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    Character Challenge FAQ by Tei Sama

    Version: ker-FINAL! | Updated: 12/16/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Character Challenge FAQ
    Version 1.67Q
    By Tei Sama
    December 16, 2004 - Version 1.67Q - Changed Contact info.
    June 1, 2004 - Version 1.38 - Nipped and tucked a little on the last two
    sections. Added new host, NeoSeekers.
    April 8, 2003 - Version 1.00 - FAQ posted on GameFAQs.com
    [3.0] CHARACTERS
      [3.01] Gum
      [3.02] Beat
      [3.03] Poison Jam (Shibuya Terminal)
      [3.04] Combo
      [3.05] Poison Jam (Chuo Street)
      [3.06] Rapid 99
      [3.07] Rhyth
      [3.08] Garam
      [3.09] Poison Jam (Bottom Point of the Sewage Facility)
      [3.10] Boogie
      [3.11] Immortals (Pharaoh Park)
      [3.12] Immortals (Highway ZERO)
      [3.13] Doom Riders (Future site of the Rokkaku Expo Stadium)
      [3.14] Immortals (Future site of the Rokkaku Expo Stadium)
      [3.15] Love Shockers (Future site of the Rokkaku Expo Stadium)
      [3.16] Jazz
      [3.17] Soda
      [3.18] Noise Tanks (Tokyo)
      [3.19] Noise Tanks (Sky Dinosaurian Square
      [3.20] Clutch
      [3.21] Cube
      [3.22] Immortals (99th Street)
      [3.23] ZERO Beat
      [3.24] A.KU.MU
      [3.25] Doom Riders (Dogenzaka Hill)
      [3.26] Love Shockers (Hikage Street)
    [4.0] CREDITS
    [5.0] CONTACT
    Well, this is the second FAQ I've written, and it's mostly out of boredom that 
    I'm doing it in the first place. I'm an avid Jet Grind Radio fan, and while 
    I found JSRF to be mildly entertaining compared to its predecessor, there's 
    enough info on JGR out there and not enough CLEAR info on JSRF.
    The way I did it is different from the other normal styles of FAQ. Instead of 
    posting the characters alphabetically, I put them up in the order they appear 
    in the game. And I'll make this clear: this is NOT a "How To Unlock the 
    Characters" guide. I might add that section later if I feel like it, but 
    right now I'm quite happy with what I've got. And this excludes the 
    Keisatsu/Rokkaku Police; these are all challenges from other playable 
    characters. WARNING, there will be story spoilers.
    AIR - Ride up the side of a half- or quarter-pipe and jump just before you 
    reach the top. You'll perform a midair trick. Time yourself and tap X or Y
    to perform multiple AIR tricks until you hit the ground.
    CITY RUSH - A race around the course against a rival or a group of rivals. 
    In story mode, CITY RUSHes are one lap long; in multiplayer, they're three.
    DEATHBALL - Similar to CITY RUSH, except it's played in teams. You have 
    to carry a ball once around the course, passing with your partner if the 
    occasion calls for it. If you or your partner drop the ball, or the ball gets
    stolen by a rival gang, the goal for the lap moves to where the ball left your
    team's hands.
    FLAG - A three-on-one match where the player has to compete against a rival 
    gang to get the most flags scattered throughout the level. There are five in 
    all, and a minimum of three are needed to win.
    HANDPLANT - Ride up the side of a half- or quarter-pipe and press the X 
    button just as you reach the top to do a handplant. This maxes out your 
    speed, but if you press X too late, you'll wind up grinding along the top of 
    the pipe.
    TAGGER'S TAG - A match where the player has to tag the backs of two or three 
    members of a rival gang.
    [3.0] CHARACTERS
    [3.01] Gum
    Gum's challenges are the simplest in the game, and meant to start you off 
    on the right foot--er, skate, before you tackle the mean streets of Tokyo. 
