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FAQ/Walkthrough by Buddaysh

Version: 1.0b | Updated: 01/02/04

        ___                               ____               ____________
        ¯| |                   /\          ¯|  |¯¯           //¯¯¯¯¯----\ \            _____
         | |       |\         /\ \          |  |            //           \ \          /     \
         | |       | |       /  \ \         |  |           //             \ \        |       |
         | |_______| |      ¯    \ \        |  |         _//               \ \        \_____/
         |   ______  |     - ¯¯¯¯   \       |  |         ¯¯      (¯¯)-     | |==
         |  |      | |    / /¯¯¯¯¯\  \      |  |                  ¯¯       / /         _____
         |  |      | |   / /       \  \     |  |_____/|    /              / /         /     \
        _|  |      | | _/ /         \  \   _|         |_   \\____________/ /         |       |
        ¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯         ¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    \_____________/           \_____/
                   _____   ____    __    __    ____          _______
                  /       /    \   | \  / |   |    \    /\      |
                 |        |    |   |  \/  |   |  : <   /__\     |
                  \_____  \____/   |      |   |____/  /    \    |

               ______            _____                  ______    ____
               |         \    /  /     \  |     \    /  |         |    \
               |-----     \  /   |     |  |      \  /   |-----    | () |
               |______     \/    \_____/  |____   \/    |______   |____/


                               "HALO: COMBAT EVOLVED"

              |                                                                |
              |              --------------------------------                  |
              |             (   xXx  TABLE OF CONTENTS  xXx  )                 |
              |              --------------------------------                  |
              |                                                                |
              |                                                                |
              |           I. The FAQ                                           |
              |              a) Introduction                                   |
              |              b) Version History                                |
              |              c) Legal Issues                                   |
              |              d) Contact Information                            |
              |                                                                |
              |          II. Game Basics                                       |
              |              a) Game Screen                                    |
              |              b) Loading/Saving Games                           |
              |              c) Difficulties                                   |
              |              d) Controls                                       |
              |              e) Story                                          |
              |              f) Characters                                     |
              |              g) Vehicles                                       |
              |              h) Weapons/Attacks                                |
              |              i) Battle Suit/Armor                              |
              |              j) HUD Display                                    |
              |                                                                |
              |         III. Walkthrough                                       |
              |              a) Introduction/Format                            |
              |              b) Level 1: The Pillar of Autumn                  |
              |              c) Level 2: Halo                                  |
              |              d) Level 3: The Truth and Reconciliation          |
              |              e) Level 4: The Silent Cartographer               |
              |              f) Level 5: Assault on the Control Room           |
              |              g) Level 6: 343 Guilty Spark                      |
              |              h) Level 7: The Library                           |
              |              i) Level 8: Two Betrayals                         |
              |              j) Level 9: Keyes                                 |
              |              k) Level 10: The Maw                              |
              |                                                                |
              |          IV. General Tips & Strategies                         |
              |              a) Enemy Tips                                     |
              |              b) Weapons/Items Tips                             |
              |              c) Gameplay Tips                                  |
              |              d) Vehicle Tips                                   |
              |                                                                |
              |           V. Multiplayer                                       |
              |              a) Modes of Play                                  |
              |              b) Multiplayer Types                              |
              |              c) Multiplayer Tips                               |
              |                                                                |
              |          VI. Miscellaneous                                     |
              |              a) Frequently Asked Questions                     |
              |              b) Secrets and Codes                              |
              |                                                                |
              |         VII. Closing                                           |
              |              a) Credits                                        |
              |              b) Farewell                                       |
              |                                                                |
              |                                                                |


                   (    S E C T I O N  O N E : T H E  F A Q      )

                              [-= 1.a) Introduction =-]

       Welcome! This is a complete strategy guide for Halo. It includes the works, from
       how to beat each level to an explanation of weapons. This is my first complete FAQ.
       I've written a few before but nothing as detailed as this. I guess it's because I
       really liked this game as so many others do. I was surpised that there was only one
       incomplete FAQ for Halo out at the time of this writing, so I decided to write one
       myself. I am not not the best at formatting FAQs so forgive me if it doesn't look very
       good. I tryed my best and put hours of hard work into it, though it may not seem like
       it. I like it a lot and I hope you will too. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

                                                                     -- R. K. Raja

                              [-= 1.b) Version History =-]

Version 1.0b (January 2, 2004) - Unfortunately, I wasn't able to add new things to this FAQ in a
very LONG time. I've gotten back into the game and have some new tips to help you! However, I 
will no longer be updating this version of the FAQ. You can find the newest version of my guide and
more content for Halo and other games here: http://www.buddaysh.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=13

Version 1.0a (July 2, 2002) - Hmm, I guess I forgot to update the FAQ. Well, I've been a little
busy. I'm almost done the game on Legendary, and hopefully if I have some time, I will be
adding tips to get you through Heroic and Legendary on each of the levels. I've added a few
Frequently Asked Questions. Also added a few small tips (never really got into them in the FAQ).

Version 1.0 (January 21, 2002) - The first version of the guide that I worked
so hard on. It is basically finished except for a few minor errors. There are
still formatting issues to be fixed in the next version(s). I hope to add more
detailed content soon.

                              [-= 1.c) Legal Issues =-]

Because of past situations with stealing and plagarism, I am forced to include this
little legal excerpt. Please read this before deciding to use the FAQ or you will
risk legal trouble. Believe me, I have taken actions before and I am not kidding.

(c) Copyright 2002  R. K. Raja. This FAQ and everything   included  within
this  file  cannot be reproduced in any way, shape or form  (physical,
electronical, or otherwise) aside from being placed on  a freely-accessible,
non-commercial web page in it's original, unedited and  unaltered  format.
This FAQ cannot be used for profitable purposes (even  if  no  money  would
be  made  from  selling it) or promotional purposes.  It  cannot be used
in any sort of commercial transaction without written consent. It cannot
be given away as some sort of bonus, gift, etc., with a purchase as this
creates incentive to buy and is therefore prohibited.

Furthermore,  this  FAQ  cannot  be  used by the publishers, editors,
employees  or  associates,  etc.  of  any  company, group, business, or
association,  etc.,  nor  can it be used by game sites and the like. It
cannot  be  used in magazines, guides, books, etc. or in any other form
of  printed  or  electronic  media  (including mediums not specifically
mentioned)  in ANY way, shape, or form (including reprinting, reference
or  inclusion),  without  the express written permission of the author,
myself.  This  FAQ  was created and is owned by me, R. K. Raja. All
copyrights  and  trademarks are acknowledged and respected that are not
specifically mentioned in this FAQ.

To  continue, this FAQ and everything included herein is protected by
the  Berne  Copyright  Convention of 1976, not to mention International
Copyright  Law. Remember that plagiarism is a crime, and that this is a
copyrighted work--stealing from this guide is putting yourself at risk,
plain  and  simple, because the law is on my side. If you would like to
contribute  to  this  FAQ  (you will be credited,) please e-mail me, as
well as any questions, comments, or corrections, to the address below.

                              [-= 1.d) Contact Information =-]

You can contact me by e-mail through darklordx3@aol.com
I'm usually found on the GameFAQs board as DaRkLoRdXThree. I normally post on the Xbox
board and the Halo board.
If you would like to contribute something to this FAQ, please do through e-mail. I will
include your contribution in my next update and will give it full-credit.
Questions, comments, or suggestions? Please be sure to drop me a line. I am happy with
e-mails about the FAQ. So you like the FAQ and want to use it on your site? Sure, as long as
you get my permission first.

Talk to me whenever you feel like it. Although I may not be able to help you with every
part of Halo, I'll try my best. Please do not ask me question that has already been
answered on this FAQ, or it will simply be ignored. Don't waste both our times. And last,
please use proper English and be polite (i.e. don't say "sups how i getz da banchi in lvl5" or
"let me put this on my website its at http://www.whatever.com thanx"). I know it sounds silly
but I'm a real stickler with things like this. Thanks!

NOTE: I have not been able to receive any emails to that address. I'm sorry if I could not respond
to your emails. You can contact me at http://www.buddaysh.com if you have any more comments
or additions to the guide. You can always find the latest version of my guide here:


                (    S E C T I O N  T W O : G A M E  B A S I C S      )

                              [-= 2.a) Game Screen =-]

This is basically a small summary of what the different options are for when you first start
the game.

This is basically the single-player mode of the game, which is basically most of Halo.
Choose this option to being a new campaign or to resume where you left off in an existing
campaign. If you have not yet created a player profile, a new one will be created for you
automatically. You'll be asked to name it. Your progress in the single player game will
then be saved to this profile. If you've already created a player profile (from the
Settings menu), you'll be given the option to use this profile or create a new one. Up to
three profiles can be used at a time in Halo. The walkthrough will cover this section of
the game.

Choose Multiplayer to take on your friends in head-to-head combat, or to play through the
campaign cooperatively with another person. You can take an in-depth look at this option in
the Multiplayer section of the FAQ.

On the Settings menu you can modify player profiles, customize controls, and define custom
multiplayer game types. Settings are very useful if you dislike the default setting of Halo's
controls. Additionally, the vibration setting is turned off as a default so you must manually
turn it on through the Settings mode. Most of the options are self-explanatory.

Game Demos:
Use this option to learn more about other Xbox games. You can play short demos of Fuzion
Frenzy and Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee. Video "trailers" of the following games have also
been included: Amped, Azurik: Rise of Perathia, Bloodwake, NFL Fever 2002, Nightcaster,
Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee, and Project Gotham Racing.

                              [-= 2.b) Loading/Saving Games =-]

While playing through Halo's single-player campaign, the game automatically saves your
progress to the Xbox hard disk at various "auto-save" points in a level. These auto-saves
occur transparently so that when you die, the game automatically reloads at the most
recent auto-save point. Games are saved onto the Xbox's hard drive and are accessible
through selecting the campaign mode and the level you are in. While playing a game, the
checkpoint will occur but that does not mean it is saved into the Xbox just yet. So if
you reach a checkpoint and turn the Xbox console off, it won't save. You must choose
the option "Save and Quit" on the Pause menu for it to save. The "Revert to Saved"
option in the Pause Menu is also very useful as if you think you are doing something
wrong, you can get back to the last checkpoint you passed. This process may seem a bit
frustrating at first but becomes quit comfortable as you go along.

                              [-= 2.c) Difficulties =-]

This is what makes Halo such a great game. Their are four different difficulty modes for the
Campaign, and they all vary greatly.

Easy   -    Obviously the easiest setting in Halo. There are few enemies with limited power
            and accuracy. Winning on this difficulty is relatively easy.
Normal  -   Don't let the name intimidate you. Normal takes a big jump in challenge from
            Easy. You will find that enemies come in greater amounts and fairly good
            accuracy. It will be harder to take them to down but not too hard.
Heroic  -   It really is what it sounds. If you are able to beat this mode, you are much a
            hero. Enemies are stronger and can easily hit you. Power is nearly doubled. It
            may take sometime to master the game in this mode.
Legendary - By far the hardest in the game. Although many say it is easy, it is
            dangerously difficult for normal gamers. Everything is nearly doubled from
            Heroic. Not everyone can beat this without hours of practice.

                              [-= 2.d) Controls =-]

If you have never played an FPS on a console before, it would be wise to get the feel of
the game by memorizing the controls. Halo's control setup can be changed in the Settings
menu (I recommend you change the directional setup) to personalize your experience. Here
are the default controls:

Left Thumbstick - Move forward and backward, strafe left to right. Press and hold to

Digital Pad - Same as Left Thumbstick, but a little inaccurate and no ability to

Back Button - No use.

Start Button - Activate the Pause menu during gameplay.

Right Thumbstick - Use in conjuction with the left thumbstick. Left and right makes you
                   turn and up and down is used for aiming (can be inverted in Settings).
                   Press to trigger scope zoom, a more accurate view for sniping (can
                   only be activated with certain weapons).

Left Trigger Button - Throw grenade.

Right Trigger Button - Fires current weapon.

A Button - Jump. Hold to jump higher. Use in combination with thumbsticks for
           faster/bigger jumps in various directions. The gravity effect makes
           you float for a second.

B Button - Melee attack. Different depending on weapon in hand. Very useful
           alternative for low ammo or sneak attacks.

X Button - Reloads weapon. Also used as action button to flip switches, get in
           vehicles, etc.

Y Button - Switch weapon.

Black Button - Switches type of grenade (there are two types).

White Button - This looks silver IMO, but anyways... Turns on/off flashlight. Press
               during zoom with sniper rifle to activate night vision.

                              [-= 2.e) Story =-]

Here's the story of Halo, right from the instruction manual itself:

The year is 2552. Planet Earth still exists, but overpopulation has forced many of
her former residents to colonize other worlds. Faster-than-light travel is now a
reality, and Earth's unified government, through the United Nations Space Command,
has put its full weight behind the colonization effort; millions of humans now live
on habitable planets in other solar systems. A keystone in humanity's colonization
efforts is the planet Reach, an interstellar naval yard that builds colony ships for
civilians and warships for the UNSC's armed forces. Conveniently close to Earth,
Reach is also a hub of scientific and military activity. Thirty-two years ago, contact
with the outer colony Harvest was lost. A battlegroup sent to investigate was almost
completely destroyed; only one badly damaged ship returned to Reach. Its crew told of
a seemingly unstopable alien warship that had effortlessly annihilated their forces.
This was humankind's first encounter with a group of aliens they eventually came to
know as the Covenant, a collective of alien races united in their fanatical religious
devotion. Covenant religious elders declared humanity an affront to the gods, and the
Covenant warrior caste waged a holy war upon humanity with gruesome diligence. After
a series of crushing defeats and obliterated colonies, UNSC Admiral Preston Cole
established the Cole Protocol: no vessel may inadvertently lead the Covenant to Earth.
When forced to withdraw, ships must avoid Earth-bound vectors-even if that means
jumping without proper navigational calculations. Vessels in danger of capture must
self-destruct. On Reach, a secret military project to create cyborg super-soldiers
takes on newfound importance. The soldiers of the SPARTAN-II project rack up an
impressive record against the Covenant in test deployments, but there are too few
of them to turn the tide of the war. Existing SPARTAN-II soldiers are recalled to
Reach for further augmentation. The plan: board a Covenant vessel with the improved
SPARTAN-IIs and learn the location of the Covenant home world. Two days before the
mission begins, Covenant forces strike Reach and annihilate the colony. The Covenant
are now on Earth's doorstep. One ship, the Pillar of Autumn, escapes with the last
SPARTAN- II and makes a blind jump into deep space, hoping to lead the Covenant away
from Earth.

                              [-= 2.f) Characters =-]

There are basically two sets of characters: the humans and the Covenant. Most of this
information is from the instruction manual but I also included some of my own

The Pillar of Autumn and It's Crew:
The Pillar of Autumn is a Halcyon-class warship that has seen decades of service. An
aging but sturdy vessel, and one of the smallest cruisers in the human fleet, the
military High Command chose it specifically as an inconspicuous launch pad for a
covert offensive against the Covenant. Genetically-engineered cyborg soldiers in
state-of-the-art battle suits were supposed to board a Covenant vessel and locate
the Covenant home world. A surprise Covenant attack on the human military base on
the plant Reach annihilated all but one of the SPARTAN-II soldiers. The remaining
SPARTAN-II, known only by his rank of Master Chief, was stored in a cryosleep chamber
upon the Pillar of Autumn shortly before the ship made a blind jump across the galaxy
in a desperate effort to lead the Covenant away from Earth. The Master Chief is easily
the best soldier aboard the Pillar of Autumn, but many of the human military's finest
also call the ship home.

