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Boss Guide by BlackSpyro_33

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 10/16/2008

                        The House of the Dead 3
                               Boss FAQ

By Martin Vives(BlackSpyro_33)
Version 1.4
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Table of Contents:

2.Version History.
3.Game Story.
4.Things in HOTD3.
5.Game Menu.
6.Time Trial Game Explanation.
7.Boss Strategies.
 7.a.Death Type 0011(1st).
 7.b.Sun Type 8830.
 7.c.Fool 0028.
 7.d.Death Type 0011(2nd).
 7.e.Wheel of Fate Type 0000.



Hello! This guide I made is for the ones having trouble in this fabolous,
shooting game with bosses and for the ones that like to try new strategies;
this game is played like most ones, shoot with the left click and charge
with the right click; but be careful, your shotgun is a little slow on
reloading and if you aren't concentrated you will lose lot of Life Marks.

2.Version History:

Version 1.5: October/16/2008: Hey again! Sorry about not replying many e-mails
I've been getting. I've not had so much time to keep up with doing what I want
since college keeps me busy, but I've picked up one of the e-mails that did NOT
get deleted by my hotmail and decided to add some useful info for the endings!
-Corrected Endings!
-Added some info about Items!
Keep 'em coming! Talking about cinematics is fun!

Version 1.4: June/13/2008: Woah! Almost three years, man! Heh, never thought
I'd touch this thing
ever again, haha. Okay, here's the small, but somewhat important update!
-Corrected minor mistakes.
-Corrected Time Trial Explanation.
Hope you guys keep enjoying!

Version 1.3: July/14/2005: Ah, a new update, maybe this will never end!.
-Corrected Glitches(thanks for E-Mailing guys!).
-Corrected Endings.
-Added the Fourth ending!.
-Added Time Trial Game Explanation!.
Till next time!.

Version 1.2: June/17/2005: Well I was wrong, I didn't thought I would have
so many errors and things to add.
-Corrected Spellings errors.
-Corrected Presentations and Comments.
-Added Specials Section!.
Don't know when it's gonna be the next update!.

Version 1.1: April/30/2005: Well an update, cool...
-Corrected Glitches and Spelling errors.
-Modified some sections.
Added Boss Presentations and Comments!.

Version 1.0: April/14/2005: Started and written everything as I could.
Updates don't seem necesaries, but if you detect some glitches or something
that's wrong, E-Mail me and I'll correct it.

3.Game Story:

It seems that our friends, the zombies, hadn't got enough yet!
In this new great story, Lisa Rogan(Rogan's daughter) and G(AMS former
agent) are looking for Thomas Rogan, that was in a case, but they lost
contact with him and after 2 weeks Lisa and G went to look for him.
Some bosses are placed in the story so this is better than HOTD2.
Daniel Curien(Dr.Curien's son) has been watching over the 'Wheel of Fate'
that is something his dad created to annihilate Human beings because they
are all evil and the world was overpopulated.Rogan and his team went to
look for it, but they failed, you need to complete their mission!.

4.Things in HOTD3:

Life Marks: They are little red(P1) or blue(P2) torches that appear on each
players sides, unlike previous HOTD games you can have up to 9 Life Marks.

Life-Ups: They are represented as 1st aid boxes, they are hidden and given
at the end of the chapters depending on you rank.

Ranks: Here the machine tells you how good you were at that chapter.
Here are they:

E: Try to play a little better.
D: Some good.
C: Okay.
B: Superb.
A: Excellent.(you're given 1 Life-Up)
S: The Best.(you're given 2 Life-Ups)

Shoots: Here the machine tells you too how good is your shooting, with
different words, they are:

Good: When you kill an enemy fast enough.

Excellent: When you shoot an enemy in the head fast or when you see it.

Faster: When a zombie is about to attack and you kill it.

Twin Shot: When you kill two enemies or more with 1 shot.

Shotgun: A fine weapon with 6 shells in each load(Head Shots still rule!)
the disadvantage is that when you load you have to wait until the shotgun
is pumped in the screen, so that means you can't shoot until it finishes,
so if you killed an enemy and you have 1 shell RELOAD!, but don't worry,
your gun Auto-Reloads when you are out of ammunition.

Items: Some things besides the Life-Ups can be found hidden in crates,
barrels, etc.
They are:

Blue coins: They are spining thingies that give 100pts each shot,
all the shots are added(i.e.You shoot it, then another time=100+100x2=300).

Gold coins: They jump a little once, shoot then for 300pts, but if you
shoot too many times you can end breaking the coin and it will give you
only 200pts.

