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Bayman by Master SURGE

Updated: 02/19/2002

Dead or Alive 3 bayman guide version 1.00
by Tarek RIFAAT aka Master SURGE

Work copyright of Tarek RIFAAT

This guide is for private and personal use only (it cannot be
reprinted in part or in whole, or reproduced in any way or in
any form). It cannot be used for any commercial purposes.
If you want to put it on your website or just display part of it
please e-mail me (master_surge@hotmail.com) and give the author
full credit.

Bayman and the Dead or Alive series are copyright of Tecmo.

			Table of Contents

-Basic Commands
-Dead or Alive Engine
-Move List/Comments/Strategies
-Ground Attacks
-Holds/Counters/Advanced Counters
-Miscellaneous Attacks/Moves
-Running Attacks
-Jumping Attacks
-Tag Partners/Tag Throws
-General Notes and Strategies
-Special Thanks

I am a BIG fighting games fan ever since I first played Street
Fighter. Since that time there have been very few fighting games
series who were able to leave such a deep impression on me.
Dead or alive is one of those series, and this third
installment, might very well be the greatest I have seen.
Bayman was always my second favorite character since i started
playing doa (i always prefered Kasumi), but I decided to do a faq
about him because he is such an interresting character to use,
plus u gotta love the way he cracks those bones ^_^.
Bayman has changed since his first appearance in doa1.
He morphed from a power/grappler character , to a faster less
powerful, more combo and versatile , counter orientated one.

This faq is going to be a strategy/move comment type ,rather than
a combo type , since most combos are easilly executed/created.
I'll try to add some advanced combos in my next update

Remember, DOA3 is an entirely tactical fighting game. Most
newbies will tell u that this is just another button masher, but
it is not . With it's paper/rock/scissors system and it's high
character maneuverability, it is hard not to consider it the second
best 3d fighting game (after VF of course).

				Basic Commands
All moves and commands are presented considering that the
character is only the left side of the screen, facing right

u = up			d = down
b = back		f = forward
u/b = up-back		u/f = up-forward
d/b = down-back		d/f = down-forward

P =  punch (or y button)
K =  kick (or b button)
F =  free or hold (or x button)
T =  throw (or a button)
P+K = press punch and kick together (or white button)
K+F = press kick and and free together (or right trigger button)
P+K+F = press punch kick and free together (or black button)

qcf = quarter circle forward = press d,d/f,f in one motion
qcb = quarter circle back = press d,d/b,b in one motion
hcf = half-circle forward = press b,d/b,d,d/f,f in one motion
hcb = half-circle back = press f,d/f,d,d/b,b in one motion
bf = back-forward = press back followed quickly by forward
bb = quick retreat
ff = quick lounge
ff hold f = run forward

			Dead or Alive Engine

The dead or alive engine follows a simple rule , commonly known as

1- strikes always beat throws
2- throws always beat counters
3- counters always beat strikes (of same level, ie low counter
beats low strike but not mid or high strike)

like in most fighting games there are 3 "levels" of attack

-H or high level attack : could be blocked standing (back)
or crouching (d/b)
-M or mid level attack : can only be blocked standing (b)
-L or low level attack : can only be blocked while crouching (d/b)

			Move List/comment/strategy
Even though Bayman has gained alot of comboes in DoA3 , he still
lacks efficency in that domain, simply because he lacks versatility
i mean most of his combos start with a H level attack , and are
easely countered, so i don't recommand using him as a
pressure/combo fighter . Most of his comos are to be used after a
juggle or a "stun" attack.Most of the time u should rely on launching
ur opponents so u could juggle, his versatile throws , and his DEADLY
counters and advanced counters.

all moves will be denoted as follows :
"move name" :"command" :"level of attack+damage"

palm arrow : u/b p : M 30
This is an interresting move . it strike mid, is a stun attack which means
u can follow it with a Power attack, a juggle attempt, or try and go for
the throw. Plus, Bayman seems to reel back when executing it, so u can use
it as a "sucker" punch : it is slow to start but has nice priority.

