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FAQ/Walkthrough by KSwoosh

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 10/04/02


                    Jet Set Radio Future FAQ

                    1. Legal Information
                    2. Game Information / Faq Information
                    3. My Review
                    4. Getting Started
                    5. Cassette Locations
                    6. Walkthrough
                    7. What is a Test Run / How do you get a it?
                    8. Test Run Faq
                    9. What do I get for completing them
                    10. Conclusion

                     Legal Information

		This Faq if for the use for ONLY the people of Gamefaqs.com
and is copyrighted by me KSwoosh. If you re-transmit or re write in
any way shape or form I have legal rights to sue and bring you to court.
Please just do not do it if you would just ask me I will probably give
you most of my information  but for your use only. Thank you and I
hope you won't be stupid and not follow these rules for me and for
you if you are caught.

Sites Available to post my Faq : Gamefaqs.com


              Game Information / Faq Information
Game Information :
System : X-box
Game : Jet Set Radio Future
Series : Second game first  Jet Grind Radio on the Dream cast and Jet
Set Radio In Japan also for the Sega Dream cast System
Made by : Smile bit
Published By : Sega

Faq Information
Submitted : - 9/8
Last Updated  :  - 9/8
Version : 0.1
By : KSwoosh
Contact : RuffRuffimTuff@aol.com
Version Updates
Version 0.1 : I am submitting this FAQ with all jet techs and than
I am going to build on that. Hopefully by next update all have all
the jet graffiti .

Version 0.2 : An unexpected change I submitted the Test Run Faq but
never got posted so I am going for a full walkthrough


My Review


This game is made by Sega and Smile bit. This game is made for the
Microsoft X-BOX and not any other of the next generation consoles.
The first game of this series was also made by Sega and Smile Bit but
was first introduced on the Sega Dream Cast . The first game of the
series was called Jet Grind Radio and Jet Set Radio in Japan . When
Sega quit from selling the Dream Cast and games they became a third
party and released the next installment of the Jet Set Radio game.

They released it about 3 months after the X-BOX launch ,Sega called
it Jet Set Radio Future , the game is not a sequel because the
characters of this game meet for the first time and some of the
characters names are different. However it is not a Remake of the game
because it is a totally different game considering the game play and
new characters.

This game is so ground breaking not because of the game play but rather
for the graphics. Yes I said graphics usually games are considered
ground breaking because of its game play but this game is unique. It
uses graphics called Cel shading a cartoony style graphics which is
a new trend in games. Jet Grind Radio was the first game ever to use
to use the Cel shaded graphics and executed it well making it one of
the best games on Dream Cast and became an instant classic.
Read the rest of this review for more information..........

Game Play 10 out of 10

You start of as a gang and to claim your territory you have to fight
bitter gang rivals with graffiti.
The basic game play of this game is to ride on your roller skates
collect spray cans around the city of Tokyo , and spray things like
walls , buildings , roofs, the ground and everything else you see.
Each level has graffiti marks to spray over from around thirty marks
to over seventy graffiti marks all in different areas of course. You
skate around meeting different gangs to claim territory's and regain
them and get characters to join you also.

There are also things called street challenges , in every level of
the game there is a yellow which if you find it and pick it up it unlocks
street challenges . There is always a total of five streets challenges
in a level. They are a 1. Points challenge 2. Air Tricks challenge
3. Trick Challenge 4. Grind combo Challenge
5. A special challenge specifically suited for that level and there's
also the basic graffiti challenge . To advance in the main story you
only have to do the graffiti spraying everything else is sort of a
side quest.

If you complete a street challenge you unlock a graffiti soul. There
are 150 graffiti souls in the game. They are a silver-ish Alien looking
things that have antennas sticking out of their heads. If you collect
every graffiti soul in a level and beat the rest of the game you unlock
a feature called the test run. In the test run option you spray
graffiti as fast as you can , get as much points as you can in five
minutes , collect flags as fast as you can and race around a track .
If you are good you will get a jet ranking , if you are not good you
will get pedal. There are a total of five different rankings jet being
the best and pedal being the worst the others are motor , engine and
turbo . They follow in this order Jet , Turbo , Engine , Motor ,Pedal.
If get jet on a level you unlock characters.