Master Chief - The last of SPARTAN-II project. You play as him through the game. Not
much else is known.

Captain Jacob Keyes- Twenty-six years into his military career, Captain Keyes
commands respect as a keen strategist and inspirational leader of his men. He became
a minor hero early in his career, when he led a small group of security troops against
a Covenant ambush of the colony ship Meriwether Lewis and held them off long enough for
the ship to escape. His many decorations and years of combat experience against the
Covenant made him a natural choice to command the Pillar of Autumn and its secret cargo.

The Marines- A rugged and diverse assortment of soldiers, the Marines on the Pillar of
Autumn are fighting a losing battle against the Covenant's superior weaponry and numbers.
Under the leadership of Captain Keyes they continue to wage a furious struggle against
the Covenant, even as their numbers dwindle. They're the best of the best-but they're
only human.

Cortana- Cortana is the highly advanced AI at the heart of the Pillar of Autumn. Her
design allows her to be uploaded into an appropriately configured battle suit for
safekeeping. She is capable of hacking into alien computer systems, and has used
this skill to intercept Covenant communications during combat. She interprets
this data to provide her caretakers with directional waypoints and the best
available information about troop movement and strategy.

The Covenant:
The Covenant forces have spent more than thirty years trying to wipe out humankind.
Because their efforts have been so successful, and because few Covenant troops
have ever been captured alive, little is definitively known about their origins,
society, or motivations. Intercepted communications and battlefield reports
indicate a religious underpinning to their genocidal campaign. What follows
are brief descriptions of the alien races known to belong to the Covenant
collective, gathered mostly from encounters on the battlefield.

The Grunts- Approximately 5' tall and relatively weak, Grunts tend to travel in
packs and stick close to more powerful allies. Individually they are easy to
defeat, but in groups they can overwhelm careless Marines. Their armor seems to
house some sort of life-support mechanism. They are known to use a variety of
weapons including the plasma pistol, plasma rifle and plasma grenades. Some Grunts
can be seen lazily sleeping and you can take them out quickly. In some areas, they
will gang up and surround you being potentially dangerous. A shot to the head with a
pistol can take one down. Beware, some Grunts throw a lot of grenades.

The Jackals- With superior senses of sight, hearing and smell, Jackals serve as
scouts and assassins for the Covenant forces. They use plasma pistols and carry a
strong energy shield to compensate for their physical weakness: a well- positioned
Jackal can hold his own against several Marines. Jackals are very weak without their
shield, but are well guarded unless they move. Grenades bounce of their shield so it
may not be wise to use them. They stand approximately 5'8" tall.

The Elite- There are a few varieties of the Elite, but all are roughly 8'6" tall
and incredibly strong. Their strength allows them to rely on brute force when necessary,
but they're quite capable of brilliant battlefield tactics as well. Their natural
resilience is augmented with full-body energy shielding which recharges when depleted.
They wield plasma pistols, plasma rifles, grenades and needlers. Elite come in a variety
of colors, Gold being the strongest and blue being the weakest. Some of them are invisible
and some hold a very dangerous plasma sword. Elite are easy to take out when their shield
has been depleted.

The Hunters- Hunters stand 12' tall, though in their combat state they contract to
approximately eight feet. Hunters fight with a fuel rod gun integrated directly
into their armor. They carry an enormous and nearly-impervious metal shield made
of an unknown alloy, which they sometimes use as a melee weapon. The noticeable orange
parts of their body are their weak spots. They have a special gun that shoots
devastating plasma shots which can easily kill. They will run at you and do a
melee attack if you get too close.

                              [-= 2.g) Vehicles =-]

Halo is vast and you will need to cover a lot of ground quickly, so vehicles are
indispensable. Therefore, hijacking Covenant vehicles is useful and necessary. The
strength provided by your MJOLNIR armor allows you to right overturned vehicles by
standing next to them and pressing the X button. There are four vehicles in Halo,
two human and two alien.

Humans brought the following vehivles with them on the Pillar of Autumn:

M12 LRV(Warthog) - The M12 light reconnaissance vehicle, or Warthog, is the standard
vehicle of the UEG armed forces. It is fast and maneuverable, but prone to rollovers
during hard cornering. A three-barreled machine-gun is mounted in the rear of the
vehicle. Armed passengers significantly increase the unit's anti-infantry capacity.
Using three people is most beneficial. One person can drive, another, from the passenger
seat, can use any hand weapon to fend off foes, and a third can stand in the back and
use the heavy M41 LAAG machine gun. Driving the Warthog is no cakewalk. Turning the
Warthog is done by positioning the camera. Where the camera points, the vehicle will go.
Try to be easy on the analog stick to ensure a smoother ride. The Warthog can be quite
hardto control without practice. Take it slow to avoid overturning and crushing your

M8O8B Scorpion MGT - The Scorpion Main Battle Tank is primarily an anti-vehicle
weapons platform, but it also has very high anti-infantry capabilities. Its
ceramic-titanium armor makes it nearly invulnerable to small arms fire, but its
deep dead-zone, or the area within which fire from the tank's guns cannot hit targets,
puts it at risk from enemy anti-tank infantry. Up to four soldiers may ride on
(and fire from) the Scorpion's track pods. Riding on a tank is always hazardous and
should be done only when the advantages outweigh the risks. The Scorpion may be fun to
ride but take it at your own risk. The Scorpion may be powerful but it is slow, making
you prone to attack. The large missile lanucher (Right Trigger) takes time to reload,
so if you miss one shot, you'll have to wait. An easy alternative is the machine
gun equipped with it (Left Trigger). An unstoppable vehicle. Too bad it's in only
one level. The best part is it's so big you can run over things ^_^

You may encounter the following standard Covenant vehicles on Halo:

Ghost - The Ghost is the Covenant's standard reconnaissance and rapid attack vehicle. It
is equipped with two of what are now accepted as the standard light vehicles mounted
weapons: a directed energy weapon capable of projecting a bolt of super- heated plasma
in the 100-250kW range. While the vehicle is fast and maneuverable, the driver is virtually
unprotected. The Ghost is very useful in mad dashes. It's small, but fast, and its gun is
moderately powerful. Very fun to ride. It makes a quick getaway but can easily
rollover if you make big jumps. Too bad its a one seater.

Banshee - Not to be confused with a Viper or Cobra, the Banshee is the Covenant's
standard ground assault aircraft. It is very fast, extremely maneuverable and capable
of hovering. It has two weapon pods mounted to either side of the fuselage. Both of
these pods contain a light plasma cannon and a fuel rod cannon. Though small arms fire
may not disrupt or disable the pilot, only heavy weapons are capable of inflicting damage
or destroying the vehicles. By far the best vehicle in the game. It's like a jet equipped
with a laser gun (Right Trigger) and a rocket-type launcher (Left Trigger). If you grab
one, you can soar into the air and never get shot.

                              [-= 2.h) Weapons/Attack =-]

Your weapons arsenal makes you lethal on the battlefield. You're probably already
familiar with them, but here are briefs on the weapons. Since you carry only two
weapons at a time besides grenades, you need to know the pros and cons of whether
or not to swap on weapon for another in a given situation.

M6D Pistol - This pistol is a recoil-operated, magazine-fed handgun. It is issued
with a smart-linked scope capable of 2x magnification (press in the Right thumbstick).
It fires 12.7 mm semi-armor-piercing, high-explosive rounds. It can shoot either
semi-automatic or automatic fire (pull and hold the Right trigger for automatic fire).
Shot placement is very important. The only shot that guarantees immediate and total
incapacitation is one roughly centered in the head, above a horizontal line passing
through the ear opening and below the crown of the alien skull. Very useful against
Hunters and a nice gun to snipe.

MA5B Assault Rifle - This rifle is gas-operated and magazine-fed. It fires 7.62mm
armor-piercing rounds. Rate of fire is limited by a soldier's ability to aim, fire
and change magazines. Short, controlled bursts are more accurate than fully automatic
fire. The MA5B's integrated computer displays rounds left in the magazine and the
relative direction of the gas giant, Threshold, for point of reference. This feature
is particularly useful for orienting you in areas where it's easy to get turned
around and lose your sense of direction. Very useful for swarms of enemies and a
great melee attack.

M90 Shotgun - The shotgun is a pump-action magazine-fed (dual tubular non-detachable
type) weapon. It fires 8 gauge magnum (3.5") rounds. This weapon is very effective
against targets at close range and may be used to engage several targets simultaneously
at medium and long range. Very useful to take out Elite in a few shots - the only
drawback is reloading.

S2 AM Sniper Rifle - This rifle is a gas-operated magazine-fed weapon. It is issued
with a smart- linked scope with two levels of magnification (press in the Right
thumbstick once for 2x magnification, press again for 10x magnification, and
once more to deactivate). Also, while still in zoom mode you can press the White
button to activate light amplification. It fires 14.5mm armor-piercing fin-stabilized
discarding sabot rounds. Very useful during the night and for sniping from very
far. Can alternatively be used at close range if the target is not moving.

M199 SSM Rocket Launcher - The M19 SSM is a man-portable and shoulder-fired rocket
launcher. It has two major components, the launcher and the magazine. The magazine
(the expendable part of the system) contains two 102mm shaped-charge, high-explosive
rockets. It is designed for fast, easy detachment from the launcher. The launcher
contains the sighting and fire control systems. Good for medium-range and destroying
Covenant tanks and swarms of enemies.

M41 LAAG - The Warthog's M41 light anti-aircraft gun is a three-barreled,
electric-powered, linkless, drum-fed weapon. It fires 450 to 550 12.7x99mm armor
penetrating rounds per minute. Turret traverse rate is 100 degrees per second and
weapon elevation rate is 60 degrees per second. Recoil from sustained fire is
prodigious and negatively impacts accuracy at long range.

M9 HE-DP Grenade - The M9 high-explosive, dual-purpose grenade is a thrown fragmentation
device. Use it to suppress or disable vehicles, except tanks. It can be thrown, rolled,
bounced or ricocheted into places direct fire weapons can't reach. Increase the angle of
the throw to toss it farther, or to get it over obstacles. Be careful not to throw it too
close to your own location.

You should also be aware of the weapons the Covenant use since you can pick up and use
any that you find by walking over them when you see them lying on the ground. The Covenant
seem more vulnerable to these weapons, so take advantage of this weakness whenever possible.

Plasma Rifle - This is a directed energy weapon. It is capable of either semiautomatic
or automatic fire (pull and hold the Right trigger for automatic fire). Continuous
rapid fire overheats the weapon - this in turn depletes the weapon's power core. We
currently do not understand how to replace or recharge a power core. A nice
alternative to the assault rifle.

Plasma Pistol - This weapon is a semi-automatic directed energy weapon. If you pull and
hold the Right trigger, the weapon may become over-charged; when the Right trigger is
released the bolt is launched. After the over-charged bolt is launched the weapon temporarily
stops functioning as it dumps waste heat. Use of the over- charge capability rapidly depletes
the weapon's power core. The Humans do not understand how to replace or recharge a power core
at this time, so it is useless when the battery depletes. A nice alternative to the pistol.

Needler - Very little is known about this weapon other than that it is a magazine fed
weapon capable of automatic fire. Its projectiles penetrate soft targets no matter what
the angle of impact. They ricochet off of hard surfaces at oblique angles, however, and
are always deflected by energy fields. The only exceptions to this are the shields
generated by the MJOLNIR battle suit and the Elite's combat armor. The composition and
energy signatures of its projectile is unknown. The manner in which the projectiles home
in on their target is also unknown. Not very useful for combat, alright for long range.
Overall, not recommended when there are other weapons nearby.

Stationary Gun (Shade) - Although the Shade appears to be a light anti-vehicle weapon, the
Covenant uses it almost exclusively in an anti-infantry role. The operator sits directly
behind the gun and an armored control suite, but relies entirely on the infantry support
for protection to the sides and rear.

Plasma Grenade - This weapon is similar to the Human's own hand grenade in that it is a
thrown anti-infantry and anti-vehicle weapon. It has some kind of internal mechanism that
allows it to distinguish between targets and background. For example, it will stick to
a soldier or vehicle, but not a tree or wall. It has a three- second fuse that is activated
after it sticks to a target or otherwise comes to a rest. A better result than human
grenades, very effective against swarms and Elite.

Melee Fighting:
Melee fighting invloves the use of the weapon in your hands as a blunt instruments to ward
of attackers. This is handy when the enemy is in close, or when you're out of ammo and want
to keep dishing out the pain! Your ability to fight in Melee mode varies from weapon to
weapon, so experiment to find the best weapon for the situation. To use melee fighting,
press the B button. Useful against smaller enemies closeby, great against Jackals.

                              [-= 2.i) Battle Suit/Armor =-]

You are the Master Chief - all that remains of a classified military project to build a
series of genetically enhanced super-soldiers. You are humanity's last and best hope
against the Covenant - but you're woefully outmatched, and survival is not guaranteed.

Your Armor -
Human soldiers have used performace-enhancing equipment for hundreds of years, and MJOLNIR
battle suit represens the current pinnacle of military technology. As a product of the
SPARTAN-II project where you were bio-engineered and technologically enhanced for better
reflexes, eyesight and coordinational the addition of your MJOLNIR armor makes you nearly
invincible. The battle suit utilizes a neural interface implanted in your brain, Your
armor's movements and weapons are controlled at the speed of your thoughts. The battle
suit also contains a layer of crystal that forms a network capable of supporting
starship-grade AI so you can overpower alien computer systems if necessary. The suit's
shell is comprised of many layers of strong allow, and a retractive coating to disperse
energy weapon hists. Intentionally, the suit regulates temperatur and can reactively
change in density as necessary.

                              [-= 2.j) HUD/Display =-]

The Heads Up Display (HUD) is your view of the world through your battle suit's visor,
but enhanced with essential information. Knowing how to read and understand the components
of the HUD greatly improves your ability to fight in battle.

Ammo - At the top left corner of the screen, you will find information about the current
status of your weaon, including how many rounds in a clip are left and how many rounds you
have left overall. There's also an indication of the number of grenades next to it.

Targeting Reticle - The aiming device for the weapon currently in use. The style changes
depending on the wepon. It turns red when an enemy is in range and targeted. Located at
the center of the screen at all times.

Navigation Points - Little orange arrows pointing out the direction you must go to reach
your next destination/important objective.

Shield - At the top right corner of the screen. It is all blue when full and becomes clear
when empty. It will start to blink red when the shield is down. Automatically recharges after
a certain amount of time.

Health - Right below the shield. Your health can only be depleted once your shield is fully
down. Blue is good health, yellow indicates caution, and red is danger,

Radar - At the bottom left corner of the screen. You are at the center as a white dot.
Yellow dots indicate allies and red dots indicate enemies.

Scope Zoom - For weapons that use a scope, you can change the zoom magnification level
for a closer view of objects. To cycle through the magnification levels, press in the
Right thumbstick. Continue to press in the the thumbstick until you cycle back to normal view.