    Find her standing near the pinball machine in the middle island of the Garage
    and perform the tricks as she orders them:
    -Jump once
    -Jump three times
    -Grind again
    -Collect 10 cans of paint
    -Spray a tag
    -Collect 10 cans of paint
    -Turbo Dash
    [3.02] Beat
    The original leader of the GGs is back with a smartass attitude. He shows up 
    shortly after you  hit the streets for the first time. To make him appear, you 
    have to tag everything in Dogenzaka Hill; He'll show up in front of the 
    giant video rental store, near where you find the Secret Tape.
    -Grind after Beat into the top of the store
    -Follow him across the ledges
    -Go through the sewers and greet him at the entrance to the level
    -Win Beat's CITY RUSH challenge
    Now the mysterious, goggle-headed boy is part of your ranks. The Rokkaku Police
    will show up right after your victory; but, since it assumes this is the first
    time you've played the game, you can escape back to the Garage and choose Beat
    [3.03] Poison Jam (Shibuya Terminal)
    These "fish-faced fools" look familiar anyone? If you don't recognize the 
    Poison Jam, then  you need to head out to your nearest EB and buy the first 
    JSR. The Jammers are a constant menace, and they first show their ugly faces 
    in Shibuya Terminal. You have to tag over all of their graffiti to make them 
    show up.
    -Talk to them at the base of the staircase perpendicular to the Graffiti Stop
    -Grind after them to the balcony where you collect the Secret Tape
    -Follow them to the far end of the level, under one of the aluminum green 
    -Follow them and grind to the top of another aluminum roof
    After you talk to the leader, they'll threaten you and jump away, running off 
    into Hikage Street.
    [3.04] Combo
    Combo, the largest GG famed for his Yen chain and the boom box slung over one 
    shoulder, appears in the terminal after you chase the Poison Jam away. He 
    accuses you of tagging all over his turf (which, ironically, you did...) and 
    challenges you to what will be, if it's your first time playing, a difficult 
    trick to mimick.
    -Copy Combo's moves without landing on the ground. He'll start by grinding up 
    a ramp, over two headlights, and onto a safety rail. Jump the gap and land on 
    the safety rail, and do it again. Ride the rail till it curves around the 
    sloped box and jump when you reach the top of the ramp at the end. Land on the 
    railing of the staircase right across the street and slow down as you climb 
    over its peak. You MUST land at the base of the stairs. If you miss the 
    landing and keep grinding, you'll get fouled and have to start again.
    Do as Combo says and he'll join you. He'll "bounce on over to the Garage," 
    leaving you to tango with the Rokkaku Police again.
    [3.05] Poison Jam (Chuo Street)
    Yep, it didn't take long for these guys to show up again. By now you've gotten 
    to the second chapter, and you need to cover all their tags in Chuo Street. 
    Once you do, they'll show  up at the base of the giant robot dinosaur statue 
    (where you can claim the Secret Tape). They say that they'll leave you 
    alone after you beat them THIS time, but...
    -Win the CITY RUSH against all three Poison Jammers
    ...When you win, they'll taunt you and scamper off to their home in the ghetto 
    district of Rokkaku-Dai Heights. Of course they say they aren't finished yet...
    [3.06] Rapid 99
    One of three new gangs to the JSR universe, the Rapid99, can probably best be 
    described as crack whores on wheels. They look and sound it, too. You have to 
    goad them out of hiding by tagging up their turf, so they can tell you the 
    secret hide-out of the Poison Jam. Once you  finish this horribly tedious 
    level, the Rapid99 appears on the top of Benten Tower. Meet them up there.
    -Defeat Rapid99 in a FLAG match
    NOTE: The exact whereabouts of the Flags in a FLAG match seem to vary; I'm not
    sure if it's based on system, filesave, or just randomly generated, so I can't
    tell you where the Flags are hidden and guarantee accuracy. However, when I 
    played, the Flags most commonly appeared in this order and in these places: 
    1// Edge of the Entertainment District--Turbo Boost off the tower and aim for
    the gap in the buildings slightly to your left. Either grind on the wires or
    drop down and skate till you reach the entrance. The Flag will be on the far 
    side of the Mushroom statue.
    2// Edge of the Warehouse District--skate back into the main hub from the lower
    level, turn left, and go into the tunnel leading to the Warehouse District. The
    Flag will appear at the far end of the bridge leading into the area.
