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FAQ/Walkthrough by Shotgunnova

Updated: 03/13/18

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        |   \__/        \__/     \____/|_|    \_______|  )(__          |
        |                                               (___ \         |
        | FAQ/Walkthrough by Shotgunnova (P. Summers)  /\___) )        |
        |          EMAIL: shotgunnova(@)gmail(d0t)com  \_____/         |

    I. WALKTHROUGH  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLKT

       01) Part 1 ....................................................... WK01
       02) Part 2 ....................................................... WK02
       03) Part 3 ....................................................... WK03
       04) Part 4 ....................................................... WK04
       05) Part 5 ....................................................... WK05
       06) Part 6 ....................................................... WK06
       07) Part 7 ....................................................... WK07
       08) Part 8 ....................................................... WK08
       09) Part 9 ....................................................... WK09

   II. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FAQZ
  III. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
   IV. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT
_____________________________________________________/ I. WALKTHROUGH [WLKT] |_
CHAPTER 1                                                                [WK01]
 Inventory: Lucky Horseshoe

 Before starting: the controls in this game. They're fairly standard fare for
 point-and-clickers, with the mouse allowing for taking and inspection (left-
 and right-click, respectively). The inventory appears by moving the cursor to
 the bottom of the screen. Items can be combined by inspecting a target in the
 inventory, then trying to overlay it with another. (Correctly using items has
 the icon flicker white.)


 Timothy Moor, the bedraggled stowaway, begins in the sewers.

 • Climb ladder
 • Use Lucky Horseshoe on decorative fence
 • Take the Iron Spearhead when it breaks off
 • Push the plank down
 • Use Iron Spearhead on wall fissure (left side of vault)
 • Take the Brick that comes loose
 • Combine Iron Spearhead and Brick, then use both on the barred entrance
 • Exit through passage

 This leads to a two-story laundry.

 • Inspect sewer cap
 • Go upstairs and meet Emily
 • Inspect mangle (wheel on nearby machine)
 • Ask Emily about the mangle, handcuffs and the policeman
 • Offer help

 • Go downstairs
 • Inspect laundry machine's mechanism
 • Report back to Emily (obtain Soap)
 • Put Soap into laundry machine's tub
 • Turn crank
 • Dip Lucky Horseshoe into soapy water

 • Go upstairs
 • Use Lucky Horsehoe on rusty hook (on vertical beam near stairway)
 • Get dressed (automatic)
 • Take Handcuffs off floor

 • Go downstairs
 • Ask Emily about the clothing and policeman
 • Ask Emily about enticing the sailor
 • Put dirty laundry into the tub
 • Turn crank
 • Take laundry out of tub (obtain Wet Tobacco)
 • Use Wet Tobacco on 2F mangle
 • Use Wet Tobacco on downstairs fireplace

 Emily returns at this point.

 • Look out 2F window
 • Take the now-dried Tobacco from the fireplace
 • Look out 2F window again
 • Drop Tobacco onto the bench when sailor isn't looking
 • Look out 2F window a third time
 • Use Handcuffs on sailor

 • Exit building
 • Search the sailor (obtain Medallion, Cap)
 • Right-click Cap in inventory (obtain Brian's Letter)
 • Right-click Brian's Letter in inventory
 • Ask Emily for pub directions
 • Exit building
 • Exit main gate and select pub on map

CHAPTER 2                                                                [WK02]
 Inventory: Brian's Letter, Medallion

 Timothy ventures to the Salted Cheek whorehouse.

 • Accept or refuse the gambler's request (doesn't matter)
 • Speak to the waitress near the bar
 • Inspect sleeping man's coat (only possible when innkeep bends over)

 • Speak to innkeep
 • Ask about the guests
 • Ask about the police raid
 • Ask about the police search
 • Listen to local gossip
 • Pick the 1st distract attention option (ask about bar)
 • Pick the 2nd distract attention option (ask for drink)

 • Take Brass Buttons from the coat when innkeep looks away
 • Use Brass Buttons on the blind violinist's collection hat (obtain Money)
 • Speak to waitress and order a drink
 • Speak to waitress again
 • Ask about Brian
 • Show waitress the medallion

 The waitress gets called away into the cellar.

