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    FAQ/Walkthrough by INoble

    Version: Draft | Updated: 09/06/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Written by Iain Noble (inobleuk@yahoo.com) 
    Galleon official web site http://www.galleon-game.com/ 
    Much of the information in this walk through has been taken from messages 
    posted on the Gamefaqs board. The credit belongs to the posters and not to 
    me! In particular 'greybeard' and 'rhama sabrier' have been especially 
    knowledgeable and helpful. 
    Also I owe a great debt of gratitude to Steve Morris (the director of 
    Galleon) who sent me the outline walkthrough used by the beta-testers for 
    the game. 
    If there is anything you don't understand in this walk through, or if you 
    still need help, please DON'T email me. I won't reply. Post a message on the 
    Gamefaqs board so that everyone has a chance to reply (including me.) 
    WARNING! Galleon is not a long game (I completed the game over a 4 day 
    weekend.) This walk through contains SPOILERS which will shorten your 
    game play time and reduce the satisfaction of solving the puzzles by 
    yourself. Remember that you can get in-game hints by selecting RhamaÕs 
    Journal from the Start button menu.  Also I will not be telling you how to 
    find every potion, mushroom and pistol. I found enough to get me through the 
    game without running out, but I certainly did not discover them all. 
    However, I have acquired a list of where to find all the pistols. If you are 
    the obsessional type, go to the end of the FAQ and look there. 
    The Manual 
    The manual for Galleon is very thorough. The manual is your friend. Read 
    However for anyone without a manual here are the basic controls 
    START button:	Select menu options/Pause game 
    BACK button:	Return to a previous menu 
    A button:	Jump 
    Swim forwards in Underwater Swim mode 
    Select menu options 
    B button:	Lock-On 
    (tap for closest object, or hold to manually select object) Return to a 
    previous menu 
    X button:	Primary Attack in combat mode 
    Quick Stop in Underwater swim mode 
    Y button:	Multi Way Attack, Charge when Running, and escape from 
    White button:	Menu shortcut A 
    Black button:	Menu shortcut B 
    Right trigger:	Grapple and Climb 
    Left trigger:	Tap to swap weapons 
    Hold down to exit combat mode 
    Left Thumbstick:	Camera/Movement 
    Right Thumbstick:	In game Menu 
    You may wonder why I have split the walk through into levels rather than 
    islands? As a message posted on the board says: 
    "The game treats any kind of level loading as a new level, in reality there 
    are 5 akbar, calverly, slave, golem, epheremy. As Slave became soooo huge it 
    had to be cut in 2 for memory reasons so that makes 6 islands. The Storm was 
    just a cutscene originally but then we decided to make it a playable section 
    which had to be loaded seperately so basically there are 7 levels but one of 
    them is just a short swimming area. If I were you just follow the way the 
    game treats the levels." 
    Level 1: Akbah 
    On arrival at the dock, you are introduced to your Bosun and the shifty 
    Jabez.  The first section of the island is a tutorial so just follow it 
    through until you leave the shop and Areliano arrives. You also meet the 
    lovely Faith (obviously some chemistry here.) 
    IMPORTANT! Be sure to release the parrot in the shop. 
    Don't follow Areliano immediately but pause to gather the mushrooms (2 blue) 
    in the area. Once through the iron gate go left up the steps and through the 
    gate.  Go along the grass (careful it is slippery) and up to the house of 
    ill repute you spotted through the telescope in the shop. A red mushroom is 
    Now retrace your steps and follow Arelanio's route picking up a couple more 
    blue mushrooms along the way. Before you get to the house go left again 
    along the stone causeway for a red mushroom. 
    At the house itself there is a red mushroom on the roof and a blue mushroom 
    to the right of the door. Beware of the bees! 
    Once inside follow Faith to the Guest Room where she heals you (a hint about 
    her skills here.) You can also save your game. You can have up to 12 save 
    points, after that they over write. None of the other rooms have anything of 
    interest so join Areliano in his laboratory. 
    If you want to see all the hidden extras in the final credits without 
    collecting everything in the game, checkout the 'Completion' section at the 
    end of the walkthrough. 
    Follow Areliano and chums down into the cellar, there is a blue mushroom on 
    the way. On arrival at the ship you will get some swimming lessons. Use your 
    new aquatic skills to explore the water and find some treasure and a haste 
    You have 7 clues to find on the ship (indicated by the ? icons.) Examine the 
    mast. Go to the front of the ship and climb around to get into the hole. 
    Examine the wheel and the fire debris. Press the button to open the door. 
    Use the hatch on the deck and examine the statues below. Press the button. 
    Go back on deck and go to the rear of the ship. Through the door and around 
    the edge to find the key and examine the two skeletons. 
    Now back down the hatch and open the door with the key. Examine the 
    instruments. You have all the clues so go and speak to Areliano. 
    Later that night you are awoken by noises. Rush to the entrance hall and 
    take out the enemies there. Then let Faith open the door to the laboratory. 
    After the cut scene you have 3 minutes to follow the escaping sailors and 
    board the ship. 
    Go left outside the house, climb the rock face, go through the arch in the 
    rock and along the path by the waterfall. Cross the windswept grass and jump 
    gracefully off the cliffs. Swim after the ship and board it. Take out the 3 
    enemies and then watch as Jabez uses his new powers. 
    You wake up on the beach. Pick the mushrooms nearby and checkout the parrot. 
    Watch it fly off over the walls. Use the right hand sentry box by the gate 
    and the blocks on the wall to get to the top. Go left to pick up a pistol 
    and then go right to pick up a strength potion and another mushroom. 
    You can climb down some blocks to get back into the village and pick up 
    another mushroom but you will have to do some fancy jumping to get back up 
    again. Follow the wall around and make a couple of long jumps and scale some 
    rock to get back to the entrance to the shop area. Jump on the cannon and up 
    through the open window to find the parrot showing you the first secret 
    sword in a chest next to a pistol. 
    A note on the secret swords from the message board: 
    "Each new sword you find will do more damage, if its less powerful or the 
    same he will refuse to take it. 
    heres the order of strength, I may be a bit off with the values but not 
    Saber pen sword = 80% damage 
    calverly beach = 100 
    calverly secret = 120 
    akbar secret = 140 
    slave secret = 160 
    golem secret =180 
    epheremy secret =200 
    any other sword you find in the levels will basically be the same as the 
    secret sword from the previous level, so really the damage probably doesnt 
    matter that much, finding them is more of a stat monkey thing :" 
    At this point you can explore the rest of the island to find treasure, 
    potions, pistols and mushrooms. This is the best time as you are well armed 
    (there are still a lot of enemies around) and there is no time pressure. 
    You can check your totals for the level by using the Start button and 
    selecting the Statistics option. I found some of the pickups were so well 
    defended it was not worth the health lost in gaining them. But I leave that 
    up to you. 
    When you are ready return to the dock and talk to Faith. Then it is off to 
    find Calverly the shipwright. 
    Level 2: Calverly 
    Swim ashore and go to the far left corner of the beach for a mushroom. You 
    will notice a sword stuck in the sand in the cave entrance. Of course you 
    have your secret sword from island 1, so you don't need to pick it up (if 
    you do some large crabs will come out to play.) 
    Carefully go up the ledge to the left of the water and climb into the 
    opening (to avoid getting poisoned by the nasty purple blob.) Pick up a 
    mushroom. Then swim over to the far side of the pool and climb the rocks. Go 
    over the ledge and jump across the gap. Climb up again to get another 
    mushroom. If you care to do a very long jump across to the small ledge, you 
    can pick up some treasure. 