All and all this game has a high value of game play making it a ten
out of ten in my book ......... now onto the Cel shaded

Graphics / Audio Ten Out of Ten!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is why Jet Set Radio Future is so revolutionary and ground
breaking because of the graphics that are called Cel shaded graphics.
Now Sega and Smile bit has made a new graphics engine which makes game
less realistic and more cartoon looking. This game was made to be in
Cel shaded graphics it works and blends into the game so good that
you just can't imagine a game like this beginning in realistic
fashion. This is one of the most popular graphics in the game today
and more and more games are using it.

Sega and Smile Bit execute this in such a great way. When you grind
on rails and start doing some grind combo tricks you can see the sparks
flying from under the skates and looks like your actually grinding
and creating sparks. Other things that the graphics show case well
with the Cel shaded graphics are when you beat a machine you will see
huge pillows of smoke , it will be huge not seeing what is in front
of you but in about five seconds you will see it clear away making
it show realistic physics in an un realistic graphics game. The
graphics in this game make it a true gem and master piece.

The audio in this game is superb you can select through over 25 songs
to play while your jamming in the streets. This music is not your basic
music it comes from all type of genres like , house , techno , rock ,
rap , reggae and other genres of music. You can select the music at
your garage you will be able to select five different songs to play
while your grinding and beating your rival gangs. This music will get
you pumped up in the game which will help you beat the police , spray
graffiti , race as fast as you can and other things in the game. If
you were to buy this game just for the sound track I guarantee you
that you would not be disappointed.

Story ten out of ten (what do you know)

Who would ever think that a cartoony skating game with teenagers
skating around would have a story line or even a good one for that
matter? I'll tell you who expected know one every body thought the
strong point was going to be the graphics and game play but the story
mode is what keeps this game from being a classic , instant hit ,
masterpiece or what ever you want to call it. It is very well executed
with the originality that the story mode is. Read on to know what the
story is about.........

You start in the future of Tokyo where you are a gang of misfits in
the regular world . So they join together to help Tokyo get out of
its oppression by the Rokkaku police and Rokkaku's organizations. The
Rokkaku company is a mega-enterprise headed by a guy named Gouji who
wants to ruin Tokyo and everything in his way which includes the GG 's
so you better watch out. He is using his money to influence and bring
down everything industry , culture and even has his eyes on city hall.

Gouji is buying out the Government departments , and the police don't
have one word to say because they are powerless against Gouji.
Everyday Gouji steps closer and closer to beat Tokyo to where it can
not escape. All Gouji cares about is getting money and profits. Even
in all this mess the GG 's are riding around while everybody else is
in a frenzy.

In the past months there have been countless attacks on Tokyo like
the robber and attack on the record store in Chuo Street, prowlers
in Dogenzaka Hill , low life gangs and people spreading vicious rumors
in the streets of Tokyo , the mysterious black out on the most lighted
and popular place in
Tokyo , 99th Street . Hopefully you and the GG 's will stop this madness
in the streets of Tokyo and stop Gouji!!!!!!! Are you ready to take
over to destroy Gouji and do you have the fight in you to do so? You
will soon fine out.

Replay ten out of ten

This game tends to amaze. You do not think you would just play this
game only once. No I don't think so this game executes every aspects
of the game so perfectly . The sound in this game you could here for
days and days and not get tried of it. When you start over you can
play the whole game as different characters and see how they play
different from the original person you played with. You can see what
their weaknesses are and strengths or you could switch between a
character every save to see what you like the best. You can also see
how fast you can get all the graffiti souls , beat the main story ,
beat the whole game , Unlock certain characters and other things.

If you beat the game twice or more than why not try and find some cool
stuff , search through the game and imagine your the skater and try
and pull off some cool tricks that you wouldn't of been able to do
in real life. There's also the VS mode option which you can choose
different mini games to play with your friends and family it is very
fun and your friends will love coming over your house to battle with
you. There is also a graffiti maker option . This option lets you edit
cool stuff that you can spray around , you get to choose what size
you want form XL to XS it's up to you. You get to also choose from
different icons to put on your graffiti sign like skulls , control
sticks and other cool icons. You can save your graffiti signs at the
garage and up to twenty other ones .

One last thing that adds to the replay value most is the test run
option . There are four different things in a test run , spray graffiti
in the lowest amount of time , race around a track , Get as many points
as you can in five minutes ad collect five flags as soon as you can.
Try and beat your high scores in each category , play with your friends
to see if they can beat your times or talk to people online and see
if you have a better time than them .