 • Try opening cellar door
 • Talk to innkeep
 • Ask about the waitress (obtain Key)
 • Use Key on cellar door
 • Ask innkeep for tools (obtain Corkscrew)
 • Use Corkscrew, then the Key, on the cellar door
 • Enter cellar
 • Watch scene (automatic)
 • Go upstairs
 • Show Medallion to waitress again

 Now's the time to visit the cemetery on the world map.

 • Ring the Cemetery Bell twice to break it off
 • Combine Brass Buttons and Cemetery Bell
 • Put the bell back on its nail
 • Ring bell
 • Speak to gravekeeper
 • Ask about the Salted Cheek
 • Exhaust all other options
 • Ask the dog's name
 • Confess to the bell fixing
 • Offer service

 • Return to the pub
 • Play the poker player
 • Complain to the innkeep about the poker player
 • Take the poker player's Knife on the table
 • Enter cellar
 • Use Knife on carcass (obtain Meat)
 • Use Knife on the rope (obtain Rope)
 • Combine those two items to make Meat on a Rope

 • Return to cemetery
 • Use Knife on loose pavement area (obtain Paving Stone)
 • Inspect the nearest gas lamp
 • Use Paving Stone on gas vent
 • Attach the Meat on a Rope to the fenced hole by that lamppost
 • Enter cemetery's main gate
 • Once inside, enter screen's right-hand gate
 • Meet Brian (automatic)
 • Follow him into next screen
 • Try climbing on tombstone
 • Backtrack one screen
 • Select the bench, then the (right-hand) screen exit option
 • Step on the bench

CHAPTER 3                                                                [WK02]
 Inventory: Transfer Papers and Warrant Card

 This chapter introduces Detective Sgt. Briscol, a transfer to the Plymouth
 police station.

 • Enter precinct (automatic scene)
 • Speak to policeman and report for duty
 • Get robbed by the floozie (automatic)
 • Right-click on both the pimp and floozie
 • Exit precinct, then reenter
 • Ask policeman about the suspects
 • Use senior rank authority option on policeman
 • Push the floozie via dialogue (×2)
 • Ask floozie about theft (reobtain Transfer Papers and Warrant Card)
 • Show policeman the transfer papers
 • Take Office Keys off counter
 • Use Office Keys on door nearest staircase (furthest from archives)

 • Enter messy office
 • Return to lobby constable
 • Complain about the mess
 • Ask what other key is for
 • Inspect office's safe
 • Ask lobby constable for safe code (88834)
 • Input code into the safe

 To open the safe, click a number slot, then rotate the dial accordingly.

 • Take Wooden Case from within
 • Right-click Wooden Case in inventory
 • Obtain Magnifier (automatic)
 • Obtain Tweezers (automatic)
 • Obtain Paint Brush (automatic)
 • Obtain Empty Case (automatic)

 • Inspect a garbage pile, then put it in the central box (×3)
 • Inspect the white plaster powder, then put it in the central box
 • Answer telephone (obtain Notes)
 • Ask lobby constable for an attendant
 • Exit precinct and meet Sgt. Carter (automatic)

 The duo will automatically visit St. Patrick's Church, the same area visited
 by Timothy and Brian earlier.