Robot thingie: A stupid moving toy...(can be killed)

Gold Frog: It jumps all the time fast and high, shoot it for 1000pts.

Gold Statue: A little fast moving(flying???) thing that gives 2000pts.

-Douglas Boyd says: The little flying statue is called the "Mini-Magician".
I got this from the instruction booklet, as well as taking a moment to see
what it looked like when I first found it.

Haha, guess I should look at things before shooting at them and making them
disappear, huh? :P

Rescuing: In this game you don't save civilians(thanks god!), you save your
partner instead, you're always given a Life-Up if you rescue him/her,
the attacking zombies flash red and you don't have to worry if you hit
your partner, you won't harm him; and if he/she is hit, your partner won't
lose Life Marks(GREAT!), but of course your ingaming mate CAN'T shoot while
he/she is being attacked T_T.

Bonus Room: As usual in HOTD series you have the famous Bonus Room, which
contains some boxes with prizes inside, like coins, frogs, statues, toys
and of course Life-Ups, to get this you must rescue your partner without
failing even once!.
By the way it's located just before the last door.

Boss Bars: An addition for the bosses, the green and long bar is the boss
vitality, the multicolored(Red, Blue, Yellow) short bar is its attack bar.
The vitality bar of course shows how far you are of defeating it.
The attack bar depletes as you attack it weak spot, if you deplete it
you'll stun the boss a little and it won't attack you.
Both bars deplete as you hit a weak spot.

5.Game Menu:

Survival Mode: This is to play normally with lives and everything like

Time Attack Mode: This is played with time instead of lives, when you
kill a zombie, rescue your partner or grab some clock items you're given
more time; when you're hit you lose time.
When you run out of time, you lose.
For more details read in the Time Trial Game Explanation section.

Options: Some sub-menus are opened:

-Sound: Change the audio settings.

-House of the Dead 3: Change the Game settings.

-Default: Return everything to normal.

Save/Load: Obvious.

Exit: Exit the game.(duh)

6.Time Trial Game Explanation:

This is a special feature of the game that allows you to play with time
instead of Life Marks, if you run out of time: Game Over!.
But it's not that hard, you start with about 40 seconds, and as you kill
zomies, grab items and rescue your partner you gain time(refer below),
however when you finish the game you may get an special ending and
Dr.Curien will give you the report of how well did you play.
Last time I played I ended with 433 seconds, at the end the game multiplies
the time you had left x1000 and adds it to your final score.
In example: 433x1000=+433000.
So my score was:


Now the things that can happen are:

You kill zombies normally(without letters): +1 second.
You kill zombies with 'GOOD' shots: +2 seconds.
You kill zombies with 'FASTER' shots: +2 seconds.
You kill zombies with 'EXELLENT' shots: +3 seconds.
You kill zombies with 'TWIN SHOTS': +5 seconds.
You grab a clock(*): +number of seconds it displays(+100 to +1000pts).
You save your partner: +10 seconds.
You stun a boss: +10 seconds.
You kill a boss: +15 seconds.
You hit the 'Wheel of Fate' in it's weak spot: +2 seconds.
End chapter with a 'E' Rank: Don't know...
End chapter with a 'D' Rank: +2 seconds.
End chapter with a 'C' Rank: +5 seconds.
End chapter with a 'B' Rank: +10 seconds.
End chapter with a 'A' Rank: +15 seconds.
End chapter with a 'S' Rank: +20 seconds.

You're hit by a regular zombie: -10 seconds...
You're hit by a boss: -15 seconds...
You're hit by the 'Wheel of Fate': -20 seconds!!
You don't save your partner: No bonus...

(*):The clocks are found like the coins, frogs, etc.
They give you more time and points depending on the number in the clock:

5.00: +5 seconds and +100pts.
7.00: +7 seconds and +200pts.
15.00: +15 seconds and 300pts.
25.00(only found in chapter 5): +25 seconds and 1000 points.

"The Circle in the middle is like a One-Minute-Timer, i.e. being filled half if
you got
30, 90, 150... seconds left. The Lights below that are filled for every full
Minute you got left.
So if you got 2'15'' left, there are two Lights on and a quarter of the circle
is filled."
- Thanks to Hadesengel for the information!

What Dr.Curien says can be an humouristic sentence for you and how much do
you take on killing a zombie, like this:

I made an overall final rank that was SS: Special Agent, and he said:

Dr.Curien: I'm impressed!, maybe if you played again
you could get a higher score, keep it up!.