    Exit the cave and swing along the rock, drop down to a ledge to get a 
    mushroom, then go all the way around again and this time go to the end. Drop 
    down and move the boulder. 
    Jump across to the ledge and pick up the mushroom. Then dive into the pool 
    and swim down and along and up towards the golden crystals. Beware of the 
    jellyfish, they sting. Pick up the pistol and then go for another swim. Now 
    things hot up.  Jump down and pick up the mushroom. Watch out for the steam 
    (it scalds) and the lava (it incinerates.) Pick up a pistol along the way. 
    Jump across the tree trunks and then move the boulder over the steam vent. 
    Get onto the boulder and rise up to meet your first big boss. The technique 
    for defeating the large enemies is always the same, so you might as well 
    practice.  You jump onto their backs, you hold the R trigger to cling on and 
    you work your way to the head end where you hit them 
    So get up onto the boulders and jump aboard the crab and hit it 3 times in 
    the head to dispose of it. If the poison gas stuns you, hit the Y button. 
    Avoid the claws and be prepared to be thrown off after each successful hit. 
    Once you have dressed the crab, jump onto the next ledge, pick up the 
    mushroom and move the boulder. Slalom down the scree slope to arrive in a 
    huge crater. 
    Notice the lift and lever to your right. Notice a couple of enemies to your 
    left. Dispose of them and then go to the lever (getting rid of an attack of 
    crabs along the way.) Pull the lever, a lift arrives, but the pin is 
    Go to your left and start your climb up the crater. Eventually you come to a 
    lever. Pull it as the moving platform gets close and hop aboard. You have a 
    time limit to reach the door you just opened in the middle of the waterfall. 
    So run (avoiding the steam) and duck into the doorway (more steam.) Enemies 
    are waiting to greet you. If you like turn on the large saw and try to grab 
    (R trigger) and throw (left stick) them onto the whirling blade. Then climb 
    up to the ledge and pick up a mushroom and the bent pin. More enemies as you 
    Go up the ladder and then do some rock climbing to the next ledge. There is 
    a pistol on top of the large wheel in the windy gap. Do a long jump to get 
    across to the next ledge, avoid the steam, go down the ladder, pick up the 
    mushroom and go along to enter the forge. 
    Pistol on a large block just inside, save point and the news that you need a 
    hammer to use the forge. 
    Carry on from the forge, jump down, avoid the steam and jump across to the 
    grassy ledge. Notice the short cut. Notice the enemies coming at you. 
    Dispose of them. Hop up onto the nearby crates and walk along the girders to 
    get a mushroom. Activate the shortcut. 
    Slide partway down the scree slope to a ledge for some treasure. Then all 
    the way down to the bottom. Run along the jetty and dive gracefully into the 
    water.  Dive deep and watch your hammer icon (and your breath meter!) The 
    hammer is in a shipwreck in a cave (with giant eels that bite.) You can 
    surface in the cave to get your breath back. Go back to the shortcut and 
    ride it up. Go back to the forge and use it (note the lack of oven gloves?) 
    Enemies - try to throw them into the forge. 
    Calverly drops in. Go back to the lift at the bottom any way you like and 
    put in the pin. Ride the lift up (watch out for the steam.) 
    Faith captured! Move along the walkway and climb the ladder. Get rid of the 
    2 mad axe men and collect the mushroom at the end of the ledge. Then enter 
    the cave. Watch out for the steam and duck into the small entrance. Brice 
    does not like you following him. He has a gun as well. Take him down whilst 
    avoiding his shots. He will also stun you and then fire. Use Y a lot and try 
    to throw him into the walls, the lava or the hot springs. There is a 
    mushroom and a pistol on a nearby ledge. 
    Now go into the next section. There is a mushroom on one of the rocks. The 
    water is HOT and will boil you. Take out the enemies. Use Y to head butt any 
    that get you in a bear hug. 
    Farrant is the next henchman, he is a super unarmed combat expert. I just 
    used the Y button a lot. Pick up the mushroom in the corner and pull the 
    lever. Go across the ledge and jump onto the ship. Open the hatch. 3 normal 
    enemies and then a super baddie. He does a lot of holds and throws. Once 
    again I mashed the Y button until he was dead. Pick up the mushroom in the 
    hold and the key. Unlock the door and free Faith. 
    Leave the ship by the bow with Faith in tow. Go along the windy walkway and 
    into the cave. Learn how to use Faith and ladders. Once you come to the area 
    with the lava and a big door, learn about fire grubs. 
    IMPORTANT! Always try to have some fire grubs in stock to replenish Faith's 
    magic powers. Try not to use her to heal you. There are several points in 
    the game where she needs to open doors and if she has no magic left and you 
    don't have a fire grub, you may find yourself starting the level all over 
    again. You have been warned! 
    Once Faith has opened the door, get rid of the enemies and save. The supply 
    bucket puzzle is pretty simple. Pull the Red lever, jump on the bucket, 
    target the Red lever and get Faith to use it. Then do the same with the 
    Green, Blue and Yellow switches/buckets in that order. Pull the lever. Ride 
    the lift. 
    Just before the long thin pipe, climb the rock to a grassy ledge. Enter the 
    cave and work your way to the back to get a haste potion and your second 
    secret sword. 
    Now go back to the long thin pipe and move carefully along it taking out any 
    baddies that come your way. Activate the crane and see the Bosun rescue 
    Faith and Calverly exit to his house. 
    Jump the steam pipe, tiptoe past the blob, walk along girders, jump on the 
    moving platforms, defeat the baddies and climb the rock. More rock climbing, 
    when you approach the exit it collapses, after picking up the pistol from 
    near the lava pool, climb and swing along the rock to get outside. 
    Climb the ladders, fight the enemies, DO NOT hit the barrels (mushroom 
    nearby) slip past the blob and use the lever and the lift. 
    Study the diagram to see what you need to do to move the ship. Climb 3 sets 
    of ladders and push the big lever to stop the windmill. DO NOT go all the 
    way up to the top unless you want to get the crap kicked out of you by lots 
    of enemies. Go down to the large cog and push it. Go back up and push the 
    big lever. End of part 1. 
    Part 2. Go down and use the shortcut to get to the other side. Push the big 
    cog in the opposite direction until it meshes with the yellow cog. Use the 
    shortcut. Go up and press the big lever again. 
    Enter Jabez. You have 3 minutes to get to Calverly. 
    Getting to Calverly. 
    Over to 'greybeard.' He explains it so well! 
    "Well the thing is there are at least four ways of doing this. 
    Assuming you raised and turned the ship:- 1). To do it the way the game 
    intends you need to climb down the ladder you've found, monkey swing , then 
    climb down the long bit to the ship. The ladder isn't perfectly over the 
    ship so you have to jump and twist to get Rhama to attach to the walkway 
    around the stern. From here you should be able to do a long running jump to 
    the platform in front of Calverly's 'office' building. From there the route 
    should be obvious. 2).  Secondly you can jump straight down to the top of 
    the mast from the platform Jabez pushes Rhama onto. Then jump to and run 
    along the spar and do another long jump to the same location mentioned 
    above. I think you will take damage and have to be careful to avoid hitting 
    an overhang in this case, 3). You can avoid the whole timed run by just 
    stopping the wind-winch's sails with the lever. Then make your way over to 
    the far side, drop down to the hub spindle then climb to hub and from there 
    onto the left sail arm. Do a running jump off the end of this (damage will 
    occur) to end up where you need to be. 4).  As above but you don't even need 
    to stop the sails. Go over to the far side and this time, near the short cut 
    crane find a small elevator. Walk down on the X shaped beam beneath and them 
    drop down to the next X- beam below, and so on below until you reach the 
    base. From here a long running jump over the angled edge (medium damage) 
    will get you to where you need to be." 