Game Play 10 / 10
Audio / Video 10 / 10
Replay Value 10 / 10

To Buy Or Rent?
Well if you read all of the above you would know what my answer is
to this silly question . But for those who haven't I will give you
a brief review . The graphics , audio , game play and replay value
are superb and this is one of Microsoft's X - Box ' s best game to
date. It will definitely seek to amaze you and any one who plays this
game and I highly recommend that you buy this game


Getting Started

	So you started playing Jet Set Radio Future and didn't master
it already? Don't worry I'll give you the basics.

C  O  N  T  R  O  L  S

A Button : Jump

B Button : Boost Dash

X Button : Do tricks while grinding / or press it in the air to do
an air trick

Y Button : Do tricks while grinding / or press it in the air to do
an air trick

L Trigger : Spray paint when seeing graffiti markings / Lock on

R Trigger : Fix camera / Talk to people when close

Left Control Stick : Move Skater

Right Control Stick : Look Around With Skater


X Button Tricks : Use the X Button to use for tricks that don't have
high scores because you get more points when you do Y Tricks.

Y Button  Tricks : Use for high score challenges / Take a little longer
than X Button tricks to hit again.

Air Tricks : While in the air AFTER your character says something like
YAHOO! YAY! SWEEEET ! hit the Y Button ( more trick points ) X Button
( Easier to do but less points awarded ) while in the air.

Grinding Tricks : While on a rail press X  button to do tricks or the
Y button .


Cassette Locations

Cassette Tapes unlock street challenges. Their are one cassette tape
per level to open five challenges .

Dogenzaka Hill : Go to the area  that looks like a shopping center
right before it stairs will lead you down to the area with it.

Shibuya Terminal : Its right above the saving point.

Chuo Street : Go to the statue that looks like a dinosaur its in between
the dinosaur's legs.

Rokkaku Dai Heights : Its in a warehouse with two tracks. Grind on
the first set of rails to get it.

99th Street : It's under the big dragon in the water.

Underground Sewage Facilty : After you meet Garam you will see it under
the swirly tunnel.

Bottom of the Sewage Facility : Its in the first room against the wall.

Hikage Street : Go to the western section  but right before it go in
the alley way above and crash through the boxes to get it.

Kibogaoka Hill : Go to the area with the two big telephone wires and
find the one that goes to the bottom floor.

Skyscraper District : Go the area with the elevator  it's right
underneath it with the wiring .

Highway Zero : Its with all those markets up the stairs when you first
start off.

Sky Dinosaurian square : Its at the end of the green rail.

Fortified Residential Zone : Go up the Giant of Metal on the second
floor that goes up to yo-yo. Go to the right side wall to find a hole
drop down a few times to get it.



		You start off by meeting the gang . You start as a NEWBIE
riding the streets of  Tokyo  and you try and join the gang called
the GG'S. They are made up off Gum , Corn , Roboy and now you Yo-yo .


		Gum will start talking to you  and ask you if you want to
join the gang. She will start you off with the basics. She will ask
you To move around a little bit and get used to the controls. Jump
when she ask you using the A Button. Now you will be asked to grind
look backwards to see a rail with some stairs . Grind on the right
rail to the end to complete the challenge.  Gum will now ask you to
collect some spray cans . Go the little pit  and hit the yellow cans
which will give you cans to use. Graffiti will now start to appear
around the course just spray a couple to make gum tell you to boost
dash. The boost dash  is used when you have 10 spray cans . Press the
B Button to make your character burst into speed  . Once that is done
Gum will start to talk to you again and tell you that's only the start
of the game and that there's more to master.
If you forgot some of the info you can always talk to Roboy to help
you  out.

		Yo - YO will start to talk to you a little bit about Jet
Set Radio which is an underground radio station to bring down all the
bad stuff about  Tokyo. Now DJ Proffessor K will give you a run down
of what's happening in the story line so listen up! After he makes
his speech head off to Dogenzaka Hill.

Dogenzaka Hill

		Dj Professor K will tell you to start spraying  the graffiti
around the  Dogenzaka Hill. He will than show you the starting point.
Just spray the cans to open up the save point. You will see this in
every level so you can save your game.

