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Translation Guide by FinalSoraRiku

Updated: 09/20/14

Kaze no Klonoa: Moonlight Museum

Script and menu English translation guide
By Roboyoyo (AKA FinalSoraRiku AKA KeybadeBlox)

The creator of this FAQ can be contacted through private messages on YouTube as
KeybadeBlox or on the Untamed Heart Klonoa fan forums as FinalSoraRiku.

|          Table of Contents          |
1. Introduction
2. Menus
     2.1 Title Screen
     2.2 Vision Select
     2.3 Pause Menu
3. Script
     World 1: Quiet Hometown
     World 2: Giant Fortress
     World 3: Laughing Prison
     World 4: Palace of Clouds
     World 5: Selfish Museum
     World EX: Klonoa's Big Moonlight Puzzle
4. Acknowledgements
5. Legal crap you don't want to see

|1.         Introduction              |

Kaze no Klonoa: Moonlight Museum (known to many English speakers as "Klonoa:
Moonlight Museum) is a game made for the Bandai WonderSwan, a handheld
console released only in Japan.  It was the second entry in the Klonoa
series, and set the standard for other 2D handheld games later on.  Despite
this, the overall lack of reverence for the game along with its limited
release resulted in it receiving very little attention, even from longtime
fans of the series.  Thus, nobody really cared to make a good translation. I,
however, wished to produce a coherent translation of the game, and thus wrote
the script found here with the help of CalmSerenity on the Untamed Heart
Klonoa fan forums.

This is the only FAQ I've ever produced, and is intended to be the only one.
Regardless, I hope to satisfy the few who wish to play through this game and
understand what's happening in the numerous cutscenes.

|2.            Menus                 |

The majority of this game's menus are in Japanese, of course, but the save
select screen has been omitted due to being primarily in English.

-=2.1 Title Screen=-
How many options appear here depends on two factors: whether you have a save
file, and if you last quit the game during a vision.

-One Option-
New Game

-Two Options-
Load Game
New Game

-Three Options-
Resume (returns to the room you quit in)
Load Game
New Game

-=2.2 Vision Select=-
The first two lines (WORLD and VISION) are in English, so I'll leave those out.
Thus, this begins from line 3:

# of Dream Stones collected in vision
Current # of lives
Record time (EX Visions 1 and 2 only)
View gallery

The "gallery" is an image that is different for each world.  For every dream
stone that you collect in that world, one piece of the image will appear.  It
is seen after every level, but it can also be viewed from the vision select
menu by selecting the bottom-most option while viewing the corresponding world.

-=2.3 Pause Menu=-
The pause menu is simple and intuitive enough, but it's a useful thing to be
able to navigate, so I may as well include it.

-Main Pause Menu-
Restart room (doesn't reset vision, undoes damage and collection of stones)
Control scheme
Vision Select
Portrait <-> Landscape (or vice-versa)

It should be noted that the final option will only be "???" on your first
playthrough of a vision.  You will be able to switch between the two screen
modes at will on subsequent playthroughs.

-Control Scheme-
Option A (down is jump, right is wind bullet)
Option B (down is wind bullet, right is jump)

Those who usually play Klonoa games in English will likely prefer the second
option.  It should also be noted that the controls have to be defined in
landscape and portrait mode separately - selecting Option B while the screen
is in portrait mode will not affect the controls when playing in landscape

|3.            Script                 |

Finally, the meat of the guide.  This section was made with the help of others
who are mentioned in the Acknowledgements section.  The "outro" part of each
world is the cutscene that plays upon completing its sixth vision.


Welcome to your dream...

All is a story in the dream of one night.
When are dreams seen? Dreams are seen at night. 
But night is dark.
Night is dark and hides the dreams in its shadows.
Let's illuminate the night.
Let's illuminate the night brightly with the moon.
Let's illuminate the dream brightly with the moon.


Girl: *sob...sob...*

Dream voice: What happened? Why are you crying?

Girl: The moon fragments have been lost.

Dream voice: The moon? Fragments?

Girl: Without the moon fragments, the moon will stay hidden...

Dream voice: Don't cry. Where did you lose them?

Girl: They were taken by artists.

Dream voice: Artists?

Girl: That. That museum.
It's a mysterious museum.
A museum belonging to some strange selfish artists.
Do they think that the moon belongs to them?
That the moon is part of their collection?
It's not a joke!

"I know! I'll get them back!"

...then, I was there.

Klonoa: Huepow, Rupurudu! (Let's go!)

