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Warthog Jumping FAQ by Juggertrout

Version: 1.40 | Updated: 02/24/04


                        Warthog Jumping FAQ

Version 1.00 started 3/6/03.
Version 1.10 added minor spelling and factual errors.
Version 1.20 added something to Warthog Jumping Techniques page and a few minor
other things.
Version 1.25 just added the name of another site that can now host this FAQ.
Minor spelling and grammar errors have been rectified.
Version 1.30 man, I've got so many updates going on. Now www.ign.com may host my
FAQ. Cool website too, check it out! Added my AIM screen name as well.
Version 1.35 changed some things that I've found over the last few months.
Version 1.40 I sorted out a few things which I've been getting e-mails about.

What Is Warthog Jumping?

Warthog jumping is basically launching a Warthog hundreds of feet into
the air by building up a collection of grenades under it and then
throwing in one of your own. Stunts using this method are very
spectacular and add a lot of variety to the usual FPS that is Halo.

History Of Warthog Jumping

The first person to make a movie of the idea of putting grenades under a
Warthog to launch it up high was the pioneer of Warthog jumping, Randy
Glass. In a response to a challenge on the halo.bungie.org forum which
was putting a Warthog on top of Silent Cartographer. He made a video
called 'When Pigs Fly' showing a dead marine with two grenades beside
him and a Warthog over him. Randy then threw in a grenade and the
explosion of the other two grenades with it made it fly above the mountain side
while Randy positioned it with the help of some rockets. Randy then got
the idea of putting much more grenades under the Warthog and created the
movie 'Warthog Jump' showing high flying stunts and truly amazing set
pieces. The film was a huge success. Randy received countless e-mails by
fans, some who didn't even own an X-Box. He appeared on interviews and
on the British video game programme, Gamepad 3. A sequel was inevitable
and soon 'Warthog Revisited' was born showcasing some unbelievable
stunts and top class editing. It was even shown at E3 2002. Another
video he created was 'Dreams Of Master Chief' which is also worth
watching. All videos are downloadable from halo.bungie.org or you could
visit the official Warthog jump website at www.warthog-jump.com.

How To Guide: Single Player Beginner Techniques

The most important part of Warthog jumping is to choose your level. For
beginners you should start on Silent Cartographer. It is the easiest
level for jumping and the one Randy Glass does most of his jumping.
Start a game on easy and clear the landing bay without using grenades.
Try also to pick up at least 3 plasma grenades. After clearing the landing bay,
switch to your pistol and Foe Hammer will drop off a Warthog. You should have 9
marines, 2 will get into the Warthog with you. Keep driving avoiding all enemies
to the beach were the dropship drops off 3 or 4 Jackals. It is a good idea to
kill them as they sometimes get in your way. Pass through the arch and park the
Warthog by the first rock, so that the gunner seat is facing the arch and then
run back to the arch and trigger a checkpoint. Come back and press 'x' to take
the gunner out of the gunner seat. Now, here comes the cruel part. Shoot him in
the head. It may seem a bit sadistic but it's the only way to accumulate
grenades. Marines drop 0-2 grenades, as a beginner you should aim to collect
about 9 grenades which is 1 grenade from every marine. Granted you may end up
with more grenades but this is just an approximate. After collecting about 1
grenade from the gunner, take the other marine out of the side seat and get into
the driver seat. The marine should enter the gunner seat. Get a checkpoint and
repeat what you did with the other marine. Then get into the Warthog and go and
collect some more marines and repeat your sick, twisted killing process.

As a beginner, I wouldn't recommend trying to put too many grenades under a
Warthog at first, in case the 'glitch' happens. I'm still trying to figure out
exactly why this happens. It is a glitch that when you go back for your last
marine, sometimes the grenades and bodies disappear, leaving you with only about
4 grenades or so. Luckily this is very rare; it has only happened twice to me
out of hundreds of hours of jumping.

After you have built up your grenades, park a Warthog over them and then throw
in a grenade. You can throw a frag, a plasma, 2 plasmas, a plasma and a frag
and, if you are fast, a frag and then attach a plasma. You can aim the Warthog
in any direction, the best looking one is over the arch, but it is really up to
you. Have fun!

How To Guide: Single Player Advanced Techniques

If you now consider yourself an expert at throwing a Warthog over an arch there
are some more advanced Silent Cartographer techniques for you to try. Most of
these are listed in the 'Different Kinds Of Warthog Jump' section near the end
of the FAQ. I think that before you even try a Warthog Jump, you collect 3
Warthogs and the Rocket Launcher. Then you can try setting of jumps with the
Rocket Launcher and launching multiple Warthogs. For better looking jumps I
suggest getting onto the arch. For information on how to do this, read Legolas's
secrets FAQ. Once on the arch you can launch warthogs over it or on it by
setting it off. It is possible to get marines onto the arch by getting a Warthog
up and then backing the Warthog slowly into the crease by the metal arch where
the marines are. If done right, the marines will 'fly' onto the Warthog. Now,
think about the jumps you could do from up there. To get 3 Warthogs as well as
yourself up there, simply knock 2 Warthogs up there using Legolas's Secrets FAQ
and then either Overshield Jump up there or Warthog Bounce it up from the
mountain. Both techniques are explained in the 'Different Kinds Of Warthog Jump'
section. There is one very spectacular stunt you can do on top of the arch. Go
there with 3 Warthogs and park it on the flat bit at the top of the arch, facing
sideways. You should notice there is a very plump tree near the middle of the
arch. It is possible to Warthog Bounce 3 Warthogs up there, one at a time and it
makes for a very spectacular set piece. Just make sure you position each Warthog
to the side of the tree once it is on top by firing a rocket at it. This makes
it easier to launch all the Warthogs up there. There is a checkpoint at the
bottom of the arch in case you screw up.