    Once you reach CalverlyÕs house, Jabez brings two gigantic statues of 
    Neptune to life and they attack you. Same procedure as before Ð jump on the 
    back of the statue, cling on and move to the head, hit the head. Concentrate 
    on one statue at a time (they are pretty far apart and wonÕt attack until 
    you get close.) They are very slow moving so it is fairly easy to avoid 
    their attacks. Beware of the trident, it can do a LOT of damage. Wait for 
    the statue to drive the trident into the ground and hop aboard. You can try 
    to use the cannons if you like, but they are very slow to aim and fire. They 
    do a good deal of damage. There are a couple of mushrooms you can pick up in 
    the area. Avoid the shield around the house as it will damage you. 
    Once the statues are out of the way, Jabez turns Calverly into a monkey and 
    brings the house down again. Now is the time to RUN! 
    There is a time limit but the main problem is avoiding the obstacles. There 
    are two long jumps over pits plus all the rocks, flames and lava pits. 
    Once you exit the island it is destroyed and you sail off after Jabez. He 
    raises a storm and it is man overboard. 
    Level 3: Storm. 
    Swimming to shore. 
    This can be very confusing as it is dark and there are strong currents plus 
    a time limit. Over to the message board again: 
    ÒHere's what you need to do: At the start of the level you can see a seam in 
    the rock below. It is lit up by blue crystals. Swim straight down to the 
    nearest crystal. Once down there follow the channel along. It forks after a 
    while. Take the left fork (the right one leads to a Giant Moray.) Shortly, 
    the fork ends and ahead and slight right is a huge rock. Hide behind this. 
    Now is a good time to go up for air. Bear 90 degrees right from the big 
    rock, aiming to end up behind the next rock you can see. Do this again for 
    the next rock then go up for air again. You'll notice that you can go round 
    to the right of the rock you are behind so do this. Up ahead you should see 
    a funny arch-shaped rock. Use the thin rock stretching across the top of the 
    'arch' to make your way across to the left of the rock. From here you can go 
    round and swim up to the beach.Ó 
    You collapse exhausted and wake up Ð in prison! 
    Level 4: Slave Pit. 
    Pick up the mushroom in your cell. Exit by the door that opens and enter the 
    arena. Meet Wei Long and Mihoko. Fight Mihoko until Faith warns you that she 
    is cursed. Next time she is stunned use the R trigger to take off the scroll 
    on her forehead. 
    Fight big nasty monster. You know the drill. Pick up mushroom at the edge of 
    the arena. Go through the hole the monster made. Watch the keys drop into 
    the animal pens. 
    Pull the left lever and go through the door it opens in the arena, a cave 
    with a mushroom. The centre lever does nothing useful. The right lever is 
    broken but Mihoko can hold it for a short time allowing you to sprint over 
    to the door to the animal pens. 
    Meet the loony animal keeper. Open the cage doors to go through the area but 
    keep an eye on the keeper who is opening them as well to let the lions loose 
    on you. Try to pick up the red mushroom on your way. There is a blue 
    mushroom in the corridor outside. 
    Go up to meet the keeper plus his two pets. Ignore the lions and concentrate 
    on him. He runs away a lot. Once he is dead the lions disappear. Pull the 
    lever to open the cell where the keys and your sword are. 
    Now you need to clear a path to the room with your sword and the keys in it 
    below. You can open the cages from above and the wall painting gives you a 
    hint that lions and panthers donÕt mix. Only the lion will move when you 
    open a cage. If it goes into a cage with a panther then the panther moves 
    across. There maybe a logical solution to this, I just did it by trial and 
    error. Once the path is clear, go down the ramp and through the cages to the 
    room with your sword and the keys. However you are not alone! You will need 
    to defeat a large tiger. I just rushed round it and mashed the X and Y 
    buttons (my typical fighting Ôstyle.Õ) 
    Some words of wisdom from 'greybeard' about the tiger: 
    "No, the blue dazed posture is its invulnerable state used when Rhama gets 
    close or just after a hit and just prior to an attack. I found that if you 
    use the sword you have this fight is more difficult and costly in HP than 
    using just hand-to-hand. The sword does only relatively minor damage. 
    The attack that works best is the running jump and kick. Because you're 
    coming in from a distance the beast won't go into it's invulnerable state. 
    It's a difficult attack to do as you'll often miss, over-jumping 
    particularly, but when you land one you can usually follow it up with a 
    combo for more effect. 
    You can whittle away at the creature but it takes an age." 
    Unlock the door to join Mihoko, unlock the other door to get into the prison 
    area. Enemies. Mihoko will help you out (and shout a lot.) You can open the 
    first cell - pistol - but the keys don't fit the others.  
    At this stage of the game I discovered that the other members of my party 
    can lose health and eventually die. If this happens it is game over. This is 
    especially true of Mihoko if you have her set to Aggressive mode. So keep an 
    eye on your companions and try not to let them wander off and trigger 
    poisonous blobs or other hazards. Be prepared to give them a mushroom if 
    Notice the head jailor. Try to get to him. 
    IT'S A TRAP! 
    The Head jailer pulls a lever and you plunge into a cave. 
    Giant Pit Monster. 
    Obviously this is the parent of the baby you killed in the arena and it is 
    not a happy bunny. 
    Same procedure as before but with slight variations. As it is so tall, you 
    will need to scale some rocks to get high enough to jump onto its back. 
    After you hit it in the head, it rears up and falls over on its back. Try to 
    jump and land on its throat to stab it again for major damage. It can eat 
    you if you fall in its mouth. Avoid the green spew. Avoid the claws, it 
    packs a real punch. 
    There are mushrooms in the area plus a strength potion underwater. Once it 
    is dead climb the rocks to get to the chute and go up into the torture 
    Torture Chamber. Pistol plus enemies. Go through the door and take out the 
    head jailor for his keys. Go back into the torture chamber and pull both the 
    levers. One opens the way to the lower level of the prison, the one by the 
    door sets off a timed cell door along the corridor. Run into the cell to 
    find the triangular key plus a pistol. 
    Use the keys to free the Bosun and the other prisoners and pick up the 
    goodies from their cells. 
    Now go down to the next level and use the levers. One opens a store room 
    with a pistol, the other opens the cell with the square key but it is 
    trapped. You need to jump quickly on and off the pressure plate before the 
    spears skewer you. Pick up the key and repeat to exit. 
    Now go back up and take the corridor that leads over a narrow stone bridge 
    with giant hammer traps. You can pick up a mushroom by climbing down the 
    rock at the entrance. When you step on a trigger plate do a back flip 
    quickly to avoid the hammer. At the end is a lever you can use to turn them 
    off. Insert the keys and then use the character menu to get bosun to use one 
    bolt while you use the other to open the door. 
    You have escaped from the slave pit. Go down onto the docks to find a 
    mushroom. Then enter the cave. Climb up and over the locked gate using the 
    rocks and pull the lever to let your chums through. Up the steps are a 
    mushroom and some enemies. 
    Go through the cave entrance at the back of the royal box and see a bridge, 
    a waterfall and another locked gate. Climb the rocks at the side of the 
    falls, do a long jump across, jump and grab the rocks and swing through the 
    partially barred entrance. Notice the horrendous room full of traps. Decide 
    to take the other route. Follow the rock passage picking up a mushroom along 
    the way until you get to a staircase and a locked door. 