    3// Grind up the Dragon's Tail to reach the Flag on the highway you skated on
    to reach 99th Street.
    4// Jump down from the highway and collect the fourth flag, which will be under
    the Dragon Tower.
    5// Grind up the Dragon's Head and snag the last flag waiting near where you 
    started the match.
    It's possible to collect all five Flags if you know your way around the level
    and have a slight mastry of the Turbo Boost. However, if this is your first
    time playing, it's not recommended. 
    When you beat the Rapid99, they tell you that the Poison Jam's hideout is 
    located all the way back near Rokkaku-Dai Heights, which you already had to 
    tag up...groan...
    [3.07] Rhyth
    Formerly Mew, this Madonna-esque blue girl has really lost her value since 
    Jet Set/Grind Radio. In reality, you can get Rhyth before facing the 
    Rapid99 or racing the Poison Jam on Chuo Street, or wait until the very end of 
    the game to pick her up. You can find her in Rokkaku-Dai Heights as soon as 
    you open Chapter 2. She'll be standing on top of the warehouse the Poison 
    Jammers break through, allowing you access to the rest of the area.
    -Talk to Rhyth and watch her disappear between some buildings in the distance. 
    Follow 	her by grinding down the curved orange and black pipe attached to a 
    platform between the buildings.
    -Talk to her again and follow her up the series of telephone wires to about 
    where she went down between the buildings. Talk to her again.
    Rhyth joins your gang after posing what is possibly the easiest challenge of
    the game. Hooray.
    [3.08] Garam
    Another old face with a new smartassed attitude, Garam first shows his 
    Spider-Man-like visage when you're trapped in the pit at the entrance to the 
    Sewage Facility. He taunts you, then offers to let you out for being the 30th 
    person to fall into the trap.
    -Perform an AIR.
    -Perform three consecutive AIRS.
    -Perform a HANDPLANT.
    -Perform three consecutive HANDPLANTS.
    -Perform a HANDPLANT and lead into an AIR.
    Garam's challenge will be easy if you trained with Roboy; one of his lessons is
    identical to what Garam has you do here. Complete all these tasks and Garam 
    will throw four huge girders into the pit for you to grind up. When you land 
    on the other side of the pit from the one you started on, Garam will give you 
    his props and join your gang.
    [3.09] Poison Jam (Bottom Point of the Sewage Facility)
    This is the third and final time you'll have to face a challenge from the 
    Poison Jammers. You'll find out that the Poison Jam's true leader is another 
    old friend--Cube! She'll order her Poison Jammers to take care of you, taunting
    you the entire time.
    -Defeat the Poison Jam in a TAGGER'S TAG 
    NOTE: It will probably take over ninety cans of paint to handle all three 
    members of the Poison Jam, but since there's plenty abound and regeneration 
    times are fast, don't worry about a shortage. The Poison Jam will seperate 
    themselves and circle the floors of the rooms with giant blue and orange pipes 
    hanging from the ceiling.
    When you tag them, the third chapter will be at an end and Cube will flee the 
    sewers. You can now return the Goddess of the Streets to its rightful place at 
    Dogenzaka Hill.
    [3.10] Boogie
    Time-warp, into the future! After cruising through Kiboagoka Hill, taking care 
    of the Rokkaku Police's choppers, you'll eventually wind up back in that 
    strange, enclosed area with ramps that lead to the high telephone wires. As 
    soon as you get inside, you'll be treated to a cutscene of Boogie--formerly 
    Piranha, now sporting bright yellow hair--landing near the top floor ramp.
    -Get to the top of the building in less than 00.40.00 seconds
    NOTE: This is where you make use of your X-button for multiple grinding tricks.
    Speed and shortcuts are the keys here, so you must be able to keep up a steady
    pace while cutting as many corners as possible. You can choose any path you 
    feel most comfortable with, but my preference is by starting on the right hand-
    rail to the stairs in the corner of the buildings on the same side as the 
    ramps. Grind up that and leap as soon as you make the first right-angled turn,
    landing on another stair ramp. Leap away as it ends, landing on the platform,
    NOT on a railing. Turn around and grind on the railing to your right, jump 
    the gap, and land on the right side railing of the staircase hanging in midair.