 • Enter main gate
 • Speak to Father Mulkehey (automatic)
 • Follow him to the nobles' tombs for a scene
 • Inspect the Lewis tomb's broken door
 • Enter the Lewis tomb
 • Visit the murder site (automatic)

 • Search victim's clothing (obtain Pure Alcohol)
 • Enter wailing wall area, i.e. where the bench was moved to earlier
 • Use Tweezers on the dead doberman (obtain Piece of Cloth)
 • Inspect the corpse, then use Piece of Cloth on the clothing

 • Reenter the Lewis tomb
 • Use the Pure Alcohol on the extinguished candlestick
 • Return to Carter for a scene
 • Inspect plague monument near Carter (obtain Cigarette Butt)
 • Use Magnifier on Cigarette Butt
 • Ask Carter for a light (obtain Matches)
 • Ask Carter about the cigarette butt
 • Ask Carter about the unusual rolling paper

 • Reenter the Lewis Tomb
 • Use Matches on alcohol-filled candlestick
 • Inspect empty coffin
 • Use Tweezers on shiny object in floor crack (obtain Probably a Fake Gem)
 • Use Magnifier on gem (obtain Real Diamond)

 • Return to Driscol's office
 • Use telephone
 • Return to church

 There'll now be a journalist (Nathaniel Forest) hanging around the street.

 • Speak to Forest
 • Question him
 • Ask him about Sir William
 • Try sending him away

 • Speak to Mulkehey
 • Ask for his alibi
 • Ask about funeral's police assistance
 • Ask about Lockley
 • Ask about the dog
 • Ask about the damaged tomb
 • Ask about Sir William
 • Ask about the closed coffin
 • Ask Mulkehey to check the church inventory

 • Return to front gate to find Forest missing
 • Ask Carter about Forest, then where he's gone to
 • Revisit corpse area
 • Enter wailing wall area
 • Step onto the bench to climb over wall
 • After landing, take the Chips of Glass by the barrel

 Driscol should muse about returning to the police station at this point. Note
 that players can go inspect Forest's camera from earlier to add a sketch to
 the Notes section. (It doesn't matter, but some may be interested!)

 • Return to Driscol's office
 • Use telephone

PART 4                                                                   [WK03]
 Inventory: Medallion, Corkscrew

 Brian and Timothy start in a stable.

 • Try speaking to Brian (obtain Hunting Knife)
 • Take the Wax Candle on the stool
 • Use Hunting Knife on the column (obtain Splinter)
 • Inspect the Dung Fork, then use it to knock down the Lucky Horseshoe
 • Use Splinter on Brian
 • Ask Brian what he's up to
 • Ask Brian for plan details
 • Discuss plan with Brian

 • Exit stables and go to Paradise Street
 • Speak to servant
 • Return to stables
 • Ask Brian for help

 • Return to Paradise Street
 • Climb over the wall to reach the backyard
 • Open kitchen window, then look inside
 • Use the Splinter on windowframe
 • Steal the Bottle of Wine
 • Hide (automatic)
 • Combine the Bottle of Wine with the Corkscrew (obtain Cork)
 • Shove the Cork into the cellar door's keyhole
 • Return to the sidewalk area (automatic)

 • Reenter backyard
 • Speak to Lisa the maid (automatic)
 • Give her the Lucky Horseshoe
 • Talk to Lisa again (obtain Keys)
 • Exit backyard

 • Return to stables
 • Inspect Brian's blanket (obtain Matches)
 • Return to backyard
 • Speak to Lisa (obtain Keys again)
 • Combine Matches and Keys (obtain Red Hot Key)
 • Combine Red Hot Key and Wax Candle (obtain Perfect Imprint)

 • Return to stables
 • Give Brian the key imprint via dialogue

PART 5                                                                   [WK05]

 • Return to Paradise Street's backyard (obtain Keys)
 • Use Corkscrew on cellar door
 • Use Keys on cellar door
 • Enter cellar and speak to Brian (automatic)

 • Exit cellar
 • Take Rag at foot of the stairs
 • Use Hunting Knife on the tub of water
 • Push the tub out of the way
 • Use Rag on the mud puddle (obtain Muddy Rag)
 • Use Muddy Rag on the remaining cellar window, near the stairs

 • Enter cellar
 • Take the Iron Bar by the well
 • Inspect the decorative ornament above wine cellar
 • Inspect the well itself
 • Inspect candlestick
 • Speak to Brian (automatic if one already talked to him after entering)
 • Drop Iron Bar into wine cellar
 • Enter secret passage behind decorative ornament

 Timothy arrives on the second floor.

