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    FAQ/Walkthrough by alex cross

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/02/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Rockman & Forte for the WonderSwan
    FAQ by alex cross (alexcross21@hotmail.com)
    Version 1.0
    1. Brief intro
    2. Controls
    3. Tips and differences in this game
    4. Item Shop
    5. Mini Walkthrough
    6. Weapons Description
    7. Thanks
    1. Brief intro
    The game starts out as a Rockman type robot rampages through the city. 
    Rockman intends to save the city from harm while Forte is sent by Wily to 
    find out why there's a resemblance between this mysterious new robot and 
    2. Controls
    B button: fire (hold down to charge a shot)
    A button: jump
    X4 button: move left
    X2 button: move right
    X3 + A buttons: slide
    B button: Fire (hold down for rapid fire, can be shot in seven directions)
    A button: jump (press again in the air for a double jump).
    X4 button: move left
    X2 button: Move right
    X3 + A buttons: dash
    3. Tips and differences in this game
    Keep in mind while playing this game that when an enemy is destroyed all 
    shots by that enemy disappear. This will change your fighting style as it is 
    to your advantage to stand in the line of the enemy's fire and keep shooting.
    Another thing to note is that you will automatically fall off ladders when 
    your feet touch the bottom of it. This will throw off a lot of people who are 
    used to other Rockman games. Also, when climbing down a ladder to another 
    screen you should be prepared to be dropped off from the ladder when you go 
    to the next screen.
    Your special weapons will not be recharged after beating a level.
    I have found that no boss is 'weak' to another boss's weapon in this game. In 
    fact, all weapons seem to do the same amount of damage. The only difference 
    damage wise ends up coming from how long the weapon stays 'within' the boss 
    (as special weapons travel through bosses). For example, when you use Konro 
    Man's weapon on Aircon Man, it will do more damage if you use it underneath 
    him then if you were to fire off a shot next to him (as the Aircon will be 
    'hit' more times when it is fired underneath him). This makes the Barrier 
    Wind/Forte Cyclone very powerful as it moves in a wave as will 'hit' a boss 
    more. On Dangan Man (a very wide Boss) this weapon can take off almost half 
    his life in one shot. 
    Of the items that can be bought at the shop I recommend the armor the most 
    (though for Forte you might want to get the power shot first).
    4. Item shop
    For what each item does as well as it's cost consult what number matches what 
    is in the grid as you would find it in the item shop. Note that except for 
    extra lives you can only have one of each of these items.
    |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |
    |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10 |  11 |  12 |
    |  13 |  14 |  15 |  16 |  17 |  18 |
    1. Extra life for Rockman. 200 bolts.
    2. Extra life for Forte. 200 bolts.
    3. Exit unit. Allows you to escape a stage you've already beaten. One use per 
    purchase.  50 bolts.
    4.  Rush Coil, for Rockman only. Allows you to perform a high jump off of 
    Rush's back. One use per purchase. 100 bolts.
    5. Treble, for Forte only. Enables you to fly for a short amount of time. One 
    use per purchase. 200 bolts.
    6. Tango, for Rockman only. Tango bounces around damaging enemies. One use 
    per purchase. 200 bolts.
    7.Power shot, for Forte only. Increases the damage Forte's regular weapon 
    does. 300 bolts.
    8. Phase shot, for Forte only. Allows your shots to go through walls. 300 
    9. Beat, for Rockman only. You become invincible for a short period while 
    Beat damages enemies that he comes in contact with. One use per purchase. 300 
    10. Energy equalizer. When you pick up weapon energy icons they are now split 
    between the weapons that have been used. 150 bolts
    11. Energy recover up. Increases the amount of energy you get when you grab 
    energy icons. 300 bolts.
    12. Energy saver. Cuts down on the amount of energy your boss weapons use. 
    150 bolts.
    13. Health recover up. Increases the amount of energy you get when you grab 
    health icons. 200 bolts.
    14. Shell. When activated shells will show up on the level you are in that 
    can be shot for items. The effects last for the level or until you die. One 
    use per purchase. 50 bolts.
    15.Eddie, for Rockman only. Eddie will drop a random item for you. One use 
    per purchase. 150 bolts.