tomahawk elbow : u/f p : M 32
I use it from far away if I see the opponent crouching, great against most
low attacks. Some nastier uses are when ur opponent is getting up from the
ground, move forward and try to sucker them into going for the sweep,
then quickly tap back and go for it, a great nerve breaker.

smash uppercut : u pp : M 18,27
In normal cases this isn't very useful, only use it after a stun attack.
The second uppercut will act as a launcher.

break shot : qcf k : H 32,48
This is a very quick attack , use it as a combo/juggle finisher, or to push
the opponent away, or against a wall. it does more damage at close range.

rising tomahawk : uf k : M 34
It is a good long range follow up launcher (ie in normal cases it doesn't
only after a stun) I only use it if a "while getting up" low kick connects,
or after a well executed slide kick from afar (the timing is pretty tight).
it is even deadlier against a low kick (turn low javelin).

javelin kick : u k : H 30
I tend to overuse this move, since most people seem to mistake it for bayman's
mid kick (d/f k) which is a mid attack, so I can get a counter hit along side
the mid kick, it is one of the few quick long ranged attacks Bayman has. Also
same uses as break shot.

rolling sobat : f K+F : H 38
no real use for this move (looks nice though ^_^ ). A power move

turn low javelin : d k+f : L 22
Ur normal every day sweep kick, great if followed by a launcher, nice range.

sidewinder : f+k : M 20
Very important move. it stuns, so u can go for almost anything when it hits
(it seems to be very useful against opponents who tend to over use 3d

fire bullet : b P+K : M 26
Slow mid level stun attack with nice range. Use it againt a H level attack
(ducks underneath it, and launches as a counter).

charging bolt : d\b p,p : L,M : 24,13
A fist sweep, very slow, but if it connects, u send the opponenet flying away.
Use it mostly against walls. The opponent will often confuse it
with any turn punch attack it also has great priority against H and M level
(it seems to go right through them !!!).

blast strass : b p,k : H,H 17,18
The end kick launches the opponent in the air.

blast stinger : b p,f k ,p : H,M,H 17,9,6
the end punch is a stun attack.

blast low javelin : b p ,d k : H,L 17,11
the end attack is a sweep.

[ the three blast comboes above are a very dealy arsenal , it lets u variate
the level at which ur attack ends H,M or L, the H attack being a launcher,
the M followed by a stun attack, and L well a sweep...
beware though that the starting turn punch is not very fast, and tends to be
easily countered by most players, so try not to overuse it , or simply
replace it with the charging bolt]

flame stinger : f k,p : M,H 20,7
Very quick M attack followed by a stun, very good for sneak, quick attacks,
into combos.

"uppercut" : d/f p : M 20
Very quick M level attack, great as a stun attack (u can combo 2 repetitive
uppercuts for an easy launch attack).

smash : d/f (hold) punch : M 25
A follow launch attack, very rarely used, maybe after his low javelin.

bulk uppercut : qcf p : M 30
A follow launch attack, decent range and speed, use it as ur main juggling
starter. beware of its lag time, it leaves u open if blocked.

heel axe : b K : M 30
A mid level attack, great for pinning the opponent against the ground
(where he belongs ^_^), on the other hand not too quick, most opponents
see it comming and counters it :(

side edge trass : p+k ,p,k : H,H,H 24,8,18
Not very useful (most opponent counter by the second hit), not even in juggles
(only the first strike connects). If it is blocked, u are in deep trouble.

side edge javelin : p+k ,p ,d k : H,H,L 24,8,11
Same as above (the sweep doesn't even help).

flame knuckle : ff p : H 24
Great move. Very quick, great as a sucker punch, stuns. U can squeeze it while
juggling ex: launcher,flameknuckle,juggling combo (timing is tight).
Too bad it is a H level, still I tend to overuse it, good priority.