 • Enter den's left door (leads to library)
 • Return to den
 • Enter right door (old man's bedroom)
 • Inspect pillow (obtain Torn-out Page)
 • Show Torn-out Page to Brian (obtain Tobacco Box)

 • Return to cellar
 • Use Tobacco Box on wine press
 • Operate wine press (obtain Cracked Tobacco Box)
 • Right-click tobacco box to learn the 19-4-58 inscription

 • Return to 2F library
 • Use Torn-out Page on the 'D' section
 • Move the ladder
 • Use Torn-out Page on the 'D' section again (obtain Open Book)
 • Right-click book (obtain Crank Handle)

 • Return to 2F den
 • Inspect wall crossbows
 • Use Crank Handle on all three crossbows
 • Inspect chessboard table
 • Inspect behind-bookshelf vault
 • Input password (19458)

 • Enter library
 • Inspect candlestick, then the exit into the den
 • Take the Wooden Case out of the safe
 • Take the other Wooden Case from the safe
 • Return to cellar
 • Exit cellar

PART 6                                                                   [WK06]
 Inventory: A Half of a Photograph in a Newspaper, Office Keys, Magnifier,
 Tweezers, Paint Brush, Empty Case, Real Diamond

 Driscol begins at the precinct office.

 • Answer telephone (automatic)
 • Obtain Notes (automatic)
 • Open Vault (obtain Piece of Cloth, Chips of Glass, Cigarette Butt)
 • Combine Chips of Glass and newspaper (obtain The Reconstructed Photograph)
 • Speak to lobby constable
 • Remind him about the warrant card
 • Ask him to transport the camera back to the church
 • Ask him about mail
 • Use office telephone to call the dissecting lab
 • Ask lobby constable about Lockley's notes
 • Take the archive key off counter (it's added to other keychain)

 The archive is accessible now, but there's no reason to go there just yet.

 • Revisit the church
 • Reenter the Lewis tomb
 • Flip the coffin lid over
 • Use Magnifier on lid's underside (obtain Human Nails)
 • Revisit the crime scene area
 • Use Reconstructed Photograph on the camera
 • Ask Mulkehey (inside church) about Lewis Manor

 • Visit Lewis' Manor on the map
 • Press electric bell on gate
 • Speak to maid (automatic)

 • Return to police station
 • Remind lobby constable about the warrant card, if not done already
 • Pick "claim warrant card" option
 • Take Detective's Warrant Card off countertop

 • Return to Lewis' Manor
 • Show Detective's Warrant Card at the peephole
 • Enter through gate
 • Go inside (automatic)
 • Inspect the black drapery (×2)
 • Use Real Diamond on the portrait
 • Answer telephone
 • Ask maid about the family doctor
 • When able, show Real Diamond to maid
 • Inspect drawer near where she was dusting
 • Take Sir William's Gloves
 • Take Sir William's Diary
 • Exit house and enter backyard
 • Take Wooden Peg near kennel
 • Ask maid (still inside) to borrow Sir William's dog
 • Open dog's kennel by speaking to dog

 • Return to noble tombs at the cemetery (automatic)
 • Use Sir William's Gloves on dog
 • Follow dog back to the canal street
 • Use Magnifier on chain near ladder (obtain Second Cloth Sample)
 • Combine both cloth samples (obtain...err, Both Cloth Samples)
 • Speak to Carter to have men search the canal

 • Return to the precinct
 • Use keyring to open lobby's archives door
 • Enter archives
 • Inspect right-hand box (obtain Plaster)
 • Use Wooden Peg on the unstable shelf
 • Inspect broom
 • Inspect suitcase
 • Use keyring on suitcase
 • Inspect suitcase contents (×2)
 • Exit archives

 If all the above's done, the lobby constable should have a small scene that
 reveals the autopsy report's done.

