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Game Script by Wesker

Version: 2.7 | Updated: 10/12/04

Halo : Game Script
By Wesker
Version 2.7 (Complete)
Last Updated 10/12/2004


1.1 Some minor grammatical errors corrected.

1.2 Correction on Pillar of Autumn level Halcyon-Class Cruiser thanks to by

1.3 Correction on Sergeant's sayings on Pillar of Autumn level, which change by
which mode, you pick thanks to K Barr.

1.4 Correction on Halo level Female Marine on Two Betrayals Cortana and on The
Maw Cortana again thanks to Mr. Psycho.

1.5 The Pillar of Autumn edited by Ian Bone-Rundle.

1.6 Halo edited by Ian.

1.7 The Truth and Reconciliation edited by Ian.

1.8 The Silent Cartographer edited by Ian.

1.9 Assault On The Control Room edited by Ian.

2.0 Finally got to fixing that annoying error Cole Protocol instead of Cold
Protocol thanks to Ckyerkes.

2.1 Replaced and capitalized the Flood and Covenant and the relines word error
thanks to a tip off from Ewen.

2.2 Added something extra Cortana says during the Silent Cartographer Mission
thanks to Kennedy.

2.3 Added correction to Pillar of Autumn With all due respect thanks to Paul.

2.4 Complete revamp, including: some additions, grammar errors, punctuation,
word wrapping, etc. by Robert Dvoracek.

2.5 Mark five instead of mach five corrected thanks to cKyNemesis.

2.6 Corrected typo put it as if a Covenant said something instead of Cortana
thanks to Mondoblasto.

2.7 Correction in Pillar of Autumn level thanks to Josh.

I.....Why was this FAQ created
II....Special Thanks
III...Spoiler Warning
IV....Movie Script Section and TOC
XVI...Any questions or corrections?
XVII..Copyright Information


I.  Why was this FAQ created?


Most of the time when people play Halo myself included we kind of ignore most
but not all of the storyline and what the characters are actually saying during
game play.  Except for cut scenes come on really who's trying to make out what
Cortana or the Chief are mumbling when you got a swarm of Covenant to deal with
as the sound of your guns blur out their speech.  With no subtitles or sound
controls to raise the voice sound it's almost an impossibility to understand
completely what they're saying.  Well luckily I did in this FAQ all the
dialogue of Halo both during cut scenes and during the game play.


II.  Special Thanks


Just want to drop a special thanks to Teen Gohan and Robert C.  If it weren't
for them playing the game so I could write the subtitles I would no longer have
my sanity trying to do both :) Thanks Guys!

Also a thanks to Ian for giving the FAQ a look over and editing out any errors
the FAQ had.


III.  Spoiler Warning


WARNING If you do not wish to be spoiled only read the captions for the level
you want by using the Table of Contents below.  The levels here are in order
from first to last.


IV.  Movie Script Section and TOC


V.....The Pillar of Autumn
VII...The Truth and Reconciliation
VIII..The Silent Cartographer
IX....Assault on the Control Room
X.....343 Guilty Spark
XI....The Library
XII...Two Betrayals
XIV...The Maw
XV....Legendary Extra Movie (The Maw)


V.  The Pillar of Autumn


(Intro Cut Scene Begins)

Keyes: Cortana, all I need to know is did we lose them?

Cortana: I think we both know the answer to that.

Keyes: (Sigh) We made a blind jump how did they...

Cortana: Get here first?  The Covenant ships have always been faster.  As for
tracking us all the way from Reach?  At light speed my maneuvering options were

Keyes: We were running dark, yes?

Cortana: Until we decelerated.  No one could have missed the hole we tore in
subspace.  They were waiting for us on the far side of the planet.

Keyes: So where do we stand?

Cortana: Our fighters are mopping up the last of the recon picket now, nothing
serious.  But I've isolated approach signatures from multiple CCS class battle
groups...make it three capital ships per group - and in about ninety seconds
they'll be all over us.

Keyes: Well that's it then.  Bring the ship back up to combat alert alpha.  I
want everyone at their stations.

Cortana: Everyone, sir?

Keyes: Everyone.  And, Cortana...

Cortana: Hmm?

Keyes: Let's give our old friends a warm welcome.

Cortana: I've already begun.

Cortana (broadcasting through ship) Attention all combat personnel!  Please
report to your action stations.

Sergeant: You heard the lady, move like you got a purpose.

Cortana: This is not a drill.  I repeat, this is not a drill.

SERGEANT (easy):

Men...keep your eyes downrange, fingers on your triggers, and we all go home in
one piece.  (Pause) (Quickly) AmIrightMarines?!?!

SERGEANT (normal):

Once again, it is our job to finish what the flyboys started.  We are leaving
this ship platoon, and engaging the Covenant on solid ground.  When we meet the
enemy, we will rip their skulls from their spine, and toss 'em away, laughin'!
(Pause) (Loud) Am I right, Marines?

SERGEANT (heroic):

Men, here is where we show those split-chin squid-head sons of bitches that
they could not have picked a worse enemy than the human race.  We are going to
blow the hell out of those dumb bugs until we don't have anything left to shoot
'em with!  And then, we are going to strangle them with their own-living-guts!
(Pause) (Loud and precise) Am I right, Marines?

SERGEANT (legendary):

Men, we led those dumb bugs out to the middle of nowhere to keep 'em from
gettin' their filthy claws on Earth.  But, we stumbled onto somethin' they're
so hot for, that they're scramblin' over each other to get it.  Well, I don't
care if it's God's own personal anti-son-of-a-bitch machine, or a giant hoola
hoop, we're not gonna let 'em have it!  What we will let 'em have is a belly
full of lead, and a pool of their own blood to drown in!  (Pause) (Slow and
loud) Am I right, Marines?

Marines: Sir, yes sir!

Sergeant: UM HM damn right I am.  Now move it out double time.

Cortana: Attention all personnel, we are reengaging the enemy.  External and
internal contact imminent.

Sergeant: All you greenhorns who wanted to see Covenant up close, this is gonna
be your lucky day.

(Scene cuts to Cryo room B)

Man 1 in Cryo room: Wow!  Sir!

Man 2 in Cryo Room: Right.  Let's thaw him out.

Man 1: Okay, bringing low level systems online.  Cracking the case in thirty
seconds.  (Pause) He's hot.  Blowing the pins in five.

(Cut Scene Ends)

(Level Script)

Man 1: Come on we have to get the hell out of here.

Man 1: This way.

Man: I'm a cowardly fool.

Man: They're right behind us.

Marine: Seal those blast doors.  Move.  Move!

Marine: Sir!  The captain needs you on the bridge ASAP.  Better follow me.

(Cut Scene Begins)

Master Chief: Captain Keyes.

Keyes: Good to see you, Master Chief, things aren't going well.  Cortana did
her best but we never really had a chance.

Cortana: A dozen Covenant superior battle ships against a single Halcyon-Class
Cruiser with those odds I'm content with three...make that four kills.  Sleep

Master Chief: No thanks to your driving, yes.

Cortana: So you did miss me.

(large explosion rocks the bridge)

Keyes: Report.

Cortana: It must have been one of their boarding parties, I guess an anti
matter charge.

Man in Cockpit: Mam!  Fire control for the main cannon is offline.

Cortana: Captain, the cannon was my last offensive option.

Keyes: All right then I'm initiating Cole Protocol Article Two.  We're
abandoning the Autumn.  That means you too, Cortana.

Cortana: While you do what, go down with the ship?

