Why did the game stop giving me a "Continue" option in Story Mode?

  1. I've been playing through Tron Battle Grids in story mode and really enjoying it, but for some reason, the last time I tried to play, it wouldn't let me continue my game in story mode. Now when I select "story mode," my only options are "start new" and "revisit." There's no "continue" option anymore. I just don't get it. I know I'm not done with story mode, because the last time I did play in story mode, I didn't beat the latest quest. Plus, when I select "revisit," there are three story locations that are still locked. It goes "Tron City," "Locked," "The Boot," "Locked," "Grid Bug Attack," "Locked." I thought maybe I needed to go back to one of the unlocked locations in order to unlock the rest of them, but no. All the quests are completed in the unlocked areas. I even got all the bits. I don't know what else to do! Is this a bug? How the heck do I unlock the other areas?


    User Info: unibarber

    unibarber - 6 years ago

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