 • Take Autopsy Report off counter
 • Read (right-click) Autopsy Report
 • Use Driscol's office phone
 • Use Cloth Samples under the microscope
 • Read Sir William's Diary
 • Ask lobby constable about missing report

 • Visit Wilson Street
 • Inspect rubbish bin
 • Speak to the master tailor
 • Ask what scared him
 • Remind him about the newspaper
 • Show tailor the cloth samples

 • Return to cemetery
 • Speak to Mulkehey about the missing doctor
 • Exhaust other normal dialogue options
 • Try charging Mulkehey with a crime (he'll walk outside)
 • Show priest the Human Nails

 Carter runs over with a new update.

 • Visit the new crime scene (background of canal street area, seen earlier)
 • Speak to Robins (automatic)
 • Use Empty Case on the water (obtain Water)
 • Combine Plaster and Water (obtain Plaster Mixture)

 • Speak with Mulkehey again
 • Inspect shoe prints near Mulkehey
 • Use Paint Brush to remove detritus
 • Use Plaster Mixture on print
 • Take the 'Cast of the Second Shoe Imprint'
 • Return to, and inspect, 1st crime scene
 • Use Paint Brush on print
 • Use Plaster Mixture on print
 • Take the 'Cast of the First Shoe Imprint'

 • Return to Lewis' Manor
 • Inform the maid about the doctor
 • Answer telephone
 • Return to police station

 Once inside, the lobby constable should note the journalist is in custody. If
 he doesn't, a step was missed. A common slip-up is not reading the autopsy
 report manually. (Reenter the screen if need be.)

 • Enter the holding cells to the left of the lobby
 • Ask the print worker about the photograph's angle
 • Try exiting precinct (Driscol muses aloud about revisiting print worker)
 • Ask the print worker about his confession

 • Revisit Wilson Street
 • Inspect fountain (obtain Tailor's Spare Key)
 • Use that spare key to unlock tailor shop

PART 7                                                                   [WK07]
 Inventory: n/a

 This short chapter stars Tim in the hoosegow.

 • Talk to cellmate
 • Knock on door (obtain Half of a Photograph in Newspaper)
 • Read (right-click) newspaper in inventory
 • Use newspaper to cellmate
 • Use newspaper on door
 • Talk to cellmate

 • Knock on door
 • Inspect pallet (bed)
 • See remaining scenes with Driscol (automatic)

PART 8                                                                   [WK08]
 Inventory: Leg, Hands, Head

 Another Tim chapter, this time at an abandoned theater.

 • Speak to Brian
 • Use Leg on candlestick
 • See gang scenes (automatic)

 • Use Hands on "something soft"
 • Yell (right-click) via the Head
 • Use Legs on the wood
 • Inspect the shovel, then use it on the fresh grave
 • Take the Stinking Egg from the bird's nest
 • Inspect the bag (obtain Remains of a Theatre Leaflet)

 • Visit cemetery
 • Enter church
 • Use Stinking Egg on holy water
 • Speak to Mulkehey (×2)
 • Inspect donation box area
 • Steal the Rosary

 • Return to Gallows Hill
 • Use Rosary on the fresh grave

 • Visit the Laundry
 • Knock on door
 • Show Emily the theater leaflet

 • Visit Theater on the world map
 • Enter backstage (automatic)
 • Pursue the murderer through the vent
 • Continue down canal to the crossroads
 • Double back to the theater stage
 • Take Adieu Jack's Scarf
 • Speak to Driscol (automatic)

 • Return to cemetery
 • Enter church
 • Speak to Driscol
 • Let him explain what's going on
 • Ask about the Night Rider
 • Show the Leaflet (via dialogue)
 • Show the Scarf (via dialogue)

 • Visit Wilson Street
 • Enter tailor's shop
 • Return to cemetery church (automatic)

PART 9                                                                   [WK09]
 Inventory: n/a

 Tim begins the final chapter at the church. 