Keyes: In a manner of speaking.  The object we found--I'm gonna try and land
the Autumn on it.

Cortana: With all due respect, sir, this war has enough dead heroes.

Keyes: I appreciate your concern, Cortana, but its not up to me, protocol is
clear.  Destruction or capture of the shipboard AI is absolutely unacceptable,
and that means your leaving the ship.  Lock in a selection of emergency landing
zones, upload them to my neural lace and then sort yourself for hard transfer.

Cortana: Aye aye, sir.

Keyes: Which is where you come in, Chief.  Get Cortana off this ship keep her
safe from the enemy.  If they capture her they'll learn everything: force
deployment, weapons research, Earth.

Master Chief: I understand.

Cortana: The Autumn will continue evasive maneuvers until you initiate a
landing sequence.  Not that you'll listen but I'd suggest my subroutines handle
the final approach.

Keyes: Excellent work, Cortana.  Thank You.  Are you ready?

Cortana: (long pause, looks around) Yank me.

Keyes: Good luck, Master Chief.

Cortana: Your architecture isn't much different from the Autumn's.

Master Chief: Don't get any funny ideas.

Keyes: (Handing a pistol to Master Chief) I don't keep it loaded son, you'll
have to find ammo as you go.

(Cut Scene Ends)

(Level Script)

Marine: Covering Fire!

Marine: Yeah!  Nice one!

Cortana: Those Marines could use some help, Chief, do what you do best.

Marine: Who's with me?

Marine: Hey leave some for me.

Marine: Yeah man way to go!

Marine: What the hell?!  Did something just hit us?

Marine: Move it back to the airlock!

Cortana: They're using our lifeboat airlocks to attach their boarding craft.
We go out and they come in.  Clever bastards.

Marine: How's it feel to be dead?

Cortana: Keep your head down, there's two of us in here now remember?

Marine: Firing.

Cortana: Covenant on the landing above us.

Marine: Found 'em.

Marine: Eat it.

Marine: Hey, nice shot!

Keyes Broadcasting Through Ship: Attention all hands, this is the Captain.
Prepare to abandon ship.  Combat team, repel boarders until top personnel are
away.  Good Luck!  Keyes Out.

Marine: All quiet.

Cortana: The life pods are launching.  We should hurry.  The Covenant are
destroying the life pods.  Warning: blast doors closing.  We have to use the
ship's maintenance access ways.  Follow the navpoint, it will lead you to an

(End of Level Cut Scene)

Cortana: One last lifeboat.  Quick, get aboard before it launches.

Master Chief: Punch It!

Female Marine: Aye aye, Sir.  We're disengaged.  Goin' for minimum safe

Marine: We're gonna make it aren't we, sir?  I don't wanna die out here.

Cortana: Look.

Marine: What is that thing, lieutenant?

Female Marine: Hell if I know, but we're landing on it.

Male Marine: It's the Autumn, she's been hit!

Cortana: I knew it!  The Autumn is accelerating.  Keyes is going in manually.

Female Marine: Heads up, everyone, this is it.  We're entering the ring's
atmosphere in five.

Cortana: Sure you wouldn't rather take a seat?

Master Chief: We'll be fine.

Cortana: If I still had fingers they'd be crossed.

(Cut Scene Ends)


VI.  Halo


(Cut Scene Begins)

Cortana: We're coming in too fast.

Female Marine: Damn!  Air-brake failure.  They blew too early.  We're losing
her.  Brace for impact.

(Cut Scene Ends)

(Level Script)

Cortana: Chief?  Chief, can you hear me?  At last - are you all right?  Can you
move?  The others...  the impact...  there's nothing we can do.

Cortana: Warning!  I've detected multiple Covenant drop ships on approach.  I
recommend moving into those hills.  If we're lucky the Covenant will believe
that everyone aboard this lifeboat died in the crash.

Cortana: Alert!  Covenant drop ship inbound, they must be looking for
survivors.  I recommend immediate evasion.

Cortana: I'm reading a lifeboat beacon over the next hill.  We should check to
see if there are any survivors.

Marine: Hey look! A Mark five.

Marine: Good to see you, sir.  Welcome to the party.

Sargent: (sighs) It's a mess, sir.  We're scattered all over this valley.  We
called for evac but, until you showed up, I thought we were cooked.

Cortana: Don't worry, Sargent.  We'll stay here until evac arrives.

Marine: Keep it up.

Marine: Try that on.

Marine: Nice one.

Marine: Heads up!  I got a Covenant drop ship headin' in over here.

Marine: Oh no!  Where?

Marine: Look sharp!  Covenant drop ship on approach.  I could use some help
over here.

Marine: Uh Oh!  Another bandit droppin' in behind us.  They're tryin' to flank

Sargent: That's what I'm talkin' about!

Marine: Damn straight!

Marine: Can't hide from me!

Marine: Oh no, more over here!

Marine: Where?

Marine: Fall back, men.

Foehammer: This is Pelican Echo 419.  Anybody readin' me?  Repeat, any UNSC
personnel respond.

Cortana: Roger, Echo 419.  This is Fire Team Charlie.  We read you.  Is that
you Foehammer?

Foehammer: Roger, Fire Team Charlie.  Good to hear from ya.

Cortana: Foehammer, we need transportation to the command shuttle.

Foehammer: I'm on my way.

Cortana: Look!  More lifeboats.  They're coming in fast.  If those lifeboats
make it down the Covenant are going to be right on top of them.  Foehammer, we
need you to disengage your Warthog.  The Master Chief and I are going to see if
we can save some soldiers.

Foehammer: Roger, Cortana.  Okay Charlie Team, Warthog deployed.  Saddle up and
give em hell.

Cortana: Roger, Foehammer, stand by to evac survivors and transport them to

Foehammer: That's affirmative.  Echo 419 staying on station.  Foehammer out.

Cortana: The Master Chief and I need some backup.  Can you spare a few men?

Cortana: This cave is not a natural formation.  Someone built it - so it must
lead somewhere.

Cortana: I've hacked into the Covenant battle network.  They're actually
broadcasting tactical data on unencrypted channels.  We should show them who
they're dealing with.  Master Chief, I'm going to use your suit's transcom
system to monitor their chatter.

Cortana: There must be some mechanism to cross this chasm.  Look for a control
panel or switch.

Cortana: There's been traffic on the Covenant battle net.  A lot more crew made
it off the Autumn then I had predicted.  The Captain really gave them hell.  If
we can find Captain Keyes and the other survivors we have a chance to
coordinate an effective resistance.

Cortana: Lifeboat detected.  No sign of survivors.

Marine: This lifeboat is trashed, Chief.  There are weapons and supplies, but
no bodies.  (or, "The lifeboat's totaled, sir.  There are supplies and weapons
all over the place, but I can't find any bodies.  Maybe somebody made it outta
here alive.)

Cortana: Maybe they took cover in that structure, let's check it out.  We
should search the interior of those structures before we leave.

(If you go here last, Cortana will say, "The last lifeboat is by the cliff

Marines: It's him!

Marines: The cavalrys arrived!

Cortana: I've called for an evac.

Marine: Roger that.  Marines, assemble for evac pronto.

Foehammer: Echo 419 to Cortana: come in.

Cortana: We read you Echo 419.  We have survivors and need immediate dust off.

Foehammer: Roger, Cortana.  On my way.

Foehammer: I've spotted additional lifeboats in your area - one near a rock
slide...and another near the head of the river.  (or if you go another way she
says, "One near a cliff's edge." Hard to see from my altitude but it looks like
there are more survivors.

