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A decent game marred by unoriginality and plagiarism. 01/08/02 eva05
XBOX's launch title still remains its best 08/16/03 Aganar
The evolutionary hit game to Goldeneye and Half-Life. 05/25/03 AllYourBaseBelong2Us
Incredible 01/04/02 Andy787
Now the true meaning of a shooting adventure has been defined. 10/28/03 antseezee
One of the Most Popular Games Ever 08/14/06 bbears
A Fine Starting Point 10/30/03 bbrennan
Best Console FPS ever? Hell yes. 03/18/04 beastiecube
A must have for all FPS players! 07/10/04 Critic Man
The FPS genre at its best on a console system 06/20/02 Dangerous K
Outlaws 05/16/08 ffmasterjose
Halo IS the perfect blend of story and carnage. 01/01/02 FFrulz2000
Evolution indeed. 12/22/01 Geohound Omega
Soil: "My little Halooooooooooo!" 05/27/02 Gruel
This is more than just Combat Evolved. This is video game evolved. 03/23/02 Hibiki
And so begins the Master Chief saga... 05/01/15 horror_spooky
Yeah! Fill um full of holes 12/30/05 idiotman7
A Game That is Massively Overrated... But is Still Damn Good. 10/08/07 JoeB_91
Halo: 1 Part FPS, 1 Part Epic Story, Mix for Awesome Game 10/25/06 Kilros
Almighty Halo, I prostrate myself before thee 05/30/03 Kobold Warrior
Dull, boring, rubbish.... be back in 10 minutes... WOW! 02/16/03 Lagunathemoron
Actually, it’s more like “Combat Unevolved,” but it's still fun 03/04/04 LastStand
Excellent AI, slick controls, and intense gameplay put this at the top of your must-play list 12/06/04 Leebo
A Cornerstone of the Gaming World 11/25/08 LordShibas
Reason alone to own an XBox! 09/01/02 Maccam16
A game that makes you wonder 12/07/02 magical cow
We Are Not At The Top Of The Food Chain- Halo Is! 01/07/04 MagicalMonkeyMop
Halo is in a League of its Own 10/01/03 Mech Master
Halo is in a league of its own. 11/25/01 Meteorfist
Halo is a fun game but nowhere near as great as most people claim. 09/06/07 Misfit119
A role model for future FPS 04/18/03 MZ
Find Out The Reason I Bought My Xbox In The First Place 02/24/04 Nab1
What you don't know might infest you... 01/27/02 NeoGamer
Great co-op and PvP, the Xbox was lucky to be the passenger in Halo's warthog. 09/20/10 neonreaper
Lock and Load! 09/14/04 NeoTS
Halo: Comabat has Evolved 03/09/03 Ninja X
Is this heaven? (It certainly isn’t Iowa.) 06/01/03 Ohio State
You can't have Xbox without Halo 01/18/05 Poopleson
Is it innovative? Sure. Is it fun? Er... 05/06/09 PurestProdigy
Believe the hype, this is the game to own. 03/28/02 Rorschach
Bond (N64) is old, Master Chief is gold! 10/14/03 RyuGB
Halo 05/27/02 sethos41
Hello, Halo. 03/06/06 ShadowGuardian9
Incredible and engrossing. 10/09/03 TablesandChairs4
I Take Back Everything I've Ever Said Negative About This Game 09/22/03 THAguyINgta3
You do realize that it is illegal to own an XBox without Halo don't you? 07/22/04 Thardus0
It may not be the Best. Game. EVAR, but it is still a great game 04/07/04 The Vic Viper
Halo: Combat Truly Evolved 01/11/04 titansfaninva
Halo..... Is it me you're looking for....? 04/03/02 Tom Clark
Halo is easily one of the best FPS's ever...on any console 07/10/07 Tomdogg
Halo: Gaming Evolved! Well, not really. 11/03/05 Unleashed Vortex
Why did Master Chief cross the Halo? 10/20/03 Vesperas
One of the best games in recent History. 05/02/03 Void of Genocide
Noooo! A marine died. I'm gonna cry now ;_;. 03/15/04 Westen Shelton
A must-have treasure for all Xbox owners. 04/17/06 Xboxlover2
A Decent and Successful Launch Title 07/09/07 Yoh_of_Izumo
After 10 years I finally get to beat this game, and it's still awesome! 09/28/11 Zylo the wolf

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