    However you can brave the 'room of death' to pick up the secret sword for 
    this level.  Over to 'greybeard:' 
    "The Slave Palace secret sword is in the room above the second portcullis. 
    The room is described as being a room of death or something like that. The 
    method is quite easy. You use the passageway on the right and instead of 
    jumping across the gap, over the spikes/flames etc way down below, you use 
    the wall on the right to climb down and hang drop just in front of the 
    munching doors. There's a big enough gap for Rhama to stand in. Then its 
    just a matter of timing - jump through the doors but make sure he doesn't go 
    in the 'boiling' pool. Then back up and run/jump over to the sword. As far 
    as I can recall there's not much problem getting out through the doors above 
    where the sword is located." 
    Go down the staircase carefully as it is in bad repair. Then slide down the 
    slope. Then down another staircase to open the portcullis. Take out the 
    enemies. Go up the staircase (enemies) and up another staircase (more 
    Another locked portcullis. Turn around and jump to the rock and climb 
    outside. Pick up the mushroom. Cross the thin girder and climb the rocks. Do 
    some hand over hand as well to reach a cave entrance. Dive into the water, 
    surface and open the final portcullis. Some enemies may object to this. Go 
    up the stairs and all three of your party need to use the bolts to open the 
    Level 5: Slave Palace 
    By now you should know what potions, mushrooms and pistols look like. So I 
    am not going to point out their obvious locations along the way. 
    Watch the cut-scene of the drawbridge being raised and the catapults 
    launching flaming rocks at you. 
    Head right over the cliffs while evading the flaming rocks. Jump out onto 
    the pillars of rock, which lead towards an entrance at the base of the spire 
    of rock that the palace sits on. 
    Go down the small water hole on the right at the back of the cave. You will 
    emerge in a well. Wall jump your way up then use the rough rock to exit the 
    Fight the guards. Head through the tunnel into the second garden area.  
    Fight the guards Carry on till you reach a courtyard where the raised 
    drawbridge is. Pull the lever to lower the drawbridge and let Mihoko and 
    Bosun in. 
    Carry on across the courtyard to a panther enclosure. Jump over the fence 
    and pull the lever to let Bosun and Mihoko through. Jump out onto the far 
    side of the panther enclosure. There are two pull chain levers: the lower 
    one opens the gate and allows Mihoko and Bosun to join you. The top one will 
    release your last two crewmen who were going to be panther food. Go back 
    into the main Panther Enclosure where you will find a catapult. Launch 
    yourself onto the castle roof by standing on the edge of the catapult arm. 
    Once on the roof follow it all the way around to the right. Fall down into 
    the fourth and final garden that has a well and a huge log in it Head up the 
    stairs and into a tunnel Open the door with the beam across it, this will 
    open back out into the panther enclosure. 
    Go back to the Log, and your crew and Bosun should arrive and a cutscene 
    showing you all battering the door down should play. Watch cutscene of 
    guards hiding the 4 keys. 
    Now you are in the palace entrance hall- go down the passage on your right 
    into The kitchens. Pull the 2nd lever to cover the fire	Climb up the inside 
    of the chimney Head up the stairs open door Stand on the very edge lip of 
    the catapult arm to launch yourself onto tower top (don't push forwards or 
    back on the Left Thumbstick or you will alter your trajectory and probably 
    Fight elite guard boss. Pick up key in front of the door after you kill him 
    Open the double doors in the tower.  You now have 3 minutes to reach the 
    bottom. Go down the stairs into the room below, and head across to the exit 
    on the other side. Repeat 3 times until you reach the exit at the bottom of 
    the tower. Walk across the bridge and into the main building again. Drop 
    down the stairs and watch cutscene of Mihoko and Wei Long battling. Jump 
    over the force-field using the rafters above you. Head right around to the 
    room where Wei-long is. Watch cutscene. Follow Mihoko right out of tower 
    Now you should be the palace's main hall Head to the right where you will 
    find the double doors that lead up to the Governor's private sanctum. 
    Put the first key in the lock 
    Go back to the Entrance hall by leaving the main hall via one of the 
    two exits at the opposite end of the room. 
    Back in the Entrance Hall, facing wall of fountains, with your back to the 
    doors you battered down, head left to enter a room with a pool and the 
    statue of a woman. 
    Jump up using the pipes at the back of the room to reach the upper level. 
    Climb onto the statues shoulders and use each of her earrings. 
    The statue's head will fall into the water and make a hole in the pool's 
    Swim down the hole in the pool 
    Underwater there are two passages. One has a current that is too strong to 
    swim against. The other has no current.  Head up the no current tunnel. Get 
    air from the airpocket. 
    Continue swimming and you will end up rejoining the tunnel with the strong 
    Swim strongly out into the current, and you will be pushed back to the 
    start, if you do it right though you can cut across into a side tunnel on 
    the opposite wall, where you can see a green crystal. (A haste potion can 
    be invaluable here) 
    Swim though this narrow tunnel and you will rejoin the main room. Open grate 
    in wall. 
    Swim on to exit water at the base of the Harem Tower. 
    Use the wheel to turn the tower. Turn it left until it clicks loudly, then 
    turn it right until you get the same noise, then left again. The tower will 
    unlock itself. 
    Head up the stairs. Avoid the traps on the right in the walls and along the 
    flat stretch near the top - keeping well to the left of the staircase is 
    key. Fight the harem boss. Tip- Use the multi attack button to break out 
    when he tries to grapple you and stay away from the centre railings. Also go 
    to the upper level to find a strength potion you can use. Pick up the key he 
    drops Release Calverly from his cage Take time to go around the ledge 
    outside the room to pick up a red mushroom. Go back down through the tower. 
    Go to the drawbridge area outside the palace. Lock onto the dwarf who is 
    sitting on the edge of treasury tower, and Calverly will steal his key. Use 
    the wheel to slacken the drawbridge chain Go and use the hook out on the 
    drawbridge and the chain will retract completely. Use key in pedestal to 
    lower the tower Attach the hook to tower Lock the chain by using the floor 
    lever next to the wheel. Use key in pedestal to raise the tower The chain 
    should pull the door off the Treasury Use key in pedestal to lower the tower 
    again Retrieve key from dwarf man 
    Head back into the Main Hall 
    Go to the back of the entrance hall take passage on left back into the main 
    Head to back of this room 
    Insert 2nd key 
    Turn-around there is a door on the top level of the room, on the right. Go 
    through it and you will find Mihoko. 
    Calverly will helpfully open the gate and you can go into the Gauntlet 
    rooms. Use swinging platform to get to the next room Use the springboards by 
    standing on them in the next room to bounce over to the exit Open the door; 
    go down the corridor and downstairs 
    Go into room of fire. 
    To exit this room you have to stay off the floor for the duration of the 
    timer (20 secs.) One of the poles is safe, you can work out which one by 
    looking at the flamers; two are defective and never shoot out fire. Once the 
    timer is done the exit door will open - go through this and up the stairs. 
    Mihoko joins your party. 
    Order Mihoko to use the broken ladders and once she is in position, jump up 
    and she will lift you up to the platforms above. You will need Mihoko to 
    pull you up a further two broken ladders to reach the top of the room. You 
    will also need to do a running long jump between two platforms. 