Cortana: We should secure the area before the drop ship arrives.

Cortana: Acknowledged.  We're on our way.

Cortana: There's some Marines hiding in the hills above of the structure.

Marines: Found 'em.

Marine: (points) It's him!  You're a sight for sore eyes, Chief.  We're in a
bad way.  We've got wounded here.

Cortana: I'll call in a drop ship to pick them up.

Marines: The cavalry's arrived.

Cortana: Let's make sure there are no Covenant hiding in there.

Foehammer: Echo 419 to Cortana: Foehammer is on station and ready for another

Cortana: Affirmative, Foehammer, we're ready for dust off.  Approach when

Cortana: We're going to look for the last lifeboat, Echo 419.  Good Luck!

Cortana: Warning.  I've picked up reports that the Covenant has located and
secured the Pillar of Autumn's crash site.  Good news is the Captain's still
alive.  The bad news is that the Covenant have captured all of the surviving
men.  Let's hurry and find the final lifeboat so we can link up with the rest
of the survivors.

Cortana: Survivors detected.  Marines are concealed in those rocks.

Marine: We could use your help, sir.

Marine: Look out.  More Covenant incoming.

Marine: Pull back!  Everyone pull back!

Cortana: That's the last of them.

Foehammer: Roger that, I'm on my way.

Cortana: New traffic on the Covenant battle net; I've found Captain Keyes!
He's being held on a Covenant cruiser, The Truth and Reconciliation - a ship I
disabled before we abandoned the Autumn.  The Truth and Reconciliation touched
down on a desert plateau roughly three hundred kilometers up spin.

Cortana: There's our ride.  Get aboard and let's get out of here.

Foehammer: Welcome aboard Master Chief.  Ready for dust off.

(End of Level Cut Scene)

Cortana: We should move out lieutenant, and then we'll need your help on a
rescue mission.

(Cut Scene Ends)


VII.  Truth and Reconciliation


(Cut Scene Begins)

Cortana (Talking To Everyone in Ship): The enemy has captured Captain Keyes and
are holding him aboard one of their cruisers - The Truth and Reconciliation.
The ship is currently holding position approximately three hundred meters above
the other end of this plateau.

Marine: So how do we get inside the ship if it's in the air?  The Corp issued
me a rifle, not wings.

Sargent: There's a gravity lift that ferries troops and supplies between the
ship and the surface.  That's our ticket in.

Cortana : Once we get inside the ship I should be able to lock on to the
tracking signal from Captain Keyes' neural implants.

(Cut Scene Ends)

(Level Script)

Marine: Everybody out!  (or, "Let's do it!  Let's go!" or, "Go! Go! Go!")

Sargent: Hit it Marines.  Go! Go! Go!  The Corp aint payin' us by the hour.

Cortana: Stick to the higher ground to the right.  We should be able to recon
the Covenant position without being spotted.

Cortana: I've detected Covenant stationary guns near the next pass.  I
recommend using your sniper rifle to take out the gunners while I call for
Marine support.

Cortana: Get ready to move in to support us, Sargent.  The Master Chief is
going to covertly take out as many of the Covenant as he can.  Don't open fire
until you hear the enemy return fire on us.  That should let us keep the
element of surprise.

Marine: Found 'em.

Marine: Let 'em have it.

Cortana: Alert!  A Covenant is making a run for that stationary gun, take him

Cortana (to everyone): Covenant forces detected up ahead.  The path up on the
left should let us sneak up around them.

Marine: We'll hang back while you get into position, Chief.

Cortana: Cortana to fire team Charley: move up on the left you should be able
to flank the enemy.

Marine: Roger that.

Marine: Contact.  Enemy in sight.

Cortana: We're directly under the ship now.

Marines: All right!  Are we bad or what?

Marine: Mother of God!  Never thought I'd get to see one of these things.  How
the hell are we going to get inside that mother?  (or, "If we're aboard that
thing, we need a plan.")

(The following phrase is sometimes not said if you head to the gravity lift a
different way.)

Cortana (to everyone): The Covenant use a gravity lift to move troops and
supplies between the ship and the surface.  We need to ambush them at the
gravlift's loading zone and use the lift to enter the ship.

Marine: Covenant forces sighted!  Lets hit 'em, Charley Team.

Marine: Sir, Those freakin' guns have us pinned down!


Marine: Crap!  Those stationary guns are gonna tear us to pieces.

Cortana: Alert!  Covenant drop ships are inbound.

Marine: Man, it's always somethin'.

Marine: Mom thought I was going to be a doctor.

Marine: Glad I'm on your side!

Marine: That's what I'm talking about.

Marine: We've secured the area.  Lets square away the gravlift.  Marines,
prepare for boarding action.

Marine: Yes, sir!

(Sometimes the following three phrases are said if you are short on Marines and
some have died.)

Cortana: Cortana to Echo 419: we've reached the gravity lift and are ready for

Foehammer: Copy that Cortana.  Hold tight, gentlemen.  Foehammer out.

Cortana: Once we're inside the ship I can home in on the Captain's command
neural interface.  He'll probably be in or near the ship's brig, which should
narrow our search.

Foehammer: Echo 419 inbound.  Clear the drop zone.

Marine: Thank god it's you!

Marine: Cavalry has arrived!

(Cut scene Begins)

Marine: (riding gravity lift) Whew!  Yeeeehaaaaa!

(Cut Scene Ends)

(Level Script)

Cortana: We're in.  I've got a good lock on the Captain's CNI Transponder.  No
Covenant defenses detected.

Marine: What?  There's no Covenant here.  Think maybe nobody's home?

Marine: Contact!  Lots of contact.

Marine: No Covenant?  You had to open your mouth!

Sergeant: Get the lead out Marines!

Sergeant: Good and dead!

Marine: Careful, they could be anywhere.

Marine: Awwww!  Cancel Christmas.

Marine: Nobody on this side.

Marine: Keep it up!

Marine: Whoa!  Look at 'em fly!

Marine: Uugh!  Bitch!

Marine: Get up so I can kill you again!

Marine: You're almost a man.

Marine: Area secure, sir, but we'd better keep moving.  Ah how 'bout that door?

Marine: The door's locked, sir.  No way through.  (or, "The door's locked, sir.
I can't bypass it.  We can't get through here.")

Cortana: We can use the side passages to find a way around.

Marines: We'd be sittin' ducks in that narrow space.  We can hold this position
if you can find another way around and open the door from the other side,

Cortana: Chief, lets see if we can find a way to open this door.

Cortana: Wait.  That's the locked door down there.  The Marines are waiting on
the other side.  The controls to open it must be somewhere in this room.

Marine: All clear, sir!

Cortana (to everyone): We should get moving.

Marine: Alright, everybody, stay cool.  Yell if you see anything.

Marine: Nothin' over here.

Marine: They won't mess with us again.

Marine: Wow, man.  You got skills!

Marine: Show me whatcha got!

Marine: They're really ugly when they're dead.

Marine: Come back to class so I can school you again!

Marine: Hey!  Which way should we go now?  All the doors on this level are

Cortana (to everyone): Wait a moment.  I'm going to access the Covenant battle
net and locate an override code to open a door.

Marine: You better hurry Cortana.  We can't hold them off all day.

Cortana (to everyone): I'm working on it.

Cortana: (she will sometimes say this also) I'd like to see you crack a
128,000bit modulating encryption key.  Cortana (to everyone): Got it!  The door
is open.  Everyone should move through now.  I can't guarantee it won't lock
again when it closes.