                (    S E C T I O N  T H R E E : W A L K T H R O U G H      )

                              [-= 3.a) Introduction/Format =-]

The walkthrough the meat of this FAQ. The format is fairly simple. I will give you
a short rundown of the mission overview, enemies, and weapons in the level first.
Then, I'll go in to detail about the whole level separated by each objective.
I will be very detailed as I start out with the level and I will assume
you know the drill as you go further into the game. This walkthrough was written
playing the Normal mode of the game, but can also be accomplished in Easy and
Heroic. Legendary players may have a tough time with the walkthrough. I probably
will release another section just for Legendary at a later time. Some of these
strategies may not work the first time, and it may take practice, but they
all work. I have tested each strategy 3-4 times so I am positive you
will be able to beat the game using this. It is relatively spoiler-free,
meaning I won't tell you about the major cutscenes and explain the story much.
Good luck!

                              [-= 3.b) Level 1: The Pillar of Autumn =-]

Mission Overview:
Escape intact as Covenant forces board your ship.
A very basic level for newbies of the game. Not much strategy involved. Takes place
inside a human ship that you must evacuate.

Grunts - Usually in groups with the Elite. Easy to take out. Watch out for grenades.
Elite - Take out their shield and they will be easy. Stay at a distance from them.

Pistol - One shot to the head of a Grunt, and a few shots at an Elite to kill. Use to zoom.
Assault Rifle - Main weapon. All purposes.
Plasma Pistol - Alternative if Pistol runs out.
Plasma Rifle - Alternative if Assault Rifle runs out.
Needler - Not recommended.


Level Tips:
-Use obstacle for cover when fighting a large amount of enemies
-Backtrack to previous areas to get ammo and shields


After the movie scene, you will find yourself inside the cryo-tube. Follow the on-screen
instructions to get used to the controls and gameplay. This part is pretty straightforward
and self-explanatory, so let's move on. You will hear a fellow soldier screaming following
an explosion. Of course, there is something wrong. You will be told to find Captain Keyes,
so follow the "instructor" out of the testing room.

>>Find Captain Keyes on the Bridge

Once you are out of the room, the "instructor" will run forward. Follow him, but be
sure to stay a few feet away from him. The door will automatically open and there will
be a big explosion. Hopefully you didn't get hurt. Now you are all alone. Turn around
and to your right you will see some pipes and a red flashing light. Jump (A) over the pipes
and head right through the next door. You will see some smoke on the other end so be
cautious. There will be another explosion. Stick to the left and pass through the door.
To your left you will see some fellow soldiers and some guns being fired. Duck (press and
hold Left Thumbstick) through the opening and head right. Keep going forward until you
see a door and a big blue arrow underneath on your left. The area will be dark. Go to
the other door and step back when it opens. There will be an elite there waiting for you.
Stay covered until your allies take it out. Head left and make your way through until you
see some more soldiers fighting. Across from you will be a door with the big blue arrow
underneath. A soldier will be standing there. Go across and try not to get shot. The
soldier will guide you through the ship to the bridge. Follow him through the firefights.
Be aware of shots, they can hit you. Keep a watchout for grenades as there may be a few that
explode. Once the soldier stops, turn right and you will be in the control room. Go
forward to see Captain Keyes on the other side of the room and watch the movie scene.

>>Get off the Pillar of Autumn

Go back to the entrance of the room and to the left. After heading a few feet
forward, you will be equipped with a pistol. A few Grunts will be ahead of you
so be careful. You should be able to take them out easily without getting hurt. Go
forward through the next doorway and you will automatically be equipped with an
assualt rifle. Soldiers and Covenants will be exchanging rounds up ahead. Take
out the Elite and a couple of Grunts ahead. Use the benches for cover if you need
to. Turn right to encounter more Grunts and another Elite. Be aware of grenades and
again, use the benches for cover. Your health should still be full. If your shield is
down, let it recharge. Go forward and to the left to exit the cafeteria. A few Grunts
an Elite will greet you. Take out the Grunts in front and fire a few shots at the
Elite. The Elite will run off for cover. Before going after it, there is a
Grunt hiding behind the big object in the center of the room. Go around it and
take him out by surprise. Take a quick peek through the next hallway and fire at
the Elite. Strafe and shoot to avoid getting hurt. There is a medical kit on the wall
if you need it. Once the Elite is eliminated, proceed through the hallway. Go left and
be careful at the next turn. There is an Elite on your right and some marines on the
other side. Fire at the Elite and it shouldn't be too hard. Go forward and the ground
will shake. Head forward through the right and left. You should see some marines at
a doorway to the left. Go forward a bit and a grenade will explode sending the marines
enter the air. Covenant will start gushing out of this area. A few Grunts will come
out first following an Elite. I recommend you take out the Grunts while hiding from
the Elite's fire. Hopefully it will run off to the next area. Watch out for another
Elite and some more Grunts. Take them all out and look through the small tunnel the
Covenant came from. Go into it and pick up an overshield, which can be quite useful.
Proceed to the next areas smoking anyone you see. Go through the dark area and you
will see some marines up ahead. Don't go to them, instead, take a right to pick out
the Grunt. Carefully make your way through and take out the many Grunts and a couple
of Elites. If you find that it is too intense, I recommend you retreat back to where
you saw the marines. You will be able to hide for cover there while you take out the
Covenant. Head forward and you will see a doorway and a medical kit on the wall. Take
out the Grunts nearby and proceed through the hallway. Keep going until you see a dark
area to your left and a straight path. Choose any one, as you will face a few Grunts
and an Elite either way. Proceed to take out another load of Covenant using the
obstacles as cover. Be aware of grenades. Once they are all killed, you can pick up
another overshield in the tunnel to your right if your old one has been depleted.
Proceed to another dark area with flames. Duck under the opening and be careful as
you head forward. Take out the Covenant taking serious cover, as they come through
various enterances. Kill each one, making sure they are all dead. Keep going and grab
the medical kit on your left if you need it. It would also be wise to backtrack to
the other overshield you picked up earlier. Go through to find a set of stairs and
marines shooting at the Covenant above them. Try to take out most of the
Covenant from below, including the two Elite, which may be difficult. Make your way
up and kill whatever is left. There will be another set of Covenant. Once they are all
take care of, go to where the marines are and fire at the Covenant. You assault rifle
should be pretty good in ammo. If it runs out at any time, switch to a Plasma Rifle
from a fallen Elite or Grunt. Take out the Elite and Grunts ahead and keep on going.
You will see many Grunt and round shield type thing up ahead. Take care of the Grunt.
An Elite is hiding behind the shield so be careful. Keep going and you will hear
explosions.There will be a medical kit on the ground if you need it. You will enter
an area full of lifeboats. Go forward and take out the Grunts. A Nav Point will appear.
Follow it (pretty linear) into a small doorway. Turn on your flashlight and make the
first left. Follow the path to the exit. The problem is, Cortana says that you are too
close. So turn around and make the first left you see to exit. You will see a half
broken door. Use a melee attack (B) to knock it down. Turn off your flashlight now.
The next area is tough either way you go. Hide for cover and take out the two Elite
after the Grunts. Go forward and if you are going the right way, there is a medical
kit. Grab it and head forward. Go past the room similar to the one you met Captain
Keyes in. Go through the hallway. Keep shooting ahead. Don't go into the room yet,
just keep shooting until the Elite is dead and/or there is an explosion. Now enter
the room and take a few shots at the Grunts, and go back. There should be another
explosion. Kill whatever is left and go forward. There will be another explosion
behind you. Enter the small doorway and turn on your flashlight. Take care of the
Grunt on your first right and also be aware of the one one your next left. Go
forward and take the next right to exit. There will many Covenant here so be
careful. Sneak a peak and shoot. Run back into the tunnel. Keep repeating this process
until there is no one in sight. Now go ahead to the right and take care of what else is
left. Go back behind the alien shield thing and grab a medical kit if needed. Proceed to
where you last killed the aliens. Hide behind the pillar and use the scope of your
pistol to take out everyone from afar. Kill everyone and take out everyone in the
hallway to your immediate right. Enter another system of tunnels under the green arrow
of "Maintennance." Kill everyone here, which includes a red Elite. Enter the lifeboat
on your right to finish the level.

                              [-= 3.c) Level 2: Halo =-]

Mission Overview:
Seek out surviving Marines and help them fight the Covenant
Explore the open area for more lifeboats that have landed. Most of it takes place
outside in daylight.

Grunts - In groups, avoid rushing into large amount of them.
Elite - Common, keep a distance and use grenades.
Jackals - Melee attack them or shoot from behind/side.

Pistol - Use scope at beginning of level
Assault Rifle - Main Weapon. General Use.
Sniper Rifle - Snipe from very far away. Clear areas before going in.
Plasma Pistol - Alternative to Pistol.
Plasma Rifle - Alternative to Assault Rifle.
Needler - Not recommended.

Warthog - Explore lands faster, have marines with you everywhere.

Level Tips:
-Always keep two passengers with full health on the Warthog
-Snipe Covenant from afar
-Drive over close-by enemies with the Warthog


As the level begins, you are the only survivor of a plane crash. Get out of the plane
and pick up the surrounding ammo and grenades. Head towards the wooden bridge on your
left and cross it to the other side.

>>Evade Covenant Patrols
>>Head for higher ground

Keep heading straight into the mountains. Covenant dropships will search the area. Try
to hide as the Banshees come by, or you'll risk being seriously hurt. You can either
try to shoot down the two Banshees, which takes up a lot of ammo, or make a mad run
for it. Either way is fine. You will come up to an open area where you can see some
Grunts moving about. Use your pistol to snipe them out. Try to take each one out
with a shot to the head to avoid being seen. Switch to the assault rifle and take
care of the Elite up ahead. Pick up some plasma grenades that the Covenant dropped
and go on ahead.

>>Search for other lifeboats

You should come to an area where you see the Covenant firing shots. Keep a distance
and behind a rock. Use the scope on your pistol to carefully take out as many as you
can. Try not to be seen by the alien dropship which can really hit you hard. Once
there is no one in sight, go forward still in zoom mode and try to take out any
that's left. Grunts and Elites patrol the area. As you move closer, you will meet
up with some fellow marines.

>>Stay with the survivors
>>Protect the human survivors
>>Wait for an evac dropship to arrive

Starting now four Covenant dropships will land in the area and you must eliminate
all of the Covenant forces that land. This can be tough if you are not careful.
Covenant will appear on the right side of the building. Take out the Grunts,
Elite, and even a few Jackals. Up ahead and to your left is the crashed lifeboat
that the marines landed in. There is ammo and a medical kit here that you can
use when your in trouble. The first dropship will land just to the left of the
lifeboat. Once it reaches the ground, haul a plasma grenade and take
cover. Once it explodes, come out of the clearing and shoot everything with
your assault rifle. Be careful and take cover. Head back to the lifeboat and kill
some more baddies. Make your away around the building to the way that you came from.
Take out the forces of Grunts. Be especially careful of the red Elite. Once they
are cleared, go to the left and you should see a Covenant dropship land. Throw a
plasma grenade and run for cover. Covenant will come at you from both sides. Run
circles while shooting to take them all out. Hopefully your health is still good,
and if not, there is still hope ^_^
Wait for a Pelican (our ship) to arrive. It will drop a Warthog. Jump into the front
seat (X). Be fast and drive up to a marine before he boards the ship. If you are fast
enough, he will get aboard the Warthog, giving you two marines to help you out.

>>Search for three additional groups of human survivors
>>Protect the human survivors
>>Wait for an evac dropship to arrive

Head into the cold area ahead below the hills and enter the cave. Go through the
passageway until you come to a dead end. Make a left turn on the far end. NOT THE
FIRST LEFT or your Warthog might flip over, possible injuring you and/or killing
your passengers! Drive down the narrow way and head around to the ramp. If you go
fast enough, you can clear the jump to the next landing. Exit the tunnels to reach
a new area. Be careful not to go straight ahead, or you will fall to your doom.
There a lot of enemies on your right side and a few on your left. Start off on the
right. Drive your Warthog to where the enemies are on the right and get out. Let you
passengers try to kill as many Covenant as possible and take the rest out on
your own. NOTE: If you are low on health, you can also drive the Warthog around
clearing the enemies without getting out. This can be easier depending on how good
you are at manuevering the vehicle. Once the right side has been cleared, head up
the narrow ramp on the right. Beware of the red Elite on your left. You can use
plasma grenades on him if you feel like it. Slowly go ahead to where you see a
blue hologram. DO NO GOT ANY FURTHER. You should be standing on glass right now.
If you move anywhere (except the way you came from), you will fall to your doom!
Press X in front of the hologram to activate the light bridge. Go back down and
get on the Warthog. Now you have to choices: you can either clear the left side
first, or just risk it and go. I prefer just going if you think you can make it.
Head across the bridge and drive yourself back out into fresh air. As you get out
of the tunnel, keep to the right and go through the passageway. You know you are
going the right way if their are two blue flashing lights on each side of the path.
You will see a series of rocks. Drive around and try to destroy as many Covenants
you can in the Warthog. There's a lifeboat up ahead with a lot of goodies. Two
medical kits, plenty of ammo and grenades, and the Sniper Rifle!!! I recommend
you replace the pistol with you sniper rifle as it is a lot more useful. Drive
around until you see some of you marines. A series of four Covenant dropships
will land. You should be able to take out everything while still in your
Warthog fairly easily. If not, their is a medical kit with your name on it...

>>Search for the two remaining groups of human survivors
>>Protect the human survivors
>>Wait for an evac dropship to arrive

Head back out into the main area that you came from. You should see a small
stream in front of you. Cross it and follow right until you see another set of
flashing blue lights. Enter the area. Get out of the Warthog and use you Sniper
Rifle to snipe off as many Covenant as you can. Make your away across in the
Warthog to the hills. Some marines are waiting there. Drive around to meet up
with Covenants. This can be extremely hard if you aren't careful. Try to run
over the Jackals before they can fire at you. Some shoot charged up plasma shots
which can be very deadly. A Covenant dropship will drop off some Elite and Grunts.
Take care of them. Your health is probably pretty low, so pick up the medical kit
next to the lifeboat and some extra ammo. An evac dropship will arrive. If the
passengers on your Warthog have low health, here's a very simple strategy: get out
of the vehicle, press X on both places where the injured marines are, drive the
Warthog without them to wear the dropship is, and marines with full health will get
on board. Nice!

>>Search for the last group of survivors.
>>Protect the human survivors
>>Wait for an evac dropship to arrive

OK, only one more to go. Get back to the main where you came from. Cross the stream
and go up the little hill. Your passengers should take care of some Covenant there.
Get down from the hill and follow the stream, sticking to the right. Kill the
Covenant up ahead and cross the stream to come across more. Once they are all
eliminated, go through the last pair of blue flashing lights. Get out of the
Warthog and take out your sniper rifle. You should be able to take out quite a few
with it. Get back in the Warthog and drive around the building by the left side.
Let your passengers take out the Covenant. Don't go to fast, because you are at
the edge of a cliff. Grab the medical kit if you need it and enter the lower building
facing the cliff. Move through the building killing the Covenant. Be sure not to
kill your marines, who are exiting the building. Once you reach the surface, you
have to secure the area. This isn't too hard, since you probably took out most of
them earlier. When every Covenant in the area has been eliminated, the evac dropship
will arrive. Board the Pelican and the movie scene starts, meaning you have finished
the level.

                              [-= 3.d) Level 3: The Truth and Reconciliation =-]

Mission Overview:
Board a Covenant ship in an attempt to rescue Captain Keyes
Medium-sized level. Consists of two parts - Outside, and Inside the ship.
The first half is outside in the middle of the night where you must
find the Covenant ship and the second half is finding Captain Keyes
and getting on out of there.