-=World 1: Quiet Hometown=-

???: Welcome to our wondrous museum.

Klonoa: Who are you?

???: We are mysterious artists. Please, view the art as long as you'd like.

Klonoa: I didn't come to look at art. I want you to give the moon fragments

???: Please, come in.

Klonoa: What should we do?

Huepow: We don't have much of a choice...

Picoo (Pikuu): Ooh, these are some interesting visitors. Welcome to my gallery.

Klonoa: Oh, thank you.

Huepow: Who are you?

Picoo: I am an artist making a painting. A wonderful artist who uses people's
recollections as a beautiful paint.

Klonoa: Wow, how amazing...

Huepow: Where are the moon fragments?

Picoo: Oh, don't worry. They are shining in my painting.

Klonoa: In the painting!?

Huepow: No way! Give them back!

Picoo: Well, look at this painting.

Klonoa: It's so nostalgic.

Picoo: Precisely. This is the painting that will embody nostalgia. It is called
"Quiet Hometown."

Huepow: Are the moon fragments in this?

Picoo: Yes. If you want them, you'll have to go into the painting and find

Klonoa: Wait, go into the painting?

Picoo: Yes.  There are three fragments in each scene. If you collect all three,
you will return from the painting. However!

Klonoa: However?

Picoo: I do not create ordinary paintings.  The insides of my paintings are
very intricate, so do be careful.

Huepow: Nothing can stop us.

Klonoa: Let's go!

Picoo: Haha, you can't, you can't understand my art!


Picoo: Ooh... I'm surprised. You navigated my painting splendidly.

Klonoa: Are these all of the moon fragments?

Huepow: It doesn't look like all of them...

Picoo: Hmm... I am not sure. I can't help you. Go to the next gallery.

Klonoa: Huh? Next...?

-=World 2: Giant Fortress=-

Klonoa: Wah!

Huepow: Wow, what a huge statue!

Treffle (Torehhuru): Yes. Big. That is what art is! I'm the large and great
artist who made "Giant Fortress."

Klonoa: It sure is big, but...

Huepow: You look pretty small.

Treffle: Hmm! I'm small!? Don't talk big - you're a ball!

Huepow: I'm a ball!? You're the small one, tiny little...!

Treffle: What!? Argh...! You're really ticking me off!

Klonoa: Alright, calm down. By the way, where are the moon fragments?

Treffle: Feel free to look around in the giant!

Klonoa: In the giant...

Huepow: Waaah! It's swallowing us!

Treffle: I am not tiny!


Treffle: *sigh* Oh well. You escaped from the giant...

Klonoa: Are you okay?

Huepow: I'm sorry that I said you're tiny.

Treffle: Don't worry about it. I understand now that even if something's big on
the outside, it's pointless if it's small on the inside.

Huepow: Mister...

Treffle: Next time, I'll make the inside big, too!

Klonoa: You're right!

Huepow: ...Is that right?

Treffle: Well, go on to the next gallery.

-=World 3: Laughing Prison=-
(note: Koof says "yes" in English and "no" in French in the original script, so
both were changed to French for this translation)

Klonoa: Cool! This place is full of comics!

Huepow: What a large welcome!

Koof (Kuuhu): Oui! Comics are art, too! Welcome to my comic gallery!

Klonoa: Are you a cartoonist?

Koof: Non! I'm comic artist! Comics are composite art! Comics are first-class

Huepow: I sure like it!

Koof: Oh, you too understand the wonder of comics? Then please enjoy my
"Laughing Prison."

Klonoa: Prison? It's a jail!?

Koof: Thrill and horror! Tremble and quiver! This is art! This is true art!

Klonoa: No! I don't like that stuff!

Koof: Non! Are you ready? It's show time for terror!


Klonoa: *Pant*, we finally got out.

Huepow: Comics should be only read...

Koof: Non...

Klonoa: Let's go to the next gallery...

-=World 4: Palace of Clouds=-

Klonoa: It's a photograph.

Huepow: It's a beautiful photograph...

Kaho (Kahoo): Shall I take your photograph?

Klonoa: Are you an artist too, lady?

Kaho: Yes! Look at the camera. There is an endless "Palace of Clouds" across
the lens.

Klonoa: Across the lens...

Kaho: I will photograph you. I will photograph your heart and dreams.

Klonoa: Huh? ...hey, wait!

Kaho: The flash is a bit dazzling. Take care not to become too scattered.

Huepow: Scattered!?

Kaho: Say cheese!


