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Street Challenge FAQ by SuperHappy

Version: 1 | Updated: 03/13/03

Street Challenge FAQ
version 1, June 17, 2002
thrown together by Josh Lesnick

I spent all night on this just because.  It just started as a little post made
to the GameFaqs forum, and I've since expanded it into this.  I'm not an
experienced FAQ writer, so this may not look too pretty or organized, but
hopefully it'll do its job regardless.

v. 0.38378281672373762: FAQ is created
v. 0.848378281672373762: Format is corrected and some revisions are made, and
    then I do it all a second time after I accidentally overwrite the modified
    file. T_T
v.1 FAQ finished
3/13/03: I finally submit the finished FAQ to GameFAQs after forgetting to do
    so for almost a year. ^^;


I. What are Street Challenges?
II. First Things First (the cassettes)
III. Grind Combos
IV. Air Combos
V. Tricks
VI. Points
VII. Special Challenges
VIII. Other Questions


Every section of the game, aside from the Garage, Stadium, and Tokyo Line, has
a set of 5 street challenges for you to attempt.  When you pass one of them, a
new graffiti soul will appear in the stage, and getting all the graffiti souls
in a stage is necessary if you want to unlock the Test Run for that stage, and
subsequently unlock some of the game's hidden characters.

Generally, you get five different kinds of challenges, and they're ordered
like so:

-Grind Combo: While grinding, you must do a certain amount of tricks in a row
with no breaks between them.  
-Air Combo: For this you do a certain amount of consecutive tricks while in
-Tricks: You need to do a certain amount of tricks in a row without any
breaks, and it can include either grind tricks or air tricks, as long as
they're done consecutively.
-Points: You must start a combo, and keep it up until the score (the value in
the upper-left as you do the tricks) reaches the given amount.
-Special Challenge: For most of the stages, the 5th challenge will be a
specific task unique to that stage.

That's the gist of it.  Now for the strategy.


To get the challenges to even show up for the level, you have to locate and
acquire the cassette for it.  Here are the locations:

Dogenzaka Hill: It's located in a little pit area near where Beat shows up.
(before the convention area)

Shibuya Terminal: The tape's on the platform above the save point.  Grind the
stairway rail near the front of Dogenzaka Hill's entrance around and jump over
to reach it.
Chuo Street: In the area with the dinosaur statue, look for it between his

Rokkakudai Heights: It's in the shack with the two mine tracks.

99th Street: look for it under the central tower.

Tokyo Underground Sewage Facility: After you make it through the entrance,
it's right there in the middle of the island with all the spray cans.

Bottom Point of the Sewage Facility: It's in the corner of the first room.
Don't miss it!

Hikage Street: It's near the overpass area in the western section.  Take the
deviating path that comes right before it.

Kibogaoka Hill: In the area with the two long sets of telephone wires, jump
and skate across the bottom-inner left wire all the way to the bottom
platform.  The tape is on that platform.

Skyscraper District and Pharaoh Park: In the Pharaoh area, look around for a
safe place to drop down, then when your under the pharaoh, skate towards the
big pit; the tape's on the bottom of it.

Highway Zero: It's hidden amongst the food stands in the area with all the
telephone wires.

Sky Dinosaurian Square: Ride the green rail that goes down the dinosaur's back
to get to it.  From the entrance, start off on the red rail, and grind until
you come to a green rail on the left that runs parallel to the red one.  This
is the rail that leads to the dinosaur's back.  Just keep going and you'll
eventually reach the end of the track.  Jump forward into an area full of
spray cans and the tape.

The Fortified Residential Zone: Skate up the "Giant of Metal" in the middle of
the second level to get to where you rescued Yoyo.  From there, search the
wall for a gap with a hole to drop down into.  Fall into it, and keep falling
down to eventually reach the platform with the tape.


HOW THEY'RE DONE: While grinding, press X or Y to do a trick.  Keep pressing
the buttons, and time it right, and you can link the tricks together to form a

The grind combo challenges for all the stages are nothing to be concerned
about.  They're pretty low in all the stages, and you can get all of them
while you're in the middle of working on the Trick challenges for each stage.

