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FAQ by JTKauffman

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 11/25/99

                |      |        ___
                |_     |       /   \
                  |    |      |     |
D     J           |    |       \___/
          ______  |    |
         /      \ |    |    ________ 
        / S     Y\|   D|   R|    O |  M     E
       /    /\    |    |    |_     |
      |_   |_ |_       |_     |_   |_
        |    |  |        |      |    |
         \    \/    |    |__    |    |
          \        /|       |   |    |
           \______/ |_______|   |    |
                                |    |
                                |    |
B  E  A  T  M  A  N  I  A  |\__/     |
  [  f   o   r             |        /
      W o n d e r S w a n] |       /
      faq                   \_____/


DJ Syndrome: Beatmania [for WonderSwan] FAQ
by J.T.Kauffman

0.01: Intro
0.02: Stage Flow 
0.03: Hidden Songs
0.04: Song List
0.05: Outro

0.01: Intro_________________________________________________

'DJ Syndrome' is the main tagline of the marketing campaign for 
Beatmania 4th Mix ~The Beat Goes On~. It's also now a series of guides 
to Beatmania, Dance Dance Revolution and the rest of the BEMANI series 
of rhythm games by Konami. While not comprehensive, it should begin to 
answer some of the questions that you might have about the games. 

Please note that this FAQ only covers the WonderSwan release of 
Beatmania for WonderSwan.  For a more comprehensive look at Beatmania 
and the rest of the BEMANI series, including things like Soundtracks 
(audio CDs), strategy guides, portable LCD games (like Beatmania 
Pocket), and much much more, please check out my longer work titled DJ 
Syndrome: The BEMANI Series FAQ. 

All of the information contained in this FAQ is also available in the 
longer, more comprehensive work titled "DJ Syndrome: The BEMANI Series 
FAQ". This document is merely a scaled down version that only pertains 
to the WonderSwan release Beatmania for WonderSwan (the Playstation, 
GameBoy, and arcade releases are _not_ covered).

This is my final planned release for this FAQ. Please see my BEMANI 
series FAQ (the Compendium at gamefaqs.com) for more up-to-date 
BEMANI/Beatmania info. 

Title:   Beatmania for WonderSwan
System:  WonderSwan

Intro:   The only release so far to actually include a turntable, the 
Wonderswan version of Beatmania includes songs from the 3rd Arcade mix.
Visually and aurally excellent, the WS version's main drawback is it's 
lack of songs - there are only 10 initially, and only one real hidden 
song. Also, it's worth noting that the songs are unchanged from the 
arcade (unlike BM GB, in which the songs are re-formatted for the 
GameBoy's layout), which ends up making things a bit hard at some 
points. Also features a continue mode so that you can turn the system 
off, and when you turn it back on, you'll be back at the stage you were 
on when the system was switched off - a _very_ nice feature...

0.02: Stage Flow___________________________________________

Normal: (difficulty [in stars] under stage number)
Stage 1:-----Stage 2:-----Stage 3:-----Stage 4:
(*,**)       (*,**,***)   (***,****    (****,*****
                            *****)       ******)
funk         funk         ambient      bossa groove
soul         soul         j-dance pop  funky jazz groove
ambient      ambient      bossa groove bigbeatmix
j-dance pop  j-dance pop  funky jazz   reggae
             bossa groove  groove      house
             funky jazz   bigbeatmix   drum'n bass mix
              groove      reggae       *hard techno


Stage 1:-----Stage 2:-----Stage 3:-----Stage 4:-----Stage 5:
soul         ambient      funky jazz   reggae       house
Stage 1:-----Stage 2:-----Stage 3:-----Stage 4:-----Stage 5:
funk         j-dance pop  bossa groove bigbeatmix   drum'n bass mix

Stage 1:-----Stage 2:-----Stage 3:-----Stage 4:-----Stage 5:
funk         soul         ambient      j-dance pop  Bossa groove

Stage 6:-----Stage 7:-----Stage 8:-----Stage 9:-----Stage 10:
funky jazz   bigbeatmix   reggae       house        drum'n bass mix

Stage 11:
hard techno

(*hidden song)

0.03: Hidden Songs_________________________________________

How to get the two hidden songs:
 - These are some of the easiest hidden songs to get - just merely do 
the highest difficulty songs in each stage in Normal (Stage 1=**, Stage 
2=***, Stage 3=****) and you'll get hard techno in stage 4. You don't 
need to win all three in a row - you can continue as much as you want, 
and as far as I know you don't need a certain score. After you play hard 
techno, medley will open up in 'free' mode.

0.04: Hidden Mode__________________________________________

In order to open the hidden mode in Expert, Survival, you merely have to 
complete either Expert Course A or Expert Course B without the turntable 
or any key help turned on.

0.05: Song List____________________________________________

[note: if multiple BPMs are listed, then it starts at the first number, 
then changes to the next number, then the next, etc. The first number in 
the Notes category is the number in notes in 1P mode, and the second 
number is for 2P mode. If there is a dash instead of a number, then the 
song is not available in that mode.]

Song Title         Artist         Genre           Diff.  BPM    Notes
Cat Song           UPA&NORA       funk            *      127    154
 - Theme of UPA	
find out           nouvo nude     soul            *      100    95
beginning of life  Quadra         ambient         **     110    80
believe again      DJ nagureo     j-dance pop     **     130    216
La Bossanova       staccato two-F bossa groove    ***    143    213
 de Fabienne                       
Stop Violence!     Herbie Hammock funky jazz      ***    113    123
                    & His Band     groove 
METAL GEAR SOLID   ESPACIO        bigbeat mix     ****   140    179    
 -main theme        BROTHERS       
Queen's Jamaica    Crunky Boy     reggae          ****   94     189  
                    featuring Muhammad	
20.november        DJ nagureo     house           *****  130    301
 (single mix)
Deep Clear Eyes    QUADRA         drum'n bass mix *****  155    276   
Attack the Music   DJ FX          hard techno     ****** 140    323
All songs for      various        medley          ????   var.   var.

[note: Medley, one of the two hidden songs, is actually clips from all 
eleven of the other songs (hence the name and genre). There are two 
different sections from each song, each a few seconds long, that will 
play randomly. 16 segments will play total, and sometimes the same 
segment will repeat - it's totally random. It's also not judged - after 
the 16th segment, it returns to the Free mode selection (it's only 
available in free mode).]

0.06: Outro________________________________________________


v.1.00 25nov99: final release
      added remaining missing info.

v.0.87 06sept99: still technically pre-release
      Cut and pasted info on BMws from my BEMANI Series FAQ to 
      create this document, which deals only with BMws. 

_____Trademark/Copyright Info:

Beatmania, BEMANI, Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Freaks, Pop'n'Music, 
Drummania, Dance!Dance!Dance!, GooGooSoundy, and all versions/mixes are 
copyright/trademarked by Konami Computer Entertainment Japan. All other 
copyrights are properties of their respective owners. 

This document is copyright J.T.Kauffman 1999 and cannot be reproduced 
for profit in any form. It can be freely distributed over the internet 
as long as it is unaltered and is only distributed on free (i.e. non-
subscription) sites. If you do choose to post this document on your 
site, please email me to let me know.

Beatmania Consumer all Guide



since 06sept99
Shibata, Japan

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