Kaho: Oh, you're back?

Klonoa: Do we have all the moon fragments now?

Huepow: Not yet. Just a few more.

Kaho: The next gallery is the last. Be ready for it. What you'll find there is
true art.

Klonoa: True art...?

Huepow: No problem!

Klonoa: Alright, let's go!

Kaho: Oh, how spirited you boys are. Tonight's moon may be too bright....

-=World 5: Selfish Museum=-

Klonoa: Where are we...?

???: Excellent. It's a blessing that you came here.

Klonoa: Who are you?

Huepow: Are you the owner of this museum?

Museum: No, I am Museum. I am the museum itself.

Huepow: What!?

Museum: Art is a reflection of the heart. Dreams are a reflection of the heart,
as well. That is to say, art and dreams are one and the same.

Klonoa: Why would you think that!?

Museum: If the moon illuminates dreams, art must also be illuminated.
Therefore, we wish for the moon!

Klonoa: That's selfish!

Museum: No. Art is the same as dreams. Whose dream is this, in the end?

Klonoa: ...Huh?

Museum: It is the last! I am "Selfish Museum." Let us see your art.


Picoo: How could this be? Oh, how?

Treffle: All of the puzzles in our art have been solved.

Koof: Non... Now we can't...

Kaho: We can't do anything. We can't make anything.

Museum: Oohhh...

Klonoa: Here they are. Is everything alright now?

Girl: Thank you. Thank you, Mister. Thanks to you, the moon can appear

Klonoa: It's amazing... The moon is beautiful like this.

Huepow: It looks even bigger than usual.

Girl: The larger the dream, the larger the moon becomes. Mr. Moon seems very
nice tonight!

Picoo: Oh, how beautiful it is.

Treffle: It pierces my heart.

Koof: Oui...

Kaho: We lost, completely...

Huepow: Art is the same as dreams, huh...? If dreams make the moon bigger, art
also makes the moon shine.

Klonoa: I see. So, the thoughts of artists make the moon shine like that.

Huepow: Dreams...

"Whose dream is this, in the end?"

Huepow: Yes, that may be right. ...But,

Klonoa: But?

Huepow: That moon is... That moon is our art!


Picoo: That moon is the one true art!

Treffle: No, I can still make art!

Koof: Oui! I cannot lose!

Kaho: Yes, in my own case, my inspiration has grown!

Museum: Let's make our dreams! Let's make new artistic puzzles!

All is a story in the dream of one night...

-=World EX: Klonoa's Big Moonlight Puzzle=-

Museum: Here it is! Our biggest challenge! We have prepared several superior
artworks that will test your skill.  Will you attempt them for us?


Museum: Oh, my. How wonderful. Wonderful indeed!

Picoo: No, we're not finished yet.

Treffle: We can keep going.

Koof: Oui! Oui!

Kaho: Well, how about we try once more?

Girl: Could you... let the moon rest for a little while, please...?

|4.       Acknowledgements            |

I'm not going to pretend that I alone produced this translation in its
entirety.  I simply led the transition from a rough and incomplete Engrish
script to something presentable. Because I have no knowledge of Japanese
whatsoever, the script would not have been in any way, shape, or form possible
without the efforts of these two people:

Aoi, who produced the original draft of the script off which this one is based.
They, in their own words, "do not English very well," meaning that the script
was not in prime condition, but this guide still would not have happened
without it.  His original translation can be found here:

CalmSerenity of the Untamed Heart Klonoa fan forums, who checked the script
for accuracy as well as translating anything left out in Aoi's original
translation (including the entirety of the EX world).  Her knowledge of
Japanese, however limited it may be according to her, also made this script

|5. Legal Crap You Don't Want to See  |
This is normally where someone would say that the guide is Copyright 20XX
Their Name, but I'll forgo that.  Rather, I'll say this:

The SCRIPT found in this guide is permitted to be used outside of the site
of its original publication (that being GameFAQs) for any non-commercial
purpose.  It may be reproduced online so long that it is not use in any way
that will bring profit to those reproducing the script.

The FAQ itself (that being anything that is not part of the "Script" section
of the guide) may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use without giving credit to its creator.  The guide may
not be displayed in any public manner without first contacting the creator
and receiving their approval.

Explicit permission is given for the script found within this guide to be
used for a translated patch of Kaze no Klonoa: Moonlight Museum.

Lastly, a final "thank you" to those who made this guide possible.  I hope
that those who wanted a coherent translation of this game are satisfied.

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