Grunts - Not as common, but abundant. Avoid groups.
Elites - Common, keep a distance.
Jackals - Very common. Melee attack.
Hunters - At the end of the level. Avoid shots, stay away, shoot back.


Sniper Rifle - Main weapon of first half of the level. Nice night vision.
Assault Rifle - Main weapon of second half of the level.
Plasma Pistol - Alternative to Sniper Rifle.
Plasma Rifle - Alternative to Assault Rifle.
Needler - Not recommended.

Level Tips:
-Use grenades to clear a heavily congested area.
-Protect the marines so they can help you at tougher points in the level.
-Snipe enemies far away before entering the patrolled area.


It is the middle of the night and you are dropped into the center of a Covenant area in
hope to find Captain Keyes. First off, turn on your flashlight. Several marines will
surround you and follow you.

>>Board the Covenant Battle Cruiser

Look around  to see an opening to a new area. There will be two ways: you can go down
or stay on the higher ground. I recommend the higher ground. Activate your zoom on the
sniper rifle and press the flashlight button to turn on night vision, which is a very
important element of the left. Keep to the right edge while in zoom mode (keep it in
2x zoom). You will see a few Jackals and Grunts. Zoom in at 10x to each one separately
and try to take them all out in one shot. The reason for keeping the alternative zoom at
2x is that sometimes the Covenant will run at you and attack from sides that are not
viewable. Keep edging to the right, taking out the Covenant in the area. Be sure to kill
any Grunts before they reach a Shade (stationery turret gun). When there are no red dots
on your radar, go ahead a little more to the right. A Grunt on a Shade should come into
view. Take him out before he can hit you. Marines will rush in and the music will
intensify. As you reach the small cliff, do not drop down. Stay above and snipe the
Covenant rushing in. Marines will help, but don't get into their line of fire. Use boulders
as cover if needed. Once they are taken care of, drop down and join the marines. I recommend
you keep your sniper rifle at 2x zoom with night vision on at all times unless otherwise
noted. Move in ahead, wasting Grunts with your sniper rifle. Do not fall off the cliff or
you will die. Continue on to the narrow path on to the right. Boulders are there for a
reason, so use them for cover as you wipe out the Jackals on the path. As you go forward,
you will just be able to see a stationary gun and some Covenant above you. Hide behind
the boulder, pop out, and snipe as many as you can. I find that jumping up unnoticed from
the boulder is useful, although kind of funny. Turn of your zoom and rush out. Take out
the Elite and Grunts in front of you. Be careful. Look to your right and take out the red
Elite with your sniper rifle. Kill the Grunts above you. There is a medical kit and ammo if
you need it. Continue up the path. Some Covenant will be hiding on the small hill ahead. Take
them out with the zoom on your sniper rifle. Move up to the hill and switch to your assault
rifle. Take out the Grunts on the other side and excercise caution. Keep heading to the left
up the very narrow path. There is a stationery gun ahead. Use a combination of jumping and
zooming to waste the Grunt. Go forward and jump. You just be able to see some Grunts above
you. Try to take them out and continue on the path. Keep your zoom and an Elite will be up
ahead at a higher level. Do not go up the hill path on your right. Keep heading forward and
take out the Jackals from afar. Music will intesify. Move up ahead and snipe the Elite.
Turn around and head up the small path to take out the Grunt on the stationary gun. Get
down and you should see a small bridge like thing. Try to snipe some Covenant on there. Go
ahead a bit and kill any left. A dropship will land where you were so take them out also.
Go up the path on your left instead of going under the bridge. You will pick up an active
camaflouge, which means you cannot be seen. Be careful, you can still be shot. Take out
some Covenant and the Grunt on the stationary gun with a sniper rifle from this point, if
they are there. Walk across the bridge which leads back down on to the ground. Continue
through the area with light. The brownish color will be easily identifiable against the
blue background. Be very careful as you move forward. Take out the Elite and Grunts
ahead. Use your assault rifle to waste the Covenant on the ground (Jackals, Grunts). If
you some sniper rifle rounds left, use the last of them to kill the Covevant on higher
grounds ahead. Move up ahead to the higher ground on the right. There are three stationary
guns shooting at you. Avoid fire from the first and go to your right. Take out the first
Grunt here. Right across will be another on. Strafe to avoid getting hit and run up to the
gun. If you were hit, hide behind the boulder until your shield goes up. Move ahead and
take out the Grunt. A Covenant dropship should have arrived by now, if not, it will come.
Continue along the path taking out the newly arrived Grunts. Then take out the last
stationary gun. Turn around to see a round purple aura. Covenant will drop down here.
Don't rush in to the center. Take out the rounds of Covenant that appear from where you
are. Plasma grenades do very well here. Once the Covenant stop coming for a second, go down
and circle the ring to find a medical kit and some ammo which is well needed. Now get back
up to where you were and wait a few seconds. Two Hunters will appear. Quickly start
circling the area to avoid being hit by their devastating shots. Run up behind them
and shoot the orange part of their bodies. Quick thinking and moving around while
shooting should do the trick. Hopefully, you didn't suffer much damage. Once they are
taken out, run to the center of the big ring of purple light and wait until you are
picked up.

>>Find the ship's brig and rescue Captain Keyes

You will be inside the Covenant ship for the second half of the level. Surrounding you
will various doors and some marines to help you. Wait around a bit and just move around.
Covenant will come in through the doors. Be aware of the surroundings as you take them
out. There are invisible Elite that can do heavy damage so be very careful. The first
door will open to reveal an Elite carrying a plasma sword. These Elites have no weapons,
but they can chase you down and can be much more dangerous than normal Elite. Turn around
to take out more Covenant. Once they are done, quickly turn around to face even more
Covenant. Pick up the active camaflouge resting nearby and hide behind obstacles to
recharge your shield. Take out the Covenant. Follow your radar to take out more rounds of
Covenant. Act quickly so your cloak will come of use. There is a medical kit at on of the
corners of the room if you need it. Move into the newly opened area taking out Jackals on
the way. Wait and Cortana will say that you have to find another way around since the doors
are closed. Get out of the little passage and head right into the door. You will know which
doors are open by the white color around them and red color around the closed ones. Take
out the Covenant and turn right. Move ahead and fire a few shots ahead. An Elite will run
at you. Turn around and go back. Some Grunts will arrive. Take them out and turn around to
kill the Elite. Go back to see some Grunts ahead. Turn left and take the Grunts there
also. Keep following the path to the door into a new area. Open the door to alert the
Covenant and run back in. Keep the door open and run back to hide behind the little pillar.
Use the zoom on your sniper rifle to take out as many Covenant as you can from this position.
You will have to repeatedly approach the door and run back but this is a safe strategy that
works well. Once this is done, keep going forward to the door on the other side. I recommend
that you try to take out some Covenant below before you leave as it well help later. Cortana
will issue a Nav Point but ignore it right now. Open the door and some Covenant will rush
in from various sides. Take them out and head right. Follow the path, killing the Elite,
to the next door. Keep going and turn right to see another area, where you were above before.
Move in and kill the Covenant that rush in from various sides. There is a medical kit here
if you need it. There are two directions that the Nav Points are pointing two. Follow each
one and open the master bay door by pressing X on the hologram. You will join up the marines.
Now follow the other Nav Point to the door. Enter the door and turn left. Follow the path,
killing Covenant, until you reach the door. This area is a big opening and can be very tough.
Wave after wave of Covenant will appear on the ground and there are some shooting at you from
above. Stay in the first half of this room which is divided by the big platform in the center.
I recommend you clear the ground Covenant here, then killing the ones above you while hiding
behind one of the obstacles. Keep in mind that the Covenant above can attack from the side.
Use your sniper rifle and be quick. Once they are all eliminated, a human dropship will arrive
dropping of some marines. There is some health and ammo if you need it by the platform in
the middle. Continue to the second half of the room. Pick up an overshield against an obstacle
near the door. More Covenant will pour in from all sides. Keep the area secure for a few
minutes. The music will start to instensify. Two hunters will enter from the right door
on the second half of the room. Get behind each of them and shoot them in the orange part. Be
quick and avoid getting stuck in the obstacles. Take them out and the door will open. Enter
the door and follow the path to the next door. Wipe out the Covenant along the way and be
cautious of two invisible Elite in different. Once you reach the door, there will be two
groups of Covenant. Run forward and take that group out. Now turn back and go right to fight
another horde of Covenant. Go halfway to the other end and turn back. Kill the Elite and
Grunts behind you. Turn back and go. As you reach the end of the path, turn left. The door
will open to reveal another wave of Covenant. Sometimes the door doesn't open and you have
to go in and surprise them. Either way, waste them all and enter. Follow the path, shooting
as you go, the whole nine yards, you know it by now. Go through the next door and turn right.
Take out the Covenant at the other end. A plasma grenade or two will do very nicely. Move up
to see another set of Covenant. Haul a plasma grenade and waste what's left with an assault
rifle. Quickly turn around and take out the Jackals and Grunts behind you. Turn back around
and go through the door. Keep going through until you see a fork of the path. Go left to
pick up a medical kit and some ammo. Then open the door in front or you. Take out your
sniper rifle and fire a few shots at an Elite. Use your sniper rifle to kill the
Grunts running by and a few shots at the Elite with the sword will do. Switch to the
assault rifle and shoot whatever is left like hell. Be very careful of plasma grenades - the
Grunts seem to have an unlimited supply of them at this part. Enter the room and kill any
Covenant that come in, if they do at all. Follow the Nav Point into the room right in front
of you. Take caution as the door opens, there are Grunts waiting there for you, ready to fire
in a millisecond. Follow the path until you reach a split end. Go to the room on the left. Go
to the end of the room and open the cell prison doors by pressing X on the hologram. On your
way out, the cell to the far right holds a medical kit and some ammo if you need it. If not,
come back to it later. Now,  head forward till you can't anymore. To your left are some
Jackals. Try to snipe them from this position. Go to where the Jackals once stood and to your
right is another brig. This one however, is guarded, and quite well, might I add. Inch
forward and take out the Elite holding a sword with the sniper rifle without enter the room.
Smoke the Grunts standing in front and enter the room. There are two invisble Elite here.
Move slowly and take them out carefully. You will know where they are once they start firing
at you, and are not that difficult. Open the prison doors once again and to your right you
will see Captain Keyes sitting down. The movie scene will initiate, and you will learn more
about what Halo is really about.

>>Return to Shuttle Bay for Extraction

You will have to make your way back out with the marines. Captain Keyes is armed, but you must
protect him. If he dies, you'll have to start again from the last checkpoint. Move forward and
two invisible Elite along with a regular Elite will enter. They should go down pretty quickly
with the help of the marines. Go through the door and take out the Jackals. Follow the path,
but be careful. The Covenant can be tricky, so you have to look both ways before you cross
the street. Captain Keyes will sometimes run forward to kill the Covenant, but you must act
like a human shield for him. Follow the path to the next door killing Covenant and keeping
Captain Keyes safe. In the next, room there are two Elite with swords at the far end. Pick
them off with your sniper rifle and enter the room. After engaging in a coversation, Covenant
will start pouring in to the room. There is not much to say about it other than shoot and
keep Captain Keyes from getting killed. After you clear them (only a few), go through the
only new door. To your right is some ammo and a medical kit if you didn't get it before.
Continue through to reach the door. Open it and toss a plasma grenade and get back. Waste
the Covenant in front of you. Follow the Nav Point to the hologram and press X on it.
Everyone will get on board and Captain Keyes will show you his piloting skills as you get
on out of there.

                              [-= 3.e) Level 4: The Silent Cartographer =-]

Mission Overview:
Search for the map room and learn the secrets of Halo.
This level is a fairly short one. Warthogs are plentiful and you
will be using them for a large portion of the level.

Grunts - In groups, very common.
Jackals - In groups, very common.
Elite - Beware of the invisble ones and the ones with swords.
Hunters - Many in various areas, hit in orange part of back.

Pistol - Good for sniping.
Assault Rifle - Overall weapon of level.
Rocket Launcher - Not useful.
Plasma Pistol - Alternative to Pistol.
Plasma Rifle - Alternative to Assault Rifle.
Needler - Not recommended.


Level Tips:
-Make a stockpile of Warthogs were your marines are to keep troops ready.
-Stick grenades on to Elite when they are overwhelming.


>>Clear the landing beach of hostiles

You get off with some marines at some island beach. Run into the clearing and fire
at thehordes of Covenant waiting for you. Keep advancing as you eliminate the
Covenant. Hide behind boulders when your shields are down. The marines will help
immensely. Wait for a human dropship to come by delivering a Warthog. Jump in and
start driving. Make sure to pick up two passengers before heading out.

>>Find the entrance to the map room

Drive forward avoiding enemy fire. Let your passenger and gunner take care of the
passing Covenant. You will shortly reach a small building. Get out of the Warthog
right before the building just enough distance from them so they can't see you/notice
you. Use the scope on your pistol to pick them all off. Your gunner might also help.
Go through the little arch and there will be the entrance to the building. In this
little hall, there are two Elite and two Grunts. Chuck a couple plasma grenades to
kill the first set and proceed into the hall to eliminate the rest with your assault
rifle. The assault rifle is probably very low on ammo now so you may switch it for
another weapon if you wish. Go down the ramp and you will see a few Grunts and an
Elite. Smoke them all and beware of the grenades. The door will close right in front
of your face. Now you need to find a way to override the door's security lock. Get out
of the building and jump back into the Warthog. Drive forward the way you didn't go
before. Drive down the hill and three Jackals will greet you if you didn't kill them

>>Find the door's security system

Continue driving through the small arch. Go around the hill and try to drive over all
the Covenant. If not, you can get out and do things the old-fashioned way. At the shore
you will find a tipped over Warthog, some ammo, and two medical kits. You definitely
could use the ammo. Keep your old Warthog because it already has marines in it. Drive
up the hill, avoiding the rocks and trees. It may seem difficult but it is definitely
possible. You can get out of the Warthog and do everything on foot (they way it was
supposed to be) or make it easier with the Warthog. I'll assume that you'll be using
the Warthog. To get past the narrow opening guarded by the tree, go at full speed and
squeeze through the right side. You should barely make it without flipping over. Go
through the rocks killing some Grunts and two Elite. Watch out for pesky grenades.
Manuever through the rock then the tree to make it to the next clearing. Ahead of you
are medical kits and ammo. To the right are two Hunters ready to fire charged shots at
you. Park the Warthog and jump out to where the Hunters are. There are two overshields
against one of the obstacles where the Hunters are. A few Jackals will also arrive, so
be quick in taking out the Hunters first. You know the drill. Run around them and fire
shots into the orange part of their body until they die. Then go and get the Jackals.
If your health is low, grab one of the medical kits. Get on the Warthog and hit the
pedals. Your passengers may have died, but that's ok. Drive to where the Jackals were
standing and continue along that path. You will come into another area filled with
Covenant. You can either try running them all over or getting out and shooting them.
I recommend a combination of both. Once they are taken care of, drive down
the small pathway. This is another building guarded by a few Grunts. Leave your
Warthog and take them out first. There are three overshields if you ever need them.
Go through the arch and down the ramp into a seemingly empty room filled with obstacles.
Stick to the left and when you are at the end of the room, two Hunters will enter.
Switch to the pistol and fire one round each into their orange back part and they
will die instantly. Keep going forward and you'll come to a place with a narrow
walkway on four sides and a huge pit. But don't worry, its covered by glass so you
won't fall. Walk up to the hologram and press X to open the door that had closed earlier.
Make your way back.

