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Reviewed: 12/17/13

Virtual Player's Guide

Words Worth Special Disk isn’t actually a game. It’s a fun extra disk for people who really loved Words Worth. It comes with a BGM collection, featuring every piece of music in the game. You get maps of every dungeon, obsoleting the need to make your own maps while playing the game. It’s kind of like those old Player’s Guides that you used to be able to buy, but digital. It offers a lot of help if you’re having trouble beating the game.

This “game” is more of a FAQ/Walkthrough disguised as a game. At least the extras are nice and the information is helpful.

Elf put a good amount of flair and humor in their virtual player’s guide. It’s hosted by a woman dressed in a tiger print bikini and cat ears. She cracks jokes every so often and can even get a bit sarcastic at times. You can ask her for hints on specific dungeons if you’re stuck. If you need hints for something that she considers easy or obvious, she’ll even joke at you for being a poor player. She adds a nice bit of character to the player’s guide. It really wouldn’t be the same without her.

Words Worth Special Disk also contains some major spoilers for later on in the game. If you’re not finished with the game yet and look into the future dungeons, you’ll get information and storyline notes that will give away plot twists and various secrets that are more fun to discover yourself. Use at your own risk!

Player’s guides are okay, but they’ve been obsoleted by FAQs. Sure, FAQs don’t always have nice pictures, aren’t always professionally written, or in this case, aren’t hosted by large breasted anime women. FAQs are free, though. You can just go onto your internet and look at a FAQ. No need to shell out for a magazine that’s worthless after you beat the game. No need to go out and buy a hint disk because you’re stuck on the last dungeon. To that degree, Words Worth Special Disk is worthless now. It’s only really good if you’re a diehard Words Worth fan or if you collect curiosities like this regularly.

Cool Fact- Words Worth got some other… interesting products. Elf put out Words Worth key chains and Words Worth vibrators. …Yeah, I don’t think I’ll need a Words Worth themed vibrator anytime soon, thanks.

Also Try- GameFAQs is a great place to go if you’re stuck in a certain part of a video game. You’re already there though, so I guess that advice isn’t so helpful now, is it? Joking aside, other games that got hint disks are Dalk, Dragon Knight 4, and Metal Eye. All three of these games are RPGs on the X68000 and they all have a few tricky spots that might require some help to complete.

Rating: 5

Product Release: Words Worth Special Disk (JP, 08/27/93)

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