Sergeant: Follow me, Marines!

Sargent: He was a good soldier.

(Sometimes Cortana says if you loose a few Marines)

Cortana: I'm going to call for reinforcements.  There's no sense in going in
with anything less than full strength.

Cortana: Cortana to Foehammer: We need additional support troops.  We're going
to open the shuttle bay door again.  Move in and drop off reserve troops on my

Foehammer: I copy, Cortana.  Echo 419 standing by for your signal.

Cortana: This looks like the ship's command center.  The Captain's transponder
signal is strong.  We must be close.

Sargent: This is a good spot, Chief.  We can mind the store here while you go
after the captain.  Good luck.

Cortana: Cortana to Echo 419: The shuttle bay door is open.  You can start your

Foehammer: Rodger.  Echo 419 inbound.

Marine: Go! Go! Go!

Marine: It's him.

Marine: Aah, my eyeball!

Marine: Claaass diiis-missed!

Cortana: We must be in the brig.  These look like holding cells.  There are
probably multiple detention stations.  The captain must be in one of them.  We
need to keep looking for him.

(Cut scene starts)

Keyes: (sighs) Coming here was reckless.  You two know better than this.

Keyes: Thanks!

Keyes: Good work, Chief.

Marine: That was amazing, sir, you really kicked the sh...!

Keyes: Stow it, corporal.  Chief.

Keyes: Marines, lock and load your weapons.  Let's be ready to move.

Marines: Yes, sir!

Keyes: While the Covenant had us locked up in here I overheard the guards
talking about this ring world.  They call it...Halo.

Cortana: One moment, sir.  Accessing the Covenant battle net.

Cortana: According to the data in their networks the ring has some kind of deep
religious significance.  If I'm analyzing this correctly they believe that Halo
is some kind of weapon - one with vast, unimaginable power.

Keyes: And it's true.  The Covenant kept saying that whoever who controls Halo
controls the fate of the universe.

Cortana: Now I see!  I have intercepted a number of messages about a Covenant
search team scouting for a control room.  I thought they were looking for the
bridge of a cruiser that I damaged during the battle above the ring, but they
must be looking for Halo's control room.

Keyes: That's bad news.  If Halo is a weapon and the Covenant gain control of
it, they'll use it against us and wipe out the entire human race.  Chief,
Cortana, I have new mission for you.  We need to beat the Covenant to Halo's
control room.  Marines, lets move.

Marines: Yes, sir!  Okay, sir.

Keyes: Chief, you have the point.

(Cut Scene Ends)

(Level Script)

Cortana: We should head back to the shuttle bay and call for evac.

Cortana: We made it!

Cortana: Cortana to Echo 419: we have the Captain and need extraction on the

Foehammer: Negative, Cortana, I've been engaged by Covenant air patrols and I'm
having a tough time shaking 'em.  You'll be better off finding your own ride.

Cortana: Acknowledged, Foehammer, Cortana out.

Cortana: Air support is cut off, Captain.  We need to hold here until she can
move in.

Marines: Oh man!  We’re trapped in here!  We're screwed!  We're screwed, man!
(or, "Oh great!  Now we're trapped here.  We're screwed!")

Keyes: Stow the bellyaching, soldier.  Remember you're a leatherneck.

Keyes: Cortana, if you and the Chief can get us into one of those Covenant drop
ships I can fly us outa here.

Cortana: Yes, Captain.

Cortana: There's a Covenant drop ship still docked.

(End of level cut scene)

Cortana: That's it!  The drop ship is moving.

Keyes: Everybody, mount up.  Let's get onboard.

Cortana: Give me a minute to interface with the ship's controls.

Keyes: Ahh, no need.  I'll take this bird out myself.

Cortana: Captain, hunters!

Keyes: Hang on.

Marine: Nice one, sir!

Keyes: Time for a little payback.

(Cut Scene Ends)


VIII.  The Silent Cartographer


(Cut Scene Begins)

Cortana: The Covenant believe that what they call the Silent Cartographer is
somewhere under this island.  The Cartographer is a map room that will lead us
to Halo's control center.

Cortana: The island has multiple structures and installations.  One of them
contains the map room.

Foehammer: We're approaching the LZ, its gonna be hot.  Get set to come out
swingin'.  Touchdown!  Hit it, Marines!

(End of Cut Scene)

Marine Superior: Go! Go! Go!

Marines: The area's secure.  All hostiles have been eliminated.

Foehammer: Affirmative.  Echo 419 inbound.  Somebody order a Warthog?

Marine: Music to my ears, Foehammer.

(Sometimes the Marine says)

Marine: Hey I didn't know you made house calls, Foehammer.

Foehammer: You know our motto: we deliver.

Cortana: Okay, let's move out.

Cortana: Let's go find the map room that will show us the location of Halo's
control center.

Cortana: It looks like there is a path into the interior of the island.

Cortana: Look!  In the cliff wall...I'll bet the Silent Cartographer is
somewhere inside that facility.

Cortana: The Covenant are putting up a very good fight.  The Cartographer must
be here.  My analysis indicates that the map room should be at the bottom floor
of this facility.

Cortana: Lets keep going inside.

Cortana: Don't let them lock the doors!

Cortana: Interesting.  I've underestimated the Covenant's understanding of
Halo's subsystems.  They've locked the doors and we don't have enough firepower
to get through them.

Cortana: Cortana to Keyes.

Keyes: Go ahead, Cortana, have you found the control center?

Cortana: Negative, Captain, the Covenant have impeded our progress.  We can't
proceed unless we can disable this installation's security system.

Keyes: Understood, were still in route to the objective.  I may be out of
contact when we get there.

Keyes: Here are your orders: I want you to use any means necessary to force
your way in to the facility and find Halo's control center.  We have to get to
the center before the Covenant.  Failure, people, is not an option.

Foehammer: Echo 419 to ground teams: I'll stay on station and keep and eye out
for Covenant, folks.

Marine second squad: Second squad ready to roll as soon as everyone's topside.

Marine second squad: LZ looks secure, sir, nothing moving.

Keyes: Good luck, people.  Keyes out.

Cortana: We need to find the security override to get this door open.

Cortana: Use the holopanel to shut down the security system.

Cortana: Good.  That should open the door that leads into the main shaft.

Drop ship Marine: Mayday!  Mayday!  Drop ship Bravo 22 taking enemy fire.
Repeat; we're under heavy fire and are losing altitude.

Cortana: Understood.  We're on our way.

Cortana: Chief, Bravo 22 was bringing use some heavy weapons.  After I saw we
were up against Hunters I thought you could use them.

Cortana: Let's move down the beach.  Keep an eye out for any cargo we can

Foehammer: Foehammer to ground teams: you got two enemy drop ships coming in

Marine Superior on Radio: Damn it!  Okay, people, we got company comin'.  Let's
set the table.  Engage enemy forces on sight.

Cortana: It'll be easier to hold them off from inside the structure.  Can you
get inside?

Marine Superior on Radio: Negative!  They're closin' in too fast.  Negative!
Chief, you gotta find the Cartographer.  We'll keep them busy for as long as we

Cortana: Give 'em hell, Marine.

Cortana: We'll be in a tight spot if we don't get out of here before additional
reinforcements arrive.  Let's find that map.

Cortana: There.  That holopanel should activate the map.

(Cut Scene Begins)

Cortana: Analyzing...Halo's control center is located there.  That structure
appears to be some kind of temple or shrine if I am interpreting this
correctly.  Interesting.  A shrine is an unlikely place to put such a
significant installation.