>>Activate the map room

As you enter the room where you fought the Hunters, you'll notice it's a little too
quiet... Be careful, there two invisible Elite here that are very unnoticeable. They
can do major damage if your not fast enough. Exit the building and you will see a big
platform a few meters away, next to a plane crash. If you use your pistol's scope,
you can snipe a few Grunts. To your right, right across from the overshields, their
is a tree. If From here, you can either fall down, or snipe some more from a top the
tree. Either way is fine. Take out the two Jackals hiding behind rocks to the right of
the plane crash. Ok, now run over to the plane crash. There is ammo, a medical kit, a
Warthog, and even a Rocket Launcher. It won't come to that much of a use, so leave it
there and get on the Warthog. Go forward, sticking to the left. Run over a few Jackals.
You'll notice this is where you first started the level. Drive up a bit to get to where
your marines are staying and get them to hop on board. Keep on driving, avoid Covenant
fire if you didn't take them out before, and you will reach the building. Run over the
team of Jackals and immediately jump out. There are two Hunters in the area firing
shots. Take out your pistol and shoot them in the orange part of their back. Not too
hard, is it? Enter the building, down the ramp, and through the never before opened door.
If you go right, there will be a very short cutscene and a Checkpoint. Go left to
continue on. Surprise the Elite. This area has a few red Elites, Grunts, and Jackals.
The main opening is the front one right in front of you but there is also a ramp which
leads to the top of the level. Grunts may come through there too. Either way, smoke them
all and go through the door at the back of the room. Follow down the room, making sure
not to fall down. Go through the next door and eliminate the Jackals at the end of the
room. There is some ammo and medical kits off to the sides. You will need some later.
Enter through the little opening into the main area. Two Hunters are waiting for
you to kill them. A shot to the back with a pistol will do, as always. Follow the
next ramps down and keep moving forward. You will be in a place with yellow walls and
no wall on the left side. Follow it down to the bottom portion of the room. Go through
the left door with a ramp going down to pick up an active camaflouge. The other door to
the right will follow you through another ramp leading down. Go down and sneak up on the
lone Grunts. Go down and kill the Elite. There should be more Grunts. Take them all out
and follow the ramp down to a room with a hologram. On the other side are two Elite.
Throw a grenade at them and smoke them. Now press X on the hologram. After Cortana is
down, turn the way where the two Elite were and go that way.

>>Return the surface for extraction

This is pretty simple. Just get out the way you cam in. The problem is that there
Covenant troops along the way. Go up the ramps to encounter your first Jackal. There
isn't much room to dodge there attacks, so I recommed performing melee attacks on
them if you can. I found this pretty effective without getting hurt much. Keep moving.
You know you're on the right track if there are enemies along the way. This is pretty
self-explanatory. When you come to the place with window like holes on both sides, look
around for a medical kit you left earlier. You probably need it. Go through the door
and up the ramp. Try to dodge enemy fire and get to the other side of the room. The
entrance is from the side at the front. Your now in the shaft. Remember the gold Elite
with a plasma sword when you shut down security? Well, your going to meet him. But
don't worry, it's easy. Get to the end of the shaft and strafe left. Just as you pass
the Elite, quickly chug a plasma grenade. If you did it right, it should've stuck to
him. Get a distance away from him. He will start running toward you but then will
explode. Hahaha! But for this to work perfectly you gotta be quick. If you're
slow, he'll chase you down before you can throw a grenade at him. Go through where
he was just standing. Go up the ramp and now there is only one more run. In this last
area, there are three invisible Elite. Take them all out and go forward. Once the Pelican
lands, get to the side and press X to get on board, ending the level.

                              [-= 3.f) Level 5: Assault on the Control Room =-]

Mission Overview:
Defend the Control Room against wave after wave of Covenant troops.
You are by yourself for most of the level. It's pretty long, but one of the best
in the game. You get to use all four vehicles in this level. Some parts
of the level include all-out assault and some are more stealthy.

Grunts - Very Common. Melee attack the ones that are asleep.
Jackals - Very Common. In groups, melee attack for easy kills.
Elites - Common. Come in a variety including ones with swords and invisible ones.
Hunters - Moderate. Usually in groups of two, shoot the orange part of their backs
          with a pistol.

Pistol - Good for stealthy moderately long range attacks and Hunters.
Assault Rifle - Main weapon of level, general use.
Sniper Rifle - Very long-range, only in a small part of the level.
Rocket Launcher - Good for destroying Covenant tanks and groups of people.
Plasma Pistol - Alternative to Pistol.
Plasma Rifle - Alternative to Assault Rifle
Needler - Not recommended.

Warthog - Not very useful in this level.
Scorpion - Very useful for taking out Covenant vehicles and large groups.
           Only available on this level.
Ghost - Very common. Steal from enemies. Makes a quick getaway.
Banshee - Steal one in the last part of the level. Soar into the air out
          of the sight of fire and skip a part of the level.

Level Tips:
-Take out sleeping Grunts with melee attacks.
-Use vehicles in wide-open areas to your advantage.
-Stay a distance from enemies.
-Use the Scorpion for an easier take on the level.
-Use the Banshee to skip fighting rounds of Covenant at the end.


>>Reach the transition to the second chasm

You're dropped off in front of a stationary gun. A few Grunts and an Elite will enter
the room. Chuck a plasma grenade at the enterance to take care of a few Grunts.
Make sure they don't get on the Shade and avoid thrown grenades. Take out the
Elite and proceed through the door.  As you open the next door, wait for an Elite
to come into view. Shoot and retreat. Go into the room, take a few shots, and
retreat. Repeat the process until he is killed and head right. There are a
few more Elites and some grenades. Grenades and heavy firepower from a distance
will take care of them. If they happen to run after you, a couple of straight
melee attacks will do. Proceed right, not going into the center of the room,
and avoid enemy fire from the other side. Take out the Jackals and Grunts
ahead. A couple more Grunts will come in. Take them out and head a bit forward
to the open window on your left. Take out the Grunts you see with your pistol.
Go through the door. You will always no which door to go through if there
is an arrow pointing forward below it. Open the next door, but don't go in.
You'll notice it's snowing, so you are on an open bridge. Immediately
turn right and take out the sleeping Grunt. There are two stationary
guns (Shades) here, but I recommend that you not use them. Sometimes if you
are quick enough, there will be multiple sleeping Grunts here, so take them
out to your advantage and beware of the one next to the turret. Wait until
a human dropship goes by. Inch out behind the pillar and use the scope
of your pistol to take out the Covenant coming in. There will be more here
if you were quick, and use this to your advantage so you won't be overwhelmed
later. If there is a red Elite alone and you can't shoot him without getting
hurt, you may try the Shade. Once they have been eliminated, proceed to the
other side, being careful not fall through the glass below you. When you
see some Covenant far away, hide behind the nearest block and use the
pistol scope to take them out. Repeat this until you reach the end of the
door. If you decided to use stealth like I recommend, there will be no
one guardinare g the door. If you made a lot of noise, there is a sword
weilding gold Elite that is highly dangerous. If you used stealth,
he is hiding a few feet away from the door. Quickly open the door
and throw a plasma grenade at him. If it stuck to him, you are lucky,
if it didn't, run backward shooting at the Elite as he charges at you.
No doubt your ammo is almost gone so switch to some other Covenant
weapons if you haven't already. You will get your assault rifle and
pistol back soon enough. Proceed through the door into the next area
and go left.  Ignore the opening into the center of the room and
throw a grenade ahead and smoke the Grunts. There is also an invisble Elite
so be careful. Take out the Grunt right above you. Keep heading forward
and you will come to some ammo and a medical kit. Pick them up. Go into
the center area through the right and take out the Grunts above you. Proceed
through the next opening leading down and through a door. Follow the passage
to another door and you will find yourself in an elevator lift. Press X on
the hologram to go down. Go through to door to go into an open area.
There are Grunts off to the sides. Use stealth to take care of them. Try knocking
each one out with a melee attack, then head to the left to surprise the other
Grunts. Once they are cleared, go right. Kill the Elite and proceed. As you
go, there will be a bunch of Jackals and Grunts. Melee attack the Jackals and
shoot the Grunts. Go forward and enter the door. Hopefully you didn't
alarm anyone in the center area so you can ignore them. Open the door to
see a wide open area covered with some snow. Strafe left taking out the Grunt on
the stationary gun, you should meet up with some marines if they are still alive.
Avoid getting hit by the Covenant tank (blue missiles). Collect some ammo and
the medical kit. Leave the Warthog alone and advance. There are a few Jackals up
ahead and be careful of the Elite on the Ghost. Try to take care of the Elite
so you can use the Ghost. If you move ahead, there are some Grunts and a Ghost
of to the side. Get in the Ghost and take care of the Covenant in the area.
Get back to the Warthog and pick up a sniper rifle. Use it to snipe the Grunt
on the stationary gun above. You can also use it to snipe some Covenant ahead
but you have to watch out for Covenant tanks. Keep the sniper rifle
as you will be needing it later. Pick up the rocket launcher and zoom in.
Take aim at the Covenant tank. Two shots should put it out for good. Head forward
clearing the area of anyone you missed before. As you advance to the next area,
keep a distance and snipe the Jackals. After that, you will see marines duking it
out. Stay behind and use your sniper rifle to clear the area. Once the area is
clear, move in to the to the entrance to a new area. Two Elites on Ghosts will
come out. Run back to the Scorpian tank behind you and jump in. Blow the Ghosts
up and get out. You can ride in the Scorpian throughout most of the next
part if you want, but you don't have to. You will notice that a plane had crash
landed (if you didn't before). There is some ammo and a medical kit here.
I recommend that you are equipped with an assault rifle and a pistol.
Now, move into the next area. Use the scope of your pistol to take the Covenant
out before being seen or run over them if you are in the Scorpion. I recommend
you use the Scorpion so you carry along a few passengers to help you out. Move
in to the next open area. Blow up the Ghosts coming at you and turn left. Run
over the Covenant and blow up the Covenant tank and more Ghosts. Move up
and blow up the Banshee flying above. Ignore the Covenant tank shooting at you
from above, it is easy to dodge. Go through the entrance to the underground
tunnel, blowing up the two Hunters along the way. Go on down with the Scorpion,
getting out to open the doors. As you get out of the tunnel, blow up the two
Elite in front move to the right and use the Scorpion's machine gun
to take out the Grunts and the stationary gun. Turn around to the bridge on the
other side. Before getting on the bridge, keep going forward to take out the
Grunts and the stationary gun. A gun will start firing at you from the other side.
Send a few missiles that way and head through the bridge. Use a combination
of missiles and machine gun to clear the bridge as you go. Be careful not to
slip off. As you reach the end of the bride, you will encounter two Hunters
and a couple of Elites. Blow them up and use the machine gun to finish them off.
Turn left and kill whatever is there (Grunts most likely). Hopefully, you
are nothing below the yellow zone in health from all of this, but it is
very good if you have full health. Get out of the Scorpion to open the door and
leave it behind. Equip the pistol and keep going until you have to turn right.
Melee attack the sleeping Grunt and use the scope to take out the Elites. Kill
them before they reach the Ghost and then kill the other Grunt. Move uphill.