		 Go all the way down the street and fall down the little
hill you will now encounter your first graffiti markings just hit the
Right Trigger to spray it. Now find the 5 graffiti signs in front of
you . Now just  look at the left side of the wall to see some more
graffiti signs.  Keep going up the hills and stay against the right
wall to pass by some graffiti signs to spray.  You should have all
the graffiti marks sprayed in by now if not than press start to look
at the little orange dots to see where you missed it.

		When you complete all sixteen of them a character will
appear on the screen just turn the corner and you can now talk to beat.
It will now show beat going up the a rail into some glass do the same
thing he just did and than talk to him again. He will now jump two
roof tops . Repeat the same thing he just did and talk to him once
again. If you fall down it's ok you don't have to start over just go
to where beat is right now . You'll now see beat return to the starting
point. Go there and talk to him.

		 He will challenge you to a race around the Dogenzaka hill.
Start off to the right side and grind on the rail to get a big lead.
Keep grinding rail to rail to maintain the lead. Now go down the hill
and over the ledge for a little shortcut. When  you see the hill to
dip again turn left to miss the hill. You see another deep but do the
same thing and dodge it to the right this time. When you see the orange
rails again jump on the platform to make a big shortcut. Now you will
be going up hill this is the time use your boost dash to get  up the
hill faster. Turn to the right corner and you will now see the
convention center where you first meet beat. Go to the right rail to
the top floor and jump to the following roof top and the next.  When
you get out of there you'll see the half pipe . Grind the edges to
gain more speed.  Go up the stairs to beat the race and make Beat join
your group. Don't think your done yet.

		Beat will now go the garage while you have to beat the
police. Some tips to beat the police is collect spray cans and when
you see a big bunch of them boost dash them to make them fall. You
can now spray them easier. If one of the police grab you just jump
around to shake them off.  When you spray all of them Dj Professor
K says to go to Shibuya terminal to cover up some more graffiti. Save
your game here to and than head off the Shibuya Terminal.


What Is A Test Run / How Do You Get A Test Run?
		A Test run is something which divides into four
categories  , Jet Graffiti  ,  Jet Tech  ,    Jet Dash , in all the
categories you try and compete to get you best score and the better
your score the high ranking you is. You first have to collect all the
graffiti souls and beat the main story and all of the street
challenges , you do not have to cover the graffiti that zero beat did.
You can access the test run option by talking to Roboy and you should
select the option that looks like a thumb and you will access the test
run option. The scoring range from Jet (the best) - pedal (the worst).
Some Jets will come easy and others you'll have to do in hours some
times even days. This faq is to help you complete all the challenges
and get jet on ALL of them. I hope it helps and GOOD LUCK!

A. Jet Graffiti = Jet Graffiti is when you enter a level in the test
run option and try and spray all the graffiti markings as soon as
possible. You Can still pause the game and look at where the graffiti
is just like in the beginning of the game. You need to pause every
once and a while to see where you are and your nearest graffiti is.

B. Jet Tech =  Jet Tech is when you enter a level in the test run option
and you try and get as many points in a 5 minute period. The key to
this is find a 500 or a bonus rail and keep grinding on it over and
over with the y button not the x button because Y button gives you
more points.
C. Jet Dash = Jet Dash is when you  enter a level in the test run option
and you try to race around a track as fast as you can. The key to beating
this is  collecting as most spray cans as you can and keep boost dashing
and grinding on rails helps go faster too.

1B. X button tricks = When you are on the rail and press x button your
skater switches skates which only give you 8 x the amount of pts, the
only good thing about it is that it takes less time to press it  rather
than the Y button.  The only time you should use the X button is when
you don't need a lot of points .

2B. Y button tricks : When you are on a rail pressing the Y button
results in your skater going from grinding backwards and than
forwards.  This takes longer to do pressing it back and forth than
the  x button but results in 18x the amount of points rather than 8
x when you use the X button . You should use the Y button when you
need a lot of points on a rail.

C. Jet Dash = Jet Dash occur in only have of the levels. When you enter
the Jet Dash option you try and race against the clock as fast as you
can around the level you entered. The basics to Jet Dash is  get as
many spray cans as you can and boost as  often as possible . Grind
when you see rails to go faster and get a skater with good speed and
acceleration , my favorite is cube or jazz and sometimes Roboy.

D. Jet Flag = Jet Flag is when you enter a level in the test run option
and you try and collect 5 flags in the fast time. Now to complete this
on a jet level collect as many spray cans as you can  and boost dash
all the time. It also helps for you to know where the flag is before
you go chasing after it even though there's an arrow at the bottom
pointing you the way you should always pause the game  to see where
the next one is.


