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Unlimited Ammo/Invisiblity Glitch Guide by scizor20

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/17/04

The Unlimited Ammo and Invisiblity Guide
By Fred Lowe
October 15, 2004
Email: Caeadas@gmail.com
Table of Contents:

1) Introduction

2) The Inspiration

3) Starting Off
 3.1) Rules

4) Unlimited invisibility
 4.1) How to get UI

5) The Loading Zones
 5.1) The Pillar of Autumn
 5.2) The Silent Cartographer
 5.3) Assault on the Control Room
 5.4) 343 Guilty Spark
 5.5) Keyes
 5.6) The Maw

6) Stuff to do when you are bored...

7) Glossary

8) Legal Crap

1) Introduction
This Guide is about a bug in Halo Co-Op that causes the ammo counters to stop
working, effectively causing you to have unlimited ammo (from henceforth known
as UA) In certain circumstances, it will also allow you to have unlimited 
invisibility. There are limitations to this though. 

Feel free to email me with any comments or suggestions.  

2) The Inspiration  
All 100% of this guide was adapted from the hard work of Stormsinger and the
crew of Halo.bungie.org. I give them full credit in the discovery and research
into this glitch. The page which i used for this guide is located here:


That page also has maps of all the loading zones and videos of the tricks in

3) Starting Off
This glitch works at certain loading zones in Halo co-op, so obviously it won't
work in halo PC or mac since there is NO co-op mode. The idea is that the
game loads each level into the hard drive at the beginning of the level, then
loads up a section of the level at certain loading zones. Only one area may be 
loaded at once to keep the performance high. In co-op, if one player crosses a
loading zone, the player behind will be teleported into the next area to keep 
them together. This is where the glitch comes into play. At certain loading
zones, the player that was teleported may be granted unlimited ammo for both
weapons. This only applies to the weapons in hand. It will not carry over to
other weapons. Here is a list of ground rules:

3.1) Rules 
(Adapted from the list at http://halosm.bungie.org/tipsntricks/kc/kc.ua.html)

- Only works on six of the ten levels

- Doesn't work if you are in a vehicle

- Only works on the two weapons already in possession

- May not work on first try, so run back and forth through the zone a couple of 

- If the clip is only partially full when you activate the glitch, then thats 
all that will load when you reload the weapon (Example: the Pistol has three 
rounds when you activate the glitch. Now when you reload, only three rounds 
will be added to the weapon, so you will need to reload four times to have a 
full clip)

- You can switch to your second weapon ONCE and still have infinite ammo in it 
(example: if you have the Assault Rifle and the Pistol, both will have infinite
ammo. The Assault Rifle will have infinite ammo as long as you do not trade it 
for anything or get in a vehicle. Even if you do, the Pistol will still 
have infinite ammo as long as you have not switched to it. Once you switch to 
the pistol, if you change weapons or get in a vehicle it will cause the Pistol
to lose infinite ammo.)

4) Unlimited Invisibility

In certain circumstances, if you are pulled through a UA zone while invisible,
you will remain invisible until you die or reach the next level. There are only 
a few places that this can be performed, but it is extremely useful. 

4.1) How to get UI

The two things you need are a UA zone and an active camo within the same area. 
Have one player wait next the active camo, and the other go to the UA zone. The
first player grabs the AC and turns invisible. The second player triggers the 
loading zone and teleports player one through. Player one should run back and 
forth a couple of times, just to make sure it sticks. Now wait a minute or two 
and see if player two turns visible again. If they do, revert to save and try 
again (Note: I've never had it NOT work). This will work for all the UI zones 
except one, where you need to run through a normal loading zone to reach the 
UA zone. Also, this still gives you UA. In two levels, you can actually have 
both players with UI, since there are multiple AC's within reach of the UA 

5) The Loading Zones

I will try to describe the locations as best as possible. For maps, see the 
halo.bungie.org page.

5.1) The Pillar of Autumn

There are two loading zones where you can get UA, and both are in the narrow
maintenance hallways. The first one is right after you watch the lifeboats take 
off without you. Cortana will set a waypoint at the entrance. The second is 
after you run through the second floor control room of the cryo chamber. 
Cortana says, "looks like the covenant wanted to catch you napping.". Run down 
the hallway into the exploding area and enter the small door. 