spike shoulder : d/f d/f p : M 38
Even though it is a one hit launching attack, it isn't very good. U need to be
deep to connect, very low priority, it has a huge lag time (most comboes can't
connect after it), it isn't even good against a H attack (to slow to duck
the coming attack).

cannon shot : f P+K : M 40
A power attack with nice damage... too bad it's too slow to be used effectively
only use it after a stun attack (and hope it will combo and not be countered).
I am still trying to find out if it is possible to use it as a juggle/combo

spike sobat : d/b k,k : L,M 25,35
To be used with the double spike, as a way of variating low attacks (not very

double spike : d k,k : L,L : 12,25
Looks a bit similiar to the spike sobat (at the start). The second hit doesn't
sweep, but on the other hand it stuns :)

[ to effectively use the spike sobat and the double spike, u should be aware
that they both start with a low attack (which looks almost the same)
but one ends with a M attack and the other with a L stun...
So u should use them with other M level stun attacks to variate ur attack
patterns and prevent countering.
Another more advanced way of using these 2 moves is by cancelling the second
cancelling is pretty tricky in doa3 but it is the same as in 3d fighting games
a block button (VF , Last Bronx , Fighting Vipers). U simply have to press F
to cancel the second hit ]. Sounds easy but it is not. To be used evvectevely
u should be able to connect with the first attack (the low kick), cancel the
and go for a launch attack (in my case it would be the u/f k) in one single
combo. It needs practice, but it is a Very Deadly technique.]

solid crash : f p,p,p : M,M,M 18,18,25
A triple M attack, only to be used while juggling, since it is easily

crash leg spike : f p,p,k : M,M,L 18,18,25
Better than the solid crash, great as a finishing combo in a juggle (the low
is good extra damage). The last attack (the L kick) is also a stunner. So if
it connects quickly go for a launch attack (my favorite is still the u/f k ).

stomach breack : f p,k : M,M 18,30
Even though the ending k is a stunner, it pushes the opponent too far away.
No good use...

rush sabot : p,f p,k : H,M,M 10,18,35
see below.

rush leg spike : p,f p,d k : H,M,L 10,18,25
see below.

storm sobat : p,p,k : H,H,M 10,10,35
see below.

storm blast strass : p,p,b p,k : H,H,H,H 10,10,24,18
see below.

storm blast javelin : p,p,b p,d k : H,H,H,L 10,10,24,11
see below.

charging tiger : p,p,d p,p : H,H,L,M 10,10,24,13
see below.

[the rush, storm blast and charging tiger comboes should all be used in
The best way is to storm ur opponent, always keeping the pressure, and always
changing between them, variating the level of your attacks, not letting him
block or counter. the problem is that all of these comboes start with a H p,
so a good player can easily counter u before the combo even starts...
This is where ur high grappling and countering ability comes to hand.
While rushing and hammering ur opponent, be ready to go for a advanced counter
or a deadly throw, even better, block and counter with a stun/launch
or simply go for the tank wheel and strike. Remember the key here is never to
ur opponent rest]

[u shouldn't be reminded that these work great while juggling ur opponent]

knuckle shot : p,p,p, : H,H,H 10,10,24
Shouldn't be used, go fo a more damaging combo.

combo heel hammer : p,p,k : H,H,M 10,28,12
Nice damage, only to be used while juggling, can be easily countered.

trap heel hammer : k,k : H,M 30,12
Same as knuckle shot.

trap revese hammer : k,p,p : H,M,M , 30,12,37
Great damage. On the other hand it's pretty slow, and easily countered...
While used in a juggle, the last punch doesn't hit, since the one before
it pins the opponent to the ground... too bad.

slide kick : f ,f k : L 28
Not a very fast attack, with a huge lag, but on the other hand it has a great
range, bayman can duck underneath most attack while using it, stuns (great if
followed by u/f k). It is best used from far.

