Xbox GameShark Save (North America)

Save Game File03/17/04Spiderxdevil860K
Finished in Easy, Normal, Heroic, Legendary/ Everything unlocked

Xbox Pro Action Replay Save (North America)

Save Game File10/22/04Meloman159K
1,500 kill TS
Save Game File03/19/04TablesandChairs49K
100 kill team slayer. Don't edit the settings or you might lose the 100 kill limit (and, this save was not made by me).
Save Game File08/04/04Junkie1055K
99.9~%, Easy, Normal, Heroic, Legendary, each level completed at least 20 times
Save Game File06/17/04starkroid1129K
All missions beaten on all difficulties. No Glitches!
Save Game File07/11/03TablesandChairs41031K
AotCR: Fly to the bottom of the giant pit to see a large vehicle collection.
Save Game File07/11/03TablesandChairs41310K
Assault on the Control Room, normal, full health, no enemies.
Save Game File05/12/09thanoobster904K
Assault on the Control Room: Banshee (resume on the level)
Save Game File01/01/04Twister2KX1065K
Be a sword Elite on AotCR
Save Game File07/30/03ragewarrior1167K
Every Level From Easy To Legendary Beaten.
Save Game File04/09/04TablesandChairs49K
Gametype: 0 kill TS. Just for fun, since the game ends in a draw as soon as it starts.
Save Game File04/09/04TablesandChairs49K
Gametype: 255 kill team slayer
Save Game File04/09/04TablesandChairs49K
Gametype: 624 kill team slayer, really low health
Save Game File12/01/03TablesandChairs41259K
Halo- Warthog jump with 15 grenades. Still some marines left if you want more.
Save Game File06/19/04TablesandChairs41058K
Halo, Rockslide Megabattle: This one is on normal difficulty, drive forward to fight a large horde of enemies.
Save Game File06/19/04TablesandChairs41234K
Halo, Rockslide Megabattle: This version is on Legendary, drive forward to fight a large horde of enemies.
Save Game File12/16/03TablesandChairs41108K
Halo, Warthog jump: 20 grenades, on top of the level (see my FAQ for details on getting up there)
Save Game File07/16/03TablesandChairs41269K
Inside the cryo tube, PoA. Staring at a headless Master Chief.
Save Game File08/17/04EvilMajinGogeta995K
Lone Marine On 343 GS!
Save Game File07/16/03TablesandChairs41244K
On top of the Silent Cartographer, normal, full health.
Save Game File07/11/03TablesandChairs41153K
Pillar of Autumn, easy, three weapons.
Save Game File01/01/04Twister2KX1157K
Play As A Hunter
Save Game File07/19/03TablesandChairs41267K
SC, 12 grenade Warthog jump. (turn around and head to the two purple crates and overshield).
Save Game File10/06/03TablesandChairs41085K
Silent Cartographer, easy: 13 grenade Warthog jump ON TOP of the level.
Save Game File07/11/03TablesandChairs41104K
Silent Cartographer, Heroic: In a small room partially down the main facility's shaft, full overshield, warthog and two marines. The first step in getting to the bottom (see my faq).
Save Game File07/08/03HackDemon1105K
The Maw - Go down until you have around 930 meters left. Exit the warthog and go down the tunnel on the right. Go in, go through the right path, and stand in front of the Grunt for a funny message
Save Game File07/29/03TablesandChairs41263K
The Maw, easy: Inside the vent core. Looks hot in there.
Save Game File08/31/04Yoh asakura kun1320K
Two warthogs on AOTCR. Good for AOTCR but this is a Single player save.

Xbox Pro Action Replay Save (Europe)

Save Game File06/06/05nice day31033K
Game completed on all dificulties

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