Dogenzaka hill

A.  Jet Graffiti = To Get Jet =  Get Lower than 5 Minutes 30 seconds
	It's pretty basic but  if you still need help than look no
further. Start off going to the left and grinding on the rail just
about as it ends jump off to collect some spray cans and than grind
on the rail just in front of yourself to collect even more and than
the last rail . Turn to the left where you see the sign pointing you
to the left and stay against the far side wall where you'll encounter
your first graffiti , there are about 5 or 6 and should be easy to
get. Now still stay on that side off the wall go all the way straight
to the end  and jump off to a ledge to land on a platform with another
graffiti sign. Now jump off and land on the pavement and stay against
the right side wall and when you encounter a rail ride it because
there's  a graffiti on the wall. When the rail stops,still stay against
the right wall and you will see more graffiti spray it with your last
spray cans. Finally get off that wall and go to the next wall  on the
opposite said and you will see about 4 more graffiti signs ,spray 'em.
Stay against the same wall and when the wall begins to dip down jump
on it and you'll see a medium size graffiti sign. Spray it and jump
off  straight ahead to land right in front of more graffiti, which
you'll spray of course. fall of on a rail setting you right up with
more graffiti. Go up the hill to come upon some graffiti on the right
wall which you can easily spray over. When you see the convention
center  grind the rail near the right wall which also has graffiti
on it when you get to the top jump of to the next ledge spray more
of the graffiti. Finally jump to the last  platform with 3 small
graffiti signs which will complete the level.

B. Jet Tech = To get Jet = 1900000 +
	This is very easy . At the beginning  level find the 3 cars to
the left of you go in front of them and  there is a rail, which is
the biggest rail in the game not to mention it's a bonus rail. Start
grinding  with the y button back and forth and you should beat it by
the 3 minute mark. This should easily get you a Jet if not I suggested
you practice.

C. Jet Dash = Under 1 min 30 seconds
	You'll be racing around a circle for this one. From the beginning
start from the left grind ind in the middle because it has lots of
graffiti cans so you can boost dash. Once your done with that trun
to your right down the alley . Now grind on the orange rails  which
will make you go faster and have spray cans. After the last one you'll
be in the convention center but don't go in . You have to grind the
rail on the right  wall and jump from platform to platform until you
arrive at the half pipe. Grind the edges until you are back at the
beginning  of the level and than you'll see if you beat the level on


Shibuya Terminal

Jet Graffiti =  To Get A Jet Ranking = get under 5 minutes
	First get the two spray can behind you and than go to your
right(facing the wall)  and you should find two graffiti 's right there
which you should spray. From there go straight and ride the rail which
is next to the pole's with graffiti spray them  all. Look forward to
see the buses with some graffiti , spray it if you have enough graffiti
if not there's some graffiti on the bench . Once that's  done locate
the rail which goes in a circle ride it around  and get all the graffiti
in the middle . Now locate the last of the buses with graffiti and
spray them. Now go up  to the walkway and if jump off the left side
(facing Chuo street) you'll see an extra large graffiti sign spray
it than jump to the left of the next platform. From there jump forward
than spray , jump left spray than jump left spray and than fall off.
Go to the place where you located the Tape also known as the cassette
it's also above the saving point. There are a couple of Graffiti's
there so spray 'em and you'll be done with the level.

Jet Tech = To get A Jet = 1900000 +
	Very easy again from the starting point go forward and little
to the right until you see a complete circle and an out half circle
grind on the half circle which is a bonus rail. Grind back and forth
using the Y button and you will  get a jet ranking easily.

Jet Flag = To Get A Jet =  under 4 minutes
	Go straight forward staying on the platforms jump straight  and
grind on the walkway thing and jump straight to the platform in front
of you . You'll see the flag in plane sight on the platform your on.
From this platform jump off on a angle moving towards the right which
grind on rail which should be in front of you and at the end of it
will be the flag. From this go to the left  grind the opposite way
that you had to go to unlock combo in the beginning of the game and
the flag will be on the top of the poles that link together.  Now go
straight until the last bus turn right after it and the flag will be
on the rail. Now go to where you found the cassette and above the saving
point and you should see the flag there and that will be it.


