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Japanese Controversial Porn Epic

Huge warning. Saori: Bishojotachi no Yakata is a game that features a large amount of naked cartoon girls. They do some nasty things too, and all of the genitalia is uncensored, even the male genitals. If you are too young to play games with adult themes in them or if you are easily offended by these things, then you will want to skip this game.

Saori: Bishojotachi no Yakata’s name roughly translates to Saori and The House of Beautiful Women. For this review, we’re just going to call it Saori. It is one of the more well-known old school hentai adventure games, mostly because of its controversy and how it brazenly assaults your computer screen with some really messed up and often kinky cartoon sex. Saori is actually not a bad game, but it has some pacing issues as far as storyline goes and if you’re in this game for the porn (you naughty devil), you may end up being grossed out by the game’s sense of humor and some of the sexual acts. Are you some kind of sicko that’s into urine? Good for you! The rest of the world will go vomit.

Story- Saori is a teenage girl at the park late at night. She should be home, but she really had to use the bathroom. You get a nice graphic picture of her peeing. Thanks, no one needed to see that. On the way home, she sees two people having sex in the park. This really makes her blood pump, so she runs home to pleasure herself. Saori pleasures herself so much that she gets tired and falls asleep. You play her dream, the dream of her visit to The House of Beautiful Women. The House of Beautiful Women is a huge sex palace that Saori dreamed up to satisfy her newfound sexual hunger. It's the kind of place where a hormone addled teenage girl can be a hormone addled teenage girl. Saori will let every man, woman, and inanimate object go into her, sexually dominate her, and beg to be sexually dominated by her. When Saori is in The House of Beautiful Women, she explores its many rooms, many of them not actually being rooms so much as private sex chambers. Saori must go into every room, complete every sexual act, and eventually leave her wet dream fueled sex palace and wake up.

If you got through that last paragraph and honestly think that Saori has a good story, then it’s time to burst your bubble. This stuff isn’t exactly Shakespeare. Some Japanese porn games really go the extra mile and try to be sure that their plot is a great reason to keep playing after you stop caring about the porn. Saori is not such a game. It’s story runs almost completely on shock effect and morbid curiosity as to what flavor of kinky Saori’s next sexual encounter will be like. Characterization is not a thing. Most everyone is some kind of woman in various stages of undress that are essentially just there to have sex with Saori. There are men in there too, but they are essentially just genitals with the sole purpose of inserting themselves into Saori’s genitals to help her feel sexual bliss. Even Saori is one-dimensional. Her hormone addled mind thinks only about who she’s going to screw next and all the kinds of crazy things she will do to others or have others do to her. It's a game written for sexually stimulated Japanese businessmen, by sexually stimulated businessmen. What did you expect?

The game is pretty long and covers a wide variety of sexual acts. It gets very tiresome after a while and runs out of steam around two thirds of the way into the story. Stick around for the ending, though. It’s good for a laugh and makes it totally worth slogging through the game.

Presentation- Most of Saori’s art is hand drawn and uses a lot of pastels. The art style would be beautiful if it were simply depicting stuff that weren’t so freaky. There is very little animation. Most of the pictures are still frames, but every so often you’ll get to something that is animated. It’s usually something involving throbbing, sexual discipline, or penetration. It’s very uneven and some of the animation is okay, other parts are choppy and look terrible.

Gameplay- All of Saori’s gameplay involves going into various rooms, going through a dialogue tree, and trying not to cringe at the fact that the whole game is a teenage girl’s warped sexual fantasy. The game starts you off with a selection of rooms. You pick a room to enter, and whoever’s in the room will tell you a story. Sometimes you have to make choices. Pick the right choices, and it leads to a sexual encounter. Pick the wrong ones and you get the bum’s rush. Who would have guessed that the sex palace was full of bouncers? There really are no consequences for getting it wrong. You can retry rooms as often as you want and upon repeat tries, the game removes the wrong answers for you, so you don’t even have to think about your decisions. It becomes a total cakewalk though process of elimination.

The game gets very stale after a while. Saori’s romp through her imaginary sex palace is a pretty long one. You may wonder near the end, “How much longer is this going to go?” It probably won’t hold your interest the entire time, so don’t be surprised if you put it down for a while and don’t come back to it. It gets to be a real slog later on.

Uncool Fact- If the internet is to be believed, a Japanese boy got in huge trouble for shoplifting this game and his parents found out just how messed up some of these hentai games got. It received a lot of media attention back then, a kind of sexual Mortal Kombat of its day.

Also Try- Dareka… Special. Unlike Saori, that game has an actual plot and characters instead of faces and bodies that only exist to sex up Saori.

Rating: 7

Product Release: Saori: Bishojotachi no Yakata (JP, 12/23/91)

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