turn blade : qcb p : M 32
Simliar to the bulk uppercut... but leaves your back turned to the opponent...
stuns, and a good launch attack... too bad u can only follow it with the
smash uppecut.

smash uppercut : while back turned p,p,p : H,M,M 12,9,11
Follow up to the turn blade

[ I only use the turn blade after a bulk uppercut as follows ex:
qcf p, qcb p, p, p, p
doesn't do alot of damage, but I found it to be a nice looking combo ]

			Ground Attack
These are the normal attacks that u can use against an opponent on the

knee drop : u K+P : 22
I find it too slow to be used effectively... go for the ground throw.

stomping : d K : 11
I only use this after i connect with ground throw (seems to connect most
of the time).

1/3 of bayman's arsenal consist of throws, so don't be affraid to use
them, A LOT!

Mini throw legend:

S against a standing opponent
C against a crouching opponent
B against a standing opponent with his back turned to u
BC against a crouching opponent with his back turned to u

desert cross hold : T : S 45
Very basic, easily escaped from, very little damage, no range, ...in other
don't use it

nuttcracker : T : S 55
This a wall throw. U need to have ur back against a wall for it to work.

neck hold swing : b T : S 0
Ohhh yeah! Even though it does no damage at all, it is a very dangerous
throw. Basically it turns your opponent's back against u. From there u can
go for a back throw, either a standard one, a combo throw (especially with
ur back against a wall) or even a S.T.F. or even better u can go for the combo.
while his back turned to u, ur opponent cannot counter, is easily juggled,
furthermore u do more damage. A must for every bayman player.

S.T.F. : d/f d/f T , d T : S 77
This throw has numerous features that sets apart from any throw in the whole
It is a low throw (hits low on a standing opponent), it has a huge range,
it is fairely quick, does a nice amount of damage, and works even against
a back turned opponent. Furthermore when executing it, Bayman is very hard to
hit, and ducks underneath most moves. Its only drawback is that it has
a big lag time if it misses (ur opponent can even counter with a crouching
so only use it a few times, from afar and against most H and M level attacks.

jail lock knee : f f T : S 65
I tend to use this throw alot, simply because it includes the " f f"
command, it helps u get near the opponent and do damage.

shoulder breaker : f T : S 47
Not very useful, seems to have better reach than the desert cross lock
still u better go for a more damaging throw, or just do it if ur
opponent is against a wall (see below).

fire storm knee : f T : S 55
this is another wall throw. This time u need to be facing the wall with ur
opponent between u and the wall. Seems to get my opponents really pissed off
( i wonder why...).

scorpion death lock : b f T, d T : S 90
A combo throw  nice range and damage, hard to escape from (see below).

half boston crab : b f T , b T , d T : S 105
A combo throw, nice range, even nicer damage, still hard to escape (see below).

[the half boston crab and the scorpion death lock are 2 great throws against
profesionnal players, who tend to escape most combo throws  before the real
damage begins. the first part of these two (b f T) is hard to time for ur
so most of them can't escape it, in the second part (either a b T , or a d T)
is these throws strong point: ur opponents will have a hard time predicting
which part of the combo throw u are going to use. So most of the time these
2 throws tend to connect completely. The key here is to always substitute one
with the other]

dangerous driver : qcb T , b T , d T : S 105
Combo throw. This used to be one of my favorite throws: great damage, great
easily pulled off. On the other hand, it is easily escaped from. Most
players can escape it even before the first part (qcb T) connects, leaving
very vulnerable. Do not overuse it.

quebradora congiros : hcf T : S 67
Another throw i tend to use alot. It does very nice damage, and is very hard to
escape from, and c'mon it's a BACK BREAKER!!! ^_^ gotta love those.

catching arm bar : T : B 55
With bayman's huge array of back throws, why would u want to use this?

hell hazard lock : f T : B 60
A far better choice than the catching arm bar. good for variety.

swing neck hold : b f T ,b T : B 90
Combo throw. This should be ur premium back throw. It connects very nicely
after a
neck hold swing, great range and damage (should be pulled off very quickly)
better if u are against a wall.

