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Translation Guide by Red Scarlet

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/29/2002

                 Final Fantasy IV (Wonderswan Color)

               Menu and Configuration Translations Guide
                 Version 1.0 03/29/02 By Red Scarlet
               By Red Scarlet (akaiscarlet@hotmail.com)

Version 1.0 03/29/02-Guide created.

This FAQ is for personal use only. It cannot be altered without the consent of
the FAQ's owner (me), nor published in any magazines or any reproducted form.
This FAQ is not meant for sale and is copyright 2002 Red Scarlet. If you want
to use this FAQ on your Website or page, please email me for permission
(akaiscarlet@hotmail.com) Go to www.njstar.com to get the Japanese text to
display how it would on the game (or use some other kind of Japanese text
viewing program).

This FAQ is for anyone who has a Wonderswan Color and Final Fantasy IV for it,
and would like to know what the heck all the names of items, magic, characters,
or monsters are.  I assume you already know the game, so there are very few
actual strategies in this FAQ.  There are already a few at Gamefaqs already
made, so view one of those if you need direction on where to go.

The newest updates will always be at Gamefaqs.

In pretty much all of the lists, the order of what things are in will be:
Japanese Kana that appears onscreen/romanized version/my translation.


First up are the options at the title screen.

ニューゲーム-Nyu-ge-mu (New Game) Starts a new game.
ロードゲーム-Ro-doge-mu (Load Game) Continue off of a saved game (up to 8      
       different files can be saved).
さいかい-Saikai (Resume) Load a game that was saved using the
         ちゅうだん-Chuudan (Interrupt/Quick Save) option.


The default name for the characters in the game are:

セシル: Seshiru (Cecil)
カイン: Kain (Cain)
ローザ: Ro-za (Rosa)
リディア: Ridia (Rydia)
シド: Shido (Cid)
ギルバート: Giruba-to (Gilbert)
テラ: Tera (Tella)
ヤン: Yan (Yang)
エッジ: Ejji (Edge)
パロム: Paromu (Palom)
ポロム: Poromu (Porom)
フースーヤ: Fu-su-ya (Foo-Soo-Ya)

In most towns there is a strange cat-like creature wearing a yellow hat.  It's
name is ネミングウエイ: Neminguuei (Namingway).  Speak to it if you would like
to change a character's name.

Two choices will pop up; they are かえる: Kaeru (Change) and かえない: Kaenai
(Don't Change).  Choose the character whose name you wish to change.

On the left side of the screen there are five options to choose.  They are:

ひらがな: Hiragana (Hiragana Characters)
カタカナ: Katakana (Katakana Characters)
ABC: English letters
しょきか: Shokika (Default)
おわり: Owari (End)

When the naming prompt appears, use this chart to pick the name you want, if
you want to change them (or just use the English letters).  A character's name
can be up to 6 characters/letters.


あ=A   い=I   う=U   え=E   お=O     ら=ra  り=ri  る=ru  れ=re  ろ=ro
か=ka  き=ki  く=ku  け=ke  こ=ko    が=ga  ぎ=gi  ぐ=gu  げ=gi  ご=go
さ=sa  し=shi す=su  せ=se  そ=so    ざ=za  じ=ji  ず=zu  ぜ=ze  ぞ=zo
た=ta  ち=chi つ=tsu て=te  と=to    だ=da  ぢ=dzi づ=du  で=de  ど=do
な=na  に=ni  ぬ=nu  ね=ne  の=no    ば=ba  び=bi  ぶ=bu  べ=be  ぼ=bo
は=ha  ひ=hi  ふ=fu  へ=he  ほ=ho    ぱ=pa  ぴ=pi  ぷ=pu  ぺ=pe  ぽ=po
ま=ma  み=mi  む=mu  め=me  も=mo    を=wo  ぁ=a   ぃ=i   ぅ=u   ぇ=e
や=ya  ゆ=yu  よ=yo  わ=wa  ん=-n    ぉ=o   っ=*1  ゃ=-a  ゅ=-u  ょ=-o

Used for a double consonant. Example: しっぽ-Shippo.  Use っ before the letter
to be doubled.


ア=A   イ=I   ウ=U   エ=E   オ=O     ラ=ra  リ=ri  ル=ru  レ=re  ロ=ro
カ=ka  キ=ki  ク=ku  ケ=ke  コ=ko    ガ=ga  ギ=gi  グ=gu  ゲ=gi  ゴ=go
サ=sa  シ=shi ス=su  セ=se  ソ=so    ザ=za  ジ=ji  ズ=zu  ゼ=ze  ゾ=zo
タ=ta  チ=chi ツ=tsu テ=te  ト=to    ダ=da  ヂ=dzi ヅ=du  デ=de  ド=do
ナ=na  ニ=ni  ヌ=nu  ネ=ne  ノ=no    バ=ba  ビ=bi  ブ=bu  ベ=be  ボ=bo
ハ=ha  ヒ=hi  フ=fu  ヘ=he  ホ=ho    パ=pa  ピ=pi  プ=pu  ぺ=pe  ポ=po
マ=ma  ミ=mi  ム=mu  メ=me  モ=mo    ヲ=wo  ァ=a   ィ=i   ゥ=u   ェ=e
ヤ=ya  ユ=yu  ヨ=yo  ワ=wa  ン=-n    ォ=o   ッ=*1  ャ-a   ュ=-u  ョ=-o

*1=Used for a double consonant. Example: シッポ-Shippo.  Use ッ before the
letter to be doubled.


A  B  C  D  E  0  1  2  3  4
F  G  H  I  J  5  6  7  8  9
K  L  M  N  O
P  Q  R  S  T  !  ?  -  +  /
U  V  W  X  Y  %  .  :  .. 。

A button confirms  B button cancels
Start button (same as selecting End)

After the intro, hit the START button.  The menu screen shows up.