>>Reach the transition to the third chasm

As you make your way up, hide behind rocks and use your pistol scope to take out
the Jackals. You should take most of them out without being seen. Up ahead,
there is a Covenant dropship landing. Stay behind and wait untill it takes off.
Run back down and get into the nearest Ghost. Speed forward and shoot Grunts
to the left and right. Jump off the Ghost and shoot the two Ghosts until
they blow up. Your health is probably low now, but not to worry. Move forward
on the right side. There is a door on your left. Go close to it and chuck a plasma
grenade. Smoke the Covenant coming out and quickly run up the small hill to take
out the Grunt on the stationary gun. Clear that small area and pick up ammo and
a medical kit to your right. Pick up a rocket launcher and fire a few
missiles at the Covenant tank ahead. Blow up the Covenant and the Ghost to your left.
Switch guns so you have both the pistol and assault rifle in your posession.
Now, head into the door the Covenant came out of earlier. There is an invisble
Elite with a sword to the right. A few shots will do. To your left are some
Covenant. Kill them but do no go through the door. Go up the ramp leading to the
top floor and kill the Elite. Head back down to where the Elite with the sword
was and pick up an active camaflouge. Go back up the ramp to the balcony. Look
down to your left and smoke any Covenant if there are any. Look ahead from the
balcony and use the scope of your pistol to take out the Grunt on the stationary
gun above. Look down and pick off the Jackals. If there are no Jackals, they must
have seen you, but don't worry about that. Go back down and exit the little building.
Advance to the area you were looking at from the balcony. There will be a Hunter rushing
in. Zoom in and shoot him in the back with your pistol to kill him. To your left is
another Hunter and two Elites. Throw a few grenades and look behind you to take
out a Jackal. Turn around and smoke the Elites with your machine gun. Switch to
the pistol and take care of the Hunter by shooting him in the back. A Banshee
will fly by. It will take a lot of rounds to bring it down so try to run away from
it. If your health is down, be careful for a bit and you will be rewarded.
Move forward and use your pistol's scope to pick off the Grunts and Jackals.
Take out the Elite and Grunts to your left and move down the path
to lower grounds. Ignore the stationary gun shooting at you. As you reach the
ground, you will meet up with some marines. Finally, someone to back you!
Hear the transmission and watch the Covenant dropship land above you. Run back
up the walkway to where you were and greet the Covenant. Grenades will do nicely.
Go back down and head forward. Two Hunters are up ahead. Use the marines as
a distraction as you get behind the Hunters and shoot them with a pistol.
Pick up the active camaflouge, medical kit, and some ammo. Go through the
small tunnel and sneak up on the invisible Elite holding a sword. Take out
the Grunt and Jackals (who can't see you!). Move up quickly and take care of
the Elite. Move up the ridge and take care of the Grunts up front. Hide behind
boulders and snipe Covenant with your pistol. Beware of the Ghost and a Banshee
from above. Wipe out everything except the Banshee first and hold your position.
Each time the Banshee passes, shoot it with your assault rifle and avoid being hit
by hit. After a few cycles, it will blow up and you can advance. Move ahead on the
left side and hit the Grunt on the stationary gun first. Strafe right while
in zoom mode and take out the Elite far away. Proceed to take out the other
two stationary guns with the pistol. As you get close to the door, two Elites
will come by. Hide behind the round alien shield and shoot him. Marines
should help to kill him. Go through the doors and you will come
to a very familiar place. Look right and and melee attack the sleeping Grunt.
Take out the other Grunt above. Spin around and head forward to encounter more
Grunts and Elites. Keep advancing, taking out Grunts. Don't go into the center
area. When you see an arrow pointing forward to another area, follow it
through the doors to yet another elevator. Activate it to head up. When
the elevator comes to a stop, there is a Jackal waiting for you all alone.
Melee attack him and proceed. There are two Jackals in the next area.
Take them out and collect some ammo and a medical kit. The ammo can be found in
the corner of the room and the health is up the little ramp thing. Peek up ahead
and get back. When the Jackals and the Grunts are in a large group, send a grenade
and watch the magic happen. Take out whoever survived the blast and go right.
Look through the window on your left and shoot the Grunt passing by. Run forward
and take the next left to center of the room. Shoot the gold Elite and make your way
out to the other side. Elites, Jackals, and Grunts will greet you. Give them a
welcome message and go through the door. Now, you'll be on a bridge. Deja vu ^_^
There are sleeping Grunts on both sides of you. Take each one out with a melee
attack. Stay near the door and use your pistol's scope to pick off a Jackal or two.
There is another bridge to your right full of enemies, so you have to watch out
for them too. Use the zoom to take out three Grunts on the other bridge.
Advance to the next block and there will be two red Elites. A couple of plasma
grenades and assault rifle rounds combined with ducking and jumping should
do the trick. Make certain they are killed before going to the next
block. Look to your right at the next block to take out a Grunt on the other
bridge. Pick off more Grunts and Jackals ahead with your pistol. Get to the next
block and take care of the large group of Grunts from a distance. Also beware
of an invisible Elite. The area has been cleared, so proceed through the
next door. Look to your left and take out an Elite. Advance around the
center of the room, taking out another Elite. There is some ammo and a medical kit.
There is a path leading out of the room. Pick up a rocket launched and go through.
Peak at the corner to see an open hallway. There are Jackals and Grunts on the left
sides. Fire a rocket and retreat. Then fire another one and smoke the rest with
an assault rifle. Go back and put your rocket launcher down. Make sure you have
the pistol. In the next room, turn left and take out the Elite. Look at the center
of the room. There is an Elite at the top firing at you. Chuck a plasma grenade
at him and enter the center area. Go up the ramp and throw another grenade.
Run back down and hide. Smoke the Covenant that come out. Go back up the ramp
and down the other side. Take out the Jackals and Grunts on the other side and
go through the next door. You will be on the other bridge now. This strategy
may be a bit tough and requires luck, but it works for me every single
time. Make a mad dash across the bridge. Shoot like hell with the assault rifle
and keep jumping to get to the other side. If this doesn't work, you can
try the strategy I gave you for the first bridge. As you go through the door, take
out the Jackals to the left then head right. Take out the hordes of Grunts
and some Jackals to get to the next path. It should be fairly easy. Follow the
path down and you will be at a place similar to where you had the rocket launcher.
The area seems clear, but there are two invisble Elites along the way. Follow
the path and turn right. There are two Hunters here, but if you are fast enough,
you can make it without being seen. Open the door and melee attack the two
Jackals. Kill the Grunts along the way and make it to the next door.
Now, this next part has to choices/paths: (a) The Fun and Easy Way or
(b) The Hard Way. If you choose B, you'll have to take out the Covenant forces
by foot and make your way up to the control room. Your on your own. I'll assume
you choose A. As the door opens, you will see some Jackals and Grunts and an
Elite in the back. Instead of killing them, run to where the Elite is. Shoot the
Elite to keep him busy while you press X on the big purple machine next to you.
It's the Banshee! Fly straight up into the sky. If you are lucky, you made it
out alive. If this doesn't work, you can try clearing all if the Covenant, but
there is more of a chance that an Elite will get into the Banshee before you do.
So you are in the sky, out of the range of fire. Turn around and look down to
see a big building, in some sort of escalating format, kind of like a pyramid.
Fly the Banshee to the top most part of the building. You will have to manuever
into the little space to get in between where the door is. DO NOT CRASH LAND.
Move back and forth to make a soft landing. You have to be quick about this because
sometimes the Covenant will keep shooting at you and make the Banshee explode. Now,
park your banshee facing the big door (that's where you should've landed). Get out,
and activate the switch to open the door. This part can be extremely difficult
if you don't do it exactly right. When the door starts to open, through a plasma
grenade, and then another one. Fire into the blue. There are hordes of Grunts
and a gold Elite with a plasma sword. Your goal is to have the Elite get caught in
the grenades. Finish all your grenades. The Elite should be dead by now. Use the
obstacles as cover as you finish off the Grunts. Far away are two Elites, one
being red. Use the scope of your pistol to get as many shots in as you can, then
run in and finish them off. Open the doors and watch the movie scene. Good

                              [-= 3.f) Level 6: 343 Guilty Spark =-]

Mission Overview:
Creep through a swamp to meet the only enemy the Covenant fear.
This is a fairly short level that is actually the turning point of the game.

Grunts - Some in the first part of the level.
Jackals - Some through to the half of the level.
Elite - Very very few in the first part of the level.
Popcorn Crabs - Unofficial name for the little crawlers. Plentiful
                in second half of level.
Infected Flood - Unofficial name for flood in the shape of marines/
                 Covenant. Plentiful in second half of level.

Pistol - Use for sniping.
Assault Rifle - Use to take out the popcorn crab - like flood in groups.
Shotgun - Use to take out infected flood in a few shots.
Plasma Pistol - Use rapid fire against popcorn crabs.
Plasma Rifle - Alternative to assault rifle.
Needler - Not recommended at all.

Level Tips:
-Keep the assault rifle and shotgun at all times against the flood.
-Memorize the first half of the level to backtrack out later.
-Clear the area before advancing.
-Use fragmentation grenades for clusters of flood.


>>Locate Captain Keyes

Your dropped off alone in a swamp. Go forward to the plane crash to pick
up some ammo and keep advancing. You will come across some Covenant corpses.
Take out your pistol and pick off the Jackals and Grunts from a distance.
Strafe while in zoom mode to avoid getting shot. Go forward beyond
the broken Covenant dropship and turn left. Take out the Jackal nearby
and zoom in to kill the one far away. Go forward and hop from rock
to rock to get on top the tree. Cross the bridge the tree forms and
walk up the left side. Keep advancing and use your assault rifle
to kill the Grunts and Jackals along the way. Once the area is clear,
go through the enterance of a building to your right. Go straight
and wait for the elevator to come up if it hasn't already. Activate
the lift to go down. You will see two round alien shields on both
sides. Go to the one on the left. There is a large group of Grunts and
a couple of Jackals here. I recommened you throw a plasma grenade but
you can also take them out with an assault rifle. Head through the door
and immediately look right. There will be a few Jackals if they didn't
die earlier. Look down below to see some Grunts and a Jackal. Use your
pistol to pick them off from above. Two Jackals and a Grunt will come in
through the door. Pick them off and drop down. Go through the door and then
another door. There will be a few Jackals to your left standing by the door.
If you look to the center of the room, you will see something dripping down
from the ceiling. Odd isn't it? Contiue through the next door. Even weirder.
Covenant blood all over the place. What's going on around here? If you go
to your right you will see more strange things... proceed forward to an
empty area. Go forward to your right and hop across to the ledge and
go through the door. Open the door and there will be a marine sitting
in front of you. Get closer and move around to where he can't shoot you.
Listen for a few seconds what he is saying... then put the poor
soldier out of his damn misery. Head to the back of the room. There is fire
on your left jump to the ledge on top of the fire and follow the ramp to
the next doors. You will be on the top of the room you were in earlier. Press
X on the hologram to activate the energy bridge and run across. Open the door
and go right, down the ramp, and right again and stand next to the door.
Watch this fairly long, creepy cutscene that will explain what is going on,
the turning point of the game.

After the movie scene, you will be all alone. Watch your radar closely and
listen to the sound of doors breaking. Run to where the enemies are, and use
your assault rifle to give them hell. Fragmentation grenades work well
against these little critters. If this is the first time you've seen this,
I bet you are freeked out ;) You will have to repeat this process over
and over. Don't let them get on you and be very aware of your surroundings.
If the popcorn crabs (lol) get near you, melee attack them. When the music
starts getting freaky, watch out! Human-like flood will jump at you, and
they carry weapons! These "things" are humans/Covenants infected by the flood.
These guys really chas after you and literally jump. Once they are done for,
collect the dropped ammo and go the way the flood last came from.


Your mission plans have been changed. Now that you know of the flood,
you have to get out of the building. Head left up the ramp. Infected flood
will be waiting for you. Wipe them out. There are two medical kits on the
other side if you need them. Go through the door and look both sides for
flood. Look down and fire rounds into the flood below. Watch out, they
can jump on to the platform you are on. Grenades also work nicely.
Once the area is cleared, follow the ramp right to the next door. Take
out some flood from above in this area and drop down to finish rest off.
There are two open doors here. Take the one below a pinkish light. Prepare
for swarms of flood, both the infected type and popcorn crabs as you open
the next door. Also be aware of the flood on the ledge above you. Cross the
room and on the right side, you will see a bunch of things stacked up
like a stairway. Hop up to the upper ledge and go through the door. On your
left will be two medical kits, some ammo and a shotgun! I recommend that
you keep an assault rifle and a shotgun. Go through the door in front of you
and cross the room to the door on the other side. Look to your left and clear
the area of flood with a shotgun. Get on the lift and go down. As you reach the bottom,
dozens of flood will be waiting for you. Take out the infected ones with a shotgun and
use you assault rifle on the popcorn crabs. Proceed to the next area through
the little arch. Pick up and active camaflouge on your right and jump down.
Somehow, the flood can still see you. Take them out with a shotgun
and also shoot the one above you. Proceed through the opening, going immediately
right. Shoot the flood in the cubby-hole type room and turn around. Some
more flood will come to you. Shoot them but, wait a few seconds to make sure they are dead
because sometimes they get up again. Get out of the cove, turn left, then right again
into another alcove across from the one you were in before. Kill the flood here
and take out the ones coming in. Then proceed to your left into the new area.
Look around and take out the flood here, although there aren't much. Go to the back of the
room where you see some fire. Jump on to the ledge (there is also a medical
kit here) and go up the ramp to the higher level. Make your way to the door and
beware of any other flood. Open the door and take out the few flood that come in.
Go through, cross the ledge to the other side and go through that door. Beware of
flood coming in and open the next door. Go to your left and take out the flood.
Some flood will jump up from below. Take care of them and look down to shoot the
rest of the flood with your shotgun. Jump down and enter through the door.
Go through the next to encounter more flood. Kill these and also the one above
you. Proceed through the next opening. Go to the alcove on your right, take out
the flood, and do the same for the one on your left. Then go into the next room.
Take out the flood and be aware that there may be some above you. Get onto the
bloody ledge on the other side. There is some ammo and a medical kit. If you look
toward the center of the room, you will see a ledge. Make a running leap from an
angle to get on it. Follow the walkway to a door on your left and go through
the next door. Shoot the flood down below. If you fall off, jump to the
small ledge and enter the door. Eliminate the flood in both alcoves on both
sides and go forward to end up in the same room as before. Once you are done,
press X on hologram. Equipd your shotgun and run across the energy bridge.
Dozens of flood will pour out from this opening. A series of plasma grenades and
shotgun rounds should take care of them. Move into the opening, kill any flood, and
take the elevator up. Once you are up, you will meet up with some marines. Next
to the exit out of the building is some ammo and medical kits. Take them and proceed
to exit the building back out into the swamp. Advance into the swamp, killing
flood as you go. Follow the yellow dots (marines) on your radar to some
sort of building in the middle of the wate. Run to it and turn around to take
out some more flood. Wait a few seconds and you will see a purple dot floating
in the air. Some ships will fly around shooting some kind of laser. Stay where
you are. After a few seconds, a cutscene will take place ending the level.

                              [-= 3.g) Level 7: The Library =-]

Mission Overview:
Fight your way through an ancient security facility in search of the index.
This level is long and repetitive, and the only level where you don't
fight the Covenant.

Popcorn Crabs - Very common in groups.
Infected Flood - Very common, in groups, deadly with shotguns.
Exploding Flood - Common, keep away. They will explode to release popcorn crabs.

Pistol - Not very useful. Use as a last resort.
Assault Rifle - Useful for taking out swarms of popcorn crabs.
Shotgun - Very useful for infected flood.
Rocket Launcher - Leave this alone.
Plasma Pistol - Ok against flood, not that useful.
Plasma Rifle - Nice alternative to assault rifle, but don't fire too rapidly.
Needler - Not recommended at all.

Level Tips:
-Stay away from exploding flood.
-Clear the area before following the Monitor.
-Be aware of your surroundings and reappearing enemies.
-If you are lost, you can find the Monitor from it's bright blue glow.


>>Follow the Monitor to the Index

I will not go into detail for this level at all. It's very straightforward,
and there is not much strategy involved other than shoot. Follow the Monitor
as you begin the level. Watch your radar and always turn around to take out
some flood. Clear the area before progressing to where the Monitor is. After
you kill the flood coming in, go through the small tunnel into a large room.
Follow the Monitor as you take out more flood. There is not much strategy
involved here. About 80% of the level is just repeating what I said before.
Keep advancing, repeating the cycle. The only tip I have is that once you
clear the area, look around. You'll often find an extra goodie, such as
an overshield or medical kits if you go down the small ramps. Just
slowly follow the Monitor, taking out flood and you'll be fine. The Monitor
also says some interesting things, so you might want to listen to it
carefully. When you see no where else to go, try going down the ramp. There
is a small tunnel full of flood that will lead you to the next part.
After a few cycles of following and shooting, you will see some
robotic machines flying around shooting lasers. These are Sentinels. They
will help you extensively through out this level. Let them clear the area
for you as you stay back. Be aware, the flood can still avoid the laser fire
and get to you. You'll also have to protect the Sentinels, as they explode
pretty easily. Keep advancing to the _first_ elevator. Follow through the
level. repeating the cycle. At some points of the level, the monitor will
suddenly stop and tell you to hold your position. At these points in the level,
flood will start gushing out from all sides so be prepared. This happens about
four times. Keep on following the Monitor, letting the Sentinels help when they
can, and get on to the next elevator. Look around you as you get off the elvator
as there are some exploding flood. Keep going and the Sentinels will join
you from the start. After some take out, the Monitor will tell you to hold your
position... the flood will come from all sides so watch out (even behind you!).
Follow the Monitor for a while, you'll have to hold your position once again,
but this will be the last time. As you come up to the next elevator, flood
will run after you. Keep jumping and avoid there fire as you go up. This is the
last part of the level. The Sentinels will be right with you. Keep progressing,
fighting flood at each corner, through the underground tunnel. When you get to
a medical kit, you are nearing the end of the level. Advance through the hall
to where the Monitor is waiting. It will open the last door and the music will
get tense. This is by far the hardest part of the level. Chuck grenades as the
flood pour in. As you take out the first wave, move ahead a little. There are flood
standing on ledges above you on both sides. Take them out and move ahead.
As you see some flood approach, backtrack and take them out. Repeat this process a
few times, but don't go too far. When you think the area is clear, make a run for the
Index. Flood will run at you. Avoid them through the center path to the Index. Be careful,
you can fall down. Get the Index to finish the level. Now you can be happy ^_^

                              [-= 3.h) Level 8: Two Betrayals =-]

Mission Overview:
Reactivate the weapon at the heart of Halo...and learn the truth.
This level is basically backtracking level 5.

Grunts - Common.
Jackals - Common.
Elite - Moderate.
Hunters - Few.
Popcorn Crabs - Common.
Infected Flood - Very Common.
Exploding Flood - Common.

Pistol - Good for sniping.
Assault Rifle - Useful for popcorn crabs.
Rocket Launcher - Useful against Covenant tanks.
Sniper Rifle - Not very useful.
Plasma Pistol - Useful against Sentinels
Plasma Rifle - Alternative to Assault Rifle.
Needler - Not recommended.