(Cut Scene Ends)

Cortana: Cortana to Captain Keyes.

Foehammer: The Captain has dropped out of contact, Cortana, his ship may be out
of range or having equipment problems.

Cortana: Keep trying.  Let me know when you've reestablished contact and then
tell him that the Master Chief and I have determined the location of the
control center.  We'll be heading there as soon as we're topside.

Foehammer: Affirmative.  Foehammer Out.

Cortana: Cortana to Echo 419: the Chief and I are topside.  Requesting pickup.

Foehammer: Roger.  On my way.

(Cut Scene Begins)

Cortana: Let's get moving.  Foehammer, here are coordinates and a flight plan
I've worked on.

Foehammer: Uh, Cortana, these coordinates are underground.

Cortana: The Covenant did a thorough seismic scan.  My analysis shows that Halo
is honeycombed with deep tunnels which circle the whole ring.

Foehammer: I hope your analysis is on the money, Cortana.  This Pelican won't
turn on a dime.

Cortana: Look on the bright side, Foehammer.  The last thing the Covenant will
expect is an aerial insertion from underground.

(End of Cut Scene)


IX.  Assault on the Control Room


(Cut Scene Begins)

Foehammer: This is as far as I can go.

Cortana: Roger that.  We'll be able to find our way to the control center from

Foehammer: Good luck.  Foehammer out.

(Cut Scene Ends)

(Level Script)

Cortana: Interesting.  The weather patterns here seem natural, not artificial.
I wonder if the ring's environment systems are malfunctioning or if the
designers wanted the installation to have inclement weather.

Marine (on radio): This is Fire Team Zulu requesting immediate assistance.  Any
UNSC forces does anyone copy?  Over.

Cortana: I didn't think there were any human forces left on this part of the

Cortana (to everyone): Cortana to Fire Team Zulu: I read you.

Cortana: Fire Team Zulu, this is Cortana.  Hold position.  We're on our way.

Marine (on radio): Roger that.  Make it quick.

Marine: Covering fire!

Marine: Master Chief, sir, good to see you.


Marine: Glad you could join the party, sir.

Marine: Amigo, found 'em.

Marine (on radio): Damn!  They got armor support!  Watch out for those tanks.

Cortana: The Covenant placed their tanks to defend the entrance to the tunnel.

Marine (on radio): Looks like that armor wasn't so tough after all.  Mop up the
rest of 'em.

Cortana: I thought the Covenant had eliminated all the Marine forces in this

Marine: Look sharp, boys.  Enemy drop ship inbound.  Lets move!

Marine: The Covenant are dropping in behind us, we're trapped!

Marine: Whoa, sir!  The Covenant are dug in up in those rocks.  They got us
pinned down here.

Cortana: We need to get up this ridge.

Cortana (to everyone): Marines, hold your positions.  We'll handle those guns.

Cortana: Master Chief, you should scale the ridge and get below those
stationary guns.

Marine: I'm in no hurry for a hold over charge on those guns, Cortana.  Holding

Cortana: Scanning...Covenant forces in the vicinity have been eliminated.  Lets
move on to Halo's control center.

(Ending Cut Scene Begins)

Cortana: This is it.  Halo's control center.

Cortana: That terminal.  Try there.

Master Chief: You all right?

Cortana: Never been better!  You can't imagine the wealth of information; the
knowledge!  So much so fast.  Its glorious!

Master Chief: So, what sort of weapon is it?

Cortana: What are you talking about?

Master Chief: Let's stay focused.  Halo: how do we use it against the Covenant?

Cortana: This ring isn't a cudgel, you barbarian.  Its something else.
Something much more important.  The Covenant were right.  This ring, its
Forerunner.  Give me a second to access...yes, the Forerunner built this place,
what they called a fortress world, in order to-- Wait!  No, that can't be!  Oh
those Covenant fools!  They must have known!  There must have been signs!

Master Chief: Slow down.  You're losing me.

Cortana: The Covenant found something buried in this ring; something horrible.
And now they're afraid.

Master Chief: Something buried?  Where?

Cortana: The captain!  We've got to stop the captain!

Master Chief: Keyes?  What do we...?

Cortana: The weapons cache he's looking for is not really ...  We can't let him
get inside!

Master Chief: I don't understa...?

Cortana: There's no time!  Get out of here, find Keyes stop him before it's too

(End of level Cut Scene Ends)


X.  343 Guilty Spark


(Cut Scene Begins)

Foehammer: The last transmission from the Captain's drop ship was from this
area.  That was over twelve hours ago.

(End of Cut Scene)

Foehammer: When you locate Captain Keyes, radio in and I'll come pick you up.

Marine in distress call: Drop ship Victor 9 (static) Pillar of Autumn (static)
immediate assistance.  We are under (static) attack by some new kind of(static)
hostile (static) it isn't Covenant.  Captain Keyes has been captured by haa
(static) We're dug in at a large structure in the swamp here (static)longer we
can hold out.  Please (static) I will set this message to repeat at(static) ent
intervals.  Drop ship Victor 933 clear.

Marine: Stay back!  Stay back!  You're not turnin' me into one of those things!
I'll blow your brains out-- get away from me!  (Screaming uncontrollably) Don't
touch me you freaks!  I won't be like you, I'll die first!  Find your own
hiding place!  The monsters are everywhere!  Play dead, that's what I did, play
dead.  They took the live ones.  Oh god; I can still hear them!  Monsters!
(Screaming again) Just leave me alone!  Sarge, Mendoza, Versente-- oh god the
things took them!  (keeps saying away repeatedly).  They're gone, get it, gone!
They won't get me!  Oh god, oh god!  I don't wanna be like them.  Please
(begins to cry like a baby) please no, please no.

(Cut Scene Begins)

(Master Chief plays back a video log from a soldier's helmet he finds)

Marine: Why do we always have to listen to this old stuff, Sarge?

Sergeant: Watch your mouth, son.  This stuff is your history.  It should remind
you grunts what we're fighting to protect.

Marine: Hey - if the Covenant want to wipe out this particular part of my
history that's fine by me.

Marine: Yeah, better it than us.

Sergeant: You ask 'em real nice next time you see them, Versente, I'm sure
they'll be happy to oblige.

(fast forward)

Drop ship pilot: LZ looks clear.  I'm bringing us down.

Sergeant: Go! Go! Go!

Sergeant: Stay close, Jenkins.

Sergeant: Mendoza, move it up!

(fast forward)

Sarge: Wait here for the Captain and his squad then get your ass inside.

Marines: Sir.

Sarge: Okay lets move!

(fast forward)

Marine: Which is weird right, I mean, look at it.  Something scrambled the

Sarge: What's that plasma scoring?

Marine: Yeah, I don't know.  Maybe there was an accident, you know, friendly
fire or something.

Keyes: What do we have, Sergeant?

Sarge: Looks like a Covenant patrol.  Badass elite unit's all KIA.

Keyes: Real pretty.  Friend of yours?

Marine: Nah, we just met.

Keyes: Right.  Well lets get this door open.

Marine: I'll try, sir, but it looks like these Covenant worked pretty hard to
lock it down.

Keyes: Just do it, son.

Marine: Yes, Sir.

Marine: I got a bad feeling about this.

Sergeant: Boy, you always got a bad feelin' about somethin'.

Solder: (on radio) Captain, Sarge, can you hear me?

Keyes: (over radio) What's going on, soldier?