    Keep grinding, cut the corners on the top floor railing, and talk to Boogie 
    as soon as you land near enough.
    Boogie's challenge is one of the few unique kinds that don't fall under 
    "follow my moves" or "race me." If you get to the top in time and speak to 
    her, she'll join your gang; if not, she'll disappear off the ramp, and you'll 
    need to try again. You can keep at it as many times as you need too, since all
    you need to do to make her re-appear is leave the *building* and come back.
    [3.11] Immortals (Pharaoh Park)
    You're well into the fourth chapter by now and life's been kind of boring--
    tagging up Hikage Street, Kiboagoka Hill, Pharaoh Park and the Skyscraper 
    District without much to get in your way except The Fuzz; And all this to lure 
    out another new gang, the Immortals. These guys are a bunch of mummy-wrapped 
    freaks in top hats and heiroglyph trousers. Your first challenge with them is 
    *really* simple, and makes you wonder why you spent hours ripping your hair 
    out in the Skyscraper District trying to get these guys to show up.
    -Defeat the Immortals in a "TAGGER'S TAG"
    The reason "TAGGER'S TAG" is in quotes is because you only need to tag them 
    about ten times total, out of the thirty to forty times you'd really need to 
    get them all. The abrupt ending to the level leads to a cutscene, though, and 
    Professor K tells you to go on to the next area, Highway Zero.
    [3.12] Immortals (Highway ZERO)
    Here, the Immortals display your missing teammate, Yoyo, suspended in a cage 
    above the street. This is where the REAL challenge comes in with the pesky 
    freaky mummies.
    -Defeat the Immortals in a TAGGER'S TAG
    As I said, this is the genuine trial. You have to tag all three Immortals as 
    they run through Highway ZERO's back alleys. When you do, the cage that held 
    Yoyo falls down and traps you, and the Immortals drag you off to the Future 
    Site of the Rokkaku Expo Stadium.
    [3.13] Doom Riders (Rokkaku Expo Stadium)
    The last new gang and the first in a set of three challenges you need to 
    conquer comes from the Doom Riders. These old men shouldn't be on 
    rollerblades; they have leather jackets and matching pants, and wear metal 
    helmets that have been fused into their skulls due to a mishap with the 
    Rokkaku Police. They've got skinny, bowed legs, too--it makes you wonder 
    how they can even stand up straight like that.
    Jazz, a Renegade Rudie who you will encounter again soon, is forced by the 
    Noise Tanks to be your partner during the grueling trials of DEATH BALL.
    -Defeat two Doom Riders in a round of DEATH BALL
    DEATH BALL is easy enough, you can even do it without passing to Jazz once.
    Just be the first one to the ball, and use rails and billboards to your 
    [3.14] Immortals (Rokkaku Expo Stadium)
    Your third time facing off against the mummies is now, and by this point 
    you're probably dead tired of them. Nothing really new happens here, just use 
    the same strategy you used for the Doom Riders.
    -Defeat two Immortals in a round of DEATH BALL
    [3.15] Love Shockers (Rokkaku Expo Stadium)
    Ahh...It's about time they showed up! "The preachers of love and death," the 
    Love Shockers, finally crawl out of their hole to show their faces in JSRF. 
    Unfortunately, this is only the first of two times you encounter them, which 
    really isn't fair considering how much spotlight time the Immortals get in 
    comparison. Now subserviant to the Noise Tanks (since the Immortals, serving 
    under the Noise Tanks as well, stole the Love Shockers' turf away), the 
    Love Shockers have to race you and Jazz around the track one more time. By 
    now the GGs are slowing down, and if they lose, a horrible fate awaits them at 
    the end.
    ...Then again, you don't exactly get a gold medal for winning, either.
    -Defeat two Love Shockers in a round of DEATH BALL
    This is cheap. Just when you get RIGHT to the goal, a cutscene pops up--the 
    Rokkaku have the stadium surrounded, and Hayashi shows up in a Terror Drone, 
    seen earlier on Hikage Street. Abandoned by Jazz, the Noise Tanks and the Love 
    Shockers, you've gotta take down the titanium terror all by yourself.