    16. Reggae, for Forte only. Same as Eddie.150 bolts.
    17. Spike saver. Instead of getting killed by spikes you only get damaged. 
    One use per purchase. 20 bolts
    18. Armor. Lessens the amount of damage you receive. 300 bolts.
    5. Mini Walkthrough
    In this section I'll give some pointers on how to get through the levels (if 
    needed) and give strategies on bosses and mini bosses. After the Grey Devil 
    level you can choose which order you take on the next four bosses. This is 
    the order I think will give you the best advantage over the bosses.
    Grey Devil 
    Level Tips: None needed.
    Mini Boss Strategy: None (there isn't one).
    Boss Strategy: The Grey Devil is only vulnerable when it sticks out it's eye. 
    Try to stand about a half step away from it so that the globs it throws go 
    over you. You don't want to make contact with the globs as they will prevent 
    you from moving freely and slowly drain your life. Fire your weapon 
    repeatedly to get free if this happens. After the second time it sticks it's 
    eye out the Grey Devil will then turn into a ball and roll to the other side 
    of the room. Simply jump over him when he does this and repeat the whole 
    process until he is defeated. 
    Konro Man
    Level Tips: This level is pretty straight foreword, though it's good to keep 
    in mind that enemy shots disappear with the enemy itself when jumping from 
    platform to platform. Also, keep an eye out for mines, that will flash and 
    blow up a few seconds after you step on them.
    Mini Boss Strategy: Just stay out from directly underneath the hand and keep 
    firing at it. If you start running out of floor, head to either the left or 
    right wall as it has ledges that can't be destroyed.
    Boss Strategy: Krono Man will fire shots up that will rain down on you and 
    stay on the ground to form obstacles, during which time he can't be hurt. 
    While these shots are coming down they can be destroyed if shot. He will then 
    try to blast you with walls of fire that can be easily jumped over. He will 
    then jump from one side of the room to the other, firing a blast when he is 
    at the center of the room. A very easy boss to beat with your normal weapon, 
    beating him will get you the Flame Shower for Rockman and Flame Mixer for 
    Aircon Man
    Level Tips: This level is covered with spikes that will kill you with one 
    touch. After the Mini Boss you will have to ride enemy balloons that you'll 
    have to 'pump up' by shooting them, and 'steer' them by facing the direction 
    you want them to go to. Only shoot them until they are pumped up, though, as 
    a more shots will blow it up. Also, in these areas you might find it easier 
    to slide/dash off the balloons rather then jumping off them. And don't miss 
    the secret area to the right on your way up.
    Mini Boss Strategy: Use the Flame Shower/Mixer on him (the Flame weapons 
    shot's will go though the moving bars) while jumping over the shots from the 
    enemies on either side. If you don't have the Flame weapon while playing as 
    Rockman, you'll have to reflect your shots off of the enemies and make it 
    past the bars that are moving from side to side. As Forte you can simply fire 
    directly up.
    Boss Strategy: Aircon Man will start off by shooting homing weapons at you 
    (he can't be hurt when he does this). Once you destroy them he will then jump 
    to the top of the screen blowing clouds at you. These clouds will only hurt 
    you if you hit the sides and will kill you if you get caught  between two of 
    them. You can use them as to stand on, however, and will have to do this so 
    that you can fire at him (as Rockman) if you don't have the Flame 
    Shower/Mixer. Once done with the clouds he will come down on the opposite 
    side of the room and will try to suck you into him, while also sucking in 
    some projectiles that you can destroy. Repeat process until you've beaten 
    him. You'll get the Barrier Wind/ Forte Cyclone.
    Dangan Man
    Level Tips: Not much to this level, though you'll run into a new type of 
    enemy that fires clouds that are exactly like those from Aircon Man. There 
    are also ceiling panels that will fall on you when you are halfway under 
    Mini Boss Strategy: A Simple boss that fires three homing missiles at you. 
    Once you destroy them, he jumps over to the other side of the room. I always 
    use my normal weapon.
    Boss Strategy: Dangan Man will jump over to the other side of the room, throw 
    stun weapons at you, and then try to ram you twice and repeat. By far the 
    easiest way to beat him is using the Barrier Wind/Forte Cyclone as it only 
    takes three shots. Beating him will get you the Rockn Vulcan and the Forte 
    Komuso Man
    Level Tips: This level has some mines and has platforms that will fall once 
    you have touched them. Nothing that's all that hard.
    Mini Boss Strategy: Another simple boss that I use the normal weapon on. When 
    it's on the lower half of the screen I keep to the upper and vise versa.
