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Reviewed: 01/07/15

One Time Wonder

The Pinky Ponky series are some of Elf’s earliest games. They’re pretty simplistic compared to what most Elf fans are probably used to, but they are rather funny. The novelty wears off after a couple of playthroughs, though, and you’re left with a repetitive game with bad graphics and sound. Still, at least it’s fun the first time around.

Story- Pinky Ponky is all about trying to pick up women. It’s inspired by a subculture called Nanpa. You know about how Leisure Suit Larry will walk up to anyone with a female chromosome and drop pickup lines on her without any care in the world? Pinky Ponky is just like that. It thrusts you into comedic situation after comedic situation until the game is over. Each story doesn’t exactly have developed characters, with more emphasis on jokes than actual storytelling.

Presentation- The graphics are basic and kind of ugly for an X68000 game. This was originally a game for MSX and it shows. The sound is pretty good, though. It’s nice and catchy. Some of the music is playing in my head as I type this right now.

Gameplay- The important thing to notice is your success bar. The game will throw choices at you with little rhyme or reason. Sometimes the consequences for each choice are completely unrealistic and impossible to predict. Either way, the choices affect your success bar. If you bar is high enough at certain checkpoints, then congratulations! You won a poorly-written sex scene. If it’s not high enough, then you move on to the next scenario. The game will probably make some kind of rude joke at your expense too because Pinky Ponky is that kind of game.

The problem with Pinky Ponky is its writing. It’s funny and “random”, but it wears thin after a while. Thank goodness this game is less than an hour long. Otherwise, you would get sick of it real quick. I know this, the humor was wearing thin just upon starting the game up for me. Some of the jokes are recycled from the first Pinky Ponky, which is not a good sign.

Even then, going back and getting everything correct has limited satisfaction to it. You’re playing for pictures of anime girl boobs, right? I’ve established this before and I’ll repeat it here just for emphasis: Pinky Ponky 2 is ugly as sin. You can get better pictures of topless anime girls just by using the search engine of your choice. That’s the problem with Pinky Ponky, it’s only good the first time you play it and after all its novelty has worn off, you’ll never want to touch it again. At least a couple of its jokes were funny.

Cool Fact- Pinky Ponky games all have a warning screen saying that Elf does not take responsibility for any damage done if you try to pick up women. It’s kind of amusing and other fans of the series seem to think this parody legal disclaimer is funny.

Also Try- Taisen Hot Gimmick takes some of the same ideas of Pinky Ponky and applies it to an arcade strip mahjong game. It’s really fun and isn’t ugly.

Rating: 6

Product Release: Pinky Ponky Dai-2-Shuu: Twilight Games (JP, 08/30/90)

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