Chuo Street

Jet Graffiti = To Get A Jet = Under 5 minutes
	From the start go backwards to collect some spray cans. Now go
straight and don't go to the hill  side but  rather the level side
which has a lot off graffiti for you to spray . After that's  done
grind on the poles to get to the platform  and there's a couple  of
them on the right wall and one on the left. Fall down and go straight
and locate  the billboards  that are all the way in front off you wall
ride them while spraying at the same time. Now you'll reach a place
that goes in and out  and there will be graffiti on the  outer walls.
Just spray them and you'll now be in a straight  walkway there wont
be any graffiti's for awhile so pick up the spray cans  . Now you'll
see a billboard and than a rail under it hit the billboard than grind
on it than to the next billboard which has graffiti there will be more
of these so keep getting used to it. Now you'll  see a half pipe in
front of you but don't go in it but rather go in the alley way  jump
on that broken wood piece and jump off to get  the next graffiti at
the end off the alley way jump off onto the billboard spray, and than
jump to the next billboard . Fall down and go up the stairs turn right
and spray all the graffiti on the wall. When you done that pick up
the blue graffiti cans  and grind the telephone wire in front of you
which will bring you to a high level. Spray the Graffiti up there and
that will complete the level.

Jet Tech = To Get A Jet = 9000000
	From the beginning of the level  Just go straight to the part
which splits in two the one that goes upward. There is a rail on the
right side of the hill grind on it with the Y button back and forth
over and over to complete this. Again it's very easy to get a Jet on

Jet Dash = To Get A Jet = Under 2 minutes
	This is probably the first one  you'll have to try at least once.
Start going straight and to the left until you reach the two way street
go on the high level so you can grind on the rail and get the spray
cans . After this jump off to the telephone wires and up to the platform
jump over the water  and go left to arrive at the place where the walls
go in and outward boost dash out of there to arrive at the billboards
wallride the billboard and than fall on the rail and repeat to get
to the end . Now go left to the alley way (will cut off about 10 -
15 seconds) and keep jumping over the gates and you'll now reach upon
the stairs go up them and you beat it.


Rokkaku-Dai Heights

Jet Tech : To Get Jet : 2000000 +
From the start just  go up the stairs , Until you reach the part with
a couple of the telephone wires find the biggest one,  which should
be the second one. Keep grinding back and forth with the Y button to
gain the maximum points which you should easily get jet on.

Jet Flag : To Get Jet : Under 3 minutes 30 seconds.

Alright from the beginning go up the two set of stairs and in front
of you  will be a trailer go through the middle door to save some time
and get spray cans and in front of you will be the first flag. Now
go through the big warehouse with the tracks in them and than navigate
your way through the buildings look for a wire attached to a pole,
grind the pole and to the wire, jump off to the billboard land on the
pipe  below jump from the pipe to the next platform go up the stairs
for the second flag than go back down . Near the end of the platform
is a pole attached to a wire grind on it jump off at the last second
to wall ride a billboard than grind the pipe below and than jump off.
Go through the houses for a little short cut and go all the way to
end and than turn left. You'll see a swing set and next to it the third
flag. Now look to the back of you to find another pole with a wire
on it grind the pole than wire , jump to wall ride the billboard fall
and grind on the pipe than finally jump to the platform in front of
you. Go to the left at the beginning of the platform and you'll again
see a pole connected to a wire , jump to billboard adjacent to the
wire and the pipe below it than jump off it to some more billboards
and you'll reach the highest platform in the level. In front of you
you'll see a big container with red rails , grind on the red rails
to the top with the fourth flag , Than jump all the way down to the
warehouse in the beginning of the level. Grind the tracks in the ware
house and in front of you is a  medium size fall jump down it and you'll
be in the beginning of the level where you started and  look there
it is the last flag. You might have to retry the level to get familiar
with all the jumping but not more than that.


99th Street
Jet Graffiti : To get Jet : Under 7 minutes.

