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FAQ/Walkthrough by JPereira

Updated: 05/16/02

Jet Set Radio Future FAQ/WALKTHROUGH, by Jonathan Pereira
Email: infohunt@prtc.net

 Table of Contents
1. Intro
2. Revision History
3. Story
4. Main Characters
5. Moves List
6. Walkthrough
7. Graffiti Soul and Secret Tape Locations
8. Special Thanks
9. Credits

 1.  Intro
Hi, welcome to my FAQ of one of the best games I've ever played on the 
XBox, Jet Set Radio Future! This FAQ isn't complete yet, so please email 
me if you've got some information not in this FAQ. If you do help me 
out, I will put you on the Special Thanks section. Don't tell me about 
unlocking characters and street challenges since there's already FAQs 
about them.

2. Revision History
I have not updated yet. Do'h!

3. Story
You are a member of the GG's who are a gang of Rudies who go out 
sprayin' graffiti throughout the streets. They have a bunch of rival 
gangs like Poison Jam and constantly fight over territory. Recently 
Gouji Rokakku has made a bunch of harsh laws taking away the peoples 
freedom for profit. It is up to you to stop Gouji's evil plans.

4. Moves List
Here's a list of all the moves you can perform during the game.

Grind: Very easy, just jump on a rail and you will automatically do a 

180: Press Y when skating or Grinding.

Boost Dash: When you have collected 10 spray cans, press B to do a Boost 

Phone Pole Grind: When you see a Phone Pole, jump on it and you will 
automatically Grind up it. You can also jump off pressing A, which is 
important in some parts of the game.

Grind Combo: While Grinding, Press X to change the Grind you're in. You 
can do it repeatedly if you keep pressing X, but the timing has to be 
just right or the character will stop doing the combos. It a little 
practice. You can also do the same thing witht the Y button, but the 
timing is a little different.

Lock-On: When your near a Rival or enemy a yellow cursor should appear 
when facing it. Press the Left Trigger to lock on to it. When locked on 
you will always be facing the person you've just locked on. This move is 
very useful when doing a Tagger's Tag challenge.

Shuffle: Press the Left Thumbstick to do a Shuffle. This move is used to 
regulate your speed when skating without stopping.

Halfpipe Tricks: When in a Halfpipe, jump off one of the sides and 
you'll do a random trick.

Handplant: When in a Halfpipe, hold X and run to the edge of the 
Halfpipe to do a Handplant.

Super Air: When in a Halfpipe, do a handplant move and then quickly run 
to the other end of the Halfpipe and jump REALLY high.

Air Combo: Before the character finishes doing an Air Trick, press X and 
he'll do another one. You can do this repeatedly, but it takes practice 
because this is one of the hardest moves in the game.

Jump really high without getting hurt: This is a move I accidently 
discovered when doing Air Combos in the Skyscraper District and Pharoh 
Park level.
Do repeated Air Combos without fail and you won't get hurt when you hit 
the ground no matter how high you fall.

5. Main Characters
Below are the Main Characters of the game.

Corn: The founder and leader of the GGs.

Gum: Member of the GGs.

Yoyo: He has come to join the GGs. Not much is known about him, though.

Beat: Original leader of the GGs. He has just appeared in Tokyo and has 
been spreading a bunch of rumors of stuff like the blackout at 99th 

DJ Professor K: The DJ of the underground pirate radio station Jet Set 
Radio. Man this guy plays some awesome music! He will also give you some 
tips throughout the game.
6. Walkthrough

Chapter 1:

You begin as Yoyo, who comes to the GGs Garage to join them. After you 
talk to Corn, the GG's leader, talk to the Gum, I mean Gum and she will 
test you to see if your good enough to join the GGs. Since the test is 
so easy that my 5 year old sister can do it, (and I'm not joking)I won't 
bother to post it here. After that, go to Dogenzaka Hill. 

- Dogenzaka Hill

DJ Professor K will tell you that some punks are spreading rumors around 
here and that someone stole the goddess statue of Dogenzaka Hill. Spray 
all the Graffiti marks on the level and one of the punks that were 
spreading rumors, Beat, will appear. Check the map in the Pause menu to 
see where he is and talk to him. He'll run away from you and stop at 
some point. You have to follow him and talk to him again. He'll do this 
repeatedly until he gives up and will challenge you to a race. He'll 
also say that if he wins you must give Dogenzaka Hill, which is GG 
territory, to him. As with all challenges, you must beat him or you'll 
get a big fat GAME OVER. When you beat him, he'll join you. 