    [3.16] Jazz
    Remember your white-haired partner from the DEATH BALL tournament not too long 
    ago? In the midst of all those malfunctioning Noise tanks, Jazz returned 
    to the Rokkaku Expo Stadium, and wants to test her speed against yours.
    -Beat Jazz in a CITY RUSH
    One lap around the Rokkaku Expo Stadium is all it takes for a victory, and as
    you've gone around it four times already (at minimum) the terrain shouldn't
    give you too much trouble. But Jazz herself is tricky, so  remember to keep 
    grinding and wall-riding. When you beat her, she'll admit defeat and join 
    the gang. She's the first of two entirely new GGs in the game, and her value 
    is clearly apparent--she can  carry a total of 35 cans of paint, the most for 
    any character in the game.
    [3.17] Soda
    If you played the original game, you cannot forget this guy: That nose. 
    That hair. That Jacket. Soda, who was Slate in the English versions of Jet 
    Grind Radio, is busy loafing around in Highway Zero and eagerly awaits your 
    -Beat Soda in a CITY RUSH
    Once you've beaten Soda, he'll join you, "'cuz it's not like he's got 
    anything better to do." This won't be a hard task; Soda's a slow character, so
    pick someone like Gum or Jazz and just follow the path you took whilst Tagging
    the Immortals. Stick to the high road when you get towards the entrance of the 
    [3.18] Noise Tanks (Tokyo)
    After putting up with the Noise Tanks' crap for the past three chapters, it's 
    about time to unleash a can on them. ALL of them. You have two seperate 
    challenges to taking care of the Noise Tanks; The first is certifiably up for 
    being the most fun part of the game.
    -Destroy 200 Noise Tanks
    Scattered throughout many of the largest levels in Tokyo are Noise Tanks, 
    dancing helplessly in the streets. It's your job to plow through 200 of them 
    in a bizarre seek-and-destroy style mission by gathering up enough speed to 
    tackle them down without taking damage. Along the way you can unlock Soda 
    and Jazz, but you can really get both of them before laying a finger on any 
    maniac machinations at all.
    The Noise Tanks can be found scattered around in Dogenzaka Hill, Shibuya 
    Terminal, Chuo Street, Rokkaku-Dai Heights, 99th Street, and Highway Zero. If
    they appear anywhere else, please e-mail me (see [5.0] Contacts for 
    [3.19] Noise Tanks (Sky Dinosaurian Square)
    After you destroy the Noise Tanks, Professor K will tell you somebody's 
    fighting with Yoyo in the Skyscraper District. Find the Poison Jam hunkered 
    on top of a blue box to the right of the level's entrance, and he'll tell you 
    that Yoyo went off to Sky Dinosaurian Square. Jump down to the railroad 
    tracks and make a left; There, you'll confront Yoyo and two surviving Noise 
    Tanks. Things look like they're about to get ugly when Cube, of all people, 
    saves your hide and dashes clean through Yoyo, exposing him to be a Noise Tank 
    in disguise! Free of all guilt of having to hurt your old friend, you've got 
    to defeat the Noise Tanks one last time.
    -Beat the Noise Tanks in a TAGGER'S TAG
    Once you do that, the Assassins come along and finish off the Noise Tanks, 
    leaving you to find the real Yoyo...
    [3.20] Clutch
    Back from your success against the Noise Tanks, you're greeted by a strange 
    kid in red who says he MIGHT know about Yoyo's whereabouts--for a fee, of 
    course. You have to have at least 40 Graffiti Souls, or else the kid will 
    turn you away and you'll have to plunge through hoardes of Golden Rhinos to 
    get enough. Once you've got the Souls, come back to the garage and talk to 
    the kid--he'll examine them for a second, then snatch them away and run off 
    to Kiboagoka Hill.