    This section seems to cause a lot of problems, so here is some more advice 
    from the message board 
    "After Mihoko helps you up the first ladder, the next thing you need to do is 
    find a long, narrow walkway that just barely reaches the "ring" in the 
    middle of where you now are. Jump up (use the stationary jump that allows 
    Rhama to cover more height), then you'll be on the walkway. Edge towards the 
    wall, turn around, and get ready to run-jump across. (You'll need to time 
    this jump real well, since the walkway on the opposite side is like almost 
    at the extreme distance for a run-jump. This area also got me stumped at 
    first, since I saw only ladders... then I noticed the walkway." 
    Climb the last bit of staircase to reach the Armory tower. 
    Defeat the Armory Guard. Tip- use the multi attack button to shake off 
    dizziness. Ignore the upper level here and the two levers. They don't help. 
    Mihoko will then defeat Wei Long. 
    Pickup the last statue key. 
    Make your way back down the tower, either by going back the way you came, or 
    if you are feeling dangerous (and have enough health) you can jump off the 
    top of the tower, onto the roof of the Palace and drop down to re-enter 
    through the front door. 
    Go back into the main hall Put the remaining statue keys into their 
    slots and the double doors to the Governors private quarters will open. At 
    the base of the lift room, pull the Pull Chain and the lift will go up. Jump 
    onto the counterweight and then ask Mihoko to pull the chain again. At the 
    top, defeat the 4 chargers and climb the stairs to face the Governor. The 
    governor will kill Faith if you push him, so use the table to drop your 
    weapons. Fight the governor. He will not attack you, instead going after 
    Faith, so keep him away from her. 
    Level 6: Golem & Ankon 
    Swim to the shore 
    Lock onto the Golem 
    Faith will tell you to search for the missing golem head pieces.  
    Turn to face the sea looking directly at the boat head into the water 
    Underwater just before the seabed drops off in to the abyss is the first 
    missing golem piece. Lock on and pick it up. 
    Next head straight down over the ledge into the abyss. 
    Head down until you see a wrecked ship. Swim to the top of the wreck and 
    find the entrance on the main deck. Use the right thumbstick menu to order 
    Mihoko to give you air (you should do this regularly or you'll soon die. You 
    should ask for air when your level is about 50%) 
    Once you have full air, enter the ship through the hole in the deck Once 
    inside head to the back of the ship through the first door. Descend to the 
    lower deck down through the hole towards a green crystal. from this room 
    exit to a rear room, and turn right towards a faint yellow light. Swim up 
    towards the yellow glow to the mid deck again. In the corner is the 2nd 
    missing piece of the golem At this point the boat will capsize 45 degrees. 
    Reverse the steps you took to get into the boat - you have 30 seconds in 
    which to escape before the boat becomes unstable and falls off its ledge 
    into the abyss. Head towards the green light first, then towards blue. If 
    you make it out in time, Mihoko will automatically replenish your air. 
    Head towards the coral formation below you.  On the side nearest shore you 
    should see a small partially broken domed temple. Inside is the 3rd golem 
    Now head anti clockwise around the coral formation towards where the ship 
    sank to. Next to the wreck are 3 buildings with black and white tops. Swim 
    to the second tallest one, and lock on to the 4th golem piece. 
    Swim straight up to the top of the coral formation Once at the top, swim so 
    you are over the centre of the formation Head straight down inside the inner 
    rim. Halfway down there is a ledge with the final piece of the golem resting 
    on it. Pick this up and head back to shore. 
    Once on the beach lock onto the golem Faith will fix the Golem and tell you 
    you need to pilot it. 
    Enter the golem via the hatch on its back Fight the Hydra.  You can only 
    defeat the Hydra by throwing him into the lava. 
    From the message board 
    "This fight stinks. The way to do it, as you should have guessed from the 
    short FMV of the lava pit, is to try and push/punch/kick the hydra into it. 
    The problem is that if the fight moves into the surrounding 'city' it 
    becomes very, very difficult to get it back to the lava. Eventually, if you 
    take too long, Rhama dies of suffocation anyway. The whole fight takes place 
    with a kind of slow motion effect and none of the grab moves, which would be 
    very useful, work. The way I did it was to be ultra aggressive right from 
    the start - run in and do an immediate running jump attack, followed up with 
    every sort of punch, spin kick combo you can string together. As long as you 
    keep the hydra pinned against the edge of the lava pit eventually one of 
    your attacks will do the job." 
    Lock on and use the huge chair on top of the big building and Rhama will 
    leave the golem. Drop down to the base of the chair. Go to the front door of 
    the building the golem is sitting on. Faith and Mihoko will congratulate you 
    on a job well done. 
    The action will cut to show Jabez, frustrated by the fact Calverly 
    misdirected him. 
    When you cut back to the city, Faith will run off to the broken Generator room. 
    After you dispatch the Skeletons, go into the rom that Faith went into. 
    Faith will explain that you need some herb Head back out to the main room. 
    Go up the stairs to your right, there is a sword in a log on route. 
    First you must explore the left side of the building, the side that has power. 
    Near the front, on the left hand side, there is a broken ladder. Tell Mihoko 
    to use it. 
    After Mihoko is ready, tell Faith to use the ladder too. 
    Stand in front of Faith and you will give her a leg up, Mihoko will pull her 
    up the rest of the way. 
    You need to go up there too, so do it. 
    There is a door at the top, go into it. 
    Tell Faith to open the stone door that is in the next room. 
    Head up the stairs and defeat the skeletons Jump through the hole in the 
    wall to get into the Library. 
    After defeating the skeletons, you need to get Faith to join you in the room. 
    Go to the door in the centre and follow the passage through to open the door 
    at the end. 
    Faith is stuck back near the beginning, so head back to the base of the 
    broken ladder, and order her to use it. She will fall down, and you will 
    hopefully catch her. 
    Get Faith to follow you back to the library. 
    Faith will express her surprise and pleasure at discovering such a fountain 
    of knowledge. Go up the stairs to the raised level of the library 
    Tell Faith to use the pedestal, which activates the lifts. 
    Ascend the shelves. 
    Jump to the first platform 
    Above you is the first key collect it 
    Continue to the far end of the library using the platforms Pick up the 2nd 
    key from the top shelf at the very end. 
    Exit back out into the main room with the huge tree in it. 
    Amongst the roots of the tree there is a fire grub. Some people have 
    reported problems getting hold of it. Here is some advice from the message 
    "Anyway the grub: assuming you know where it is. It 'patrols' along the 
    ground and you should see at one end of its route the roof in the centre of 
    the passage is just slightly higher. This is where you need to edge Rhama 
    until just before he goes into the crouch position.  Move him back a very, 
    very short distance to give him a minuscule run up, After that its just 
    timing: press forwards and then grab a fraction of a second later when the 
    grub is at it's nearest point. It is difficult to tell when this is because 
    Rhama blocks your camera view and Mihoko rolling around doesn't help either. 
    You're likely to have to repeat it many times before you get Rhama to grab 
    the grub." 
    Turn left and head inside the tree. Use the red mushroom as a springboard 
    and follow the ledge along by the blue mushrooms. 
    You will find the secret sword here. 
    Go down to the bottom Enter the hole by the blue crystals Follow the 
    tunnel When you emerge in the garden, use the door ahead of you Pick the 
    herb Head back out to the main tree room Head up the stairs to the second 
    level Use first door on right to take you back to the library Once inside 
    talk to faith Faith is impressed, she puts the herb into the broken 
    generator, but this does not switch it on. Turn generator on, you need to 
    set the dials as a mirror of the generator on the other side.  The sequence 
    from left to right is - left / left / middle. Watch cutscene The generator 
    switches on, power goes to the main room, but the map room door fuse blows. 
