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CAKE! =D 03/11/02 Andy787
Yo! Pick this game up! 08/03/06 Archmonk Iga
Hands up. Hands up anyone here who thinks you've got it right. 04/27/05 bluberry
Humming the Baseline Once Again. 04/08/04 Carnival Nights
A must buy for anyone with an Xbox 08/13/02 Chris7
Addictive and fun, yet short. 10/28/03 Estoy Loco
I didn't think much of skating games until i played this 10/08/03 halo is cool
The best just got better (wow... that was seriously the best tagline I could think of) 03/10/02 Jeet Soon Kai
Smilebit has grasped the concept of love. 05/02/03 JPeeples
Time to grind. 07/15/02 KasketDarkfyre
Tight! Sweet! Whatever you want to call it, this game is fun. 04/13/02 masumane2
It isn't terrible. 03/23/02 Mome
Although it might *look* the same, it's VERY different 03/03/02 Mr Pibb
One of the Xbox's early titles, and still one of the best 07/27/05 MRadford
Hope you bought an S-Controller 08/13/02 ocissordei
Jet Set Radio Future Improves Upon the Original In Every Way 03/13/02 Ozymandis
Innovative, original, stylish, funky and executed brilliantly. 12/07/03 Pyro Vesten
A great update of a timeless classic. 05/27/02 Rorschach
Funky, but not so fresh after awhile. 11/25/03 RyuGB
An underrated Xbox Game 12/19/03 shenmue1000
This is what happens when unique games get sequels. 10/27/02 Shiro Sirius
A lot of people like it, but as a gamer I can't see how or why. 08/09/03 stiffy
Probably one of the best games for Xbox, yet so little attention 10/27/08 Team_Michi
This game JETS! 03/08/04 The FPS Dude
Yoyo! My sweet soul brother, spraypaint this on my heart. 04/20/06 Zeltica

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CGRundertow - JET SET RADIO FUTURE for Xbox Video Game Review
CGRundertow - JET SET RADIO FUTURE for Xbox Video Game Review from CGRundertow

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