    -Follow Professor K's instructions and catch up to Clutch
    Clutch won't stay in one place forever; eventually he'll get bored and run off 
    to a different district. From my knowlege, he starts at Kibogaoka Hill, then 
    moves to Pharaoh Park, and then to Chuo Street. (I haven't seen him past Chuo 
    Street, but if anyone has, contact me and let me know.) Chances are that you 
    won't get to him on Kibogaoka, as the entrance to the level is swarming with
    Golden Rhinos that you have to take out before you can advance. It's best if 
    you head straight for the entrance to Pharaoh Park, or underneath the robot 
    dinosaur in Chup Street. Once you've found him, you have to talk to him, and 
    he'll give back the Graffiti Soul and join your gang, swearing that he won't 
    do anything funny again. 
    Yeah, right. 
    He tells you that Yoyo has been locked away in the Fortified Residential Zone. 
    He's the second new GG introduced in JSRF, and has the same stats as Jazz. 
    Plus, he's incredibly cool.
    [3.21] Cube
    The time has finally come to challenge the last person to join your gang. The 
    leader of the Poison Jam is waiting for you in front of her throne in the 
    Bottom Point of the Sewage Facility.
    -Defeat Cube in a CITY RUSH
    Defeating Cube will round off your roster, leaving just one last gap to fill--
    and that's Yoyo's. And seeing as the Residential Zone is right across the way 
    from the Bottom Point... 
    [3.22] Immortals (99th Street)
    It was inevitable; the Immortals return for one last round, following their 
    annoying pattern of not straying far from home. This time they've bombed 
    Rapid99's turf and are waiting for you the second you step onto 99th Street.
    -(REALLY) defeat the Immortals in a TAGGER'S TAG
    The chances are that you'll encounter the Immortals for the last time on your 
    search for Clutch, if you missed him on Kiboagoka Hill and don't want to wait 
    for him to show up in Chuo Street. This is just a settlement for what happened 
    at the Rokkaku Expo Stadium, but once you show them up this time, they'll 
    learn the lesson and never bother you again. They mean it this time, really.
    [3.23] ZERO Beat
    Fast forward a bit. You've saved Yoyo and defeated Gouji's Assassins. All 
    that's left is to confront Old Man Rokkaku at Shibuya Terminal, right?
    Far from it. He gives a long-winded speech about being the ruler of all Tokyo, 
    and then, the WORRRRLD, and finishes off by sending out his two Beat clones to 
    take care of you. ZERO Beat, robot/demon-looking creatures that look 
    startlingly similar to Beat (hence the name), have appeared in previous 
    chapters now and then, but nobody's quite sure why. Professor K mentioned him 
    once, and you could see him running away after you defeated Assassin Eight on 
    Chuo Street; Now it's time to still the clones for good.
    -Defeat ZERO Beat in a TAGGER'S TAG
    There are two ZERO Beats for you to tag up, instead of the regular three. When 
    you tag both of them, they fall, and the sky clears for a second...only for 
    Gouji to absorb you into the giant tower of his, taking you to the "final" 
    showdown of the story mode.
    [3.24] A.KU.MU
    Gouji Rokkaku gives yet another speech. This guy loves giving speeches, don't 
    he? But now it's put up or shut up--you gotta show Gouji that, just because 
    you're a street punk, doesn't mean you're defenseless. This new battlefield 
    is one crazy nightmare; fragments of Tokyo have been thrown into a void, 
    making a ladder of random trash up to Gouji's throne. You'll need to pull out
    all the stops and grind, jump, wall-ride and turbo dash to the very top.
    -Defeat A.KU.MU
    After Gouji's speech, he'll transform into the Nightmare Demon, A.KU.MU. You'll
    start out at the lowest point in the level; there's a bunch of yellow and blue
    spray cans littered around, and to complicate matters somewhat, a large group
    of shadows will follow you and leap at you, much in the style of the Rokkaku
    Police. They don't do a lot of damage to you, and are easy to knock down; each
    one drops two Blue cans of spray paint, and there are plenty of shadows to go 
    around, so don't worry about a paint shortage. Load up on as many cans as
    possible--for this I recommend anyone that can hold at least thirty cans. 
    Navigate the obstacles towards the top, and Turbo-dash into A.KU.MU twice. Wait
    until he gets up to nail him the second time. Then, the glass on his stomach
    will shatter, leaving him open for attack. Tag him until his meter runs out.