This is easy to explain very hard to do. I think this is the hardest
part of the test run . Ok lets get started , you will begin in the
center of the level near the dragon look for a rail and than a wire
that goes upward to the dragon. When you found it ride it up and you'll
be on the wire and a lot of the graffiti is there. On the first corner
is a little graffiti spray it than jump on the top wire to get some
more graffiti. The wire will run out so when you drop get ready to
spray some more of it , when that's done again jump to the above wire
for a medium size graffiti to spray and near the end of the wire is
a very small graffiti spray it and your done with the middle part.
Now right in front of you is an entrance to the convention center well
enter it. When you are in the circle with all wires all over check
your map every once and a will to see where the closest graffiti is
and than look for the wire ( which should always be under it ) to spray
the graffiti . Go to the top of the first building and look for a wire
that goes in the way you first  came , grind on it and near the end
is a big  extra large graffiti for you to spray . You'll eventually
reach the middle section with the dragon again now enter the other
part of the stage , to arrive something just like the other one with
different graffiti markings . Ok when you reach  it go to the left
and look for a wire that goes up , but be quick because the second
you  go up is some graffiti , the wire ends shortly after the graffiti
and onto the building . There will be a wire in front of you jump on
it and grind for some graffiti than go to the top of the wire for more
graffiti this pattern repeats through the rest  of the circle . When
your done with the pattern go were you started  and  grind the wire
to the building now jump to the roof top across from the building to
land on another building. When your on this building look for and alley
way with a wire going up grind on it and in front of you  will be the
graffiti but there a gate so go around it crashing through the
billboards to eventually reach it. Fall down to the first building
you started on and there will be a rail going from the way you started.
Grind the wire and in the middle  of it is some graffiti for you to
spray  the wire will soon end so jump off to the adjacent wire with
one small graffiti marking spray it to beat the level. You probably
won't get the first times but after a while you'll get the hang of

Jet Tech : To get Jet : 2000000 +
 Very Easy. You'll start in the middle of the  level with the dragon .
Look for the dragon 's head grind on it  all the way up to the top
of the  dragon will pressing the y button , this is a long rail plus
it's all bonus which mean it is very easy to get jet on. When the 5
minutes are up you should have surpassed the points by a lot.


Facility Underground
Jet Tech : To get Jet : 2000000 +
Alright  look forward and up a little and you'll see the  highest level
of the board and you want to reach that for the bonus rails up there.
This is what you do look for big wide pipes that go up to something
that looks like a shack. There are three different shacks but you
always have to boost dash forward to land on the platform with the
bonus rails. When you do so grind on the rails  with y button to pick
up lots of points.


                                                    Bottom Of
Sewage Facility
Jet Tech : To get Jet : 2500000 +
There's no real "GOOD" place to get the points you want to beat the
level. However this is what you should do , When you see those big
rails that are orange and blue you should always grind on the orange
ones, because they are longer and don't have many gaps that break up
your point scores therefore giving you more points to get the jet you


Hikage Street
Jet Tech : To get Jet : 3000000 +
Alright you'll start in the area with the crane which  is a major plus
so all you have to do is well, keep grinding the upper walk ways  with
your Y button and get a lot of points to get the jet you want to. Ina
bout 3 minutes into the level you should have completed it already.


Kibogaoka Hill

Jet Graffiti : To Get A Jet : Under 4 minutes 30 seconds

This one Is easy but very confusing. On that note lets begin ok you
will start  on the second part and on the third floor. Ok go backwards
to collect all of the 20 spray cans  . Go back and boost dash of the
ramp to the top of the telephone wire. Ok from there ,switch over to
the  top of the wire to the right of you. Ride it all the way almost
to the end and jump off when you see the blue graffiti sign. Land right
in front of it and spray them collect the 10 or so spray cans up the
steps than go back down and jump down the opposite way you jumped in
the beginning, to land in front of more graffiti which of course you
should spray.  Alright now go forward ( facing that dam ) and land
on the platform below for some spray cans and more graffiti to spray.
Now there' s only on more to go which will be below you but very tricky .
Ok now go to the front of the platform ( facing where you started )
and fall on the telephone wire which will be under you . Fall on it
and grind down it , jump off the telephone wire to land on the bottom
platform and the last of the graffiti you have to spray to beat the
level. This takes a few tries but when you get the hang of it you'll
complete it under 2 minutes 30 seconds.

Jet Tech : To Get A Jet : 3000000 +

Ok From the beginning of the level go up the two flight of stairs ,
when you reach the top grind down the right side telephone wire. You
will land near a flight of stairs and a pole grind the pole and keep
pressing Y when grinding because this is the biggest bonus rail in
the level ( except the one on the other side of the  level but it will
take to long to get there). Now grind back and forth like you usually
would  during the 5 minutes which should get you a jet very easily.