After that, you'll here that the cops have spotted you and are coming. 
Beat heads to the Garage and then you'll start your first cop battle. 
Heres what to do.

Run quickly into the cops to knock 'em down. When they are on the floor, 
spray them quickly before they get up. Keep doing this until they're all 
tagged. Now that wasn't so hard, was it?

After that, you'll here that some someone has sprayed some ugly graffiti 
in Shibuya Terminal. I'm sure you know where to go now.

- Shibuya Terminal

Not that hard of a level, except for the fact there is some major 
grinding to be done. Check the map for the locations of the graffiti 
(They are the orange dots). If you don't do this, you won't EVER finish 
the game. Well, at least not this year :). After a little skating, you 
will find that Poison Jam, a rival gang, has been spraying the graffiti 
in Shibuya Terminal. Now it's your job to cover it up!

After you finish covering the graffiti up, Poison Jam will appear. Check 
for the blue dots on the map to find them. When you talk to them, they 
will run away like Beat did. After talking to them 3 times, they will 
run away to Chuo Street. Then Combo will show up. Talk to him and he 
will challenge you. This challenge is very easy and, to my suprise, it 
is the only challenge in the game where you have to do the same trick as 
the other person. Especially weird since the last game did this all the 
time. Anyway, after you beat him, he will join you. After that, you will 
engage in another Cop Battle. After you defeat the normal cops Captain 
Hayashi will try and shoot you. (I got hit 3 times and didn't die, what 
kind of bullets does he use) Defeat him like you do with every cop, 
knock him down and tag him. He uses more spray cans to defeat though, so 
make sure you got quite a few. Well, you're done here. Now lets head on 
over to Chuo Street.

- Chuo Street

Right when you enter the level, Captain Hayashi will send in a bunch of 
tanks to get rid of you! Don't worry, these tanks are extremely weak and 
it's the only time you'll see 'em in the game. To beat them, tag both 
sides of the tank to, somehow, disable it. When you do, some guy will 
come out of the top and start shootin' you with a, weak, machine gun. 
Tag him to. Keep doing this repeatedly 'till there are no more tanks. 
(The tanks are the gray dots on the map) After that, Hayashi will try 
and kill you himself. (Man this guy's stupid. If tanks couldn't kill ya, 
how can he?) To get to him go to the intersection between the 2 exits to 
Shibuya Terminal (ever wonder why there's 2) and look for a stairway by 
a building to get to him and you know the rest. Okay, now it's graffiti 
sprayin' time. This level's pretty easy, so I won't bother postin' where 
to spray graffiti. After your done with that Poison Jam will show up 
again. They will challenge you to a City Rush challenge. This City Rush 
challenge is pretty tricky, so I will post the best way to beat it.

When you start, skate down the hill in front of you. When you get to the 
bottom go to the glass doors in the building in front of you which will 
lead you to 2 rails. Grind these rails and then jump off back on course 
for a big lead. (well, unless you were slow) Continue until you get near 
a dead end with 2 ramps. Grind the side of one ofthe ramps and you 
should go up a phonepole and to the top of a small building. Now you 
have to jump over several pools of water. Be sure not to fall or you'll 
lose some stamina and fall behind. After that, you will go to this mall 
or something. Keep going 'till you find the first rail. Grind it and do 
grind combos to keep your speed. At the end of the rail jump to the 
billboard to do a wallride and jump back on to another rail. This keeps 
on repeating for a while, but make sure not to fall off. When you reach 
the last rail, instead of going to the sewers, go left before the 
entrance to the sewer halfpipe and you will enter an alley. This alley 
is a major shortcut in this race. When you exit the alley skate foward a 
little more then grind up the stair rail in front of you and you will 
have completed the race.

After you win, Poison Jam will get ticked off and run to Rokakku Dai 

- Rokkaku Dai Heights

Congratulations! You have made it to the first level of JSRF that will 
REALLY tick you off. Spray the Graffiti Stop and save here. Then 
continue through the level until you find Poison Jam. Do what ya always 
do. Talk to 'em 3 times. When you do they will run out of the level. 
While your chasin' them though, you will encounter a Cop Battle. After 
that, spray all the graffiti in the level, which is easier said then 
done. After about an hour, you should figure out this level and have 
sprayed all the graffiti here. I will put in some pointers on how to 
finish this level later. Okay, now after that's over DJ Professor K will 
tell you that Rapid 99 has been sighted in 99th street (how original). 
Skate on over there, but first, take a loooooong break after a level 
like that or else your head will explode :).