    Beware! From now on the large eggs placed around the area will hatch to 
    produce mini-hydras. Watch out for the poison gas cloud when they do. Try to 
    avoid going near them and they won't hatch. 
    Head out to the main tree room. 
    At the base of the tree stump there are two doors, the one on the right now 
    has power, so go in there. Inside the room is a hollow tree root, go into 
    the tree root. Wall jump up and climb away and you will soon find yourself 
    in a burning library. Work your way clockwise around the room, up the 
    shelves and over the rear wall all the way until you get the bird key. 
    Drop down to the ground below the key, and going down the stairs, escape 
    through the door. 
    You should be back in the main room now. Go left and use the next door you 
    reach on your left. Fight golem in the lab.  Tell Faith to 
    use the stone doors. Head up the stairs and pick up the new fuse Head back 
    out to the tree room. Go to the generator room beneath you. Insert the fuse 
    and the maproom door will finally have power. Head out to the main room 
    again Go up the stairs towards the huge door at the very back. Tell either 
    Faith or Mihoko to use one side of the door, while you use the other to open 
    it. Once inside, head to the back of the map room and down the stairs. Move 
    the rock that is blocking the beams Head back up to the row of levers with 
    symbols on. Fight the skeletal hordes! Use the buttons to spell our "Eph Ere 
    Me" you will need Faith and Mihoko to push the other two at the same time. - 
    correct levers are - 2nd from left, 6th from left and 4th from right. 
    Level 7: Ephemery 
    A storm rages as you head towards the island. Faith utters magic words to 
    quell it but the inhabitants take this as a challenge. They destroy one of 
    the giant statues and set you the task of finding the 10 crystals to rebuild 
    it. You will see two doors ahead, one leads to the Air Castle, the other to 
    a Garden Area. You will need to use various rings to locate the crystals in 
    these areas. 
    Air Castle (2 rings plus 6 crystals) 
    Lets make some terms so we understand each other. 
    The air castle might at first seem scary. But no! Its ok. If you fall you 
    will slowly move back towards the place you first came in. Don't float past 
    the entrance or you will never return. Lets say that the entrance you just 
    came in through is at the south end of the Air castle. You need to get the 
    rings first, so before you go anywhere, you need the water ring.  From the 
    entrance, go to the right and up the first tower which is the South East 
    tower.. When it looks like you can go no higher, use wall jumps to go ever 
    higher. Eventually you should reach a floating platform that has bubbles 
    beneath it. Jump to the platform and take the water key. Drop down and head 
    to the North East section of the air castle. Deep under the NE tower are a 
    set of tunnels. Grab the first crystal from here. Climb up and make your way 
    up the NE tower, by jumping from broken section to section. Jump out near 
    the top along some platforms, until you find a circular object.  Further on 
    you will find a Water pad, use it and the circular object will rise up. 
    Step into the invisible water column and get to the top. 
    Jump over to the air ring platform and grab it. Go back to the base of the 
    NE tower and use the button that requires the air ring. Walk through the 
    water door, and in the next room, push the button. This switches on a stream 
    of floating rocks. Go out of the NE tower and find the floating rocks. Climb 
    up them, jump off before they are destroyed by the laser. Jump onto the 
    roof. Climb to the very top of the tower to retrieve the second crystal. You 
    can now activate all the Air pads, which will give you super jump powers for 
    7 seconds. You can also activate all the water pads. Use the Hot/Cold Icons 
    to find the next 4 Crystals.  2 are in the NW tower, one in the water, one 
    at the very top. The other two are in the SW tower and on a platform in the 
    west area. 
    Secret sword in passage through island, marked by pistol. 'Greybeard' says: 
    "Air Castle secret sword: more difficult to describe as there are so many 
    ways of getting to it. But if you use the route to Water Ring I described 
    but instead climbing to the floating steps jump across to the cracked 
    'bridge'. If you then jump off on the right and attach Rhama to the cliff 
    face underneath somewhere in that area below is a grassy or rocky platform. 
    Here there is an entrance to a long passage going all the way through the 
    rock, under the (eventually) rising blocks building, and comes out the other 
    side. Half way along this long passage is an alcove high on the right. It's 
    easy to see as there is a pistol (I think) glowing which marks it. The 
    secret sword is at the back of this alcove too." 
    The golems are a PITA. They fire long distance laser beams and are pretty 
    tough to kill. Mostly I just tried to avoid them. 
    Garden Area (2 rings plus 4 crystals.) 
    Go right and up the rocks and the tree to the ledge. Jump down the other 
    side and go into the cave to get the transform ring. 
    If you go all the way up to the top of the garden area and around the ledges 
    you can find some goodies at the back. 
    Get Faith to use the transform circle in the room at the back of the garden. 
    Now you are very small. Resist the temptation to look up Faith's skirt in 
    this state and go out into the garden (you will need to get Faith or Mihoko 
    to open the door.) Climb the tree to push the crystal out of the alcove. Now 
    jump into the left hand section of the pool and swim down the pipe to get to 
    the lab. Jump on the green button to open the door. Unfortunately this wakes 
    up a statue so you may have to get back to full size again to take it out 
    and to pick up the earth ring. 
    Change back to mini-Rhama and go back to the lab. You have to get the 3 
    crystals out of their cages. Jump from the circular area on the left of the 
    button platform onto the chest lid and then onto the robot arms and up onto 
    the lab bench. Go into the first cage and unlock it and push the crystal. 
    Carry on along the bench and jump over the books and get to the second cage 
    to unlock it and push out the crystal. 
    The final crystal is a little tricky. You need to get onto the robot arms 
    again and make you way to the one close to the control box in the ceiling. 
    Then get Mihoko to use one of the green buttons to start the arms moving. 
    Then you should be able to get over to the control box and onto the other 
    set of arms and down to the bench top. Move carefully there is a lot of 
    acid, steam, hot water etc. Climb the wire rack to get to the cage to 
    release the crystal. 
    Now return to your normal size and pick up the crystals. 
    Here is another 'take' on this section from Caspar Gray (UnfriendlyGhost) 
    which shows a different writing style and some variations on how to tackle 
    this area. 
    "EPHEREMY: The Final Island 
    After leaving Akon, having learnt the location of Epheremy, the home of the 
    Ancients, you run into a storm. As Rhama and the Bosun fight with the wheel, 
    Faith shouts to the heavens in the Ancient tongue. The storm dies down and 
    the Endeavour approaches a strange island. The cliffs of the island crack 
    open to allow the ship through and it docks at a jetty. 
    Four ancients approach and announce that they have been challenged by a 
    First of all, dive off the Endeavour and swim down to the sea floor to 
    retreive a HASTE potion from the seabed beneath the swim, along with a 
    TREASURE item which is close to the rock wall of the shore. Swim back to the 
    surface and exit the water. Go through the archway. 
    Statue Hall: 
    The ancients reappear and destroy one of the statues in the hall. Ten 
    crystals fly off the broken statue, six going through the left door and four 
    through the right hand door. The ancients tell you that if you fail to 
    rebuild the statue, you will be turned to stone like the rest of your crew. 
    Firstly, look at the red seal underneath the fallen statue. Faith will tell 
    you that an elemental ring is needed to use it. 
    You can now go through either the door on the left side of the room, which 
    leads to the AIR CASTLE or the door on the right, which leads to a garden, 
    THE TRANSFORM. It doesn't matter which room you do first. You will need to 
    complete both rooms and retrieve all ten of crystals before you can rebuild 
    the statue. 
