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99c SALE TO CELEBRATE THE LAUNCH OF ORIONS 2!!! Orions: Legend Of Wizards is a unique fantasy cards strategy game taking place in the world of Orions a group of magical islands, floating in space.PRESS QUOTES: "Orions: Legend Of Wizards deals out stunning visuals - Meaningful strategic play gives Orions: Legend Of Wizards great value." 8/10 stars - Pocketgamer"Total eye candy - we consider it a crime if you don’t have this one" - TheAPPera“A card game of legendary proportions -The graphics are well polished - There’s a ton of strategy and fun to be had” Grab It, 4/5 - touchmyappsBattle Orion Lords, build-up your cities, gather cards and spells in one seriously epic game. Meet Dragons, Liches, Demons, Dark Lords, Centaurs, Vampires, Dryads, Elementals, and other legendary wizards and creatures!UNIQUE GAMEPLAY AND REPLAYABILITYCollectible trading cards game combined with exploration strategy, never before seen in any other game. Random world and deck generation means you can play this game for years, and every fight will still be unique.USE THE ELEMENTS6 Elemental schools - Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Death, Life. Each includes at least 12 cards and 15 buildings in it's own environment. Orions features 75 carefully crafted cards, each with unique abilities and spells. ---Find out more first!www.twitter.com/chillingowww.facebook.com/chillingo

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