5.2) The Silent Cartographer

There is only one loading zone that you can get UA. this is also the first 
point where you can get unlimited invisibility. The loading zone is in the long 
narrow ramp that leads down to the entrance to the map room shaft. The Active 
Camo is near the bottom of the shaft. There is a room with a walkway running 
above the middle. On the wall opposite the ramp there are two doors. The right 
one goes farther down the shaft. The one on the left leads to a small room 
with the Active Camo.

5.3) Assault on the Control Room

There is only one UA loading zone in this level, but it is the most useful of 
all. It is after the underground bridge room, just before you go up through the 
steep tunnel that leads to the second chasm. You can actually have BOTH players 
invisible. The first active camo is in the first chasm, just before you go down 
the tunnel to the underground bridge room. Look for the ammo cache to the right 
of the entrance to the tunnel. (I noticed that if you eliminate all the enemies 
in the underground bridge room, it may cause the Camo to disappear.) The next 
Active Camo is in the tower area after you exit the UA loading zone and go up 
the sloped tunnel area. It's inside the tower, guarded by invisible elites with
plasma swords. The third active camo is in the sloped spiral pathway area where 
you meet up with the third group of marines. It's where you have to abandon the
scorpion tank, to the left of the little tunnel entrance. 

5.4) 343 Guilty Spark

There are three UA loading zones in this level, and two of them are in very 
close proximity. After going down the first elevator, continue into the next 
room. There are two ways to go from here. Either jump down to the lower level 
and continue to the door past the covies, through the hallway, into the next 
room with the jackals. Through the door with the jackals is the UA loading 
zone. Or you can go the same way, except jump onto the crates in the first room 
to go upstairs and follow the same path to the upper hallway. The first AC is a 
little tricky to find. Outside in the swamp, near where the large tree has 
fallen, look for an exposed pipeline on the side of the map. On the left side 
of the pipe the AC is hidden behind some foliage. For reference, go to the 
entrance of the installation and face outward into the swamp. Look at the wall 
on your left. Follow that wall around the exterior area until you see the pipe.
Note that the usual method of having one player trigger the loading zone while 
the other grabs the camo will not work, since you must go through a normal 
loading zone to get to the UA zone. Have one player trigger the elevator while 
the other grabs the camo. the invisible player will teleport onto the elevator.
now the other player jumps off the elevator and hauls butt to the UA zone. Note 
that you can not go back up the elevator once you see the "jenkins movie."

The other UA zone is after you go down the second elevator. Go through the 
doorway to find two AC powerups. Now run down through this main room through 
the doorway on the left. Go through the hallway into the next room . In the 
back left corner is a collapsed walkway with fire behind it. jump onto the 
upper walkway from here and go back into the main room through the upper door 
and cross to the other side. run through this hallway to the next room. drop 
down and run through the door on the left. In this hallway is the loading zone.

5.5) Keyes

There is only one UA loading zone in this level, and no AC nearby. It's in a 
hallway just before you find Captain Keyes, just after you exit from the second 
level of the shuttle bay. There will be a large battle right after, so plan 

5.6) The Maw

There are three UA loading zones in this level. The first is near the beginning
of the level, just after the door that is kicked in by enemies. The second is 
in the same place as the second zone of the pillar of autumn, inside the 
maintenance hallway after you go through the cryo chamber. The third is in the 
final run, just before you reach the spot where foehammer comes to pick you up.
The distance to the checkpoint will be 734m. Make sure that whatever weapon you
want to have UA is not in hand, because once you jump back in the warthog, it 
will take UA from the weapon in hand. 

6) Stuff to do when you are bored...

Kill everything.
Needle everything.
Blow up everything.
Use rockets on grunts
Use many rockets on grunts.
Lay supressing fire... for ten minutes.
Kill a wraith tank with a pistol.
Turn invisible and bash everything. Repeatedly
Snipe everything at extreme range.
Fire rockets at everything at extreme range.
Play "Croc Hunter" with a gold elite. 
Make a guide about Unlimited Ammo and Invisibility. 
Put a list of things to do when you are bored in your guide.
Run out of things to put in your list and start making up funny stuff.
Realize that it's not funny and stop.

7) Glossary

AC- Active Camoflage- the little triangle shaped thingy with blue stuff in it
that makes it where folks cant see you.

UA- Unlimited Ammunition. The glitch that allows you to fire without fear of 
running out of bullets.

UA zone- Unlimited ammunition loading zone. One of the glitched out loading 
zones that when triggered, allows you to have unlimited ammo and invisibility.

UI- Unlimited Invisibility. Invisible until the end of the level or upon death.

8) Legal Crap

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Copyright 2004 Fred Lowe

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