    As you enter this area, you will see a main door in front of you, with a 
    save point to the left of it, two pools of water (one on either side) and 
    two staircases going up behind it (one on either side). On the right hand 
    side of the garden you'll see a large tree and a rock wall. Underneath this 
    tree you will find a RED MUSHROOM and a FIRE GRUB. 
    Jump onto and climb the rock wall to the right of the tree. Climb up it 
    (watch out for swinging thorny vines!) and then drop down the other side to 
    find a small tunnel.  Crawl through the tunnel to find the TRANSFORM RING 
    and a BLUE MUSHROOM. 
    Go back to the main garden and climb the large tree on the right until you 
    are high enough to jump across to the rock ledge next to it. Carefully 
    follow this ledge round the right hand edge of the area to the far side 
    (above the save point). Here you will find two PISTOLS and a STRENGTH 
    Jump down to the ground and head up either staircase to the door. Open the 
    door and go inside. Ask Faith to use the Transform Circle and you will be 
    shrunk to only a few inches high! Resist the urge to look up her skirt and 
    instead ask her to open the door to let you out. 
    Go out into the garden and head for the wall opposite the save point (ie on 
    the side of the garden with the trees, away from the pools). Look for the 
    clump of small tree stumps (which are now big platforms to you!) Dodge the 
    swinging thorny vine and jump up the stumps. Jump up onto the climbable 
    surface and climb up the main tree bough, out and along until you reach a 
    fork in the branches and can see the glow of the crystal. Climb up next to 
    it and use it. This will push out the first CRYSTAL!  Climb back down to the 
    ground and head over to the pools of water by the save point. 
    Dive into either pool of water and swim down through the pipe. You will 
    emerge in a LABORATORY. 
    A short cutscene will show you a Golem awakening. It's going to try and 
    crush you, so do your best to avoid it. It moves slowly and you shouldn't 
    have any problems avoiding it. Hide under the table if necessary; it can't 
    get you there. 
    Run across to the middle of the back wall of the lab, where a golem arm is 
    lying on the floor. Jump over it and go through the crack in the wall. Avoid 
    the vine inside and climb up the inside of the cavity until you reach the 
    side passage. Run through this avoiding the vines and drop down onto the 
    shelf beyond. Run along to the cage, go between the bars and work the 
    mechanism to open the cage and push the second CRYSTAL out of Cage A. The 
    game will autosave here. 
    Jump down to the books on the lower shelf and then down to the floor. Head 
    to the middle of the room, where the table is flanked by the two plinths for 
    golems (the right one now missing its golem). Jump onto the table (it's 
    easiest to do the running jump from the vacant plinth). On the table you 
    will notice another elemental ring on a stand (but you're too small to pick 
    it up at the moment) and two large buttons. Run along and stand on the 
    button nearest the inactive golem. Stay still until the active golem comes 
    close and tries to smash you with its fist.  Quickly backflip off the button 
    when the golem raises its fist and it will hit the button for you. This will 
    cause the robotic arms which previously held the golem to start moving. 
    Jump down from the table and jump up onto large chest on the floor nearby. 
    From the edge of the open chest, jump up onto the ledge nearby and then onto 
    the moving arm when it comes close. The arms all have climbable surfaces, so 
    hold the right trigger to grab onto them. Jump from the first arm to the 
    next one and then onto the third, timing your jumps for when the arms are 
    close together. Then jump up to the right from the third arm to the crack 
    high on the wall. Jump up to the higher platform inside the crack and push 
    out the third CRYSTAL from the hole. 
    Jump back onto the third arm and go along it until you can jump to the black 
    platform that the arms are attached to. Walk round to the other side of this 
    platform and pull the lever to release a shortcut chain to the table below. 
    Leap onto the arms that hold the inactive golem, then onto the golem and 
    down to the workbench beyond, with its steaming trays of water. Walk 
    carefully around the edge of the trays and dodge the jets of steam and 
    flame. Avoid the acid pool beyond them and crawl under the electrified 
    grille (don't walk on it). Crawl carefully past the moving sawblades to the 
    other side. Climb the vertical grille avoiding the steam jets to reach cage 
    B. Unlock it and push out the fourth CRYSTAL from it. 
    Drop down to the floor and head over to the table. Jump up onto it and go 
    and stand on the other button (away from the inactive golem). Once again, 
    dodge the golem's blow and let it hit the button. This will open the main 
    door to the lab. Mihoko will come in and begin fighting the golem. While she 
    keeps it busy, run out of the main door back into the garden. Go up the 
    steps and ask Faith to open the door to the area with the Transform Circle.  
    Ask her to use the circle and you will be restored to your usual size. 
    Open the door and go back into the garden. Finish off the golem if Mihoko 
    hasn't already. Watch out for its self-destruct sequence - when it starts 
    sparking, back off. When you've killed it, pick up the three CRYSTALS in the 
    lab and the EARTH RING from the table there. Finally grab the one outside in 
    the garden. Head through the door back to the STATUE HALL." 
    Unfortunately Jabez and company arrive and persuade the inhabitants to take 
    them to the last surviving tree to pollinate it. 
    Go back to the main area with the giant statues and use the earth circle. 
    Enemies. This rebuilds the statue. Climb up the column in the centre of the 
    statue and use its arms, shoulders, and head to get onto the blocks. Jump 
    and climb up to the top of the island. Press the button to operate the lifts 
    to bring the girls up. Discover that you need 4 people to operate the 
    Making A Golem 
    Use the lift to go up to the top of the island. Go around in one direction 
    (taking out any enemies on the way) to find a garden where you can pick the 
    mandrake root. Go around in the other direction to reach a stone circle with 
    a golem in the middle. Pick up the heart. Don't worry about the herb, Faith 
    has it (her icon will appear on your screen.) 
    Go back to the lab and after a little discussion she agrees to use the herb 
    for good and makes the golem. 
    Once you have brought down the floating island go up the steps and get Faith 
    to open the door. Press the button on the lift and go up. Fight henchman and 
    friends. Try to concentrate on the henchman and let Mihoko and the Golem 
    keep the rest occupied. Using any strength potions you have at this point is 
    a good idea. You repeat this process twice more until the final henchman 
    drops a key. Use it on the door to enter the final area. 
    Final Boss 
    OK kids, this is why you don't do drugs. Jabez has turned into this giant 
    flying bullheaded fire breathing spiny sea horse. All hell is breaking 
    First thing is to rescue one of the girls from the bubbles. I did Faith and 
    Mihoko died. I don't know if you can do the same the other way around. 
    Then you get the super jump and you can go off to fight "Jabez." 
    As before find a high spot and jump onto his back and hang on. Work your way 
    along until you see a dark spot between the spines. Stab here. The monster 
    is stunned and a load of tentacles appear. At the same time the head of the 
    monster hangs down and exposes the remnants of Jabez. Jump to avoid the 
    tentacles and try to land in front of Jabez. Hit him for major damage. 
    Repeat twice more to defeat the monster. 
    Jump to avoid all the stuff it is throwing at you. The most damaging are the 
    giant fireballs. 
    More words of wisdom from 'greybeard' 
    "If you found the secret sword for this level this boss fight can be done 
    very quickly - far too easily for my taste. 
    It's very easy to overshoot when jumping from the back to the small landing 
    area on the head. If you do miss and you're fast enough it is possible to 
    get back by long jumping direct to the head from the surrounding 
    platforms/tree before the stunning wears off. 