Soldier: (on radio) We've got contact, lots of them, but they're not Covenant.
There 'er too many!  I can't kill them!  What the fu...  oh no!

Sergeant: (over radio) Corporal?  Do you copy over?!

Sergeant: Mendoza, get your ass back up to second squad's position and find out
what the hell is goin on.

Mendoza: But S...

Sergeant: I don't have time for your lip, solider, I gave you an order!

(fast forward)

Mendoza: Sarge!  Listen!

Marine: What is that?

Sergeant: Where's that coming from, Mendoza?

Mendoza: I don't ...  There, Mira!

Mira is a conjugation in Spanish of mirar which means to look.  Translated, he
says: "There, look!"

(Marine screaming in pain.)

Marine: Hold still! Hold still!

Sergeant: Let 'em have it.

Marine: Sergeant, we're surrounded.

Sergeant: God dammit, Jenkins!  Fire your weapon!

Marine: There 'er too many, Sarge!

Sergeant: Don't even think about it, Marine!

Mendoza: Oh this is loco!  (Obviously it means "Oh this is crazy.")

Keyes: Get back here, Marine!  That's an order.

Sergeant: Jenkins!

(Cut Scene Ends)

Foehammer: This is Echo 419.  Chief, is that you?  I lost your signal when you
disappeared inside the structure.  What's going on down there?  I'm tracking
movement all over the place!

Marine: Sir, Thank God you're here.  We've been lost down here for hours.
After we lost contact with the rest of the mission w...we headed for the RV
point and these these-- these things!  They ambushed us.  We gotta get outa

Foehammer: There's a large tower a few hundred meters from your current
position.  Find a way above the fog and foliage canopy and I can move in and
pick you up.

(End of level Cut Scene Begins)

Monitor: Greetings.  I am the monitor of installation 04.  I am 343 Guilty
Spark.  Someone has released the Flood.  My function is to prevent it from
leaving this installation, but I require your assistance.  Come.  This way.

Foehammer: Chief, I've lost your signal!  Where'd ya go, Chief?  Chief?!

(End of Cut Scene)


XI.  The Library


(Cut Scene Begins)

Monitor: We must collect the index before we can activate the installation.

(Cut Scene Ends)

(Level Script)

(if you shoot the monitor, he'll say)

Monitor: Are you finished yet?

Monitor: That is completely unnecessary.

Monitor: Please stop being human.

Monitor: Please control your temper.

Monitor: We have much more important business here.

Monitor: Please stop firing your weapon.

Monitor: We are near the index chamber.  Follow me.

Monitor: The energy field above us contains the index.  We must get up there.

Monitor: The security doors have sealed automatically.  I will go access the
override to open them.

Monitor: Please follow closely.  This portal is the first of ten.

Monitor: This is not the correct direction.  If you do not follow me, you may
become lost.

Monitor: Puzzling.  You brought such ineffective weapons to combat the Flood
despite the containment protocols.

Monitor: The Flood must not escape the installation.  They consume all.

Monitor: You can see how the body's been transformed by the genetic
restructuring of the Flood infection.  The small creatures carry spores that
cause a host to mutate.  The mutated host then produces spores that can pass
the Flood to others.  It is insidious and elegant.  As long as any hosts
remain, the Flood is virulent.

Monitor: We must continue.  This way, please.

Monitor: The installation's research facilities are most impressive.  Perhaps
you will have time to see them later.

Monitor: These sentinels will supplement your combat system, but I suggest you
upgrade to at least a class twelve combat skin.  Your current model only scans
as a class two, which is ill suited for this kind of work.

Monitor: Pardon me.  A plasma conduit breach in section 5524 has disrupted
power flow to a revitic maintenance assembly.

Monitor: (Humming) Oh, hello.

Monitor: Flood activity has caused a failure in the drone control subsystem.  I
must reset the backup unit.  Please continue on.  I will rejoin you when I have
completed my task.

Monitor: The sentinels can use their weapons to manage the Flood only for a
short time.  Speed is of the essence.

Monitor: Please wait here.

Monitor: Your environment suit should serve you well when the Flood begins to
alter the atmosphere.  You are a good planner.

Monitor: Ah...I am a genius.  Hm Hm Hm Hmm.

Monitor: The installation was well conceived.  It is surely the only way to end
the Flood threat.

Monitor: (Laughs)

Monitor: I would conjecture that the other species currently on the
installation is responsible for releasing the Flood.  They seem most persistent
in their attempts to access restricted areas.

Monitor: Well, naturally, the Flood is simply too dangerous to release and mass
sterilization protocols may again need to enacted.  Of course, samples were
kept here after the last catastrophic outbreak for a study.  It seems that
decision may have been an error.

Monitor: The installation was specifically built to study and contain the
Flood.  Their survival as a race was dependant upon it.  I am grateful to see
that some of them survived to reproduce.

Monitor: I will deactivate the security lock-- wait here.

Monitor: Please stay close.  Time is short.

Monitor: Ah...I am a genius.  Hm Hm Hm Hmm.

Monitor: The Flood are already hard at work preparing your vessel.  It's
parasitic nature belies the Flood's intelligence.

(End of level Cut Scene Begins)

Monitor: The energy barrier surrounding the index will deactivate when we reach
the ground floor.

Monitor: You may now retrieve the index.  Protocol requires that I take
possession of the index for transport.  Your organic form renders you
vulnerable to infection.  The index must not fall into the hands of the Flood
before we reach the control room and activate the installation.

Monitor: The Flood is spreading-- we must hurry!

(End of Cut Scene)


XII.  Two Betrayals


(Beginning Cut Scene)

Monitor: Which means that any organism with sufficient mass and cognitive
capability is a potential vector.

Monitor: Is something wrong?

Master Chief: No.  Nothing.

Monitor: Splendid!  Shall we?

Monitor: (humming) Hm Hm Hm Hmm Hm Hmm Hmm.  Ahh.

Monitor: Unfortunately my usefulness to this particular endeavor has come to an
end.  Protocol does not allow units with my classification to perform a task as
important as the reedification of the index with the core.  That final step is
reserved for you, reclaimer.

Monitor: Odd...That wasn't supposed to happen.

Cortana: Oh really?

Master Chief: Cortana.

Cortana: I've spent the last twelve hours cooped up in here watching you toady
about helping that thing get set to slit our throats.

Master Chief: Hold on now.  He's a friend.

Cortana: Oh!  I didn't realize.  He's your pal, is he?  Your chum?  Do you have
any idea what that bastard almost made you do?

Master Chief: Yes.  Activate Halo's defenses and destroy the Flood - Which is
why we brought the index to the control center.

Cortana: You mean this?

Monitor: A construct.  In the core?  That is absolutely unacceptable.

Cortana: Sod off.

Monitor: What impertinence...I shall purge you at once!

Cortana: You sure that's a good idea?

Monitor: How?  How?  How dare you?!  I'll...

Cortana: Do what?  I have the index.  You can just float and sputter.

Master Chief: Enough!

Master Chief: The Flood is spreading.  If we activate Halo's defenses we can
wipe them out.

Cortana: You have no idea how this ring works, do you?  Why the Forerunners
built it?  Halo doesn't kill Flood - it kills their food.  Humans, Covenant,
whatever; we're all equally edible.  The only way to stop the Flood is to
starve them to death and that's exactly what Halo is designed to do - wipe the
galaxy clean of all sentient life.  You don't believe me?  Ask him!

Master Chief: Is it true?