Dogenzaka Hill: Grind Combo x 10

Shibuya Terminal: Grind Combo x 10
Chuo Street: Grind Combo x 10

Rokkakudai Heights: Grind Combo x 10

99th Street: Grind Combo x 15

Tokyo Underground Sewage Facility: Grind Combo x 10

Bottom Point of the Sewage Facility: Grind Combo x 10

Hikage Street: Grind Combo x 20

Kibogaoka Hill: Grind Combo x 20

Skyscraper District and Pharaoh Park: Grind Combo x 20

Highway Zero: Grind Combo x 15

Sky Dinosaurian Square: Grind Combo x 50

The Fortified Residential Zone: Grind Combo x 10


HOW THEY'RE DONE: Sometimes when you perform a jump, instead of just jumping
regularly, your character will do a trick in the middle of the jump.  You'll
also see a bit of light flash from the character.  Speed is the key here; your
character will perform a trick if you jump while skating fast enough.  Usually
you can get to the right speed by grinding, but the speed boost from skating
up a ramp will do the trick too.
Like with grind combos, you can press X or Y to link tricks together.  The
timing is a bit different; you'll have to wait a bit longer between button
pushes, and you can use the flash coming from the character as a guide (when
it goes out, hit the button again.).

Needless to say, it's best to find a high point in the level to try these
challenges.  Typically, you're going to want to use the X button to do these
Air challenges, since you can link the tricks together faster this way.  Also,
keep in mind the first jump counts as one of the tricks.  After you do the
specified amount of tricks, you must LAND for the challenge to count.

Dogenzaka Hill: Air Combo x 3

Shibuya Terminal: Air Combo x 3
Chuo Street: Air Combo x 4

Rokkakudai Heights: Air Combo x 4

99th Street: Air Combo x 4

Tokyo Underground Sewage Facility: Air Combo x 4

Bottom Point of the Sewage Facility: Air Combo x 4

Hikage Street: Air Combo x 4

Kibogaoka Hill: Air Combo x 4

Skyscraper District and Pharaoh Park: Air Combo x 4
It's easy to just skate off a ramp into oblivion doing tricks, but
unfortunately, landing is a requirement.  Fortunately, you only have to do 4,
and there quite a few places where it can be done, such as the rails leading
to the spinning elevator or some of the ramps strewn throughout the level.

Highway Zero: Air Combo x 5
It's best done off the wire leading back to the entrance of the level.

Sky Dinosaurian Square: Air Combo x 6
This is the trickiest Air Combo challenge, since it's hard to find a place to
land in this level.  If you jump off the rail near the area with the swinging
platforms, you may be able to get off six tricks right before you land.

The Fortified Residential Zone: Air Combo x 8


HOW THEY'RE DONE: You can do tricks while grinding or jumping, and the
directions for both are outlined above.

In most of the levels, you can simply do a really long grind combo to finish
this challenge, but there are a couple where linking grind tricks and air
tricks is necessary.  You can slow down to the minimum speed to do the combos
too.  You won't get points, but in these challenges, points don't matter.
Plus, you'll want to do tricks with the X button, since they're faster.

Dogenzaka Hill: 20 Tricks

Shibuya Terminal: 25 Tricks
Chuo Street: 30 Tricks

Rokkakudai Heights: 35 Tricks

99th Street: 40 Tricks

Tokyo Underground Sewage Facility: 45 Tricks

Bottom Point of the Sewage Facility: 50 Tricks

Hikage Street: 55 Tricks

Kibogaoka Hill: 50 Tricks
The long area with the telephone wires is the best place to do this.

Skyscraper District and Pharaoh Park: 55 Tricks
The easiest place to do this is at the tower with the sphere, where there are
rails which loop indefinitely.  You can jump and grind in the area under the
Pharaoh too, but it's harder, and you'll need to go to the sphere to pick up a
grafitti soul and do the point challenge anyway...

Highway Zero: 70 Tricks
Probably the hardest combo to get.  You have to jump and grind to get it, and
you can go through about 3/4ths of the level with one big combo link if you
have the skills for it.  The rails on the left side of the first part of the
stage, the signs leading up to the next part, the telephone wires in that
section, the grindable tubes in the S-curves that follow, and the set of six
signs that come afterward... you can do ALL of that in one big combo.
Needless to say, it is really hard to do without making a mistake.  What you
may want to do instead is just grind and do tricks on a couple rails in the
first part of the level, then ride off the four signs, land on the rail in the
next section, and slow down to minimum speed as you go across the telephone
wires, doing as many tricks as you can.  You can also just start in this area
and just grind off these wires, but it's really hard to get all 70 tricks done
before you reach the end of the area.

