  Have the Longbow stand either to the West or East 
    and heal the Heavy Cavalry as well as use Direct Arrow against the 
    Encablossa.  Go back to Kendall and use his Paladin support officer 
    to heal as required.
    Don't leave any Encablossa Spitters unchecked as they will fire upon 
    the wall when close enough.  Employ these tactics and make good use 
    of the mini-map by watching the enemy and supporting your units and 
    you will easily defend the wall successfully, even to the point of 
    sustaining zero casualties and building a lot of EXP.
    Mission 14 Jungsburg : You need to retreat from the North to 
    Jungsburg in the South and get through indestructible Lvl 60 
    Encablossas that while annihilate you in seconds.  To maintain a 
    perfect record of no units beaten you must use 2 x Heavy Cavalry 
    units as support.  I had to hire a Mercenary to do it.  If your 
    spearmen have the Riding skill (mine didn't) you won't need to hire 
    anyone, just change the Spearmen's job.
    I used Kendall Lvl 41, Heavy Cavalry Lvl 54, Heavy Cavalry Lvl 17
    Set Kendall's unit to wide formation (makes his unit run faster).  
    You must fake to the South with Kendall before heading due North 
    again, that's right, in the opposite direction of where you need to 
    go.  Achieve this by sending a Cavalry West and the other East to 
    lure away the Encablossa coming from the North on each side.  Once 
    the enemy has been attracted to the Cavalries it is then time to 
    double back with Kendall.  Set waypoints and head due North, due East 
    along the Northern edge, due South along the Eastern edge and then 
    due West along the Southern edge.  Once the waypoints are set you can 
    leave Kendall, he should make it.  Now using waypoints with the 
    Cavalries, keep the enemy units away from Kendall and he will safely 
    pass them by.  To be caught in melee is to die so don't allow this to 
    Do these things correctly and what looks like an impossible mission 
    is in fact one of the games easiest.  You also get 30000 EXP as 
    Mission 15 Funero :  The final battle.  You must protect Battaloon to 
    puncture a hole on the outside of the Mother Encablossa before 
    destroying it from within.  Regniers last stage is the same except he 
    is protecting a Bone Dragon and that turns out to be tougher so it is 
    recommended you do Kendall's campaign first.
    I used Kendall Lvl 42, Ballista Lvl 55, Heavy Cavalry Lvl 60, Longbow 
    Lvl 45, Bomberwing Lvl 60, Battaloon Lvl 22 (you are given this one)
    Even though Kendall's last mission is the same as Regnier's, the 
    first half plays out differently.  As stated, Kendall's' is easier 
    and as such is the recommended First Campaign to complete.
    Lead with Kendall and only venture East a short distance.  Do not go 
    too far as this only seems to allow Encablossa the opportunity of 
    attacking from behind later.  
    Have Your Ballistas and Longbow provide Range support to Kendall.  
    Have the Heavy Cavalry make continuous charges and gather SP.  Place 
    the Battaloon above your Longbow and the  Bomber Wings above Kendall.  
    The Battaloon will be safe here and the objective here is to draw as 
    many Encablossa units away from the Mother Encablossa as possible.  
    The Encablossa are only interested in destroying the Battaloon and 
    will chase it, so keep it in the bottom corner with Kendall and co 
    for a while to draw as many enemies down as possible.  
    When you get a small cut-scene saying Encablossa's outer skin is 
    punctured (by Bone-Dragon), you can send Battaloon North along the 
    Western Edge then East along the Northern edge and attack it.  Your 
    Heavy Cavalry can venture North in support and can lure away some 
    enemies.  It will take a while for the Encablossa units that have 
    headed towards the original Battaloon area to double back.   It might 
    pay to wait a couple more minutes and lure a few more enemies down 
    before attempting this.  
    Now you will be prompted to move all units to a zone around the 
    centre.  The Ballistas are slow and will need support from the Heavy 
    Cavalry.  The Bomber Wings and Battaloon are vulnerable from Enca 
    Spitters and these enemies should be avoided.  The Battaloon can sit 
    safely slightly to the South-West of the yellow meeting zone until 
    the other units arrive.  Kendall and the Longbow will need to 
    continually retreat and head towards it.  Watch for an Enca Flyer to 
    the South East corner along the way and use Longbow or perhaps 
    Ballistas to kill it before it causes any damage.
    Your Ballistas will take the longest to arrive in the yellow zone but 
    seem to have a fairly good resistance in melee against these 
    Encablossa enemies.  When all units arrive in the marked area the 2nd 
    half of the stage will commence.  That was the harder part over.
    Now you fight from inside the body of the Mother Encablossa as I call 
    it.  I suggest sending all units with the Y button away from the 
    centre to any of the corners immediately.  Watch out for Enca Flyers 
    with your Longbow.  Get the Ballistas about halfway to the corner and 
    support from a safe distance.  Have Kendall attack the closest Enca 
    Spitter first and make his way through them.  Heavy Cavalry should 
    trample through all enemies safely and Bomber Wing can support any of 
    the other 3 units as required but continue to be aware of it's 
    vulnerability against Spitters.  Thomas's fire attacks are useful in 
    here with Kendall.  After all Encablossa enemies that move and fight 
    back are taken care of, then go for the enemies that just say 
    Encablossa which are part of the body of the mother Encablossa.  
    Each time a corner is cleared move to the next one and check ahead 
    with a scout or Heavy Cavalry then target the closest spitters with 
    the Ballista before employing the same strategies as described in the 
    previous paragraph.  Usually you will be attacked by Encablossa 
    Spitters that cast Lightning and other damaging magical powers on you 
    and these Spitters attack from the centre whilst you are moving to 
    the next corner after clearing the previous one (sometimes before).  
    Be careful as some of these in-between corners attackers that come 
    from the centre will lure you back there where not only can you end 
    up submerged in stomach acid (doesn't damage you a lot but slows you 
    down and prevents you fighting) or something but also you seem to be 
    hit by lasers from the ceiling.   
    After all 4 corners are cleared attack the centre.  Only a couple of 
    Enca Spitters to go and several Encablossa body parts that don't 
    really fight back.  Beat these and you win, unlocking a cool mini-
    It is possible to get through the entire campaign and not lose a 
    single unit.  Are you up to the challenge?  
    4.  Conclusion
    Well I hope players can get some worthwhile tips in doing Kendall's 
    campaign from reading this.  I intend to submit a similar walkthrough 
    for Regnier in the near future.  If anyone has any feedback at all I 
    can be contacted by email at
    I am also a staff member at Xbox World Australia and would love you 
    to check my KUFTC review :
    This document is under Copyright 2005 and any inquiries re its 
    reproduction should be directed to the above email address.  
    Glenn Clarke 21/2/2005

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