Monitor: More or less.  Technically this installation's pulse has a maximum
effective radius of twenty five thousand light years, but once the others
follow suit, this galaxy will be quite devoid of life, or any least any life
with sufficient biomass to sustain the Flood...But you already knew that, I
mean, how couldn't you?

Cortana: Left out that little detail, did he?

Monitor: We have followed our outbreak containment procedure to the letter.
You were with me each step of the way as we managed this crisis.

Cortana: Chief, I'm picking up movement.

Monitor: Why would you hesitate to do what you have already done?

Cortana: We need to go right now!

Monitor: Last time you asked me if it were my choice would I do it.  Having had
considerable to time to ponder your query my answer has not changed.  There is
no choice.  We must activate the ring.

Cortana talking to you: Get us out of here.

Monitor: If you are unwilling to help I will simply find another.  Still, I
must have the index.  Give your construct to me or I will be forced to take her
from you.

Master Chief: That's not going to happen.

Monitor: So be it.  Save his head.  Dispose of the rest.

(Cut Scene Ends)

(Level Script)

Cortana: Look out.

Cortana: We can't let the monitor activate Halo.  We have to stop him - we have
to destroy Halo.  According to my analysis of the available data, I believe the
best course of action is somewhat risky.  An explosion of sufficient size will
help destabilize the ring and will cut through a number of primary systems.  We
need to trigger a detonation on a large scale however.  A starship's fusion
reactors going critical would do the job.  I'm going to search what's left of
the Covenant battle net and see if I can locate the Pillar of Autumn's crash
site.  If the ship's fusion reactors are still relatively intact we can use
them to destroy Halo.

Cortana: I haven't located the crash site yet and need to buy some time -
incase the monitor or his sentinels find a way to activate Halo's final weapon
without the index.

Cortana: The machinery in these canyons are Halo's primary firing mechanisms.
They consist of three phase pulse generators that amplify Halo's signal and
allow it to fire deep into space.  The power levels are enormous I can't even
begin to calculate the pulse's range.

Cortana: So if we damage or destroy these generators the monitor will need to
repair them before Halo can be used.  That should buy us some time.

Cortana: I'm marking the location of the nearest pulse generator with a
navpoint.  We need to move in and neutralize the device.

Cortana: Good.  Let's get moving.  The navpoint marks out the target.  Wait...
commandeer one of those banshees.  We'll need it to reach the pulse generator
in time.

Cortana: That's the pulse generator.  The central core is the signal amplifier
and that's what we need to shut down.  We need to interrupt the pulse
generator's energy stream.  I've adjusted your shield systems so that it will
deliver an EMP burst to disrupt the generator, but you'll need to walk into the
beam to trigger it.  The EMP blast should neutralize the generator but it will
also drain your shields and you'll be vulnerable until they recharge.

Cortana: Objective accomplished.  The pulse generator has overloaded.
Scanning...The generator's central core is offline.  Well done.

Cortana: The second pulse generator is located in the adjacent canyon.  Move
out and I'll mark the target with a navpoint when you get closer.

Cortana: Good.  That's the way to the next canyon.

Cortana: Okay.  Lets take care of the next pulse generator.

Cortana: That did it.  The pulse generator overloaded.  One more to go.

Cortana: I've located the Pillar of Autumn.  She put down twelve hundred
kilometers up spin.  Energy readings show her fusion reactors are still powered
up.  The systems on the Pillar of Autumn have fail-safes even I can't override
without authorization from the Captain.  We'll need to find him or his neural
implants to start the fusion core detonation.

Cortana: That tunnel leads to the next section of canyon.  The final pulse
generator we need to destroy is through there.

Cortana: Final target neutralized.  Let's get out of here.

(End of level Cut Scene Begins)

Master Chief: Let's find a ride and get to the Captain.

Cortana: No.  That'll take to long.

Master Chief: You have a better idea?

Cortana: There's a teleportation grid that runs throughout Halo.  That's how
the monitor moves about so quickly.  I learned how to tap into the grid when I
was in the control center.  Unfortunately, each jump requires a rather
consequential expenditure of energy.

Master Chief: Something tells me I'm not gonna like this.

Cortana: But I'm pretty sure I can pull it from your suit without permanently
damaging anything.  Needless to say - I think we should only try this once.

Master Chief: Do it.

(End of Cut Scene)


XIII.  Keyes


(Cut Scene Begins)

Cortana: The Covenant network is absolute chaos.  From what I've been able to
piece together their leadership ordered all ships to abandon Halo when they
found the Flood - but they were too late.

Cortana: The Flood overwhelmed this cruiser and disabled it.  The Covenant are
terrified the Flood will repair the ship and use it to escape from Halo.
They've sent in a strike team to neutralize the Flood and repair the ship for
immediate departure.  I've got a good lock on Captain Keyes' CNI transponder
signal.  He's alive and the implants are intact.  There's some interference
from the cruiser's damaged reactor.  I'll bring us in as close as I can.

Chief: (Grunts)

Cortana: Oh...I see, the coordinate data needs to be...

Cortana: Right, sorry.

(Cut Scene Ends)

(Level Script)

Keyes: (Weak) Chief, don't be a fool.  Leave me.

Cortana: Captain?  Captain!  I've lost him.

Cortana: Analyzing damage.  This hole was caused by some kind of explosive.
Pretty powerful if it tore through the ship's hull.  All I detect down there
are pools of coolant.  We should continue our search somewhere else.

Cortana: Warning...Threat level increasing.

Cortana: That jump into the coolant is looking better all the time, Chief.

Cortana: Trust me!  It's deep enough to cushion our fall!

Cortana: Chief, we need to jump now!

(Cut Scene Begins)

(Master Chief falling through hole in ship's hull)

(Cut Scene Ends)

Cortana: Let's get out of here and find another way back aboard the ship.

Cortana: We should head this way - towards the ships gravity lift.

Cortana: The crash did more damage than I suspected.  Analyzing...coolant
leakage rate is significant.  The ship's reactor should already have gone

Cortana: Power source detected...There's the gravity lift.  It's still
operational.  That's our way back in.

(Cut Scene Begins)

(Master Chief goes up gravity lift)

(Cut Scene Ends)

Cortana: We should be able to get into the ship's control room from here.

Cortana: The Covenant battle net is a mess.  I can't access the ship's
schematics.  My records indicate that a shuttle bay should be...here.

Cortana: Look - in the corners - the Flood are gathering bodies here.

Cortana: Looks like another shuttle bay.  We should be able to reach the
control room from the third level.

Keyes: (Straining) I gave you an order, soldier.  Now pull out!

Cortana: He's delirious, in pain!  We have to find him!

Cortana: The control room should be this way.

(Keyes screaming in pain)

Cortana: The Captain!  His vitals are fading!  Please, Chief, hurry!

(Cut Scene Begins)

Cortana: No human life signs detected.  The Captain-- he's one of them.  We
can't let the Flood get off this ring.  You know what he'd expect; what he'd
want us to do.

Cortana: Its done.  I have the code.  We should go.

(Cut Scene Ends)

Cortana: We need to get back to the Pillar of Autumn.  Let's go back to the
shuttle bay and find a ride.

Cortana: Perfect.  Grab one of the escort Banshees and we'll use it to return
to the Pillar of Autumn.

(End of level Cut Scene Begins)

(Banshee flies out of shuttle bay)

(End of level Cut Scene Ends)


XIV.  The Maw


(Cut Scene Begins)

Cortana: This thing is falling apart!

Master Chief: It'll hold.

Cortana: We're not going to make it!

Master Chief: We'll make it.