Warthog - Not very useful.
Ghost - Usefuly for quick getaways.
Banshee - Required to fulfill objectives.

Level Tips:
-Follow arrows pointing the other way.
-Allow the flood/Sentinels to destroy the Covenant before proceeding.


You are where you were at the end of the fifth level. Sentinels will
be firing thoroughly at you from the start. Charge up a plasma shot
to take each one down one by one. Don't worry too much about your health.
Open the door ahead. Move up a bit and hide to the side. Wait until
the Sentinels take out some Covenant and use your Plasma Pistol
to take them out. Open the next door and quickly hide behind one of the
shields. Take out your shotgun for an easier way out. Strafe to the left.
First take out the Jackal to your right, and then the Elite nearby.
Then proceed to take out those pesky little Grunts.

>>Locate and destroy Pulse Generator #1

So, you have to get to the first generator (there are three). Not too hard.
Move down the to the left and take out the Covenant nearby, being aware
of grenades. Don't venture out just yet. Go back and up the ramp (with an
arrow pointing ahead on it). Make your way up to find some ammo, medical
kit, and a pistol and a sniper rifle. Pick up what you need. I recommend
you take the pistol and keep your shotgun. Get back down to where you
were and proceed. Use your radar to find where new enemies are hiding. You
can often use your pistol's scope to effectively take out the Covenant
below you from above. Jumping and grenades work well. Keep the process
until you are down to the last level. Pass through the little tunnel.
There is a medical kit and a rocket launcher here, so remember that.
There is a Jackal hiding way up above you in the back so kill him
before he gets you. This area is a very good sniping spot if you prefer
stealth over confrontation. Move down halfway to the snowy grounds and
retreat. Keep this up to take out all the Covenant in sight. If you
venture too far, the Covenant tanks will spot you. Once the nearby grounds
are cleared, run to the rocket launcher to pick it up. You may also need
the medical kit. Use the rocket launcher and fire a couple of shots right
at the Covenant tank to blow it up. Drop the rocket launcher and look for
a Banshee nearby. Get into it and soar to where the Nav Point is pointing
to. Clear that area with your Banshee, make a soft landing, get out,
and into the building. Head into the room, turn right to the center of the
room. Jump into the blue light (the generator) and run out. Your shield
will be depleted. Get out the way you came from. As you open the door,
Sentinels will stand by. Dodge them or shoot them and jump back into the
Banshee. Fly to the left, following the Nav point. It is on a bridge right below.
Try to clear the bridge. The Covenant are concentrated near the door, so a
missile from the Banshee will do very well. As you enter the room, turn left,
going on a shooting spree. Go through the next opening, killing the three
Jackals. A melee attack or two will take care of each. In the next hall,
slip to the right. Take out the Covenant on the far end and turn around
to get the rest on your left. Once you are finished, head forward. Flood
will start pouring in to the next room. Use your shotgun to take them out.
If there is an assualt rifle laying around, pick that up so you have that
and a shotgun. To your right will be some ammo and two medical kits.
Go to the left, taking out the Elites waiting for you. Move up to encounter
some Jackals and Grunts. As you come to the next opening, more flood will pour
out. Take them out and the exploding one. The next part will be the one of two
infamous bridges. If you hear gunfire, stay back until it stops. Head forward
to take out the Jackals. Wait a bit and continue. Take out the gold Elite with
the sword ahead with your shotgun. Avoid fire from the flood on the other bridge
and continue on your path, taking out any surviving flood, to the next door.
This will be tough. Run to the left, taking out the massive hordes of flood. Slip
into the next opening but don't go too far. Use this position to take out
the flood running at you. There is a flood carrying a rocket launcher behind
you, so be careful if he happens to run in on you. Some flood will come at
you in the next area, including several exploding ones as you go through.
Take care of them and run left. Take out the flood and grab the medical kit.
Run into the next door, through the little flood. Once you are at a certain
distance, turn around and take out any flood following you. Continue on to the
next bridge (aren't we lucky!). This is very tough. I can't tell you how to
do this completely, but I have some advice. Do not go on ahead until you are
completely sure the area is cleared. You can take out a lot of flood by leading
them to the front of the bridge, where you are safe from fire across the bridge.
Be aware of jumping flood. Flood that jump can sometimes fall off the bridge,
which can be rather funny. Near the end of the bridge, there is a very dangerous
flood holding a rocket launcher, which can kill you in a second. You'll have to
sneak up on him. To top it all off, there are Banshees in the air, which can
spot you from anywhere. The Banshee might help against the flood, but it is better
to destroy it first. Several shotgun rounds will make it explode, but make sure it
is a safe distance away or it will drop on you. However, if you are very good,
you can make a run for it and get across safely with only minimal damage. Yes,
it can be done. In fact, it is my method of choice. Once you are across, whichever
way you chose, you will come to the room to see a bunch of resting flood. Screw em
all with an assault rifle. Run left, and don't get scared when you hear the
explosion. Keep advancing, killing what's only in front of you, and drop down into
the next area. Follow the path to a *gasp* elevator. Ride it down. Some flood
will drop down on you from above. A good way to keep from getting hurt is to
jump up and down. Go forward a bit through the empty area. Two flood will
jump down in front of you. Run backward as you take them out. Some more of the
same kind will come in. Take them all out from the back and wait a bit to make
sure they don't get back up. Move right. Things will be relatively calm, with
an occasional flood. Go through the next door. Before opening the next one, you
hear some screaming, and gunfire. That's the flood killing the Covenant. Wait
until they die and proceed.

>>Locate and destroy Pulse Generator #2

Now this part has two strategies. I mapped out the area for you, which is pretty simple:

   XXX       ----------------------     X
N  XXX         Ramp      +
   XXX       ----------------------
   XXX                G


    X = Enemy (not an exact number)
    N = Where you are supposed to go
    + = Medical Kit
    G = Unused Ghost
    Y = Where you start

Excuse me for the pathetic mapwork, but it might help. I'd like to also point out
that there is a Banshee patrolling the area. The first method if for
you to grab the Ghost and hightail out of their without taking care of anyone.
The second is to use stealth (needed for later difficulties). If you use
stealth, blow up the Banshee above, then take out the Elite on the Ghost
to the right first, and use the rocket launcher you will find down the ramp
across from the medical kit on the Covenant tank ahead. I won't go into detail.
Take out the stationary guns and use your Ghost to take care of anyone else. Then
go through the small tunnel down the hill and stick to the left. Take out the
pathetics Jackals and continue forward. You will come to a flipped over Warthog,
some ammo, and a medical kit. Continue by foot up the ramp and clear the Grunts
above. They are pretty well organized. Now go back down and drive the Warthog up
and forward to the next area. This place seems pretty well clear. There are
two Hunters to the right and some heavy opposition ahead. If you want to use
stealth, go in from the right. But for our purposes, I'll guess you want to
risk it. This works easier than it sounds. All you have to do is drive the Warthog
full speed ahead, jump out, run into one of the Banshees on the left, and take
off. Of course, you will have to avoid the ground Covenant and the other Banshee,
but it works out fine. Fly to the Nav Point, and enter the door dodging
the enemies. As you enter the next room, you will see some heavy firepower
and Sentinels. You can either be patient or run for it. Either way,
you'll have to put up with some rather nasty flood. Jump in and out of
the generator and run the hell outta there to jump back into your Banshee.
It is ok if your health is very low.

>>Move through tunnels and enter Canyon A

Follow the Nav Point through to the tunnel to encounter baddies in your
Banshee. Just watch out for the dude with the rocket launcher and you'll
be fine. Keep going and take out the floods at each point because
they have rocket launchers also. Open the door and it will only open a
bit, so unfortuneatly you'll have to leave your Banshee here. Take out
some flood coming in and enter. Go to the small bridge on your right. Halfway
through flood will gather. Quickly clear them and a bunch of flood will
run at you. This area is a bit hard to clear. Keep retreating as you clear
it. Run forward and there will be two medical kits on the right before the
exit. Pick them up and run as you take out the flood. This will be your final
runs, as the title suggests. There are Covenant and flood to the right side
of the field. Stick to your left and take out the flood that run at you.
Take them out and proceed to take out the Covenant. Be aware of more flood. Pick
up a Ghost and travel through the tunnel. There are two tunnels and one
will be blocked by rocks so you know which one is right. The next area has
more Covenant and flood but they are more concentrated. Try to run them all over
with your Ghost. There is a medical kit on the left side. As you come to the next
area, it will be hard to get your Ghost above the small ridge. Crash the Ghost
on the left and tumble through.

>>Locate and destroy Pulse Generator #3

This place also has two ways to get through. It is chock full of flood and
Covenant. At the end there is a Banshee. There are also Covenant tanks.

Strategy A) Personally my favorite. Simply ride the Ghost to the end of
the area, virtually ignoring enemy fire, jump into the Banshee,
and take off.
Strategy B) Use the Ghost to ride to the end of the level. Circle around the
stationary guns to take out the Grunts. Run over nearby Covenant. Clear that
area and go to the left. More Covenant and Flood. Run them over and shoot
to clear them. Ride the Ghost back to the previously cleared area. Pick up
a rocket launcher and use it on the Covenant tank. Sorry I cannot offer
much strategy on this, but it pretty much requires a lot of luck, not to
mention practice. It took me a lot of tries before I mastered this

Once you are in the Banshee, get into the air, following the Nav Point.
It can be a bit tricky. The generator is NOT on the bridge nearby. Instead,
keep going forward through the twisting path. Follow through the area, to where
you were before (except now you're in the air). Follow the Nav Point to the next
door and land the Banshee there, walking in. In this last room, there
are some Sentinels to your right. You can either take each one out, or run
to the center of the room. Jump into the last generator to finish the

                              [-= 3.i) Level 9: Keyes =-]

Mission Overview:
Stage a one-cyborg assault on a Covenent ship and bring back the Captain.
A revamped version of the second half of level three with added extras.

Grunts - Moderate.
Jackals - None.
Elite - Moderate.
Popcorn Crabs - Common.
Infected Flood - Very common.
Exploding Flood - Common/moderate.

Pistol - Not very useful for this level.
Assault Rifle - Great for taking out popcorn crabs.
Shotgun - Very powerful, great for everything.
Rocket Launcher - Not very useful.
Sniper Rifle - Only useful for a small part of the level.
Plasma Pistol - Not very useful.
Plasma Rifle - Not very useful.
Needler - KEEP AWAY!

Banshee - Not really controllable, you have to get in at the end of the level.

Level Tips:
-Let the other race take care of the other race before popping in battles.
-Be quick when needed and careful when needed.


>>Find a way into the control room

Go forward to the door in front of you. Right before you open it you will
hear Captain Keyes, and Cortana says that his transmission is lost. Go
through the door and shoot the Grunt running past. Take out the flood hot
on your trail. Enter the door on your left for a few plasma grenades an
an active camaflouge. Move forward and take the first left. Sneak up
on the Grunts and melee attack them. Take out the flood ahead and replace
your plasma pistol with a shotgun. Turn to your right, taking out the
exploding flood. Run through and you will drop down into some greenish
murky water.

>>Find another way into the ship

Your camaflouge will be gone. Quickly turn around and jump
on to some land. Turn on your flashlight and take out the Covenant and
flood to the right/forward and turn around to take care of the rest.
Move ahead to your right, taking out the Elite. Go through the path
on your left. Stick to your left as you run through. Eliminate the Covenant
trying to defend themselves against the flood. There are flood right across
on the ledge. Use the shields for cover and take them out. Once the area
is clear (don't worry too much about the popcorn crabs), jump into the
water and head left. Follow the path to some flood. They will sometimes
spring at you so be careful as you take them out. Follow the path, taking
out the flood. Again, don't worry too much about the little flood. You
will come upon a medical kit and a sniper rifle. Use the sniper rifle
to snipe some enemies ahead, and leave it where you found it. It
would be very wise to take out the Hunters and some flood from your
sniping post. Clear as much as you can, using all of your sniper rifle
rounds and drop down. Take out any remaining flood and quickly spin
around to see a flood firing at you from way up high. Use the shield
for cover as you take him out. There is another medical kit here
if you need it. Follow the path and you will come to a stationary
gun. Take out the Elite on it and the surrounding Grunts. Spin around to
the left. Flood will basically pour out of here so be on guard.
Lead the flood to you as you take them out. You can use the stationary
gun if you are low on ammo but it is not advised. Once there is a break
between the incoming flood and no one on your radar (it can take
a while), proceed through. Be on a lookout for more flood as you
make your way up. Go forward to the ledge and a bunch of little
flood will pop out. Take them out and look down. Shoot the flood
and jump down. There is a small war coming up. Stick the left and
take out the nearby flood. Take cover as you look up to get more
flood out of the way. There is a medical kit here if you need it. When
the area is cleared, advance. Immediately left is the path. Take it.

>>Hold your position under the lift until it re-activates

Move around the right of the "structure" to pick up an overshield.
Swim into the water and take a left through the little arch. Turn
right and up the hill. Hopefully the Covenant/flood will be occupied
and you can surprise them. Take out the flood ahead and move through
the purple light to the edge of the hill. Turn around and take out the
flood coming in until you are transported back into the ship.

>>Follow Cortana's directions back to the control room

Run through the opening in front of you. Go through taking out the
exploding floods. Be quick, sometimes there will be enemies behind you
that can do serious damage if you are not aware. Follow the path through
the next doors, taking out the flood. There is a big cluster of dots on
your radar. This part can be hard if you aren't fast. Move through
the door, turning left. At the next turn, there are some flood. Take
them out and look up. Wave after wave of flood will drop down through
this opening. Take care of as many as you can (about ten will do)
and run through, taking out the flood. Open the next door and
follow your radar to take out some more flood. Pick up an overshield
at a corner nearby and continue to the only opening other than the
one you came from. In the next series of halls, there will be another
opening above from which the flood will come through. Turn to your left,
taking out the flood in your way and fall through the round opening
ahead.  You will find yourself surrounded by exploding flood. Take care of
them and go through. More exploding flood and *gasp* Covenant! Take care
of those Elites and Grunts and follow the path. Hordes of flood will drop
down in front of you and in back of you. Circle around the area taking
out each wave of flood and run through to the next door. Don't
sit there all day waiting for the flood to stop coming. Find a break in
the flood and run. You will come to the end of the Nav Point and a medical
to your left. Run straight ahead to your left to take out some Covenant.
Turn on your flashlight and go through. Take out the Hunter while it
is occupied with the flood and continue. Keep going through taking out the
enemies. As you come to big open area, turn around. Go back ALL the way to
where the last medical kit was. Follow the Nav Point to the next opening.
You're probably wondering why I made you do ALL of that work aren't you?
Simple, to be safe ^_^ Make your way through the new path to the Nav Point.
Take out the flood outside and run through. You will encounter hordes
of flood. Kill as many as you can and advance to the point where
Cortana tells you to hurry.

>>Recover Captain Keyes

There is a medical kit to your left. Keep advancing. The left door is the way
you are supposed to go. Waves of flood will come through. Eliminate them and there
will be a medical kit ahead. Follow up the ramp to find...err... Captain Keyes.

