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Reviewed: 10/29/13

Prophecies of Perversion

This is a quick warning. Words Worth is a very pornographic video game. It has scenes of consensual sex, scenes of nonconsensual sex, and a few really weird scenes involving a horse man. There’s actually a lot of cartoon sex in this game, so if you don’t like hentai games or if you are too young to play them, then you may have to skip this game.

Words Worth is arguably Elf’s most popular and well known game. English speaking audiences might know it for its Windows version or for its hilariously bad anime adaptation. Even though most people know this game through the Windows version, it was originally on the PC98. This review covers the X68000 version of the game, which is identical to the PC98 version. A lot of RPGs and adventure games on the X68000 are like that, which is a little disappointing, especially since I was expecting some enhanced graphics or something to suit the system’s power. Oh well, I guess you can’t have everything.

Story- Words Worth is a high fantasy story with a sense of humor. In this fantasy world, there once existed two tribes. They were The Tribe of Light and The Tribe of Shadow. The light tribe looks like humans while the shadow tribe looks a bit more monstrous (stuff like skeletons, harpies, and elves). Both tribes used to live peacefully by a huge monolithic stone tablet called Words Worth. All was well in the world, until Words Worth was destroyed.

The light tribe blamed the dark tribe on destroying Words Worth. The shadow tribe blamed the light tribe on destroying Words Worth. The result is a perpetual state of war between the two tribes. You play as Prince Astral of the shadow tribe. His skill with a sword are just as adept as his skills in the sack. He has sex with female soldiers in his army and even rapes some of the light tribe women. We’ll get to that later. Prince Astral gets caught up in a greater conflict than mere warring tribes and must eventually unravel the mystery surrounding the destruction of Words Worth and save the world from something far greater than he could imagine. There’s a lot of action, adventure, and even some humor in Words Worth, but it’s ultimately a fun story. There’s a really cool plot twist about two thirds of the way through the game too that makes everything very interesting.

Words Worth also has a few bizarre storyline quirks in it. According to Astral, the main character, it is okay to rape someone as long as they are evil. Many of the women that Astral rapes in this game are war criminals, genocidal freaks, or some kind of other villainous type. Then again, some of the soldiers in Astral’s army can be almost as bad as the light tribe warriors. If anything, the game challenges the player with its story. What do you think? Is it really okay for someone to get raped if they are evil enough? What constitutes as “evil enough”? The game delves into this a few times, but leaves most of the thinking up to you.

Presentation- Words Worth looks exactly as it did on the PC98 original version. It’s restricted by the PC9801’s limited color palette, and it’s a bit noticeable here. Maybe it’s just because I played the Windows version first, but on the X68000, everything looks less vibrant than it should. The art looks like how it does in most Elf games. Characters have cartoonish and sometimes exaggerated designs. Plot relevant CG looks noticeably better than normal game graphics, like a lot more time was spent on them than in-game sprites.

Dungeon textures repeat themselves a lot. One hallway will usually look just like all the other hallways. This is the kind of game where you should probably bring some graph paper along so that you can make a map. It might sound like more work than it’s worth, but making your own map in these old school RPGs makes them a lot easier. The music is a bit louder than it was on the PC98, so now you don’t have to turn you speakers way up just to hear it! It’s okay music, the kind of high fantasy inspired themes one would expect from a role playing game, but most of it is pretty forgettable.

Gameplay- Words Worth is a role playing game before it’s a hentai game. Part of what makes it so good is because Elf was more concerned with making something that’s fun to play and challenging rather than something weirdoes can play as a self-pleasure aid. You get lots of party members, all of them having their own unique abilities and degrees of usefulness throughout the game. They all have their strengths and weaknesses that you have to take into account while playing this.

Dungeons are pretty long, but you can make them easier by making your own map. Other than navigating huge dungeons, Word Worth isn’t too hard. Random encounters don’t pose much of a threat and bosses typically just have tons of health points and not much else. Still, Words Worth is pretty long. It should last you a good 25+ hours, maybe more if you get lost in the dungeons a lot, less if you’re just blasting through the game.

Cool Fact- Words Worth got a terrible anime adaptation that focuses more on sex than plot. The English dub has Jenna Jameson as one of the character’s voice actors, just to give you an idea of the “quality” that you’re in for if you’re still interested.

Also Try- There’s an enhanced version of this game for Windows and it’s in English! Oh, and if you want some games that aren’t named Words Worth, the game itself plays pretty similar to Might and Magic in case you want to play something like this without all the cartoon sex and rape.

Rating: 7

Product Release: Words Worth (JP, 08/27/93)

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