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Reviewed: 02/07/13

More of the same, more disgusting tentacle rape

The first Youjuu Club was shocking, had graphic tentacle rape all over it, and had a pretty bad Qix clone underneath all the horrific themes. The second Youjuu Club game, Youjuu Club 2, changes virtually nothing. It’s the same game system with slightly different graphics, different music, and an actual story. Everything else, including the awful and flawed gameplay, remains intact.

I know some critics will criticize a series for having a sequel do nothing to push a series forward. Usually, I disagree with these stances, but I’m going to be different this time. If the first game was bad to begin with, then fixing previous design mistakes should be at least a priority. It appears that D.O. was more interested in filling up their game with art of demons raping girls instead of a quality product.

Story- You play as an evil wizard that likes to summon demons. If you’re familiar with the concept of a Faustian Pact, you’d think the demons would be after the evil wizard’s soul. Instead, they’re after girls. They accept payment in the form of the evil wizard allowing them to get him girls so that they can violate their every orifice with their tongues, tentacles, and other such disgusting demonic appendages.

There are movies in Youjuu Club 2 that add a little bit to the story. It’s an improvement over the first Youjuu Club, which really didn’t have a story. Youjuu Club 2’s story is pretty bad, centering around a wizard capturing girls so that demons can rape them, but at least it’s something. I mean, I hate the story because the protagonist is a rapist and the raping is shown in a positive light, but at least it tried to have a story.

Presentation- Okay, let’s get the huge elephant in the room out of the way first. Youjuu Club 2 can (and will) put pictures of girls getting violated and raped by demons on your screen. How much you enjoy the parts of the game with these scenes is completely dependent on how you “enjoy” tentacle rapefests. Do you find them insane and funny? Are you horrified and disgusted by them? Do you get some kind of twisted enjoyment from them (I really hope you don’t)? It doesn’t matter. It’s there. It’s in this game, so get used to it.

Everything looks similar to the first game. Your character sprite is no longer an adorable little demon like in the first game. Instead you’re some kind of evil wizard. Your enemies still look like NPCs from a 16-bit RPG. All of the sprites are new and they look a little more detailed, but not by much. There’s also an opening movie. It explains a little bit of the plot in Japanese. It’s not essential by any means, but it does add a little to the overall package. If only this extra bit of effort was put into the gameplay…

The sound took a bit of hit. The first Youjuu Club had an awesome rave soundtrack that went on forever. Youjuu Club 2’s does the same trick. It has a very long, endless song that will never stop once it starts. The problem is that it sounds more like generic RPG music. It’s like D.O. found some rejected music sheets in Enix’s trash pile, wiped the dirt and cheese stains off of it, and put it on a loop. The first Youjuu Club’s music was one of the few good things about it, and without the good music, there really isn’t much good to say about it.

Gameplay- The gameplay for Youjuu Club 2 is virtually identical to it’s predecessor. It’s like Qix. You cut out pieces of a picture until you’ve claimed 80% of it and move on to the next picture. The pictures tell a story sometimes, always a story about girls getting raped by demons, usually ones with many tentacles. After you’ve completed a set, you move on to the next picture set.

One of the big problems of the last game was that enemies moved way too fast and that the game rewarded you for always playing it safe. This kind of punishment for even thinking about doing something different, gutsy, or dare I say “fun” ruined the gameplay for me (it was already ruined by the tentacle rape). Youjuu Club 2 does nothing to fix this. Okay, so every so often at random intervals, all enemies will slow down to a more reasonable speed, but only for a couple of seconds. They will still chaotically bounce all over the place and you will still be punished for trying to take a portion of the picture out that’s more than 2%. It’s painful to think about how D.O. had this huge glaring problem in their first game and did very little, if not nothing at all, to even acknowledge that the problem was even there in the first place.

Needless to say, Youjuu Club 2 is just as brutally hard as the first one. Expect to be crushed by a giant glob of jelly a lot. It was a boulder in the first game, but it’s the same penalty for having an enemy touch your cut line. It’s still more than a pain to kill any of the enemies except the angels, which die easily. The random “speed down” intervals that the enemies don’t mean very much in the big picture, making this essentially the same game with a few doodads painted different to try to fool people. It didn’t fool me, that’s for sure.

Uncool Fact- Youjuu Club sold well enough to receive a sequel. What is wrong with some people?

Also try- Qix, Qix 2, Gals’s Panic, I mean seriously. There are like a million games that try to do something similar to what Youjuu Club 2 is doing that don’t have demonic tentacle rape.

Rating: 3

Product Release: Youjuu Club 2 (JP, 08/23/91)

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