Menu Screen

P   Character 1's name   Character's Class/Job アイテム: Aitemu (Item)
 i  Character 1's Level  HP current/HP max     まほう: Mahou (Magic)
  c                      MP current/MP max     そうび: Soubi (Equip)
P   Character 2's name   Character's Class/Job ステータス: Sute-tasu (Status)
 i  Character 2's Level  HP current/HP max     ならびかえ:Narabikae(Position)
  c                      MP current/MP max     たいけい: Taikei (Formation)
P   Character 3's name   Character's Class/Job コンフィグ: Konfigu (Config)
 i  Character 3's Level  HP current/HP max     ちゅうだん-:Chuudan(Interrupt)
  c                      MP current/MP max     セーブ: Se-bu (Save)
P   Character 4's name   Character's Class/Job
 i  Character 4's Level  HP current/HP max
  c                      MP current/MP max     TIME
P   Character 5's name   Character's Class/Job  00:00
 i  Character 5's Level  HP current/HP max
  c                      MP current/MP max      Amount of Gil
                                                ギル: Giru (Gil)


アイテム: Aitemu (Item Screen)

There's only 2 options in the item screen besides actual items, and they are:

せいとん: Seiton (Organize) and -ゴミばこ-: Gomibako (Trash Can)


まほう: Mahou (Magic Screen)

Use magic here.  Spells can be arranged in whatever order you wish.


そうび: Soubi (Equip)

The Equip Screen looks like this:

P    (Sword Icon)Attack Power    みぎて: Migite (Right hand)
 i   (Shield Icon) Defense Power ひだりて: Hidarite (Left hand)
  c  (Magic Icon) Magic Defense  あたま: Atama (Head)
Name                             からだ: Karada (Body)
 Dominant Hand                   うで: Ude (Arm)


ステータス: Sute-tasu (Status)

Name                             P
 Character's Class/Job Level X    i
 Dominant Hand
                                けいけんち: Keikenchi (Experience)
 HP Current/HP max                             Amount of Experience
                                つぎのレベルまで あと:Tsugi no Reberumade Ato
 MP Current/HP max                Experience needed to reach the next level

アビリティー: Abiriti- (Ability) こうげき: Kougeki (Attack) #かい: Kai (x) #
 ちから: Chikara (Power) ..#     めいちゅうりつ: Meichuuritsu (Hit Percent)
 すばやさ: Subayasa (Agility)..# ぼうぎょ: Bougyo (Defense) #かい: Kai (x) #
 ちせい: Chisei (Intelligence).# まほうぼうぎょ: Mahoubougyo (Magic Defense)
 せいしん: Seishin (Spirit) ..#  まほうかいひりつ: Mahoukaihiritsu(Mag Evade)
                                       A: そうびウインドウ: Soubiuindou
                                                            (Equip Window)

The X1 and X3 buttons go to the previous or next party member, respectively.


ならびかえ: Narabikae (Position)

Change the battle order of the party.


たいけい: Taikei (Formation)

Change the front/back positions of the party.  You can either have 3 party
members in the front and 2 in the back, or 2 in front and 3 in back.


コンフィグ: Konfigu (Config)

バトルモード: Batorumo-do ウエイト: Ueito (Wait) アクティブ: Akutibu (Active)

     If Wait is selected, enemies will not attack will you are in the Magic or
Item window during a battle.  If Active is selected, enemies will attack while
you are looking through the Magic and/or Item window during a battle.

バトルスピード: Batorusupi-do (Battle Speed) 1 2 3 4 5 6

     Sets the speed of fights; 1 is はやい: Hayai (Fast) while 6 is
おそい: Osoi (Slow).

バトルメッセージ: Batorumesse-ji (Battle Message) 1 2 3 4 5 6

     Sets the speed of spoken text during fights; 1 is はやい: Hayai (Fast)
while 6 is おそい: Osoi (Slow).

カーソルいち: Ka-soruichi (Cursor Position)

           もどす: Modosu (Default)   きおく: Kioku (Memory)

Bボタンダッシュ: B botandasshu (B Button Dash) When this option is ON, you can
run in towns and dungeons while holding the B button.

Yボタンせって: Y botansettai (Y button menu) From the field screen, if you hit
one of the Y buttons, they will automatically go to a certain menu.
Press the A button the view/change.

The defaults are:

Y1-そうび: Soubi (Equip)
Y2-アイテム: Aitemu (Item)
Y3-Changes the character walking around on the field screen.
Y4-まほう: Mahou (Magic)

If you dislike those, you can choose between any of the menu commands.

Press the A button to change, or B to leave the screen.

ウィンドウカラー: Uindoukara- (Window Color)  Set the color of the             


ちゅうだ: -Chuudan (Interrupt/Quick Save)

Save the game right at the exact point you are at.  Be aware that it is not a
permanent save.  If this option is selected, you will be sent to the title
screen, where you can choose between the following options:
ニューゲーム: Nyu-ge-mu (New Game)
ロードゲーム: Ro-doge-mu (Load Game) or
さいかい: Saikai  (Resume)

If you turn the game off at the title screen, simply select the resume option
to continue your game right where you left off.  Once the resume option is
chosen, the quick save is gone.


セーブ: Se-bu (Save)

Saves the game onto one of the four different save files.


That's it for now, unless I get enough emails about anything else or any
additions/changes. Thank you for reading my FAQ and email with any questions
(akaiscarlet@hotmail.com) or if you just want to talk to someone about any of
the Final Fantasy games, or any other games I have written FAQ's for.

Copyright Red Scarlet, 2002.

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