swing breath fall : b f T , b T : B 100
Combo throw. This is just great!!! u need to have ur back to the wall and ur
opponent's back
to u. Use it with the neck hold swing (here u need to have ur opponent against
the wall,
go for the neck hold swing, pull them away from the wall, do the swing breath
fall, ram
them against the wall and bulldog them )... just marvellous ^_^

crazy crash : d T,d t , d d T : C 84 or BC 84
Combo throw. This works against crouching opponent (normally or with his back
to u)
very damaging for a crouching throw. I seem to have problems with the timing of
last part (d d T), i don't know about u...

reverse arm lock : d/b T , d T : C 75 or BC 75
Combo throw. Same uses as above. Still good for variety. It seems to have a
timing than the crazy crash.

ground submission : d T: on grounded opponents 30
ALWAYS go for this one if u have the opponent grounded. It is hard to connect
with a second
one. I prefer to follow it with a stomping attack (d k), it seems to connect
of the time.

			Holds/Counters/Advanced counters

Very few character's have advanced counters, this is why it is one of bayman's

head hunting cross lock : b/u F : H 47
Against high punch.

reverse achilles heel lock : b/u F : H 47
Against a high kick.

death trap : b F : M 47
Against a medium punch.

snake bar : b F : M 57
Same as above. Wall counter. Back against the wall.

catching cross : b F : M 47
Against a medium kick.

rolling cross hold : d/b F : L 47
Against a low punch.

cobra death lock : d/b F : L 47
Against a low kick.

catching arm lock : b F : M 47
Against a jumping punch.

heel hold : b F : M 47
Against a jumping kick.

guillotine choke : f b/u F : H 60
Advanced counter. Against a high punch.

leg cutter cross hold : f b/u F : H 60
Advanced counter. Against a high kick.

hell suplex : f b F : M 60
Advanced counter. Against a medium punch.

knee death lock : b f F : M 60
Advanced counter. Against a medium kick.

arm lock swing : f d/b F : L 60
Advanced counter. Against a low punch.

rolling leg lock : f d/b F : L 60
Advanced counter. Against a low kick.

			Miscellaneous Attacks/Moves

tank wheel : u P+K : 0
Great move. It gets bayman around his opponent. Use it to avoid attacks.

				Running Attacks

Running is performed by pressing f, f and holding f.

I tend not to use running attacks with Bayman.

slide kick : press k while running : L 28
Does a normal slide kick. Only useful against newbies.

jumping elbow : press p while running : M 32
Does a tomahawk elbow. Misses most of the time. Avoid it.

S.T.F : while running press T : L 77
Tends to catch most opponents by surprise. Painful if blocked correctly.

				Jumping Attacks

There are 2 kinds of jumping attacks: the ones performed while Bayman is
ascending in his jumps and the one performed while he is descending (before
he reaches the ground).

No one tends to use these (too slow). If u want to try anyway, at least do
them from afar.

jumping kick : while ascending press kick : M 30,37
Normal jump kick.

jumping spike : while descending press kick : L 25
Does a spike kick.

jumping punch : while ascending press punch : M 15,18

jumping hook : while descending press punch : M 25

				Tag Partners /Tag Throws

There are three kinds of tag partners in doa3:

Normal : when u tag throw the opponent they execute and standard throw.
secondary : when u tag throw ur opponent with ur second character they perform
a special throw (bayman should be tagged out).
primary : when u tag throw ur opponent with bayman they perform a tag throw
(bayman should be tagged in). These are also included as secondary tag

Bayman's primary partners are:

Leon, Gen Fu, Zack, Tina, Bass.

Bayman's secondary partners are:


The standard throws do 45 points of damage, special ones do 70.