    Boss Strategy: This guy can be a pain. He'll run to the center of the room, 
    split himself into three, and have each fire off three shots at you (which 
    thankfully can be destroyed). He'll do this three times while being immune to 
    harm for the most part. When he's done, he'll stand in the center and call 
    flames which will go back and forth. At this point get next to him and use 
    the Flame Shower/Mixer while keep the fire button held down. Once you beat 
    him you will receive Doppel Crash and Doppeler Attack.
    Clock Men
    Level Tips: New to the game are spring boards that will launch you higher, 
    and enemies that can only be hurt when they are at a certain angle. There is 
    also an area where the ceiling raises and lowers that is lined with spikes. 
    Try to take your time with this as the spikes will kill you with one hit. 
    Another new obstacle are arrows that reverse which way is up and down. Not 
    too hard to deal with, just keep in mind that your controls are still the 
    Mini Boss Strategy: Easy boss that jumps around the room. When it lands it 
    causes stuff to fall from the ceiling. I always use my normal weapon.
    Boss Strategy: The Clock Men will try to come at you on both sides and will 
    eventually freeze you. Use Barrier Wind/Forte Cyclone on them for a fast and 
    easy victory. With them gone you get Time Switch/ Time Bomb.
    Compass Man
    Level Tips: Nothing new in this level.
    Mini Boss Strategy: This Boss can only be hurt when the tanks head pops up. 
    The top head will follow you around and either try to blast you or throw a 
    spike at you. Again, I use my normal weapon.
    Boss Strategy: This can be the most annoying bosses in the game. He 
    separates, with his top have firing at you while his lower half tries to ram 
    you. He can only be hurt by shooting the top of his lower half. However as 
    this is at an odd height you will have to shoot at him while doing a half 
    jump. Try using either your normal weapon or the Barrier Wind/Forte Cyclone. 
    You don't get a weapon for beating him.
    Rockman Shadow
    Level Tips: The only new thing in this level is an area where the floor 
    slowly falls over the course of three screens. If you are playing as Rockman 
    you will have to use the clouds that the enemies blow at you as a platform to 
    get past the third screen.
    Mini Boss Strategy: This boss will cling to the ceiling and jump down to fire 
    three homing shots at you. Only it's cannon can be hurt. A full jump will 
    enable you to fire at it, so it's easy enough to kill it with your normal 
    Boss Strategy: Rockman Shadow has three different patterns. He will start off 
    by jumping to the center of the screen and either firing a shot at you and 
    then sliding at you, or he will just slide at you. He's easy enough to avoid 
    and fire off shots of your weapon of choice. When his health gets half way 
    down he will start teleporting directly above you and he will try to use a 
    giant drill on you. When he is done with his drill attack rocks will fall 
    from the ceiling. At this point only his head can be harmed. Once he gets 
    down to a quarter of his life he will charge you and try to hit you with an 
    energy sword. I recommend using the Barrier Wind/Forte Cyclone on these last 
    to patterns of his.
    6. Weapons Descriptions
    The first named weapon in a group is Rockman's and the second one is Forte's. 
    The weapons are listed as you will find them in the weapon screen.
    Rockn Vulcan & Forte Vulcan
    Received From: Dangan Man
    Description: The Rockn Vulcan fires a shot that will split into three 
    different shots. The Forte Vulcan has limited homing abilities.
    Flame Shower & Flame Mixer
    Received From: Konro Man
    Description: Both weapons can be used as a sort of flamethrower by holding 
    the weapon button down. Once released the flames will go upward. The 
    difference is that the Shower looks like an arc of flame will the Mixer 
    circles around Forte.
    Barrier Wind & Forte Cyclone
    Received From: Aircon Man
    Description: Both weapons are identical. They both fire a shot that travels 
    in a wave as it goes across the screen. This weapon can be used to destroy 
    the walls that are in front of items such as extra lives.
    Doppel Crash & Doppeler Attack
    Received From: Komuso Man
    Description: Crash basically 'punch' the enemy. Attack will split Forte into 
    four mini beings that can hurt enemies by touching them. You can remain in 
    this state by keeping the button held down and can move through walls.
    Time Switch & Time Bomb
    Received From: Clock Men
    Description: They both freeze the enemies. You can't fire any shots while 
    using the weapon.
    7. Thanks
    I'd like to thank the following sites:
    This was the first site I found that had a list of all Megaman/Rockman games. 
    It was also where I found out about this game.
    Both of wich are great MegaMan sites.
    Finally, I'd like to thank
    For hosting my FAQ. 

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