        Machine: You take 1.4 seconds on killing your enemies!

Dr.Curien: Are you using a Gatling Gun?, You only take 1.4 seconds on
killing my creatures!.
Do you have something against my poor zombies?.

Me: 'Do you have something against me?!.

7.Boss Strategies:

NOTE: I will use the 'Entrace Road' as I don't use the other too much.

NOTE2: This may Spoil your game, read at own risk!.

7.a.Death Type 0011(1st):
(I mark it 1st and 2nd because he appears twice)


Lisa: What?!.

A security guard?!.
You gotta be kidding!.

It's like Strength from HOTD2 except it hits you with a club of skulls,
He's a real BIG guard that gives trouble to first time players, but when
you learn to play well it'll be a piece of cake.

Weak Point:
Head(with or without hat :P)

As you progress you'll hear something and Death will pop out, the game will
show you the weak spot and you'll start.
Of course start shooting as fast as you can at his head so you can deplete
his attack bar before he hits you.
After you stun him, his hat is blown away and you'll keep going, fight some
zombies and he'll attack you again, I suggest you to aim to his right
side of the shoulder because he moves too much and most shots will hit him.
Your players will say something and keep going ahead,
kill all the zombies and he'll find you again, repeat the same and you'll
try to escape, but the road is closed so you fight again until he's stunned
and you'll finish the chapter.


G: Lisa, keep running!.

Now there's a guy with one-track mind...
Reminds me of Rogan.

My Maximum Rank: A.
Destination: L3 Bio Lab.

7.b.Sun Type 8830:


Lisa: Finally, we're out!

But...what the hell is that thing?!.

G: Be careful!.
Lisa, this way!.

Lisa: I'm not ready to be pushing up the daisies yet!.

It's a large trunk with lots of skulls glued to it, some vines with 5
spikes on each and 4 flowers with a monstruous head on each.

Weak Point:
The skull trunk, the vines(when they attack) and the flowers(when opened).

Use lot of patience with it(rome wasn't built in a day), shoot all you
can to the trunk to lower it vitality bar.
After a little time it will send the vines to attack you, it attack pattern
can vary, they are:

2 Vines come to attack, deplete the 2 attack bars quickly.

3 Vines come to attack, deplete the 3 attack bars quickly.

1 by 1 Vines come to attack from the ground, you can see the yellow flash,
shoot them and when they come out to attack.

2 Vines come to attack from the ground, you can see the yellow flash,
shoot them and when they come out to attack(Be careful).

When you reduced it's vitality bar a lot it will open it's flower(the one
that is next to you) and a serpent like head will attack you, hit it
quickly as it attacks very quickly, it has 2 attack patters, they are:

-It spits lots of spores in the air, at first they are slow but then they
fall very quick, shoot like crazy so they don't hit you.

-It goes near you and waits a little(now shoot the fastest you can!), and
then it throws lots of spores in your face!.
Keep hitting it and you'll win the battle(but not the chapter).
You'll keep going and fight several zombies as you go up a staircase, when
you reach the elevator, then you'll finish.


Lisa: I was never good at gardening.

It looks like it'll open if we shoot it.

(when you reach the eleveator)
G:We finnaly made it.

My maximum Rank: S.
Destination: DFI Institute.

7.c.Fool Type 0028:


Lisa: What, What's that smell?!

(a corpse falls near Lisa)
Oh, MAN!

G: What a mess...
It's like some sort of a fedding ground...

It's coming, Lisa be careful!

It's like a big sloth with very VERY! sharp claws.
It can be a problem if you aren't concentrated and of course if you
don't know how to fight it.

Weak Point:
It claws(including it feet)

As you start the fight you'll notice that the claw that he uses for
attacking is marked with a green circular marking(the first calw is the
left one) he'll go climbing towards you, empty his attack bar so it
doesn't reach you, keep doing that until you stun it for 4 times and
he'll change his attack pattern.
He'll attack with his right foot, be careful as he goes much faster than
the first time, stun him 5 times and he'll rattle the cage making lot of
corpses fall on you, now focus on the zombies and shoot all that are
in the center.
He'll keep using his right foot a little and he'll start using his left
foot to attack, try to shoot a little more up than the marking and you'll
hit doing lots of damage, when you reduce his vitality bar to 1/4 he'll
rattle the cage again(do the same as before).
He'll jump and you'll have a few moments to stun him with 6 well placed
When you deplete his last ounce of vitality he'll fall from the cage,
hitting some barrels(OUCH!).


Lisa: Had enough yet?