[some partners have special command throws like Bass and Hayabusa

Bass's special command throw is f T : S 80

Hayabusa's special command throw is d/f d/f T : L]

Bayman's tag in attacks are

Break shot : b P+K+F : H 32

Cannonball shot : f P+K+F : M 40

Bayman's tag ground attack : d P+K+F : 35

[Bayman also has a special throw that he does with most regular partners ,if
his back is agains the wall : the snake bite : 72 ]

			General Notes and Strategies

Even though he has average speed and variety in his attacks, Bayman is still
a grappler/advanced counterer character and should be used as so.
The "rush" and "storm" combos described above will only get u so far.
Most player will be able to counter u most of the time. Keep these comboes
for juggles most of the time.

If u want to keep the pressure on ur opponents, try less abvious and quicker
attacks like the "spike sobat" "crash leg spike" "stomach break" "double spike"
and the "blast minicombos" with a few well timed power attacks. There's also
very quick attacks like "flame knuckle" "palm arrow" "javelin kick"
and the medium kick.

A technique for gaining the maximum damage from a combo is simply delaying the
strikes. In all combos listed above every extra strike does 50% less damage
normal(when used on it's own). The trick here when performing a combo is to
each hit to take the maximum damage, while keeping the combo string. This also
has an extra advantage: your opponent's countering timing will be screwed,
if he tries to counter a strike in your combo and it is delayed, he misses, and
u get extra damage. The drawback in this technique is that not all strikes in a
combo have "delaying ability", and if u tend to delay ur hits alot, u have a
chance of missing, your opponent can then easily go for the throw or a combo of
own. It's almost impossible to use it in a juggle.

Remember bayman is an excellent grappler. So if ur opponent hesitates, PUNISH

Bayman has twp major flows. His lack of reach and his lack of priority.
Most bayman player don't stand a chance if they try to storm a opponent with
high reach and speed (like jann lee) or with high priority (like lei fang)
this is where the art of "footsie" shines.
Footsie means walking in and out your opponent's basic attack range, attacking
when u think he is vulnerable.
With doa3's high 3d movement ability, the footsie becomes a must.
U basically try to sucker punch your opponent, go for a cheap throw, or even
better, try to draw them to attack so u could:
a- go for the counter (and with bayman this means an advanced counter).
b- block than retaliate (throw, or combo/juggle).
c- simply evade by going left or right in the background . This is even easier
the use of the tank wheel.
U use countering when ur opponent tries to combo.
U use evading if he uses a single/lagging attack.
U use blocking in both conditions.

Your main combo ability should concentrate on juggling.
To juggle u need to launch ur opponent into the air. This is done either by a
direct launcher (that always launches like the spike shoulder) or a follow
launcher (it only launches if it is used quickly after a normal attack
or if u use it to counter a opponent's attack (counter)) like the rising
tomahawk or
the bulk uppercut.
Since bayman's counter launch attacks have medium to low priority, u are going
to rely
mostly on his follow up launch attacks.

The best attacks to use for a follow up attack are stun attacks. These are
attacks that
leave ur opponent open for a few milliseconds (so u can easily combo, or even
an example for a stun to follow up launch attack sis the following:
f,f p , qcf p (stun , followed up by launch) then juggle combo (u can use
whatever u like

A good launch attack is always the unsuspected one  like one starting from a
attack, as follows:
d k+G, u/f K (low stun, quick launch) juggle.
This on the other hand is very tricky, needs "cancelling tecnique", and might
work against all characters.

Cancelling is a technique that requires u to press F (free button) after
certain attacks
so that u "cancel" the extra frames in that attack, enabling u to combo 2 moves
that normally don't.
Some examples of countering are like the combo described above
d K+G, F (cancel), u/f k
d/b k, F (cancel), u/f k or d k, F (cancel), u/f K

An even trickier side to cancels are that different attacks have diffenent
for cancelling  like above the d k cancel, differs that of the d/b k cancel).
Note that not all attacks are cancellable (I am still working on that).

The bulk uppercut is an excellent attack it is both a "stunner" and a
so it has many uses (the simplest is qcf p, qcf p, easy stun + launch).