Sky Dinosaurian Square: 100 Tricks

The Fortified Residential Zone: 100 Tricks
Again, you pretty much have to do jumping tricks AND grinding tricks to get
this one.  The longest rail in the level, the "Giant of metal," is long enough
only for you to do about half that many grind tricks.  The bottom part of the
level is full of those places where you have to jump back and forth on rails
and ladders to reach the bomb switches, graffiti souls, and the like.  It's
here that you do the combo.  Just go to one of these areas, ride the rail to
the ladder, and do some tricks while you ride the rail, ride the ladder up a
level, jump off, land on the rail, ride to the next ladder while doing tricks,
jump on it, and this time, jump off right away and land back on the rail you
were just on.  Now just keep doing it like this.  Ride to the ladder while
doing tricks, jump on it, jump off right away, ride back to the other ladder
while doing tricks, and repeat over and over until you've done 100 tricks.


HOW THEY'RE DONE: Your point total accrues when you do grind combos.  Once you
are off the rail you're doing the combo on, your point total will reset. While
you can do some air combos to add to your point total after jumping off the
rail, it ends once you land, even if you land on another rail.  Also, you have
to be grinding at a certain speed to get credit for your tricks.

Here how the scoring goes:
each level includes normal rails and "bonus" rails which give you a lot more
points.  You get 1x the value of the rail for the first trick, 2x the value
for the second, 4x for the third, and 8x for the fourth.  From this point,
tricks with the X button give you 8x the value of the rail, and tricks with
the Y button gives 16x the value.
Normal rails are worth 10 points per grind trick, and jumping tricks done from
them are worth 20 points.  If you do a wall ride after jumping from the rail,
it's worth 30 points.
"Bonus" rails are worth 500 points per grind trick, jumping tricks are 1000
points, and wallrides are 1500 points.  "Bonus" rails aren't labeled or
anything. They're basically just like all the other rails;  they just give you
more points.

Thus, the strategy for scoring high is to find a long rail in in the stage
which gives you 500 points per trick and ride it while doing tricks with the
Y button.

Dogenzaka Hill: 50000
From the garage, head down to the long green rail on the left side of the
street.  Jump on and get your points.

Shibuya Terminal: 100000
There's an extremely long bonus rail in this stage.  Near the Dogenzaka Hill
entrance, look for a circular rail connected to two stairwells, with a smaller
circular rail in the middle.  The outer rail and all the rails connected to
are bonus rails, and you can easily get the 100000 point goal while tricking
off them.
Chuo Street: 60000
A little bit past the start of the stage, there's a narrow traffic area where
one side is elevated and the other isn't.  All the rails here are bonus rails.
Grind down the middle one to get 60000

Rokkakudai Heights: 40000
All the telephone poles and wires at the start of the level give 500 points.
You should have no trouble getting the required amount on about any of them.

99th Street: 100000
The long firebreathing dragon rail leading to the top of the center platform
is the bonus rail.  This one's easy.

Tokyo Underground Sewage Facility: 100000
The bonus rails are in the upper part.  There are some near the third save
point, and a there's long one all the way at the top section, which circles
around the tube you had to drop down to get one of the door switches.  You can
use wall rides to help you out here.  You get 24000 points for each if you
jump at the end of a long grind combo!

Bottom Point of the Sewage Facility: 50000
the frantic red and blue tubes in the section following where you ran into
Poison Jam are all bonus rails.  Use the red ones... the blue ones all have

Hikage Street: 300000
Go to the area with the crane. (the east part of the map)   The rails on the
entire spiraling platform are bonus rails.

Kibogaoka Hill: 250000
Again, go to where the long telephone wires are (you have to get the tape here
anyway)...  some are worth 500 points.

Skyscraper District and Pharaoh Park: 70000
Go to the Pharaoh area.  The stone rails on either side leading to the
spinning elevator are bonus rails.  Trick your way up them, then jump and do
air tricks when you reach the end.

Highway Zero: 90000
In the area with the telephone wires, The first wire (which has the rail
leading to it) is a bonus rail long enough for you to get the points.  In the
area below, the rail leading to the signs you can ride up is also a bonus rail.
If you do a few tricks off it, then ride the signs up, you can get the 90000

Sky Dinosaurian Square: 10000
All the green rails are bonus rails.  For some reason, the score is set
extremely low, so you should have no trouble here. ^^;  If you want to make it
challenging, try doing it on a 10 point rail instead. =)

The Fortified Residential Zone: 50000
The metal parts strewn about the bottom of the first and second levels are the
bonus rails.  Find a long-ish one and ride it.


Dogenzaka Hill: "Avenue, Long Grind"
You do this near the start of the level. Skate forward 'till you get to some
rails on the left side of the street. Hop on, and grind across 'em, jumping
over the gaps, and then skate off at the end (don't jump). When you hit the
ground the soul should appear.