 I have not yet begun to write the faq for the following levels so
come back in a couple of days to see if I have it posted .

Skyscraper District
Jet Tech : To get Jet : 3000000 +
Now what I did was as follows :  When you begin the level you should
be on the telescope observatory  jump all the way down to that elevator
thing  and those Paige bricks. Its a long fall and you'll take some
damage but you should make it easy on the platform. Now those long
Paige bricks is what you want to grind on  and this you have to  grind
with your Y button or you'll probably get less than a jet , which you
will not want. You'll get about 10000 points  every time you land on
them and grind full way , which will just  get you a jet ranking.


Highway Zero
Jet Tech : To get Jet : 3000000 +
 Alright this is very basic but very frustrating. Go to the area with
all the telephone wires (before those big poles on the ground ) You'll
see about 8 different lines grind the first one (the one that connects
to the rail) which will be a bonus rail with the rest of the wires
but this one is the largest. When your done with that  you could either
go on to the  wire in front of you or just grind backwards to the one
you were just previously on. Keep doing this during the 5 minutes  to
get the Jet ranking .


Sky Dinosaurian Square
Jet Tech : To get Jet : 3000000 +
Alright this is very easy , all the green rails are bonus rails which
means this is an easy level to get a jet ranking in . From the start
of the level  You'll be in front of a red rail jump on it than quickly
jump to the right landing on the green rail . Now you'll be on a huge
bonus rail which you will keep pressing y button on you will very
easily get your jet ranking.


Fortified Residential Zone
Jet Tech : To get Jet : 3000000 +
Now there's no basic method to do this because the few bonus rails
there are , are very short. So you'll have to  jump from each of the
metal pipes (located on the beginning of the first floor and the second
floor) to gain the points you want to achieve jet ranking . There are
red ones and silver ones the silver ones tend to be shorter and be
cut off by circuit breakers. While the red ones are the best ones as
they tend to be a little bigger .  So just go the first floor (or
second ) and keep grinding on them . This is probably the hardest  Jet
Tech but after two or three tries you should get the jet ranking.


                 What do I Get For Completing them
Now by me saying you have to get all the jet on such and such level ,
I mean on every level  there are 3 categories every one has Jet Graffiti
and  Jet Tech and half of them have Jet Flag and the other have Jet
Dash. Now Depending on the level just get all of the 3 categories to
unlock that person.
Now to unlock the characters is as follows :

For Getting all Jet On Dogenzaka : If you get all jet on Dogenzaka
you unlock the Doom Riders

For Getting all Jet On Shibuya Terminal : If you get all jet on Shibuya
you unlock Zero Beat

For Getting all Jet On Chuo Street :  If you get all Jet on Chuo Street
you unlock Roboy

For Getting all Jet On Rokkaku-Dai Heights : If you get all Jet on
Rokkaku-Dai Heights you unlock Gouji

For Getting all Jet On 99th Street : If you get all jet on 99th Street
you unlock Rapid 99

For Getting all Jet On BOTH Sewage levels : If you get all Jet on all
the Sewage levels you unlock Poison Jam

For Getting all Jet On Hikage Street :  If you get all Jet on Hikage
Street you unlock the Love Shockers

For Getting all Jet On Kibogaoka Hill : If you get all Jet on Kibogaoka
Hill  you unlock Potts the Dog.

For Getting all Jet On Skyscraper District: If You get all Jet on
Skyscraper District you unlock the Immortal

For Getting all Jet On Highway Zero : If you get all Jet on Highway
Zero you unlock the Noise Tanks

For Getting all Jet On Sky Dinosaurian Square : If you get all Jet
on Sky Dinosaurian Square you       unlock NT-3000

For Getting all Jet on The Fortified Residential Zone : If you get
all Jet On The Fortified Residential Zone you unlock A. Ku . Mu.


                  About Me / Special Thanks

All Right. I have Not finished this FAQ yet to what I want it to be
but , so far everything is good and I enjoyed every part. If what you
need help in is not yet available check back every day or so because
I will be up dating constantly . Now about me I enjoy talking on the
message boards on gamefaqs. com you could find me on a lot of boards .
I am putting more faqs up plus reviews  .

Special Thanks to :
CJayC for posting this faq

Whoever is reading this : I hope my faq helped you out in this game.

Sega / Smile bit : For creating such a great game  on the Microsoft

And for anybody else I missed

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