3D Environmental Sound Design and DevelopmentDrew Cady
Additional 3D ModelsCory Allen
Additional Cinematic Animation / DialogAlberto Eufrasio
Additional Cinematics SupportTheron Benson
Additional Cinematics SupportSeonsuk Oh
Additional Concept ArtStan Gorman
Additional Concept ArtJarred Holderby
Additional Music ComposerJulian Soule
Art DirectorJ. Clayton Corbisier
Art Director / Concept Artist / DialogClay Corbisier
Associate Producer / ProductionJeff Clinton
Character AnimatorEd Carreon
Character AnimatorAl Eufrasio
Character Artist / Concept ArtistMike Christian
Character Artist / Concept ArtistNghia Lam
Character Artist / Concept ArtistChance Rowe
Cinematic Animator / DialogJason Ilano
Cinematic Director / Concept Artist / DialogDavid Hunt
Combat ConsultantShelby Shearer
Concept ArtistWes Griswold
Creative DirectorPhil Trumbo
Design ArchitectPaul Knutzen
DialogMichael Humes
Environmental and Cinematics EffectsJeremy Tinkey
Executive ProducerDan Elenbaas
Executive ProducerDavid Mann
Game Designer / DialogMatthew Stipes
Game Designer / Level PlannerPaul Knutzen
Game Designer / Level PlannerDominick Meissner
Game System Architect / Programming / DevelopmentJeff Petkau
Graphics System Architect / Programming / DevelopmentJonathan Mavor
Lead DesignerMatthew Stipes
Lead Localization Engineer [Microsoft]Cosmo Greco
Level ArtistDouglas Albright
Level ArtistMike Christian
Level ArtistWes Griswold
Level ArtistCory Hamilton
Level ArtistPriscilla Prentice
Level ArtistChance Rowe
Level ArtistColin Tennery
Level DesignerBen Coleman
Level DesignerPaul Knutzen
Level DesignerDominick Meissner
Level DesignerBradley Rebh
Level DesignerMatthew Stipes
Level Planner / Staff EffectsBradley Rebh
Localization - Producer [KKX]Jonah M Nagai
Localization - Producer / Product Planner [KKX]Monika Hudgins
Localization - Producer / Product Planner [KKX]Tom Nakatsubo
Localization - Producer / Product Planner [KKX]Shigeru Okada
Localization - Producer / Product Planner [KKX]Hiroyuki Tamura
Localization Audio Engineer [Microsoft]Steve Bolten
Localization Audio Engineer [Microsoft]Jason Shirley
MusicJeremy Soule
Music Mixing CoordinatorSteve Smith
Music: ConductorAdam Klemens
Music: Orchestra CoordinationAudrey deRoche
Music: OrchestrationsLarry Kenton
Network and System Support [Microsoft]Kevin Burdick
Network and System Support [Microsoft]Aaron Rice
Producer / Director / DialogStephen Clarke-Willson
ProductionAllen Freese
ProductionMichelle Gingrich
ProductionLars Grevstad
Programming / DevelopmentWilliam Lott
Programming / DevelopmentJosh Taylor
Sound DesignDrew Cady
Sound DesignMark Yeend
StoryboardsRick Hoberg
Title and Credits Animation / 3D Interface DesignMichael Ingrassia
Voice: Azurik / Eldwin / Balthazar / Death GuardianDavid Scully
Voice: Female 3Elizabeth Smith
Voice: Female 4Molly Bell
Voice: Girlchild 1Tabitha Elenbaas
Voice: Male 3Mike Prittie
Voice: Male 6Jack Brummet
Xbox Support - Lead Support EngineerCraig Stum


Data and credits for this game contributed by alaskanpie, Mookiethebold, Guard Master, BGoldTLE, ZeroXXoreZ, and LordAndrew.

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