    From the back of the monster the best technique, I found, was to jump fairly 
    high, not quite vertically, to clear the spine and tentacles and then use 
    the left analogue stick to direct the fall. It does require a delicate touch 
    of forwards motion, but with Rhama's grab anything ability you can find he 
    often catches the horns or whatever, even if you've missed the exact aim 
    point.  Another difficulty with the jump from the back is the wind 
    direction. indicated by the rain, you have to allow for this. You should 
    have discovered in the air castle that if you pull full back on the left 
    stick as Rhama is falling you fall vertically irrespective of the wind 
    direction. So if you jump and think you're overshooting try that." 
    The last words belong to 'greybeard' 
    "Yes - complete the game for Survival mode and individual level select 
    option.  The latter allows you to improve your stats for that level and 
    these are added to your total stats. 
    If you collect all the Treasures and Secret Swords there are so called 
    'rewards' in the end title FMV sequence. There may be other rewards for 
    finding all the other inventory items but I've got know idea what these may 
    be. I've found all the blue mushrooms and, I think, now all the haste 
    potions and if there was some reward I've got no idea what it was. 
    Nobody yet has completed all the game with every item so if there is some 
    special reward for that I don't know. Quite frankly I don't care - my final 
    stats seemed to be better than most others here but I've spent several hours 
    extra time searching for items, especially the pistols. Only a very 
    dedicated obsessional type is going to be bothered to try (wait for it's US 
    release before this happens)." 
    If you want to cheat and get all the hidden extras in the final scene then 
    here is how to do it (courtesy of Rhama Sabrier himself!) 
    CHEAT to unlock all credits extras 
    From: Rhama Sabrier  
    Anyhoo here it is, sorry its really tedious and slow but I only included at 
    the last minute for myself and didn't test it. Basically so I could see all 
    the credits animation without collecting anything, as I can't really see 
    myself spending time finding everything again :) 
    In Arelianos house there are 3 bedrooms that are just empty, the fourth one 
    is the guest room where you are taken. Its basically a combination lock, the 
    code is 3 , 6 , 9. 9 being the door closest to Rhamas room. To set the code 
    you need to open the doors from the corridor, ONLY the animation of opening 
    the door from this side has any effect. So you can open and close it from 
    inside the room as many times as you want and nothing will happen. So the 
    first door open it from the corridor 3 times, second door 6 times, third 9 
    times. It takes a while unfortunately and looking back I should have set it 
    to 1,2,3 but too late now :) You must do this exactly, in any order but if 
    you open any doors too few or too many it will not work so once you have set 
    the code don't go in any of the rooms again. 
    Don't worry though, you will know when its been set correctly. As soon as 
    you get the code right the super sword from the final boss fight will appear 
    on your back and 99 pistols appear in you inventory (these unfortunately 
    don't carry to the next level so go have fun with them before you finish 
    Akbar :) 
    That's it basically, now when you finish the game everything in the credits 
    should be unlocked, but don't go collecting everything as well as if you 
    collect all of something then it has a negative effect and cancels out that 
    particular hidden scene as I found out. 
    Pistol Locations 
    - In shop near secret sword ( Must defeat baddies on tree ship first ) 
    -From Arelianos house, climb the bandits wall, before you go into tunnel 
    there is a ledge on the right, it's on there. 
    - On one of the ledges on a short cut back to Akbah village. 
    - By one of the trees on the highest point. 
    - On the plateau at the back of the island ( Where you jump off to catch the 
    tree ship ). 
    - Near ruined Keep. 
    - Behind the ruined Keep. 
    - From the plateau at the back of the island, you can climb down to a ledge 
    on the left coming from Arelianos house, then slide down to the lower most 
    ledge from there. 
    - On top of the far left side of the village wall 
    - On a leadge far below the the Keep ( To the right of the island ) 
    - On Rhamas bed on the ship. 
    - On the beach go to the right of the broken ship 
    - On the ledge above the first boulder door. 
    - In the air pocket in the swim caves. 
    - On the way out of the lava caves on a ledge as you vault up. 
    - After defeating crab slide down and it's on a ledge. 
    - Near the base of the broken lift. 
    - As you enter the main volcano for the first time, take the left route up 
    over all the platforms, on a wooden beam before a climbable wall. 
    - At the pin room door lever turn backwards and look up, there are some 
    ledges and some climbable rock, scale these to find a pistol and treasure. 
    - Outside the pin room to the left on a ledge above your head. 
    - To the right of the pin room on a metal frame. 
    - In forge room on top of a crate. 
    - As you enter the Brice fight on the raised ground next to mushroom. 
    - On a rock in the hot steam pool. 
    - On the grass as you exit the door from second boss fight. 
    - After completing the bucket puzzle and getting to the top of the lift, on 
    the grass above there. 
    - As you approach the two horizontal lifts, on the left of a wooden platform. 
    - After double horizontal lifts, you climb down to a wooden platform, at the 
    - where the collapsing wall is ,just before you get to the higher exterior 
    it's near a small lava pool on a shelf 
    - On the way to the neptune cut scene on the grassy path. 
    - Inside first pit monster cave. 
    - Inside first empty cell near Bosen. 
    - In cell with first big key. 
    - In torture room. 
    - In store room next to spikes of doom with the presure pab floor. 
    - On top of the red awning type thing at the docks. 
    - On deck of Wei Longs ship. 
    - On the rocky path that leads back to the Endevour. 
    - In the last cave before the three lever door, there is a small cave in the 
    wall that can be reached by jumping from the Stalagtites. 
    - Outside the start room, can be got once inside prison area. 
    - About half way across the fire ball section low down on some grass 
    - On the second rock pillar before reaching the first cave. 
    - As you enter the caves into the well, before you get into the water. 
    - As you leave the well, on the path above. 
    - Up the climbable wall near well on the blue roof. 
    - Infront of a small round building in the next garden. 
    - In the second garden section is some climbable rock up a wall, above this. 
    - In front of the right catapult in front of palace. 
    - Where the lever is to release the crew, on a walkway. 
    - Under the same walkway. 
    - In the garden with the battering ram. 
    - Where the giant catapult is, on the surrounding wall. 
    - After the cutscene of kicking Wei Long in the love spuds, between the beds. 
    - After climbing fireplace in the kitchen, on top of the bunk beds. 
    - After climbing the fireplace on the second floor in the store room. 
    - In the store room on the first floor of the kitchens behind the locked door. 
    - In the Harem baths behind the locked gate. 
    - In the Harem tower on top of one of the awnings, before the trap door carpet. 
    - On top of the armoury tower on the upper level. 
    - On top of the armoury tower close to the railings. 
    - Below the big Golem's throne. 
    -In fuse room near stairs.( Can't find this one ? ) 
    -In the left generator romm. 
    - From the left hand door with the spacial faith door inside, leave the room 
    go straight till you reach the end of the path, there. 
    - Under the right hand stair case at the top of the main room near some 
    - On the ground below the left staircase. 
    - In the map room on the ground at the back. 
    - In the burning library above where you enter. 
    - In the burning library under the key. 
    - Behind the stairs that go unter the left generator room. 
    - Main area, behind the mandrake garden, lower down near a rock. 
    - Main area near treasure. 
    - Main area, next to heart plug. 
    - Transform, hidden on a ledge at the highest point of the garden area, 
    reach from top of big tree near strength potion. 
    - Same as above ? 
    - Air castle in the room with the water switch, behind the stairs. 
    - Aircastle, next to secret sword. 
    - Aircastle, on top of bridge near rising block puzzle. 
    - Aircastle, There is a broken floating spiral stair low down that goes 
    nowhere, it's on the bottom step. 
    - Aircastle, climb the inside of the tower and exit from the central door, 
    drop down onto the ledge that goes around the tower, it's round the back. 
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