Many millennia ago

The Ur-being Iltar unlocked the secrets of the element miium. Mastery of the element gave her god-like powers but it was never enough. Over the centuries she completely conquered the galaxy, looking for every source of miium that she could find.

Channeling the awesome creative force of the element allowed her to mold planets, craft solar systems and create new lifeforms. She dominated the stars and reigned supreme for millennium after millennium.

But in one of the many worlds she had long forgotten about a civilization stirred. Discovering the incredible possibilities of the element, they came to worship it and remember the creator that had shown them its true potential.

A cult arose, as thirsty for miium as Iltar herself.
Using the sacred element to mold themselves in the image of their god, they sought to gain the same powers she had long ago unlocked.

Eventually, Iltar awoke from her divine slumber. She sensed her control over miium was slipping. Someone was looking for her. Traveling to the cult's homeworld, she soon found herself trapped. Imprisoned and worshipped as an god by the masses, while the high priest and his acolytes attempted to uncover her secrets, she was helpless.

All was not lost, however.
Secretly she created a new lifeform, one powerful enough to find and free her.
The cult had grown strong and was rapidly advancing. Soon they would no longer have any need of her. But if her new guardian could reach her time

Fight your way through a beautiful and deadly world
Embark on an epic journey to regain control of the galaxy's most powerful natural element.

Intense combat
Play as Iltar's guardian, created from pure miium. Take back the sacred element to upgrade your weapons and conquer Iltar's foes! Survive a world as deadly as it is beautiful. Slash and shoot your way through a surreal landscape set far, far in the future.

Mind-blowing shaders and visual FX
Experience a captivating feast for the eyes. VFX pulse and move to the rhythms, creating a hypnotic visual soundscape.

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