 • Try exiting church
 • Inspect collection box table
 • Try calling the priest (by attempting to enter nave)
 • Feign exiting church using the "slam door" option
 • Speak to Mulkehey

 • Return to sewers crossroads (automatic)
 • Take the boat's mooring Rope
 • Use boat

 • Disembark at the next dock (automatic)
 • Take an Iron Spearhead from decorative fence
 • Try going upstairs
 • Use Iron Spearhead on locked cellar door
 • Inspect chain on wall
 • Return to dock
 • Hide next to entrance
 • Return upstairs
 • Inspect rope with a hook, then attach it to the coach wheel
 • Spin the coach wheel

 • Go downstairs
 • Inspect corpse (obtain Ring)
 • Try fleeing upstairs
 • Hide in the downstairs cooling chamber
 • Inspect the seeds in salt (obtain Salt)
 • Use Salt on floor's drain filter
 • Take the Drain Filter
 • Use Drain Filter on iced-over crankvalve
 • Use crankvalve to shut off steam
 • Inspect meat by butcher's knife
 • Use butcher's knife
 • Use Salt on butcher's knife
 • Take the hook from the meat
 • Combine Rope and Hook
 • Inspect locked door
 • Use Rope with a Hook on the door handle

 • Try going back upstairs
 • Flee to the dock (automatic)
 • Use rope on decorative fence
 • Hide in same place as before
 • Unmoor the boat
 • Escape in the boat

 • Return to cemetery (automatic)
 • Show Driscol the Ring
 • Watch remaining cutscenes

 The end! And yes, THAT was how the story summed up. Disappointing...
II. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                           [FAQZ]

 [Q] - Are there any achievements or trading cards on Steam?
 [A] - As of the time I'm writing this (March 2018), no.

 [Q] - The game keeps freezing up at cutscenes!
 [A] - This happened frequently for me. It shouldn't actually impede anything,
       as the game continues normally afterwards, but setting the resolution
       smaller may fix things.

 [Q] - The cop was supposed to give Briscol keys, but nothing happened! 
 [A] - This may occur by immediately showing him the warrant papers before
       the pimp and harlot steal them. That part can't be avoided, so do all
       that first. (The keys show up on the table after.)

 [Q] - The constable's senior authority rank option doesn't appear at all!
 [A] - Driscol must check for his lost items outside. This seems pointless but
       is actually critical to advancing.

 [Q] - Was that really the ending?
 [A] - Yeah, it's hot garbage. No, not even that. Cold garbage.

 [Q] - Is this game worth getting?
 [A] - I found it fairly enjoyable and most puzzles are common sense. It can
       be a bit annoying in stretches, since players must get a certain item,
       then talk to an NPC using a certain option, or simply inspect/overlay
       items to get info to start that same chain of investigation.

III. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTORS                                              [UPDT]

 3-01-2018 ----------------------------------+ Started walkthrough
 3-13-2018 ----------------------------------+ Finished walkthrough

 • Sailor/Ceej, for hosting my crap
 • Emily, making laundry the true MVP of this game

 As usual, feel free to email me for any corrections.

IV. LEGALITY                                                            [LGLT]
This document is intended for private home use ONLY, and may not be reproduced
through electronic or commercial means without the expressed consent of the
author (P. Summers). It cannot be hosted, edited, or distributed for profit,
and may not be given away as an add-in/gift to bought items. All rights are
reserved to respective parties, even those not explicitly stated herein. Those
who find this document on sites not listed below should e-mail the author (me).
Thanks for reading this, and thanks for respectin' FAQ authors.

 Allowed Sites:                       Disallowed Sites:

  • Gametalk.com                       • cheatcc.com
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  • MyCheats.com
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  • Cavesofnarshe.com                        shotgunnova (a+) gmail (d0t) com.
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