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Ancient Land of Ys... Where Action and Fantasy Come Together!
The Ancient Land of Ys has desperate need of you. Malificus, the fiendish wizard, has seized the six Books of Ys and turned their powers against the people. Dread and terror grip the land. Only a wily warrior--one who can think and fight--will prevail against Malificus, his guardian monsters, and his evil reign.
As you explore this strange and sinister land, you'll meet with battles, quests and mysteries at every turn. Success in combat brings you better weapons, magic rings, and masks. You need their powers--you must hunt down the lurking monsters, one by one reclaim the missing Books and face the final conflict with Malificus himself.
Choose your weapons and collect your wits. The fate of Ys is in your hands!
A first in home computer games--you play a role, you're part of the story and interact with characters, yet when you fight, you fight arcade-style...fast! Gorgeous graphics enhance the fantasy. The music matches every mood. And there's no thick manual to memorize. You get right into the action in the Ancient Land of Ys.
- Breathtaking graphics
- Award-winning musical score
- Single key commands
- Save feature

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#3 easiest X68 role-playing game (#16 on X68, #27786 overall)


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