The size and weight of your opponent are important factors in launching and
not all of them launch as easily, not all of them juggle easily.
Large characters tend to be large targets when juggling (u can squeeze more
hits before
they fall) on the other hand they tend to stay less in the air.
On the other hand smaller charcters are very light, yet smaller target.
U will see that some specific advanced comboes may only work against some
(especially infinities).

Bayman's new speciality is the advanced counter, and as a Bayman player u
should learn
to use them properly. At first using the normal counters is ok, but the
advanced counters
are as easy to use (with practice of course) and they do so much more damage,
executing at least one in each match will teach your opponents the meaning of
for most of his advanced counters, u only have to push "f" before executing a
counter. Ex : for a normal high counter, u press u/b F, for an advanced high
u press f u/b F. If u master the countering ability, u will find advanced
countering to be as easy (again practice is the key). The only problem is with
M attacks:
advanced countering a M P(f b F) differs from a M K (b f F), so most of the
time u
could have problems agains M kick attacks. (I still can't find out why did team
make this change).
To be a good countering player, u should be aware of ur opponent's arsenal, the
way he fights, what moves he uses the most, for ex a jann lee player may rely
most of the time on H attacks, or could try to "poke" u to death
(using his medium kick), so the best way to counter is to "know ur opponent"
(sounds like something from the "art of war" by sun tzu).

As for grappling (or throwing) with Bayman: in most cases try to go for the
hitting / hard to escape throws like his hcf T throw ,or his b f T variation
A throw with long range is always good for a sneek attack (f f T).
The S.T.F. is also good but i only use it as a counter against an incoming
(most H and M attacks).
The best throw attack is the one that isn't really a throw. I am talking about
the neck hold swing (b T), i have already said that, it lets your opponent
open for a combo (with extra damage) or a damaging back throw (swing neck

One of the most suprising things I discovered about Dead or Alive 3 is the
of the terrain u are fighting on. I don't know if this existed in previous
fighting games
before, mainly in vf3 with it's many terrain type.
The terrain in dead or alive 3 affects ur combo/launch ability.
what i means is, for example, if u are fighting on a sandy/snowy terrain it is
harder to
launch your opponent than on a normal terrain. Your opponent seems to be
heavier (or glued)
when u are fighting him on a sandy/snowy terrain. On the other hand they seem
to be lighter
when standing in water (like the beach stage). The terrain even affects the
distance your
opponent reels back when hit with an attack .
This is very important when using some of the complex combos... some of them
may not even
For example :
d K+G (cancel) u/f K combination described above is impossible ( i can't seem
to do it )
on sandy terrain , but it is very easy over water (it does't even need the
Some other examples of comboes that don't work over sandy/snowy terrain is the
crash leg spike combo (f P,P,K): the last kick DOESN'T combo!!!!

About bayman's tag partner : it all depends on how/who u would like to play:
if u are the the power/grappler type go for bass ( the extra team throw is
if u are more of a combo type go for zack or ein
I recommend never using hayabusa : u will loose the S.T.F. , the replacement is
a mediocre
42 points throw
I usually go for Zack (nice change) or for Leon since i tend to play him very
differently than
Bayman (most people still think they play the same, SHEESH!)

different strategies against different opponents:

If u are against a mashing opponent, who is always on the offensive:
Easy go for the counters these are normally weak blockers, so after a few well
timed counters
u will break their moral and they will cease to attack, it is time for u to do
some mashing.

If u are against an opponent who is always a turtle (always blocking):
it depends on how much of a turtle he is, does he go for the counters or does
he go for the throws?
if he likes to counter try to do some variations single hit attacks, and see if
his defence opens
if he likes to wait for u to make a mistake, then go for the throw, try the
"rush and storm"

If he is the "Poking" kind (likes to stand there and attack u with single hit
attack that are hard
to block and that keeps u too far away for a throw):
I mainly play "footsie" with these, try to make them come to me (rather than me
to them), or try to
go right or left in the background (a well timed press up or down is excellent
for avoiding such
attacks), the tank wheel is great in ther conditions. remember, opponents like
these are very
vulnerable upclose.