Shibuya Terminal: "Platform of '(symbol)' x 13, not to fall down"
Jump on the 13 greenish platforms (and the one grey, slanted one) without
touching the ground. You can rail grind or use your boost to reach the other
platforms.  Some platforms have little ramps on them.  Do not skate on these
ramps.  You can grind on their edges, but don't skate directly on them, or you
will not get credit for this.
Of all the challenges, this one seems to have the most trouble registering.
-_- If the soul doesn't appear after hitting all the platforms, keep jumping
around on them until it does.

Here's my suggested route:

     +----------+  ----------  
     |    4     |              
     +----------+  ---+  +---  
                      |  |
--+  +----------+  ---+  +---  +--------------------+
1 |  |    5     |              |         8          |
--+  +----------+  ---+  +---  +--------------------+
                      |  |
--+  +----------+  ---+  +---  +--------------------+
2 |  |    6     |              |         9          |
--+  +----------+  ---+  +---  +--------------------+
                      |  |
--+  +----------+ X---+  +---  +--------------------+
3 |  |    7     |              |         10         |
--+  +----------+  ---+  +---  +--------------------+
                      |  |
                      |  |       |  |          |  |
                      |  |       |H |          |  |
                      |  |       |  |          |  |
         +-------+    |  +-------+  +----------+  +-----
         |   11  |    |
         +-------+    +---------------------------------

         +-------+     +-------+
         |   12  |     |   13  |
         +-------+     +-------+

Start at the X, jump on the rail, grind up and around, land on 6.  From there,
jump across the platforms in this order: 7, 3, 2, 1, 5, 4, 5.  From 5, turn
toward the staircase and jump on one of its rails, grind up, and when you
reach the top, jump up and over, landing on 8.  Jump to 9 and then to 10.
From there, skate to the staircase on your right (labeled "H" on the map).
Jump on the right rail.  Ride it over, and jump over to 11.  Jump from 11 to
12, and boost jump to 13.

There are many ways to do this, but that way was the easiest for me as far as
having a nice route and not having those bloody ramps on platforms 12 and 13
screw me up.  If it ends up not working, then from platform 13, you can jump
on the right rail and grind and jump your way around and back to the starting
point.  That way you can try jumping on the platforms again without actually
starting over, just in case one of them didn't register the first time, for
some reason. ^.^

Chuo Street: "G->W->G->W->... reach for the sewer"
"G" stands for "grind" and "W" stands for wallride. Go to the crowded area
located in front of the sewer halfpipe, and jump on the first rail you come
across. Grind across the rail, jump, ride the billboard, fall onto the next
rail (don't jump off the billboard), and repeat until you get to the end where
the sewer halfpipe is. When you reach the end, try to slow down and land
without actually entering the halfpipe.  The soul should appear once you land.
If the soul doesn't appear, go back and try it again.  The game is a bit anal
in judging you for this particular challenge, and you have to follow a very
specific path to get it to count, so a dinky little mistake like jumping on
the sign too early may nullify it. ^^;

Rokkakudai Heights: "Chimney #1, Grind"
Near the shack with the two mine tracks inside, look around behind the houses
and you'll find the twisting staircase which leads to the chimney.  Jump on
the right rail, and simply skate all the way to and up the chimney.

99th St: "East, South, West, North, East gates, grind"
This is done in the center of the area where the dragon is. From the dragon,
turn toward the west part of the map (the map is upside-down ^^;) and observe
the gates. The outer-gate has the "East" symbol on it. From this gate, jump on
the rail located to the right of it. Ride the rails all the way around,
jumping across the gaps, until you reach the "East" gate again. Don't deviate
from the path of the rails. Just adjust your speed and refrain from moving
right or left while jumping the gaps. Once you reach the "East" gate again,
fall off the rail (don't jump) and the soul will appear.
Like the Chuo Steet challenge, the game is a harsh judge here.  You pretty
much have to follow the path of the rails exactly.  If you do something like
jump early and turn in midair to get from one rail to the next, it won't work.

Tokyo Underground Sewage Facility, "150000"
Just another point challenge.  Use the long bonus rail at the top of the stage
to get it.

Bottom Point of the Sewage Facility,  "70000"
Again, a second point challenge rather than a special challenge.  Just do the
same thing you did to get 50000, but do it a tad longer.