My Maximum Rank: S.
Destination: Informations System Dept. East Wing.

7.d.Death Type 0011(2nd):


G: Lisa, wait!

Hurry, this way!

Lisa: G, over there!

G: Not even Rogan was this persistant...

It's like Strength from HOTD2 exept it hits you with a club of skulls,
He's a real BIG guard that gives trouble to first time players, but when
you learn to play well it'll be a piece of cake.

Weak Point:
Head(with or without hat :P)

Apply the same strategies as before and be careful as he appears from lot
of places and he passes through walls and columns.
Empty his vitality bar to the end and you'll be victorious.
Finish chapter.


Lisa: When a lady says no, she means it!.

My Maximum Rank: S.
Destination: Complex's Heart.

7.e.Wheel of Fate Type 0000:


Lisa: What's that?!.

Daniel: This is the last thing my father left behind.
I've spent the last 19 years watching this evil grow.
I know it's dangerous, I've always known that!
But the 'Wheel of Fate' must be broken.

Lisa: But, how are we going to do that?

Daniel: I managed to hack the system,
It should give us the opening we need.

Lisa: I just wanted to ask, are you sure you want to fight your own father?

Daniel: The future belongs to the people alive here and now.
I'm ready to take burden for my father's crime.

Lisa: OK, we just have to believe in ourselves.

Ka-Blam!, and Curien is released.


It's Curien last masterpiece which Daniel wants to destroy because it's a
treat to human beings. It looks like a virtual gelatinous man with a
'Sun Mark' on his chest and he has a spinning wheel of, course.

Weak Point(unconfirmed by the game): Actually it's his chest.

He starts by throwing you some electric filled bars that can be destroyed
with only one shot, deplete his attack bar and he'll start spinning his
wheel.(you can reduce by a little his vitality meanwhile he's doing this)
His attacks will be determined when his wheel stops and it points 1 out of
3 symbols.They are:

A pillar like symbol:
He'll shot the bars again.

A circle(or heart) like symbol:
He'll form a energy barrier and go towards you. You'll have to be fast and
shoot him with 1 load or more.

3 people like symbol:
He'll start moving fast in all directions 3 times and the 4th he'll tackle
you, of course take the time aiming to his chest and be careful as his
wheel gives him some cover.

When he's at 1/2 vitality he'll start charging energy balls and shoot them
from his wheel at you, try to hit him all you can and then get rid of the
After you stun him he'll spin his wheel but it won't stop and he'll change
to a golden color, his wheel will circle him only and his vitality bar
will be filled again, his attack bar and his vitality bar will be
synchronized.(i.e.when you deplete his attack bar you'll beat him up!)
He'll charge electricity and he'll fire it behind you forming flashing
energy balls that will go straight towards you, they are easy don't worry.
After you stun him you'll win the battle.

Congratulations! You just beat the game!.



Lisa: This is our future, we'll handle it ourselves,
you've got bigger problems to worry about!

Daniel: You're not my father!.

And so they shoot the damaged Wheel of Fate making it moan loudly as it
explodes into tiny bits!

My Best Rank: S.
Destination: Ending(duh).

However I founded 3 endings, I'll list them below.



NOTE: I'll write what Rogan and G conversate once

Rogan: Thanks, for taking care of Lisa.

G: Actually, she did a good job taking care of herself.
But Rogan, do you think this will change anything?

Rogan: It's their future.
Ahh, maybe nothing will change, maybe everything will be diferent...
We've done our part, the rest is up to them, to believe in themselves
and walk their own paths.

G: Believe in themselves, eh?

Lisa started to sound a lot like you.

Rogan: Hey wait a minute, Is that your idea of a joke?.

Haha, I guess things are already starting to change!.

First ending:

Lisa and Daniel are walking outside, Daniel stops Lisa and says:

Daniel: Lisa, could you wait for a second?

This place was my whole life.

Father I won't let your efforts go in waste.
If humans go down the wrong path again I'll return here.

Sorry...let's go.

This is the most common ending, to get it I think you need to get
less than 130000/200000pts and the last digit has to be 1-9 not 0.
(not sure)

Second ending:

Lisa and Daniel are walking outside, she notices that her van is
moving, it goes away, and she says:

Lisa: Dad wait for us!
She looks back and Rogan and G are there and the she asks:

Lisa: Then who's driving?
And the camera reveals a zombie driving it o_O.

Lisa: Hey that's my car, you slimy bastards!
You got it, say your prayers!

And they go for their transport.

This is the special ending I think, to get it I think you need
to get 130000/200000pts or more.
(not sure)

Third Ending:
(thanks to Stefano Pavone!)