If ur opponent tends to rely on his character's high priority attack (his
attacks are hard to
block/counter, they have priority over most of ur attacks):
These are hard to play against with bayman. I still don't have a good strategy
against them,
I play "footsie", or try to keep them away with some long reaching, quick
attacks (like
the M kick or the javelin kick). Just be patient, wait for a mistake and then
punish them.

some combos that do nice damage, aren't easy to block/counter :

This one is only to be done on sandy/snowy terrain:
b/u p(stun), k+g(stun), (quickly before ur opponent turns his back), f K, P
(stun),k ,p (misses), p (launch),
air juggle (u can use anything u want here) ground submission, stomping.
[this is strictly a sand/snow combo, u should hit with the f k, p attack before
ur opponent turns his back or falls
(or the last punch will miss) as for the k, p, p attack the first p "should
miss", so that the second p acts
as a launch attack for ur air juggle. this might be hard to do but it works!!!]

If u want to use this combo on a solid/normal terrain u should omit the u/b p
as follows:
k+g ,f k, p,k ,p (misses), p (launch), air juggle, ground submission, stomping.
[it is easier to execute than the one above. here it is better if ur opponent
has his back turned when u hit them
with the f K,p]

This works on most terrains (I think), although seems to work best on
sandy/snowy terrain:
d/b k (cancel) b p, f k, p (stun), qcb p (very quickly), p, p, p
[this requires u to cancel the second kick of spike sobat (I am still trying it
with the double spike)
after the stun P, the only thing i seem to connect with (barely) is the qcb p
(turn blade).
I am still investigating this one]

A combo that works best on water terrain:
d k+g , u/f k juggle
[on normal terrain this requires u to cancel the end of the d K+G so that the
u/f k launches the opponent,
on water terrain this doesn't work]

Another one for all terrains :
d K+G, f k, p (stun) u/f k (or qcf p) juggle, ground submission, stomping.
[works best on normal/water terrains. If u want to do it on a sandy/snowy
terrain u have to cancel after
the d K+G]

This is a tricky variation that requires good timing:
f f p (stun), d/b k, f k, p (very quickly) launch, juggle, ground submission.
[if done correctly the last p connects (hard), and LAUNCHES !!!]
f f p(stun), d k , f k, p
[by replacing the d/b k with a d k the last punch connects easily but doesn't
juggle:( ]
f f p(stun), k+g(stun), f k (launch), p , juggle, ground submission.
[in this simple variation on the previous combo, the "f k" is the one to launch
the opponent!
it is pretty hard to follow with a juggle (I recommend the "crash leg spike")]

There are too many combos like these, so once u get the basics, u can easily
create your own comboes.

That's it for now.
I hope u enjoyed reading this faq, and that it helped u become a better Bayman

Future updates should include more advanced techniques, more strategies and
some special comboes

					Special Thanks

Microsoft for the Xbox

Tecmo and team ninja for DEAD or ALIVE

Gamefaqs for posting my guide

Mr Chris MACDONALD (kmegura@yahoo.com) for being such an inspiration
(the first faq I ever read was one of his, and I was hooked. He does
such an excellent job)

My dear friend ouss (ouss_am@hotmail.com) who helped me get my xbox and doa3.

Lord Grynn/Walid Jallad sempai (grynn@hotmail.com) for always being the good
opponent that he is
and before all a great friend

Mido/abouhmed (ahasbini@hotmail.com) he might not be the best fighter out
there, yet he still
enjoys a good game, JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT. A great source of motivation and

and last but not least all of u who read this faq


anyone who like to contribute is encouraged to do so
via email master_surge@hotmail.com
any comments or criticism are welcomed

copyright Tarek RIFAAT

thank u for your time

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