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Britannica Trivia Challenge
US Mobifusion Inc.     02/18/05  


You think you know it all? Think again.Carry more than 2,800 trivia questions and answers around in your pocket and test your knowledge on the go with the Britannica Trivia Challenge Handheld Edition! Derived from one of the world's greatest sources of knowledge, this unique challenge taps into the universal sense of curiosity and competition.Concise, verified explanations accompany each answer for a better understanding on a variety of fascinating topics, including:Arts & LiteratureWho wrote the poem Don Juan?Which novelist created lawyer-detective Perry Mason?GeographyWhere are the ruins of the ancient city of Troy located?Which country was formerly known as the Gold Coast?HistoryIn which country did the Industrial Revolution first take place?Which war was also known as the Great War?ScienceWhat is the largest living land animal?Which planet has the strongest magnetic field?SportsWhat winter sport combines cross-country skiing with rifle sportsmanship?Which pro baseball player was known as the Sultan of Swat?And More!Key Features include:Full-color Cover PageStorage Card CompatibilityKeyword Search - allows for multiple entry searchesAdjustable font sizes and stylesClearType - uses Microsoft's ClearType technology for easier readingCross Reference Links - tap on a link to see the trivia answer without leaving the entry you are viewingBritannica Trivia Challenge's globally appealing content will spur questions, intellects, and imaginations and provide hours of fun!Copyright 1999 - 2007 Mobifusion Inc.. All rights reserved. Patent No. 6,757,673 & Patent Pending. Copyright 2005 Encyclopdia Britannica, Inc. All rights reserved.


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