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Now there are more than 230 Digimon that appear in color!
A challenging adventure stage is waiting for you!

One day Ken found a mysterious site on his computer. It was a call from mysterious Digimon who called themselves the Four Holy Beasts. After receiving the message from the four sacred beasts, Ryo headed back to the digital world and saw the four sacred beasts fighting for supremacy with each other. Ryo has made a vow with one of the four sacred beasts and will participate in the D-1 tournament, which has sought supremacy in the digital world.

Now, let's go on an adventure with your partner Digimon from Agumon, Veemon, and Wormmon!
Of course, various evolutions such as super evolution, armor evolution, progress evolution, etc. are possible! You can also progress, battle, and exchange items with the toy D3, and of course you can also use the dedicated adapter for the Digimon series of toys that have been released so far!

And even more! The polygon battle of monsters raised with PS software via Wonder Wave is also alive and well.

Expect more content and a variety of functions in the Digimon World!
Furthermore, from this time, it also supports Wonder Gate, and by using Wonder Gate, you can enter the D-1 Grand Prix on the net, and you can battle with tamers all over the country.

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