    You will, without a doubt, need to refill your cans in order to fully tag 
    Gouji. Since there aren't any on top of the level, you'll have to go back down 
    to fill up--you can jump, or ride a nearby staircase, depending on what you 
    feel like. Get more cans from the Shadows, refill on health if you have too--
    there's two Red cans near the center of the level--and go back up to finish 
    the job. The system is REALLY anal about when you can and can't tag A.KU.MU, 
    so stick close to him and avoid his claw-swipe attacks.
    A.KU.MU's got two different moves in his arsenal--he'll try to hit you with his
    massive claw, or spit several balls of energy that home in on you. Chances are
    he won't use the latter attack unless the fight's dragging on, but try to end
    it as fast as possible anyway, since they don't give you a chance to get back
    up and do heavy damage if you let it build.
    Beating A.KU.MU awards you with the game's ending. Hurrah! Now you can go back
    through the levels to meet your last two challenges, collect Graffiti Souls 
    and Secret Tapes, and cover over the Golden Rhinos' tags.
    [3.25] Doom Riders (Dogenzaka Hill)
    Still stuck over their loss at the Rokkaku Expo Stadium, the Doom Riders wait 
    in the shadows of the top of Dogenzaka Hill. They only appear after you've 
    beaten the game, and this is the last time you'll hear from them (thankfully.)
    -Beat the Doom Riders in a CITY RUSH
    Make a lap around Dogenzaka before the Doom Riders do and you'll have them 
    whipped. It's not that hard if you stock up on paint before entering the 
    level--keep turboing and skipping over long parts whenever you can. If you won
    against Beat in a single lap, this won't be a problem at all.
    [3.26] Love Shockers (Hikage Street)
    Possibly the final challenge you'll encounter. The Love Shockers managed to 
    take Hikage Street back with the Immortals out of the picture, and are waiting 
    for you to walk back into the web of mayhem and despair. As soon as you step 
    foot into the center hub, the Love Shockers appear out of nowhere to challenge 
    -Defeat the Love Shockers in a FLAG match
    NOTE: This is similar to the Rapid99 FLAG match, so I'll post the most common
    appearances for the Flags:
    1// Left branch from the main hub; you'll start facing it, so don't worry. Go
    up the ramp and turn right, left, and left; in that dead end is a Flag.
    2// Turn around and leave the left wing, and head right across into the right
    wing. Take the first left, then turn right; the Flag is sitting right there.
    3// Head back into the left wing. Go all the way into the area with the 
    walkway, and grind your way to the top level. It will be in a small alcove in 
    the corner of the area.
    4// Go back into the right wing and into the area with the crane and the 
    walkways. Grind up either way (the crane tends to be faster, but you can easily
    misjudge the jump and wind up going the wrong way, or missing the railing 
    entirely) and get the Flag waiting on the top level, near one of the blocked-
    off areas.
    5// Return to the central hub and head for the forward path (upon your return
    from the right wing, it will be the first path to your right). Leap up the 
    ramps and avoid the stairs, wall-ride on the billboards, and grind your way up 
    to the top of the level. Cutting corners is NOT recommended if you're behind or
    tied. The last Flag will be in the area almost totally blocked off by fencing 
    on the very top level.
    Collect at least three flags, and the Love Shockers will substantially fade 
    out of your life for good, leaving you challenge-free. Now it's time for you 
    to gather those Graffiti Souls and start unlocking more characters!
    [4.0] CREDITS
    This FAQ was created by Anthony Summo on April 8th, 2003. The following sites
    may post this FAQ:
    Please contact me if you want to post it on your webspace. This FAQ must be 
    posted in its entirety, or not at all.
    Jet Set Radio, Jet Grind Radio, Jet Set Radio Future and all characters, events 
    and settings are singularly the copyright of Sega and SmileBit. The opinions 
    expressed in this article are merely that--opinions--and do not mean that my
    way of doing things is the correct way.
    [5.0] CONTACT
    You guys can reach me at tei (dot) sama (at) gmail (dot) com now. If you have
    questions, comments, flames, whatever, gimme a hollar. :)

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