>>Escape via the shuttle bay

The hard part was coming in. Now the easy part is making your way out. Quickly turn
around. Flood will come at you from all sides. Shoot and run to your left, the
way you came in. Take out the Covenant and run through. It is very hard to
do this successfully. If you are on the easier levels, you can just run, but
if you are on Heroic or Legendary, you have to take out all the flood before
moving on. Once you make it, go through the door on your right and follow the
path. When you come to the outside, you see some heavy gunfire. Stay behind
a bit and then pop in to waste everyone. Run forward, sticking on the left.
Take out the Covenant and run inside the opening. There is a medical kit if
you need it. Take out the Covenant hiding behind the shields. Go through
the path taking out the Grunts. Follow the Nav Point, which is pointing
to a Banshee below. You can either make your way through, killing everyone,
or do it the easy way. The easy way is simply jumping down straight on to the
Banshee and quickly pressing A to get in. Either way you'll end the level.

                              [-= 3.j) Level 10: The Maw =-]

Mission Overview:
Destroy Halo before Halo destroys all life in the galaxy.
You will come across areas you visited in the first level, but an
overall new experience, especially that twist at the end.

Grunts - Common.
Jackals - None.
Elites - Common.
Enhanced Covenant - These are metallic Covenant. Some hold weird
                     explosive weapons. I don't know much about them...
Popcorn Crabs - Common.
Infected Flood - Very Common.
Exploding Flood - Common

Pistol - Not very useful.
Assault Rifle - Great for popcorn crabs (lol).
Shotgun - Awesome against all enemies.
Rocket Launcher - Very helpful for destroying the cores.
Plasma Pistol - Very good against Sentinels.
Plasma Rifle - Great against Sentinels.

Level Tips:
-Wait for a group to destroy the other group before getting into battle.
-Don't stay at one place for too long.
-Be quick at the end of the level.


>>Make your way to the bridge

You will find yourself in a rather strange scenario. Run forward and
left. Follown the path into the little tunnel. Take the first left you
see. There is a opening below you where some flood will pop out. Take them
out and jump down yourself. You will find yourself in the middle of
exploding flood. Take them out and hide behind the pillar. Use your
plasma rifle to take out those pesky Sentinels. Make your
way forward, killing the flood. The door will break ahead releasing more
flood. Take them out and move through. Pick up a shotgun as you go.
You will see you are on the Pillar of Autumn. Move through the next door,
Right ahead will be two medical kits. Strafe and take out the flood on
your left. Then enter the cafeteria through your right. Make your way
through, taking out those metallic Covenant. Make sure to keep
away from the Grunts when you kill them, their weapons will explode.
I am not too sure what these enhanced Covenant are... but let's move
on. Get out of the cafeteria and move left. There is yet
another medical kit. Proceed through, taking out the Elite and
Grunts in this rather small area. You are in the bridge. Get to the
front of the room and an interesting movie scene will commence.
After that scene, you will be wide open to Sentinel attack.
Crouch down. Take out each Sentinel one by one and get out
of the room the way you came from.

>>Get to engineering by way of the cryo storage facility

As you go to exit the bridge, flood will pour in. Take them out and
proceed. This room is empty except for a lot of ammo. Wait until
the gunfire in the other room stops for a few seconds and go through
the door at the end of the room. There are two Hunters to the right,
but they can be avoided. Simply run across to the other side and
follow the path. As you exit the door, there are Sentinels to the
right. Hide behind the block and take them out. Move up and
also take out the little flood as you crouch through the next opening
to your left. Go through the hall and take out two Sentinels
that suddenly appear in front of you. Immediately after the next
door, look to your right. It is the entrance to "Cryo B". Open
the door and take out little flood as you retreat. Stay back
for a while and go through the door. Take out the Sentinels without
going too far into the room. Keep a look out for any flood above you
and climb the ladder at the far left side of the room. Quickly move
along, being careful not to fall down. Take out the two Sentinels
in the next room and go left. Flood will pour out of here. Throw
some grenades and shoot while you run to the other side. Turn
right and go through the little tunnel system as you turn on your
flashlight. Be very careful of flood at every corner and watch
out behind you. Carefully make your way to the exit but don't get out
just yet. There is a fight between the Sentinels, Flood, and the
Covenant going on, so it is wise to let each side to take care
of the other before you go in. When you are feeling confident,
run out and smoke anyone left (usually the Sentinels). Be
aware of more flood as you go right, following the arrows
that say "Engineering." Make your way through and go to the door on
your right, but don't go into the room yet. Turn around and
go back, turning at each turn. You will be in a room where there
is an aroow pointing left that says "Armory." Follow it to a room
that is seemingly empty. Go to the back of the room and
circle around. There are some invisible flood. Take them out and the
backdoor will open revealing more flood. Take them out
and clear the room. Now, you will see this room is full of weapons
and ammo. On one side, there is a rocket launcher. Pick it up
and stock up on ammo. Leave the room and back to where
you were about to enter the door on your right. Go through
it. You will now be in the engineering room, which
has a yellowish tone. Just follow my instructions before
Cortana issues hers.

>>Use the controls on the third floor to retract an exhaust manifold

Go up the ramp on your right. Remember that there are four medical
kits here. Go forward and through the door on your right, labeled
"Level 2." Follow the ramp to another one labeled "Level 3." As you
go up, you will encounter a swarm of flood. Take them out and continue
to the nearest Nav Point, pointing forward. Press X on the thing next to
the Monitor.

>>Destroy the open vent core with a grenade or rocket

Right below you is the thing you have to destroy. Drop down below and
shoot a few rockets at it to destroy it. Try to avoid fire from the Sentinels
as you run forward (you should be on the floor).

>>Use the controls on the third floor to retract an exhaust manifold

Pretty easy, huh? You have to do it three more times and you are set.
Run forward and go up the ramp on your right. Run into the door
with Level 2 on it. Use the obstacles to jump on to the ledge. Follow the
ledge to another control panel and press X on it.

>>Destroy the open vent core with a grenade or rocket

Drop straight downv(your health is probably going to go way down). Fire a
few rockets right ahead to destroy it. Run forward on to the ramp ahead and
pick up the medical kit.

>>Use the controls on the third floor to retract an exhaust manifold

Two more to go. Run through the Level 2 door and again through the Level 3
opening, killing hopeless flood as you go. Get to the nearest control panel
and press X on it.

>>Destroy the open vent core with a grenade or rocket

Drop down to the ledge right below. From there, fire a few rockets to destroy
the core. Then drop down again.

>>Use the controls on the third floor to retract an exhaust manifold

Your probably getting the hang of it by now, and there is only one
more to go. Run forward to the ramp and pick up a medical kit. Go up
the Level 2 door and kill the exploding flood. Take out the flood
on the ledges (if any) and jump up each obstacle to the ledge.
Run across the ledge to the next level. Then run to
the last control panel the Nav Point is pointing to and press X.

>>Destroy the open vent core with a grenade or rocket

Drop down level to level and use your last rockets to take out the core. If
you run out of rockets, try to throw grenades right into that little cove.

>>Get to the elevator on the third floor

Go back up the nearest ramp, grabbing a medical kit if needed.
There is no use in going back to the armory for weapons, its not
accessible anymore. Go up the levels, across to the doors to the Nav Point.
The door seems to be locked. Get close and quickly back up as it
explodes open. The elevator lift will arrive ahead, dropping some
Covenant. Take them out and get on aboard. As you go up, there will
be a series of explosions (they won't hurt you) and a long transmission
between Cortana and the marines for help. Looks like your going to have to
do things yourself...

>>Escape from the Pillar of Autumn before it's too late

The five minute countdown will start. Get out of the elevator and turn to your right.
Jump into the Warthog and drive out into the open. Drive left up the ramp, avoiding
enemy fire. I hope your Warthog driving skills are up to date, because you will need them.
Drive straight through the tunnel and swerver right as you get out around the
block. Get back into the center, going up the ramp and back down through the tunnel.
Up the ramp again into the big tunnel. Drive full speed forward up the ramps back into
another big tunnel. Make swift turns, dodging enemy fire and the pillars blocking
the way. As you get out of the tunnel, turn right and around the block, going
through the tunnel underground and back out up the ramp to yet another big tunnel.
Go through and back down into an underground tunnel, then up a ramp. Most likely you won't
clear this jump (unless you're very good) and end up on the ground. Make swift turns
around the variation of obstacles and back to the center. Go up the ramp, down through
the next underground tunnel and back out into the big tunnel. Drive straight through
the ramp and keep on going, even when Cortana tells you to stop. Drive through the big
tunnel avoiding the many obstacles. When you get back out, you will head straight down
into an underground tunnel and you should be able to clear the jump to another big
tunnel. Drive through the center and keep going until there are obstacles blocking the way.
Jump out of the Warthog and go to your left. Run along to the Nav Point and up the ramp into
your ship. Watch the movie scene, ending the level...


                   (    S E C T I O N  F O U R : G E N E R A L  T I P S      )

                              [-= 4.a) Enemy Tips =-]

-A shot to the head with a pistol is an instant kill.
-If they are sleeping, a simple melee attack will do.

-Use a plasma pistol's charged shot to destroy the shield.
-Melee attack them a few times to kill them if you are close enough.
-Do not use grenades.

-Use grenades to stick to them.
-If you are behind one, melee attack for some major damage.

-Shoot them in the orange part of their bodies, namely in the back, once
 with a pistol for an instant kill.

-Use grenades to kill swarms.
-Keep a distance from exploding ones.
-Make sure they don't get back up from the floor.

                              [-= 4.b) Weapon/Item Tips =-]

-Use for medium-long range sniping.
-Good against Grunts and Hunters.

Assault Rifle:
-Good against swarms of small flood.
-Most powerful melee attack.

-Overall great against all enemies.

Rocket Launcher:
-Great for concentrated groups.
-Best against enemy vehicles, namely Covenant tanks.

Sniper Rifle:
-Very powerful.
-Great for long-range and night vision.

Plasma Pistol:
-Charge up for lethal hits.
-Great against Jackal shields and Sentinels.

Plasma Rifle:
-Pick up when you don't have an assault rifle.
-Don't fire too rapidly.

-Fire rapidly for the pins to explode.
-Use against hiding enemies.

Plasma Grenades:
-Stick on vehicles/enemies.

Fragmentation Grenades:
-Great for swarms of flood.

                              [-= 4.c) Gameplay Tips =-]

-Backtrack to previously cleared areas for ammo, weapons, and health.
-Hide while your shield recharges.
-Advance and retreat to lead enemies to your traps.
-Always look for a safer way in before you run into an area full of enemies.
-Use grenades to your advantage.

                              [-= 4.d) Vehicle Tips =-]

-Run over enemies.
-Use the stationary gun to your advantage, but be careful of grenades and snipers

-Combine machine gun and rocket launcher together for heavy fire.

-Fire and speed to kill enemies quickly.
-Great for a quick getaway.

-Fly into the air to avoid enemy fire.
-Do not crash.
-Hold A to drop elevation without moving.
-Great for heavy opposition and quick getaways.


                   (    S E C T I O N  F I V E : M U L T I P L A Y E R      )

                              [-= 5.a) Modes of Play =-]

Multiplayer allows you to play Halo in a number of exciting and varied ways, and with a few
features that differ from the main Halo campaign, such as the liberal use of ammo and
health power-ups in many of the multiplayer environments. Read the descriptions below
to find the mode of game you'd like to play.

Cooperative Play -
This option allows two players connected to a single Xbox video game system to play through
the entire single player campaign side by side.

Split Screen -
This option allows up to four players to play in a split screen mode on a single Xbox
video game system. You'll pick your own maps and game settings.

System Link Play -
You can connect two Xbox consoles together using an Xbox System Link Cable, or up to four
Xbox consoles using and Ethernet hub and standard Ethernet cables.

                              [-= 5.b) Multiplayer Types =-]

The following information briefly describes the multiplayer games you can choose from.
Full descriptions of the game types and options are available in the Multiplayer Game
setup screens.

Capture the Flag (CTF) -
In CTF the object of the game is to capture the enemy flag and return it to your own
base, but there are a number of options that change the rules of game in all sorts
of unpredictable ways.

King of the Hill -
In King of the Hill, the object of the game is to capture and gold key locations
on the map. The first player to occupy the target zone for a pre-set amount
of time wins the game.

Slayer -
Slayer games feature head-to-head battles against the other players. The first
player or team to eliminate a certain number of enemies wins the game.

Oddball -
In Oddball the object of the game is find and hold the ball for as long as you
can. The Oddball basic rules can also be changes so that you can play lots
of other game types as well.

Race -
Be the first player of team to "tag" all the objective points that appear
during the game to win the race.

                              [-= 5.b) Multiplayer Tips =-]

- Play cooperatively to beat the game much easier. Each person can have different weapons
so they can fit each situation. When enemies are not close by, and any one of you
(or both) have low health/low ammo, you can kill yourselves to respawn immediately
with full health and ammo. Of course, you will lose whichever weapon you picked up
earlier. If one person makes it to a checkpoint, the other player will automatically
appear there. Use this to your advantage.


                   (    S E C T I O N  S I X : M I S C E L L A N E O U S     )

                              [-= 6.a) Frequently Asked Questions =-]

I haven't got many of these, so if you have some questions, please send them to
darklordx3@aol.com and hopefully I'll get around to adding them in. Thanks!

Q: Where's the machine gun on the Scorpion I keep hearing about?
A: Besides the rocket launcher, you can use on the machine gun on the tank by pressing L.

Q: Is there any way to unlock three weapons at a time?
A: No.

Q: How can I use the Banshee in multiplayer?
A: You can't; the Banshee was never implemented into multiplayer.

Q: Is there a flamethrower in the game?
A: No, it is not. Despite all the rumors and screenshots you hear and see, the flamethrower
never made it into the final version of the game... well, at least that's what we think ;)

Q: How come in multiplayer I can only use the Warthog?
A: Go into multiplayer settings and choose the vehicles you want to be in the game.

Q: Is there a way to beat the third level on Heroic if all my marines die?
A: Yes, there's a way. Some persistance and luck will get you through. Now on Legendary, that's
a whole different story...

                              [-= 6.b) Secrets and Codes =-]

Despite the title of this section, I would like to make it clear that THERE ARE NO CODES
IN HALO!!!!! Most "secrets" are already well known but I included this section just
for the sake of it.

- Beat the game in Legendary for a new ending.

- Press Y at the campaign select screen to create a new profile, enabling you to create
  much more than the suggestef three.

I will add more as I find them.


                   (    S E C T I O N  S E V E N : C L O S I N G     )

                              [-= 7.a) Credits =-]

It wouldn't be right not to thank everyone, so here it is:

CJayC - For having an awesome site (GameFAQs!)

Microsoft - For making the Xbox

Bungie - For making Halo!

Halo Instruction Manual - Where I got most of the game basics information from.

Neogamer - Inspiring me to write this FAQ (although he/she doesn't know that!)

And finally...

Me - For putting in long hard hours to write this FAQ/Walkthrough

                              [-= 7.b) Farewell =-]

So, this guide comes to a close. I hope you enjoyed it and it helped you with
Halo. I spent a lot of time writing this. This is my first complete FAQ, but
I hope to include much more detailed content to it soon. So what next? Maybe
an HTML version of this guide online with screenshots? If it gets popular
enough, I will make a Halo site (pro web designer ^_^). Any contributions
or questions/comments/suggestions can be sent to me by e-mail at
darklordx3@aol.com (please no spam). I am on the boards and known as
DaRkLoRdXThree, so give me a holla if you see me. Please come to my latest site,
http://www.buddaysh.com/ for the latest updates.Well, that's it. I will
see you soon, I guess...

                                                        - R. K. Raja

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