You can also try other levels. The ones I've done successful jumps on are Halo
and Assault on the Control Room. For Halo, it's merely a case of collecting
marines in your Warthog from various lifeboats and taking them to places. You
can launch them on top of hills or even on top of the blue beam towers. It is
also possible to drive up some hills and kill marines there for more spectacular
jumps. On Assault on the Control Room, the easiest way to do this is to get down
the first bridge and cause the no enemy effect so you have a lot of marines
left. You can also do jumps with many vehicles including Ghosts, Banshees,
Scorpions, Wraiths and Shades (which actually go higher than Warthogs). For
information on how to get down the first bridge, go to halo.bungie.org and go to
the tricks section. I am currently working on a way to do single player jumps on
Two Betrayals. It seems like you could do some amazing jumps there due to the
large number of marines.

How To Guide: Co-op Techniques

For multiplayer, there is no beginner or advanced because multiplayer jumping is
so easy anyone can do it and the jumps are always higher on multiplayer than on
single player. The reason for this that you can easily accumulate more grenades
and you don't need marines, so you can do it on any level with vehicles,
including levels like Truth and Reconciliation which only feature Shades.

To get grenades, just melee each other in the back of the head and you'll die
and drop 4 frags and 4 plasmas. The player who meleed you should run back so the
other person doesn't respawn on the grenades. You can then go around collecting
more grenades and keep meleeing each other to eventually build up a lot of
grenades. Then pick one up and let it rip. I find Assault on the Control Room is
the best level for jumps on multiplayer due to the large number of enemies and

Of course, the type of Warthog jump you do depends on your imagination. You
could launch straight up and see how high up you could get it or try and land it
on top of structures. It is your choice.

Different Kinds Of Warthog Jump

Overshield Jump: This jump is very useful because it can get you and a Warthog
to places you wouldn't have thought possible. All it requires is a Warthog, a
pile of grenades and an Overshield. Build up your grenades and park a Warthog by
the Overshield so that the driver seat is near it. You want to throw a grenade
and time it so that you get the Overshield and get into the driver seat as your
Overshield is charging up which makes you temporarily invincible. Thus when the
grenade goes off it sends you alive with the Warthog flying into the air in its
driver seat. You can use this to get on top of Silent Cartographer and many
other places which I will leave to you to figure out.

Warthog Eject: A variation on the Overshield Jump. It is basically flying OUT of
the Warthog alive and into the air, although you do die on the way down. To do
this, go about an Overshield Jump normally and then either throw a frag too late
and then get in and get out as the frag explodes or throw a frag too soon and
then as you get in the frag goes off. Both should launch you high into the air
giving you a full survey of your area.

Warthog Launch: A very, very difficult manoeuvre to pull off. It is basically an
Overshield Jump without the Overshield. To do it, build up grenades by the nose
of the Warthog and keep a plasma grenade. Get near the back of the Warthog and
throw a plasma at the front of the Warthog and then jump onto the gunner seat
less than a second after the grenade explodes. First you should watch the
Warthog and notice that the front wheels come up a bit before the entire Warthog
launches into the air. That's the time you want to be jumping from about another
Warthog's distance onto the gunner seat if you're lucky you'll be seated
comfortly in the gunner seat as you fly through the air, but most of the time
you'll just die. But keep with it and you'll get to some remarkable places....

Warthog Bounce: Warthog Bounces can get a warthog high in the air with only 1
plasma, 1 frag and a rocket. Park a warthog parallel to the place you want to
Bounce to and then throw a plasma and then press 'black' once and start tapping
'l' repeatedly and when the frag is thrown tap 'r' repeatedly to shoot a rocket
all in the same place, (half under, half outside the Warthog). The idea of the
tapping is to shoot things faster. You'd be surprised how high Warthogs get. A
few useful things top do with Warthog Bounces are knocking a Warthog on top of a
Blood Gulch base and even the upper level of a Sidewinder base if you're good at

Warthog Catapult: This is a very useful trick that can be performed in many ways
and places. Get a Warthog and place some grenades under it. The grenades should
be spread out and under all of the Warthog depending on the direction you want
to it to go, mainly straight up. Now get to a higher place and throw a plasma
grenade under the Warthog so it goes past the warthog but remains under it so
that the Warthog is throw upwards towards you. Just as the plasma grenade goes
off or a tiny bit before, you want to jump in the Warthog path. If done
correctly then you will be thrown upwards incredibly high. This can also be done
with a Shade but, hey, this is a Warthog Jumping FAQ, not a Shade Jumping FAQ.
You can use this to get on top of the blue beam towers on Halo and other such
incredible places.


Juggertrout's Highest Warthog Jumps:

Single Player - Silent Cartographer - 14 seconds
Co-op - Assault on the Control Room - 21 seconds

Credits etc.

I would like to especially thank:

Bungie: For an unforgettable game.

Randy Glass: For pioneering such an unbelievably popular 'sport'.

Legolas: For his Secrets FAQ.

Scooter McDue: For his newer Secrets FAQ.

serpantsnake: For his great help and advice in the editing and publication of
this FAQ.

And also the following at the HBO website:

pete the duck
mike miller
Dark Helmet

Juggertrout copyright(c)2003

This FAQ should only be used at www.gamefaqs.com, www.neoseeker.com, www.ign.com
and www.gamenotover.com. If you would like to reproduce this FAQ, please e-mail
me at: sopunk89@hotmail.com

If you have any questions, comments or queries feel free to e-mail me at the
aforementioned e-mail address or AIM me at Juggertrout.


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