1. Jorgen Ingmar Additional Drums and Percussion
  2. Joon Hur Additional Game Design
  3. Yangsam Oh Additional Game Design
  4. Wes Geer Additional Lead Guitar
  5. Younghyun Joo Additional Programmers
  6. Jaehyun Kim Additional Programmers
  7. Pilsoo Kim Additional Programmers
  8. Hyunki Lee Additional Programmers
  9. Owen Klatte Animation Director
  10. Joel Fletcher Animator
  11. Ron Freidman Animator
  12. David Gurrea Animator
  13. Tae Wan Kim Animator
  14. Sang Bum Kim Animator
  15. Mike Kimmel Animator
  16. Seung Hun Lee Animator
  17. Igor Lodeiro Animator
  18. Jungsic Park Art Director
  19. Jake Parker Art Director
  20. Hyungeun Kim Associate Producer
  21. Sangwoo Yoo Associate Producer
  22. Younhee Jung Background Modeling
  23. Hyunsil Kim Background Modeling
  24. Sanghyun Park Background Modeling
  25. Hyungjun Ahn C.G. Movie
  26. Seungbin Ahn C.G. Movie
  27. Yeonjae Cho C.G. Movie
  28. Younghyo Choi C.G. Movie
  29. Hyunwoo Hong C.G. Movie
  30. Sangbeom Kim C.G. Movie
  31. Jongchul Kim C.G. Movie
  32. Jinmin Kim C.G. Movie
  33. Sein Lee C.G. Movie
  34. Dongjun Min C.G. Movie
  35. Byungjoo Park C.G. Movie
  36. Mihyun Park C.G. Movie
  37. Dongchan Shin C.G. Movie
  38. Yeonjae Cho Character Animation
  39. Jimmin Kim Character Animation
  40. Jongcheul Kim Character Animation
  41. Jonghwan Lee Character Animation
  42. Jim McPherson Character Modeler
  43. Hyunwoo Hong Character Modeling
  44. Hyungseob Kim Character Modeling
  45. Sein Lee Character Modeling
  46. Jihwan Lee Character Modeling
  47. Dongjun Min Character Modeling
  48. Jaekyung Uh Character Modeling
  49. Jim McPherson Character Modeller
  50. Suzi Hammon Character Rigger
  51. Jack McNally Dialog Editing
  52. Hyunki Lee Director
  53. Joonyoung Ahn Engine Programmers
  54. Taehun Oh Engine Programmers
  55. Sangyoun Lee Executive Producer
  56. Kyuhwan Lee Executive Producer
  57. Hyunki Lee Game Design/Scenario
  58. Yongbong Choi Game Programmers
  59. Jinguk Park Game Programmers
  60. Jungsic Park Game Programmers
  61. Jakyung Jung Illustrators
  62. Jaeseok Kim Illustrators
  63. Jungsic Park Illustrators
  64. Myungsoo Ryu Illustrators
  65. Illhawn Yoon Illustrators
  66. Teayeun Yoo Lead Programmer
  67. Joon Hur Level Design
  68. Hyunki Lee Level Design
  69. Yangsam Oh Level Design
  70. Jiesang Song Main Programmer
  71. Christopher Wade Damerst Music Co-composer
  72. Ken Givens Music Co-Producer / Dialog Editing
  73. Kenny Givens Music Co-Producer
  74. Pete Taylor Music Director/Script and Recording Supervisor
  75. Deadpan Music for staffroll and Opening Scene by
  76. Chuck Mitchell Music Producer/Composer
  77. Autumn Caban Music: Production Assistant
  78. Christopher Potter Music: Sound Design
  79. Jino Lee Producer
  80. Dee Lee Producer
  81. Gilho Lee Producer
  82. Dan Fowler Script Adapted
  83. Taejin Lim Sound Designer
  84. Taewan Kim Special Effects
  85. Illhwan Yoon Special Effects
  86. Lisa Foster Sr. Producer
  87. Chang Eui Im Technical Director
  88. Ignacio Wilford Technical Director
  89. Ahnseok Kim Tool Programmer
  90. Linda Brennan Voice Talent
  91. Edita Brychta Voice Talent
  92. Leandro Cano Voice Talent
  93. David Gold Voice Talent
  94. Nick Jameson Voice Talent
  95. John Lehner Voice Talent
  96. Chick Rapport Voice Talent
  97. Ahnseok Kim Xbox Live Programmer


Data and credits for this game contributed by akeboshi, BGoldTLE, Blueberry Buttface, Jiyu Aifu, LaneF, LordAndrew, Modeler_No_Cred, Mookiethebold, and oliist.

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