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Reviewed: 10/17/13

This cat can turn into a man. Back when I had a cat it just slept all day and licked himself.

Warning! Crescent Moon Gal is an erotic adventure game! It features fairly graphic scenes of cartoon characters getting naked and even having sex in a few occasions. A few of the characters in this game are underage too, and that’s a little creepy. If you are too young to play pornographic video games or if you just don’t want to play something with pictures of cartoon characters that are topless and underage, then you may want to skip this game.

Crescent Moon Gal is one of Alice Soft’s earlier games. It’s an adventure game that has some real thought put into it and has more to chew on than your standard “look, talk, move, etc.” adventure game. The game itself looks ridiculous and doesn’t take itself seriously at all. It’s a fun time, but it’s also a text heavy Japanese adventure game, so you might not get much out of this game unless you know some Japanese.

Story- You play as a cat that has transformed into a human by breaking a crystal ball and unleashed an ancient gypsy curse. You don’t like being a human! You want to be cat again! Humans can’t lick their crotch and sleep for twenty hours a day! The gypsy orders you to go and find three women from around town and bring them to her. If you do, she’ll turn you back into a cat.

Crescent Moon Gal’s story starts out pretty silly and it gets really weird later on. It’s meant to make you laugh more than anything. Some of the situations you can get yourself into are certainly comedic and you will get a laugh out of some of the things you can do with the game’s text engine. The writing is certainly up there as far as old school hentai games that are also comedies go. That might sound like kind of a narrow sub-genre, but there’s a surprising amount of it out there.

Presentation- Crescent Moon Gal looks like a kid’s game when it isn’t assaulting the screen with sex and cartoon boobs. Everything has pastel colors. The music is simple and upbeat, like something you’d hear on a kid’s show. The art looks like it was even drawn by kids. The low resolution graphics aren’t what you’d expect on the X68000. This is because this is an almost straight port of a game for the MSX, so Crescent Moon Gal ends up looking a bit substandard. Some of the scenes in this game are meant to make you laugh more than anything. Crescent Moon Gal’s goal is to make you laugh than to get players to put their hands in their pants.

Gameplay- Crescent Moon Gal is non-linear. You can wander around town and talk to people all you want before finding the women you need to break the gypsy curse. You have a detailed table of actions too. Let’s say you want to touch something. When you select “touch”, you get a menu of things that you can touch. You can combine verbs and objects to hilarious effect, but at the same time, you need to use this to complete puzzles and by extension, complete the game.

A large part of what makes adventure games fun is how you can mess around and do funny crap by combining items. Combining actions and the world around you was an ingenious new spin on this concept and makes for a fresh gameplay experience. It’s a bit of a shame that Crescent Moon Gal isn’t in English, because it really does have the potential to reach a wide audience and make a lot of people laugh. I certainly thought it was hilarious.

The combination of actions and objects also extends to sex scenes. You can do all kinds of weird stuff with this, often to hilarious effect. Interactive sex scenes have always been a staple in Alice Soft games, and Crescent Moon Gal is no exception. This feature isn’t going to appeal to everyone. Unless you’re into cartoon girls with low resolution graphics and only sixteen colors, then you probably won’t be too interested in this part of the game.

Talking is also handled pretty well. When you talk to someone, you get a long list of topics of things you can talk about. It’s a great way to get to know characters. Even dumb little NPCs have their own backstories and many of them are pretty funny. It is worth going through this game just to try to find all of the jokes in here. There’s a lot to this game, more than meets the eye. Try it out if you don’t mind text heavy Japanese adventure games.

Cool Fact- This game was included in the Alice no Yakata CD release on FM Towns. It also got a rerelease on Windows.

Also Try- The Rance series also has Alice Soft’s special sense of humor. If you want to try one of their more serious works, there’s AmbivalenZ. It’s the first game in the underrated AZ series and is a pretty fun story too.

Rating: 8

Product Release: Crescent Moon Girl (JP, 12/15/89)

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