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Reviewed: 02/17/15

I gave this game a bonus point because you kill tentacle monsters.

You want to know my opinion on tentacle rapists? I think they need to be taken down a peg. They always get away with raping anime girls with their stupid tentacles, are usually overpowered as hell, and represent a part of the player/viewer that is an ugly monster that wants to see girls get raped. I hate tentacle monsters. That was why when I found out about this game, I was very eager to play it!

Oh yeah, this game is hentai. If you haven’t figured that out yet, then here’s your warning.

Story- A beauty contest was held at an amusement park. Just as the queen of the pageant was going to be crowned, a huge group of tentacle rape monsters attacked! They kidnapped all of the women and hid in various parts of the park so that they could rape them in peace. All the while, they go their non-tentacle minion monsters to go patrol the area and kill anyone who wants to stop the tentacle rape-fest.

You play as an unnamed man known as “YOU” on the screen. You start out with nothing more than a jacket and a pocket knife. Who needs things like guns and body armor? Hot-blooded determination and a strong sense of justice is all you need! We can’t have tentacle rape monsters running around in this world and raping women! They must be punished!

The story is sadly minimal. You get a few narrated scenes where you save the women from the boss tentacle monsters, but other than that and the opening cutscene, you don’t get much else. I would have given this game a 6/10, but decided that I loved the concept of this game so much that I had to raise it a point to reflect how much I really enjoyed this thing. The gamplay isn’t the best and the graphics/sound is dreadful, but the story and atmosphere more than made up for it in my opinion.

There aren’t enough games out there that let you bring justice/vengeance to tentacle monsters.

Presentation- Exterlien wasn’t originally an X68000 game. It was ported from a much weaker system with no upgrades in any way. For something on Sharp’s amazing hardware, Exterlien looks awful. You have a very low amount of colors and repetitive music. On the plus side, some of the rape monsters do look cool. The artist was obviously inspired by Lovecraft and it shows.

Gameplay- In one word: grindy. Enemies don’t drop a lot of experience points or gold. You’ll need a lot of gold to get better weapons and armor to even stand a chance early on and getting enough experience points to level up can be a real chore. You only get one guy in your party to work with too. Having a partner or something would have made this game go a lot faster. Instead, you have a glacially paced combat system and a lot of grinding. Oh, and some of the bosses later on have a ton of HP. That’ll take a while.

Exterlien is grindy for a reason, though. It’s because if you take away the grinding aspect, you’ll find that the game world is pretty small (it does take place in an amusement park) and the grindiness of it all artificially lengthens what would have been a very short RPG. It’s a cheap trick on the developer’s part.

Other than that, Exterlien isn’t all that bad. It has a few problems, but if you can get past that, you’ll find a serviceable, if average hentai RPG. The main draw is that you can kill tentacle monsters and rescue anime girls, so it certainly delivers on that at least.

Cool Fact- A very similar amusement park can be found in D.O.’s mahjong RPG, Heart de Ron. It isn’t infested with tentacle monsters, though.

Also Try- D.O. made other games too, ones that don’t involve rape monsters! Try Kana Little Sister and Crescendo. Those two are both in English and have really good stories. If you want something with similar gameplay to Exterlien, try Crystal Rinal. It’s in Japanese, but it’s much better than Exterlien and is also one of D.O.’s better games.

Rating: 7

Product Release: Exterlien (JP, 12/07/90)

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