- 99th Street

After a level like Rokkaku Dai Heights, you must be thinking a level 
like this will be a real pain in the arse :). Well, THINK AGAIN! This 
level is only a little harder than Chuo Street. Just remember to look 
for the little orange dots on the map. When you get to certain parts of 
the level a bunch of spotlights will shine on you. Disable them by 
grinding up them and tagging them. This happens twice in the level. 
After you finish the graffiti on the level Rapid 99, Poison Jam's sworn 
enemy, will show up. Go back to the center of the level where the 2 
dragons are stuck together and grind up the dragon that's on the bottom 
and it should take you to Rapid 99. Talk to them and they will challenge 
you to their version of Capture the Flag, but only if you have collected 
25 Graffiti Souls. If you haven't, collect them. This challenge is 
pretty hard so I'll tell ya the best way to do it.

When you start, there should be a spike or something in front of you 
with spray cans on it. Grind it and you'll fall down the dragon and 
there should be a pink rail underneath you. Grind it, or else you'll 
suffer from one very painful face plant. When grinding a little you'll 
come to a billboard. Wallride it and jump to another rail that's in 
front of you. This will continue a little until you reach the end. The 
flag should be right in front of you. (use the map if you can't find it, 
it's the big red dot) When you get the flag run quickly back to the 
dragon, but let Rapid 99 take the next flag. Grind up the tail and you 
should reach the entrance the place where you entered the level. Stay 
there until Rapid 99 gets the flag and another should appear right in 
front of you. Take it, and Rapid 99 should be far away from where they 
got the last flag. Jump to the bottom of the dragon and there will be 
another flag near it. When you get it Rapid 99 should be close by now. 
Get back to the place where you talked to them before and the last flag 
will be there. And you will have finished the first, and last flag hunt 
challenge of the game!

When you beat Rapid 99 they will tell you the secret hidout of Poison 
Jam, which is in the undergrond sewers in Rokkaku Dai Heights. I suggest 
you go to Roboy first because he'll teach you some very useful tips for 
the sewers. But then again, why bother? I already posted all of the 
moves above :P .

- Tokyo Underground Sewage Facility

This level is as hard (or almost as hard) as Rokkaku Dai Heights. When 
you enter, jump down to the halfpipe below and you'll be trapped there 
FOREVER!! MWAHAHAHA!!! Luckly, before you get a chance to rot in your 
slimy grave, Garam shows up. He'll agree to let you out if you are able 
to do a few easy to learn tricks. When your done, he'll somehow rip off 
and throw a few steel beams so you can Grind out and continue the level. 
(Pretty strong fellow, ain't he?) After you Grind out talk to him and 
he'll join you.

Sorry! I'm gonna have to review the game a bit before I can post 
anything else. I will post up some more soon, real soon, so come back 

7. Graffiti Souls and Secret Tape Locations
Secret Tapes:

Dogenzaka Hill: There is a small hidden section close to the place where 
you first talk to Beat. That's where it is.

Shibuya Terminal: At the roof where Poison Jam went to the first time 
you talk to them. It's at the very end.

Graffiti Souls:

Dogenzaka Hill:
1# When you first enter from the Garage skate down the sidewalk to the 
right of the street and you should find it. 

Shibuya Terminal:
1# It's on one of the parked buses

I know this is not much and the chances are you got these already. I 
can't remember where the others are right now so email me some of the 

8. Special Thanks
- To me for actually bothering to write this FAQ.

Well, that's it. If ya help me out I'll write you up.

9. Credits
- To Sega for making such a great game.

- To GameFaqs for putting my FAQ up.

- I used a bit of information on the other FAQs. I hope that's okay.

- To me for beating the game and writing this FAQ

This FAQ is copyrighted (c) 2002 to Jonathan Pereira. Any reproduction 
of this FAQ without the authors permission is strictly forbidden. If you 
want to post this FAQ on your website please contact me at 

Keep coming back! This FAQ is long from finished.

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