Lisa and Daniel are walking outside, Daniel stops walking and Lisa asks:

Lisa: What's wrong?

Daniel(while he throws his weapon): I did what I have to do, now how am I
supposed to keep living?!.

Lisa: What are you saying?, you've got your whole life ahead!.

Daniel(while shaking his head): But which life am I supposed to *Live?!*.

*Live?!*: He says this with a zombie voice.


And Daniel turns into a zombie and attacks Lisa.(I can't remember
if he kills her or not...)

-Theory of Zombification by Douglas Boyd:

"This is because, if you payed attention to the cinematics between levels,
he was administered the zombie genes to allow him to survive whatever
disease he had that was initially fatal until his father developed said genes."

Agree? Disagree? Send your E-mails!

This is the sad??? ending of the game I think, to get it maybe you need
to get less than 130000/200000pts and your last digit has to be 0 not 1-9.

Just to make sure even if you think it's useless and stupid to add this:
The 'less than 130000/200000pts' means that you may need:

12999pts or less
13999pts or less
14999pts or less
15999pts or less
16999pts or less
17999pts or less
18999pts or less
19999pts or less

Because I'm not sure the total of points you need to achieve to get them
I'm only guessing, but if you can tell me it will do good for me and for
the rest of the readers.

Fourth Ending(thanks to Stefano Pavone!):

A man(I think it was GoldMan...) is walking toward the vile that contains
the special genes that can alter life, he grabs it and says:

Man: It seems that he didn't understand it's true purpose.
It's time to show them...


I got this ending in the Time Trial Game, I made about 550000pts so try it
and see!.

If you discover any more endings tell me please!.
I'm always looking at the Boards!.

Methods for getting more or less points without losing continues:

To get high points first go to House of the Dead 3 in the Options Menu and
put 5 Life Marks for you, then start the game.
Try to always rescue your partner and grab all the Life-Ups you see, I
don't exactly know how many points does the Life-Up gives but I know that
if you have 9 Life Marks and you get one more the text: 'Life Bonus will be
added to score later' will appear and of course it will give you lots of
points(that's why I recommend you to put 5 Life Marks).
Next, to keep yourself safe and sound you'll need to shoot fast, but if you
use the mouse instead the keyboard/pistol/joystick you'll find it more
easier than you think, but don't forget the Head Shots, they're your
friends, don't be afraid to use them, even if pulverizing the zombies to
green/red slime is more fun, just try to Head Shot them quickly so not
a single enemie can surprise you.
Finnaly for bosses, I'd say you just follow my strategies, and
I have to say that they never failed for me, so just try them.
It's easy you may say, but I finished the game without rescuing all the
time but I ended with 4 Life Marks without any continue in Hard Mode.
And both times I saw my score and it was 130000+ or even higher, and then
I saw the last two endings...
Just try, it won't hurt losing or not winning perfectly, just practise and
you'll be fine.

Getting less points could be tricky as you have to sacrifice some things...

-Set the 5 Lives Option.
-Don't rescue your partner, NEVER!
-Don't grab anything, only Life-Ups.(they will only affect your score if
you grab 'em when you have 9 Life Marks)
-If you have 9 Life Marks let the enemy hit you at least once to lower your

This could be very difficult and I don't think you can have an unlimited
continues cheat...
but if you want to get the sad??? ending you can't continue 'cause you only
have 8 continues and that would leave you with a 1-8 last digit.
It can be hard but if you have the cheat use it...

Well I hope you have enjoyed my Specials Hints.


My E-Mail:

(I don't use any other, please put House of the Dead III or the mail could
be deleted, or just ask in the PC/XBOX board)


gamefaqs.com: for posting this.
neoseeker.com: for posting this.
You: for reading this and possibly rating it.
Stefano Pavone: for helping in the endings.
Hedesengel: for being so helpful with the Time Trial and the information he
Douglas Boyd: for inputting his theory about the endings and items!
My friends: for giving me the idea to make this.
My parents: for buying me the game and computer.
Me: for making this.

This document can only be downloaded for personal use only, don't claim it
as yours because I made it. If you want to sell it, make changes or post it
on others websites first ask me via E-Mail.

              ttttttt  h  h   eeeee        eeeee  n    n  dddd
                 t     h  h   e            e      nn   n  d   d
                 t     hhhh   eeee         eeee   n n  n  d   d
                 t     h  h   e            e      n  n n  d   d
                 t     h  h   eeeee        eeeee  n   nn  dddd

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