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Yacht II
US ZingMagic Limited   Online 02/04/10  


Yacht is an addictive dice solitaire game played with a set of five standard dice. It combines the best in luck and skill to entertain for many hours. Yacht is a dice game for one or two players. The objective of the game is to score as many points as possible from 13 ?hands'. A ?hand' comprises the values shown on five dice which you roll. You have three opportunities to create a 'hand'. On the first go all five dice are rolled. Thereafter you can choose any or all of the dice to roll. You do not have to use all three attempts to obtain a hand. Using less dice rolls will score bonus points.You score points by obtaining ?hands' with specific combinations of dice such as ?three of a kind', ?four of a kind' and ?full house', as in poker. The most valuable hand is ?five of a kind' or ?Yacht?.The ultimate aim of the game is to achieve the highest number of points possible and take your place in the ?High score Hall of Fame?.Yacht supports one or two player mode of play. Individual player statistics include number of games played, player average score and high score.Game features:One or two player modes using the same device.Chance score ? get away with that rash gamble!Bonus scores for making hands early.High score table.Full player statistics.Supports English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.Yacht is just one of our large collection of best of breed classic board, card and puzzle games available for a wide range of platforms.

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