Hikage Street: "Overpass w/ a crane, G, Ground, Top, Ground"
Go to the area with the crane. Head toward the stairs, jump on the left rail,
and grind your way to the top, leaping over the gaps along the way. Once you
reach the very top, fall down the first gap you come across, and you'll end
up heading back down. Keep going all the way until you reach the bottom, and
once you land, the soul will appear.
This is not the only way to do the challenge, but it is the easiest, IMO.
Yes, using the crane is faster, but it's hard to land on a rail going the
right direction once you reach the top.  Just ride the rail all the way up.
You can do the Trick and Point challenges while you're at it too. =)

Kibogaoka Hill: "Gate of 'A bunch of Kanji'"
The real challenge here is searching for and finding a gate with these
characters, really.  It's in the area with the long telephone wires. In the
area where Boogie appeared, skate off the upper-level ramp and land on the
inner-left electrical wire. Jump up to the top wire and ride it to the other
side. You'll end up on the top level, with the gate right in front of you.
Simply walk through it to make the soul appear.

The Skyscraper District and Pharaoh Park: "Go circle around Pharaoh"
Just grind the rails circling Pharaoh without touching the ground. The only
tricky part is the gap which seems too big to jump. At that point there's
actually a bench you can grind off of so you can get across without falling.
This is probably the challenge which the game does the most half-assed job
judging.  I never really have done it successfully, yet it tends to keep
rewarding it to me after I dick around the Pharaoh long enough ^^;

Highway Zero: "W->W->W->W->W->W"
You know what the Chuo street challenge means now.  So use your head. =]
Okay, just for the sake of completeness... find the area with the six
billboards, and ride them to the top.  Not too hard at all.

Sky Dino: "Rail -> Swinging Ride -> Rail"
See the giant ride composed of a set of two platforms which swing in the
opposite direction of each other? You have to start from a rail, jump on to
one of the platforms, then jump back on a rail.  The best place to go to start
this is on the green rail near the beginning which goes down the Diplodocus's
back. After riding his back, you'll be at a straight section pretty much lined
up completely with the moving platforms.  Jump, ride the platform, and jump to
the red rail it takes you to.

The Fortified Residential Zone: "Giant of Metal, Grind Up"
No challenge here. On the floor of the second level, you'll see a huge
vertical slab of steel with a rail on it, leading to where Yoyo was. This is
the "Giant of Metal."  Grind up. =)


Q. I completed all the Street Challenges for the stage, and the Test Run for
that stage has not been unlocked!
A. Despite what my "Spoiler-Free Walkthrough" FAQ says, you need to complete
the challenges and THEN get all the graffiti souls in that stage to unlock its
test run.

Q. I completed all the Street Challenges for the stage, AND collected all the
graffiti souls, and I still can't get to the Test Run!
A. Did you beat the game yet?  You need to finish the story before the test
runs become selectable in Roboy's menu.
Also keep in mind there are 8 souls to find in each stage, except for Sky
Dinosaurian, which has 9.

Q. Is there a way to unlock any street challenges in the Garage or the
A. Nope.  These stages have no challenges to complete, graffiti or street...
There are training missions from Roboy to complete in the Garage, but they
don't get you anything.

Q. Why can't I get the stupid Air Combo in Sky Dinosaurian?  I'll jump off the
rail and do 8 or 9 tricks, and the Soul never appears!
A. Souls don't show up instantly after you do enough air tricks; you have to
land from an air combo before the soul will show up.  As easy as it would be
to just jump and air combo into the pits, the game isn't nice enough to let
you do that.

Q. WHY WON'T THE @@$(@%&#&((#&!*&(!)*@(* "PLATFORM X 13" SOUL IN SHIBUYA
A. I know; it sucks, but there's really not much I can say that hasn't been
said in the FAQ already.  A lot of time has been spent on various people
trying to find SOME reason why the challenge often doesn't register, and while
avoiding the ramps on those two platforms does seem to be a factor, on the
whole, it seems to boil down to the ugly fact that sometimes it works, and
sometimes it doesn't.

Q. I beat the game, completed all the Street Challenges, got all the souls,
finished all the remaining tags, got a Jet ranking in all the Test Runs,
and unlocked all the characters.  Is there anything else to find?
A. No.

Josh Lesnick is 25 years old, drinks Dr Pepper, and draws a comic at
http://cutewendy.com/  Please visit it if you have the chance.  Josh loves it
when people read his comics.

Uhhh... this FAQ is (C)2002 by Josh Lesnick, but I really don't care if people
steal from it.  Jet Set Radio Future is (C) 2002 by Smilebit and Sega.  You
probably shouldn't steal from them.  Garfield is (C) 1978 by PAWS, Inc.
Garfield likes lasagna.

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