Cortana: Pull Up! Pull Up!

Cortana: (annoyed) You did that on purpose, didn't you?

(Cut Scene Ends)

Cortana: We need to get to the bridge.  From there, we can use the Captain's
neural implants to initiate an overload of the ship's fusion engines.  The
explosion should damage enough systems below it to destroy the ring.

Cortana: The bridge.  We made it.  Let's get to work.

Cortana: I need you to upload me into the control systems.  The terminal is
located next to the main viewscreen.

(Cut Scene Begins)

Cortana: I leave home for a few days and look what happens.

Cortana: This won't take long.  There.  That should give us enough time to make
it to a lifeboat and put some distance between ourselves and Halo before the

Monitor: I'm afraid that's out of the question, really.

Cortana: Oh Hell!

Monitor: Ridiculous - that you and a warship's AI with such a wealth of
knowledge...weren't you worried it might be captured...or destroyed?

Cortana: He's in my data arrays - a local tap.

Monitor: You can't imagine how exciting this is to have a record of all our
lost time.  Human history is it?  Fascinating.

Monitor: Oh how will I enjoy every moment of its categorization.  To think that
you would destroy this installation as well as this record.  I am shocked.
Almost too shocked for words.

Cortana: He stopped the self-destruct sequence.

Monitor: Why do you continue to fight us, reclaimer?  You cannot win.  Give us
the construct and I will endeavor to make your death relatively painless and...

Cortana: At least I still have control over the COM channels.

Master Chief: Where is he?

Cortana: I'm detecting taps throughout the ship - sentinels most likely.  As
for the monitor he's in engineering.  He must be trying to take the core
offline.  Even if I could get the countdown restarted...I don't know what to

Master Chief: How much firepower would you need to crack one of the engines'

Cortana: Not much.  A well placed grenade perhaps, but why...?

Cortana: Okay, I'm coming with you.  Chief, sentinels!

(Cut Scene Ends)

Cortana: The ship was heavily damaged when it crashed.  Head to the Cryo
chamber.  You should be able to get to the engine room through there.

Cortana: Engine room located.  We're here.

Cortana: Alert...the monitor has disabled all command access.  We can't restart
the countdown.  The only remaining option is to detonate the ship's fusion
reactors.  That should do enough damage to destroy Halo.  Don't worry.  I have
access to all of the reactor schematics and procedures.  I'll walk you through
it.  First we need to pull back the exhaust couplings.  That will expose a
shaft that leads to the primary fusion drive core.

Monitor: Why do you continue to resist us, reclaimer?

Monitor: Do you require medical attention?

Monitor: You must surrender the construct, so that we may return to our
appointed task.

Monitor: The Flood continue to multiply, reclaimer.

Monitor: You will destroy this installation, as well as it's fascinating

Monitor: Surrender the construct immediately or I will be forced to take you
offline permanently.

Cortana: Good.  Step one complete.  We have a straight shot into the fusion
reactor.  We need a catalyst explosion to destabilize the magnetic containment
fields surrounding the fusion cells.  Use an explosive.  I recommend a grenade
or rocket.  If you run out of explosives, there is an armory station located
near the engine room's entrance.

Cortana: Analyzing...fusion reactor number one destabilizing.  Use explosives
on the other three reactors.  That should be enough to trigger a wildcat
explosion of the engines.

Cortana: Keep it up only one more fusion reactor to go.

Monitor: Why do you continue to ignore your task?

Monitor: Revision and repair protocols continuing.  Please wait for update.

Monitor: Effecting repair sequence now.

Monitor: Oh, how unfortunate.

Monitor: This AI construct possesses far too much data.

Monitor: Inconsistent.

Monitor: Not acceptable, reclaimer.

Monitor: Please surrender the construct and I will endeavor to make the
necessary repairs.

Monitor: Hardware and software are below required specifications.

Monitor: Are you perhaps ill?

Cortana: That did it.  The engine's gone critical.  Based on the current rate
of decay you should have fifteen minutes to get off the ship.  We don't have
much time.  We should move outside and signal for evac.  Accessing
schematics...there's a service lift at the top of the engine room.  It leads to
a Class 7 service corridor that runs along the ship's dorsal structure.  Hurry!

Monitor: We must keep moving.  Reclaimer?

Cortana: Cortana to Echo 419: Come in, Echo 419.

Foehammer: Roger, Cortana, I read you five five five.

Cortana: The Pillar of Autumn's engines are going critical, Foehammer.  Request
immediate extraction.  Approach the crash site and be ready to pick us up at
external access junction 4C as soon as you get my signal.

Foehammer: Affirmative.  Echo 419 going on station.

Foehammer: Echo 419 to Cortana: Things are gettin' noisy down there.
Everything ok?

Cortana talking to you and Foehammer: Negative! Negative!  We have a wildcat
destabilization of the ship's fusion core.  The engines must have sustained
more damage than we thought.  Analyzing...we have six minutes before the fusion
drives detonate.  We have to evac now!  Activating final countdown timer.  When
it reaches zero the engines will detonate.  The explosion will generate a
temperature of almost one hundred million degrees.  Don't be here when it

Cortana: Alert!  We need to keep moving.  Get back in the Warthog.

Cortana: Cortana to Echo 419: Request extraction now!  On the double.

Foehammer: Affirmative, Cortana, Foehammer inbound.

Cortana: Wait.  Stop.  This is where Foehammer is coming to pick us up.  Hold
position here.

Cortana: Cortana to Echo 419: Two Covenant Banshees are approaching on your
six.  Evade!  Say again, evade!

Foehammer: I'm it!  Mayday! Mayday!  Their reports must have been something
else.  I can't fool them.  I can't hold on.

Cortana: Echo 419?  She's gone.  Calculating alternate escape route...ship's
inventory shows one Long Sword fighter is still docked in launch bay 7.  If we
move now we can make it.

Cortana: Chief, up ahead there's a gap in the bridge.  At top speed we should
be able to clear it.

Cortana: That's the ship.  Move!  We need to get aboard Now!

(Final Cut Scene Begins)

Cortana: We're cutting it close!

Master Chief: Here we go.

Cortana: Shut them down.  We'll need them later.

Cortana: Can I take a look?

In other modes Cortana says:

Cortana: Fancy a look?

Master Chief: Did anyone else make it?

Cortana: Scanning...just dust and echoes.  We're all that's left.  We did what
we had to do - for Earth.  An entire Covenant armada obliterated and the Flood.
We had no choice.  Halo - it's finished.

Master Chief: No.  I think we're just getting started.

(Final Cut Scene Ends and Titles Appear)


XV.  Legendary Extra Movie (The Maw)


(I don't know if all of you realize it but the Marine at the end is the
sergeant that was in all the levels such as Guilty Spark and other levels I
can't remember)

And in his memory for his untimely passing on Halo I leave you with this quote
"Hit it Marines.  Go! Go! Go!  The Corp aint payin us by the hour"- Sergeant
Superior Officer.

(Cut Scene Begins)

Sergeant: Come here you mother f...

Sergeant: Oh Shit.  This is it, baby, hold me.

(Cut Scene Ends)


XVI.  Any questions or corrections?


Although I have worked very hard on this FAQ making sure every word was right
and double-checking sometimes even checking 5 times to make sure the dialogue
was accurate.  I am only human and can make mistakes if you have any revisions
I can make or simply have game questions please by all means e-mail me at


XVII.  Copyright Information


Copyright 2003 Wesker (Mark Wynn).

This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use.  It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission.  Use of this guide on any other
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